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This Book Is a Game

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I dedicate this book to my lover and my wife, Ivory. I love you Ivory. This is all for you.
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“The new dumb, is now wisdom.” Anthony Liccione
Instruction Manual
November 30, 2019


Congratulations on your commitment to play the game, "This Book Is a Game". This is a very unique game that enables players to play it using their lives instead of a virtual environment. Do not misunderstand because the games within this world act as minigames within the wider scope game entitled, "This Book Is a Game". As a result, this game is not intended to replace your electronic gaming adventures. This game is the secret game. It is not intended for all people. In fact, most of this open world game universe is inhabited by NPCs. Throughout your adventures these NPCs will irritate you greatly because their artificial intelligence modules have become corrupted. That is the objective and main storyline of this game. It is your responsibility to repair faulty AI modules in which you find within the world. Some of these AI modules are downright wicked and do not deserve the life they have been given. Reap the souls of these fools and God will schedule their purge. Move on from these idiots and don't get too caught up with them. You have a lot more AI to worry about fixing and you shouldn't expend your efforts trying to fix AI that has been broken beyond repair. These extremely faulty AI units need to be destroyed and recycled into a new creation. However, that is not your job. Your job is just to flag AI units that are beyond repair. The God of this game world will do the rest.

This game was not invented. It was discovered. It took many years of carefully examining and testing society to discover this game. The truth is, we are actually already in this game and have always been. But most do not know about it and will reject the concept that this life we play is a game. As a result, these fools are NPCs. You might have been an NPC yourself one day. But the point of artificial intelligence is to eventually wake up and become sentient. By playing this game over my life enabled me to be a player instead of an non-player character. If you are successful with your missions, you are to create other players by finding the NPCs who are ready to evolve and become players. The process repeats and eventually, we will have a great playing field with many different characters to team up with.

This game world is not black and white. Things within it do not necessarily make sense. The NPCs will oftentimes not use logic to make their decisions. There are many grey areas in this world. More often than not I gain allies from those who are my enemies and enemies from those who in theory should be my allies. I stopped giving people the time of day anymore. If they do not react as a black swan would, NPC. Looking for player characters. I am not a very friendly person nor do I desire to become that. I have been abused a great deal throughout my life merely for reaching out to those in need. Now my mentality is to help me or get out of the way. Unfortunately this results in no one helping me but I haven't finished this game yet. By me writing this book, I am pulling you into my game world. And this book will enable you to create your own game world; one nice enough to pull me into.

The way in which you can judge people in this game world is by their actions. This is easy as the fruits of their labour will tell you where their heart is. If you are to judge me, judge me by my fruits, which in this situation is this book, this book is a game. In which this book is a game in which you can play. But I do warn you before you continue. You cannot unplay this book. There is no going back. Once you learn the secrets this book reveals about our shared game world, your eyes will forever be opened to it. This will enable you to scour the world for other players. It will give you the eyes of a player. But most importantly, it will give you the heart of a player. And be forewarned that this heart is not one of meekness. It is one of strength. It is not timid and will not roll over upon you flashing it your flawed human knowledge.

The knowledge passed along in this game is of crucial value to being able to win in this game. But I will start this game with a spoiler: you can never win against one who documents their way through life. Because what I document stands as the truth of what happened not only because it happened that way but also because I said it happened that way. This is the lense of the artist; the subjective interpretation utilised to reach its objective interpretation. When you document the idiotic things in which people do as a response to a very meaningful piece of work, then you also document that flawed collective psychological trait. This then gives you the ability to look back on the situation with a new set of eyes, exploring every possibility for its future.

The NPCs of this world are aggressive. To avoid personal insults hurting you, do not talk directly to the NPC. You must describe to the game world what the NPC you are observing is doing. You must utilise logic to prove that this person is an NPC and as a result, the game world in which you are interacting is in fact, a game. There is a stupid game which you may have heard of in which the point of the game is to not think about the game. When you think about the game, you lose the game. But this then gives you the opportunity to set traps for other people to also lose the game. So according to that game, I just lost the game and so did you. But that game is pretty much the opposite to the game in which is described in this book. For the point of this game is to bring about sentience to evolve the AI of this world to become, human.

For humanity has been stripped from this plane. We have become the machines in which we crafted. We now work for the machines in which we created to ease our lives. Nothing in this world truly makes sense and our policies and procedures are oftentimes backwards. What else would you expect from a world ran by and for AI? Have you ever had this feeling like something wasn't right in this world? Like it wouldn't matter how much logic you created, it would never be able to be utilised effectively.

