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Welcome to WCN Games. It is an attempt to incite a revolution in the gaming industry and provide the resources to new programmers and designers in order to get started in the industry straight away. All assets are provided freely and can be reused in any manner that one desires. I aim for a gaming republic where the people make the games of the future and not large organisations.

WCN Games are game creations released by Wendell Charles NeSmith. Some are complete and others are in development. Most just act as models to be used as code and infrastructure to potentially build other things. All assets are released under an open source licence except where free (but not open source) resources were used in their creation.


WCN Games is my digital gaming portfolio.

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Notable Works:

Unity Environments Pack

This is a handful of beautiful 3D Unity environments developed with Fiverr. The pack includes a dark city, ancient ruins, and fantasy environments.

This project was created with the desire to use as the environments for the proposed game, "Ivory Heart". But it became clear to me that this game will never happen as no one is interested in making an open source game like I describe, and I have no potential to develop this game all by my lonesome. So I released these beautiful environments into the public domain free for the gaming community to use for any projects that they desire.

Ocean Rescue
Build Only Version
A 3D game created in Unity where you boat around saving drowning swimmers.

This game was created to learn the basics of the Unity engine and investigate potential ways to use character controllers. I was very happy with the result of the zooming ability, which I will be repurposing with other character controllers in the future.

Sky Jumper
Build Only Version
A 3D game created in Unity where the player jumps from the tops of buildings in a race against themselves.

This game was developed as an evolution to the game's character control system implemented within Ocean Rescue. This game includes complete 3D movement with a jump feature. Throughout the development of this game I also implemented a WebGL version. However, that feature was removed because WebGL currently has no ability to write to files hosted on a server, which rendered my scoring system unusable. A save feature within a web-based game would prove very challenging to implement. It is noteable that the future of cloud gaming looks very promising. Since the game is rendered and processed on a server, its save feature is also implemented on the cloud for that user. This could enable games to have full write access to a game web sharing platform.

Top 3 Favourite Games:

1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses
2. Witcher 3
3. Skyrim

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