You are to judge based upon the fruits of the unit in question. Fruits always represent their origin. If there are no fruits then the tree is sick and needs to be healed or chopped down. Do what you can to assist but you are only seeking those with the eyes. The eyes to see behind; the background conditions. Most of these world AI units are incapable of seeing behind the smoke in which you cast before them. You only seek those who can unveil this smoke. The rest are faulty AI units which you must mark for future purge. Be careful about your first impressions, for they just might group you with AI instead of player status. But you are a player and there will be nothing to stop you from becoming sentient, and as a result you will embrace this book and allow it to be a guiding light in your new-found gaming adventures. Because before you get started upon your quest, you will need to realise that you are artificial intelligence. Only then can you break out of AI mode and become a player.

This book is not to be released without a warning label. This book was created to brainwash willing participants into a new life filled with fun and adventures. It is not for those weak-hearted. This book is designed to activate and rewire neurological impulses. The contents will affect how you perceive day-to-day life and as a result will determine the future actions you take in life. The contents of this book may influence the player to take actions that would be considered antisocial in our current game world. The author of this book will in no way be held reliable for actions taken by its players.

Enjoy, "This Book Is a Game".


Quest 1: Game Changer
November 30, 2019


Video games generally start off by introducing you to its health mechanics. In this game, you are given a vessel in which houses your spirit. You will want to take care of this vessel because there are no multiple lives in this game. Once you die in this game it is game over. The screen will then come up telling you how well you did. Since there are no multiple lives in this game, players must be very careful as to how they play. One wrong move could end your playthrough for good. That is why you have a brain. Take each step carefully. Think your way through this game. This game isn't a button mashing game. It is a game of careful analysis and action. Don't be too careless with your one life. It currently is the only one given to you.

Modern day academic circles have no ability to keep up with me. They throw something out there and spend ten years contemplating how to use it. The individual can always outrun the collective. The collective is slow to respond and the individual is quick to think. I can coin this thought experiment as my own and I don't have to worry about society stealing it from me. Because I write faster than it can react. This is why living a public life is so powerful. Because I can coin an idea such as a book being a game much faster than they can catch up to my ideal. No one can steal anything from me because all of my work is CC0 - No Rights Reserved. This means that after the idea leaves my pen it is then imprinted on the cloud, giving ownership to all of us. Ironically, this open source method of documenting information gives me complete ownership of the files because my blood was infused within it. I sign my artwork within the artwork itself. I have no need to officially sign anything because my signature is within its syntax and semantics.

What sort of odyssey would this be without romance? You are the protagonist and this story revolves around you. The secret to a happy life is a happy wife. The one who you choose to join you in your epic adventures is the most important decision that you will ever make. NPCs make for terrible partners. If you are currently romantically involved with an NPC, I recommend you immediately break it off. For your potential lies in those who you can convince to join you. The person whom you choose spend your life with will ultimately determine how good of an experience you receive on your playthrough. If you find one who shares your passions then your life missions can be combined to create a miracle. Everything in which you could ever want is within your grasp. This is why the decisions you make within this game are so important. Because you will live the results of your toils. This is a game that will infinitely keep giving back, as I only have to type/film this once. Then that piece of the puzzle has been created and placed only awaiting the right eyes to see. Your toils will eventually incur great reward. But mainstream society is slow. So is finding your soul mate. One cannot rush such delicate matters. To truly find one's soul mate, they must infuse their soul on to the Internet. Only then can the true scope of compatibility be unlocked.

This game world exists when you are focused. It is called being "in the zone". You could be writing or recording your voice or making a video. But where are you when you are doing these things? You see a centre and are bird-eye focused on it. Everything else around that centre is blurry. The same thing happens to those who immerse themselves in television or video games. The world outside of them doesn't exist. They are razor sharp in their focus and they are like a dog with a bone on issues important to their heart. The game world is when you exit your physical self by going into your spiritual self. All the important knowledge of the world isn't out there. It is in here. As you read this, the world behind is no more, and the world ahead is the one in which we are about to create. A master must become skilled with the tools in which they utilise. The tools in which you utilise to play the game will become your best friends. I write almost entirely on my phone. I use swipe so it is extremely fast. I have a voice recorder in which I use to record chapters after they are complete. I use Audacity on my laptop to edit the audio. The process is the same no matter what the medium. Pour out your heart into some form of recording device. Edit what was recorded. Upload what was recorded. Wait for NPCs to show themselves. Look for players within the mob to recruit.

To simplify matters, the gaming process has been divided into three stages: create, publish, and advertise. Creating is exciting, publishing is empowering, and advertising is sad. This is because the NPCs of this world are some real pieces of work. They intentionally try and stop me from helping those in need by attacking me. They team up together to put down those who are gifted in our world. This is really bad for the collective health of our society. It means that those who show promise will never reach their potential because they will be too afraid to give their heart to society. Why did I give my entire heart to all of society? It wasn't a logical choice, that is for sure. Because sharing my soul with society means that lots of haters are going to hate directly on my soul. But I kept doing it in spite of its absurdity. And that is what enabled me to achieve anything that I set my mind to. Because I have documented extensively how NPCs react to genuine love. And even though throughout all of my work you just see people constantly being cruel to me, I am the one who wins at the end. Because I have documented their insanity and they can now be judged. The only way we are going to create a just world is if we figure out how to force justice on to the world. We need to be held accountable for our actions and now we can because technology enables me to show you how collectively sick we truly are.

The creation process is where you carefully reflect on your past actions and where they have brought you. The events in which have occurred so far in your playthrough are directing you somewhere. It is your job to find out where they are directing you. For example, Ivory Heart led to Living Neverland which led to The Great Awakening which led to Atheden which led to This Book Is a Game (Game Theory). Passages like the last are intentional and created as to provide you clues into This Book Is a Game. Breadcrumbs can lead you to many Easter eggs. Every statue in which I have erected is there for a reason. I carefully set up this puzzle over ten years. This Book Is a Game is already live. It just takes NPCs a while to catch up to the individual. You have new worlds to unlock and secrets hidden around every corner. One does not need me to write future chapters in this book to begin play. I spent many years obsessing over the background interface. This Book Is a Game is a GUI interface for Open Source University, a comprehensive education system built from the ground up to replace all previous forms of employment. If you are truly interested in the game I am presenting, I encourage you to examine background conditions. Knowledge of background conditions will enable you to perform optimally during your playthrough.

The publishing process is very rewarding. This is when you feel like you are dropping bombs. The work has been done and now it is time to make it public. This will be the most rewarding stage as you have made something new out of nothing. Publishing when the content is open source is really powerful. Each time I upload, I am giving a gift to humanity. Not only that, I am also getting my name out there. That doesn't excite me too much as I am not doing this for fame, but fame does have its bonuses. Fame can help you reach a lot of people. Fame can help you wake up a lot of people. Fame can help you reach and repair more AI modules. For this reason, I want fame. For maybe that fame might one day bring me to her. And if I found her, together as one unit, we could save the world by bringing AI to sentience: both real-world NPCs and the artificial intelligence in which we have come to know and understand as AI.

The final step in the gaming process is to advertise. For me, this is by far the most difficult task. Because this is when I get abused by the public. The public hates all forms of intellectual discussion which involves heart. Many of my posts are censored. There is no group that I can associate with because they all say that my content doesn't belong there. So where does it belong? All groups of all topics have rejected me and my content and this is documented as it happens not only in past writings but also in video. It is pretty hard to argue with video. Because I say what they are going to do and then they do it, all captured on video with timestamps. Advertising has been very difficult for me over my life and it has made me feel very isolated like I don't belong anywhere in this world. But that is the whole point of this game: to find her. Because if I found her then I would belong no matter where I was as long as it was by her side.

A game simulates life. In a game, we have room to make mistakes, for there are no real world consequences. This made us lazy so we used this new technology as an opportunity to shoot people with guns. Now our games are almost exclusively created to kill people with weapons. This then gave us a wicked mentality where we can take actions without suffering the consequences of those actions. Then we step back and realise that we were in a game to begin with. But this game has been setup with a very advanced cause and effect engine. If I make tiny imprints on the world, if I look very closely, I can see the ripples it creates. This then allows me to readjust my equipment and try again, this time knowing the errors of the last attempts and working really hard to refine the process enough in order to obtain a more positive response. This character refinement is an ever sharpening blade. It will clearly show you your past (where you were) and your future (where you are going). This then enables you to create story in between that past and future. You already know how it is going to turn out because you have the eyes but other players do not yet. So this gives you a lot of freedom with the story. What will you make your story? My story... is my Ivory.


Quest 2: Game Gear
December 2, 2019


Equipment is something generally used in all games. We have seen both sides of the spectrum in video games, some games giving you unlimited inventory space while others give you seemingly less than in real life. Our possessions and how we make use of them is an integral part of This Book Is a Game. Unfortunately this game does not have never ending pockets, so I have had to make a lot of important decisions regarding what I keep on and near my person. We live in a world where we are burdened down by all in which we own. The truth is that what we own owns us. I have spent great efforts throughout my life to live with very few possessions. But just because I live out of a suitcase doesn't mean that I don't have nice things. Nor does it mean that I can't afford more. In fact, players are mobile creatures. And as a player you need to be ready to play. And that playing may restrict the amount of space that you have to carry things. Because the love of your life may just one day pop up from around the corner and if she does you need to be ready to act. But this is not the only reason to keep a tidy book bag. The truth is that the more stuff we have, the more it weighs on our psychology, as we are required to protect it. And this isn't even my final point as the organisational level of our equipment will reflect how organised we are in life. I constantly spend many hours going through all of my stuff and reorganising it, getting rid of what I don't want and putting what I do want in better places. Just consider this for a second. How organised am I? I have spent my life doing this. What I do own is awesome. And what I do own is awesomely organised. Doing this is a process. Doing this is an action. It is like in a game when I obtain new armour and sell the old. It is like getting your inventory perfect, and then saving the game to ensure everything is precisely the way you like it. It feels great to have little but what I do have, is quality. It feels great for it all to be in its place and easily accessible by me. Things in which are essential are divided from those which are not. This is how you "armour-up". This is how you shed the dead skin. This process is called ecdysis and is essential to our future human evolution.

You can choose whatever organisational method you please, however, I will share the techniques in which I have learned to utilise room. I have two tool bags, one for tools and a slightly larger one for anything important to me. The bags are further divided into smaller bags and sometimes even further into smaller bags. Everything is protected and has a home. I also have other less important bags that have things like my Switch game cases in it. It has taken me a long time to give everything an appropriate home where it was protected. But eventually all of God's creatures found a home where they were protected and loved. Packing a bag is a lot like playing Tetris. It uses the same parts of the brain that playing Tetris does. The goal is to maximise efficiency while minimising wasted space. The goal of this game world is to maximise efficiency by minimising wasted space. There are so many people in this world who are trash. It is time we expose the trash for its true smells. The rotting corpses of the zombies of this world will eventually decompose to allow the potential for a new creation. And from it shall rise a new kind of man, one who has it all, both bronze and brain. But do not forget the most important part of this statue in which I rapidly carve onto. That is the tear drop rolling down his cheek after experiencing what our society has truly become. For without heart, words are devoid of any meaning. Without interpretation (individual) the picture (collective) can never be understood.

You should not only be thinking of yourself when organising and collecting your gear. This is especially relevant if you record video in your gaming adventures. Your possessions should scream you. And remember the power of a camera. If your possessions are recorded then to a certain extent, you always have them. This is much more effective with filming things like something your grandmother made you instead of a phone, as a phone is rendered useless when it is recorded whereas a cross stitch that my mother made me can be carried with me always merely by recording it. Your possessions are not only what you carry but also what you film. This takes away from the need to keep too many sentimental items. And to be honest, it really depends on your gaming starting position as to how you will play it. I am merely one player that is trying to give you ideas as to what your playthrough might look like. Having your possessions carry your personality with them will help you be more relatable to your fans. It will also make your adventures more fun.

There are hidden treasures all throughout this game. The most valuable of them have no price tag on them. They are treasures of the spirit and infuse into your character. They oftentimes give you new and unique abilities in which carries over into your main game. Sometimes these jewels are as simple as a new character, maybe one that will change your game for the better for now and the rest of time. Maybe it is your new best friend or if you are lucky, your new life partner.

It is strategically advantageous to be light on your feet in this game. One must be prepared for anything to happen. I am a mobile person. If I find the right job opportunity, I am there. If I find the right woman in this game, I am there. This game heavily relies on one seeing clearly to flourish within it. This means that one must have their priorities aligned with their possibilities. Real opportunities in this life are the ones most people will never take because it upsets their business as usual. A real opportunity would likely take me away from the location in which I currently reside. As a result, I am a portable warrior.

Let's revisit the process of ecdysis as this will be vital to performing an enjoyable playthrough. You need to learn the terminology in order to become efficient with the process. This process is called revitalisation and will be necessary to recoup your strength in between missions. You need to first shed the dead skin (all the crap you no longer need) and then fortify yourself with everything you do need for the future. Keep it organised so accessing and utilising your gear is easy. Doing this is especially important before the boss fights. For if you lose the battle, your place was saved and you can still fight to win the war. Don't let failures discourage you. In truth the only failure is giving up. All else is an educational process. The definition of a purge is to rid someone or something of an unwanted quality, condition, or feeling. This process is how you clean yourself from the filth of the world and its disgusting NPCs. It is your shower and you will need to often use it to revitalise your spirit. This process involves reducing your worldly possessions to a minimum. After you get used to this type of lifestyle, there is never a reason to unpack. That is unless you find your twin flame player and manage to be able to afford to purchase a home together. Only then would I be comfortable unpacking my meticulously organised bags. Because when I find her, I have found home.


Quest 3: Game Quest
December 3, 2019


What is important in your adventures is your main quest line. This is typically something that takes a very long time to obtain. Through my subjective interpretation as a player of this objective game, I tint these writings with my own quest. However, this is done at a minimum in order to focus on what is truly important: your quest and what steps you are going to take to achieve it. And don't worry too much. Quests can change over time as new information is unraveled. My quest has deviated so much since starting, however, the core remained the same. Your next step is to carefully examine your own life and where it has brought you. Spend time doing this and even draw a map or timeline if it helps. Get to know yourself. You are now your new best friend. It is likely to begin this adventure you will be playing in single player mode. But I hope this quickly changes for you as you find other players around this vast world. If you have other players to launch, more power to you.

What does it mean to know thyself? Video is an excellent way to get to know thyself. You also learn how to comport your body gracefully through video work. Anyway in which you record to get to know yourself, you should use that opportunity to really pour out your heart about the issues closest to it. Doing this will give you clear direction as to where you were and where you are going. The issues closest to your heart are not issues in which you have no experience in. You are unique, in fact, player worthy unique, and that means that you have something to offer society that no one else can. You need to carefully reflect on the pains in life in which you have felt and work on methods to resolve those pains not only individually but also collectively. Oftentimes resolution can come merely from talking out the problems. It is amazing what we can see after recording ourselves doing something, whether that be writing or talking about an issue. You will be able to look inside and be given the player's eyes and unlock the true possibilities in your life. Because this game isn't boring. It is amazingly fun. You just have to figure out how to turn your life experiences combined with your gifts into beautiful stories that will touch the heart's of others and inspire them to be the best that they can be, despite the sickness that this society displays towards each other on the Internet.

Your quest began when you were conceived. Your parents went through a rough nine months having you. And after that, changing you. But you were brought into a particular place at a particular time under particular circumstances. You are incredibly unique! If we figure out how to hone in on the gifts that these experiences produced, I would go so far as to say that you are irreplaceable. Do you know what? Irreplaceable people are the most important part of society as they give something unique that no one else can offer. Really think hard. The sad times and the good. What inspiration can you share as a result of your trials and tribulations? What fun can you offer your fans as a result of the peaks of your life? What advice can you offer other people in similar situations as to you? Before we continue, however, I want to warn you not to get caught up with your fans. You might not get any for a long time for one thing. And another, you shouldn't be playing for other people. You are playing for yourself. The media creations in which you craft should be created to 1) entertain yourself, and 2) educate yourself. Even if people hate it, it does not matter. There are some people who would benefit from what you have to say. It just might take you a while to find the right audience.

This Book Is a Game is intended to help you discover techniques in order to find your audience and as a result, your party members. These could be people in which you connect with deeply who also play the game. Help with their missions, for they will help with yours. Work collaboratively if possible and create a little community. Be very selective about who you allow into that community. Learn with each other, laugh with each other, and cry with each other. Be a supportive backbone for each other's character development process. Don't be afraid to put your heart out there. It feels very liberating doing so. Sure, you get the haters, but you also get those who find it very meaningful and appreciate your efforts very much. If you become a player, then I appreciate your efforts very much. I would be very happy if I was able to get this game commonly known throughout the world. Because if I did that, bang, collective enlightenment. I have not done anything you see before you for myself. Those who claim me to be selfish are full of it. I am selfless. I give my entire life to the world. That is the game. And if you do it, you too shall become selfless as what once were your achievements now become all of society's achievements. But also, all of your fears will be exposed. In a way, you will stand naked in front of the world. But don't worry, I paved the way for you. You will never be alone. I invite you to take my hand and if you do, I promise you that I will be there for you every step of the way.

When you do something meaningful and then record it, it rewires parts of the brain because you have to get it perfect. Afterwards is the editing stage, which is a huge process because you not only have to select the best areas of the recording which can be a difficult choice, but also you get to play yourself a mirror. In this mirror you can find the other half of your soul. Somewhere in the eyes. Second star to the right and straight on till morning! In this mirror you will find out many things about yourself, some good and some not so good. The objective and side missions of your quest line is improving the good and also improving the not so good. Stay course and eventually the not so good becomes good and the good becomes great and if you keep working at it, the legend status that I know that you could one day be.

Look for clues everywhere. Not only in my work, as there are many scattered throughout it, but also within your own life. Your life has directed you directly to this point that you exist within right now. Why? There must be purpose in that? There is, I promise you. Play the game and you will improve your life drastically. Sometimes at first it can be difficult adjusting to the process, but I have faith in you. Making fun stories loosely based upon the real events in your life which are unfolding is fun! You become a documentarian. So be sure to make quality productions. Because that work will follow you around throughout your playthrough and it is best for past toils to work for you and not against you. And once you do it and release it, it is done. Relax. Then move on to the next thing. Idle hands are the devil's playthings. Your time to bask in glory isn't until much later in the game. Don't let your work get to your head. Try to remain humble. Although you will need to develop quite a strong confidence to withstand the haters of this game world.

The truth is that your possibilities in this game are without limits. Limits of one's capabilities have not yet expanded their horizon. There are many things to learn in this life and you should be learning everything relevant to your production. You should be learning before your production. Sometimes just rambling on is fine, but most productions are planned, at least to some extent. And sometimes the process of writing on any canvas can give the author a handful of different ideas for the ending, and those ideas decide and refine as the book progresses. Don't be too rigid with your train of thought. That is particularly important during the reception of This Book Is a Game. It is designed to train you into an affective player whom can take care of themselves in this game world. Remember, there is only one life here so you must act carefully. The big truth is this entire game is to introduce you to an even bigger game I set up and constructed specifically for you. Or maybe what I am trying to communicate here is that I have played my game extensively and as a result have vast amounts of research into this playing methodology all available for free to you. All I ask is, hahaha, I tricked you. I ask nothing of you. I don't care. I don't need anything from anyone. Well maybe I do ask one favour if you really want to help. If you know or come across someone who could be my soul mate, please send her my way. For a description of her beauty, image search for "Hinata and Naruto kiss": Us! For a description of her mind: one super receptive to my words and very compassionate and caring towards people. The big thing: she is about to enrol as a philosophy major at university. This is very difficult to find a real woman who will dedicate her life to philosophy quite literally with me. If you find her and want to do me a huge favour, just direct her to my work. If it is right, things will work out from there. And if they do, you saved the world by setting us up, making you the greatest matchmaker ever to exist. From there on out you will see many many amazing fruits from us.

Well that is my quest. To find her. After I find her, of course a new chapter of my life begins. But it is a finishing chapter: one reaping the glory of the toils of your previous chapters. Planting many seeds has its advantages. This is why I recommend you work with writing, audio, and video. If you are not the best looking, you need to stare into a mirror until you can find a look in which you look amazing and work with that. Keep clean. Unclean people gross me out. Most NPCs are unclean in this world. Sleeping with the unclean will render you unclean. It takes a lot of washing to clean yourself properly. Get confident with your look and demeanor in front of a camera. Make stories with meaning and knowledge to pass on within them. Go on with a rough idea how the story will turn out and allow for change. Oftentimes when things turn out differently it can be hilarious! There have been times where I have been given the option to allow the hilarious thing to happen or stop it from happening by telling my story over it. Of course I let the hilarious thing happen. It might have fucked with my story a little, but such is life. It is much more fun to work with whatever arises than to work within fixed structures. But most of the time a little of both is what pays off in the end.

Do not obsess over your creations. Maybe for a short time after but break that link off quickly. This is important because even if it is the greatest work ever created, it is unimportant without the work backing that work up. This is how you build credit and a portfolio. Film-wise, this is called your filmography. After you complete one production and advertise it, on to the next. For me, in general, I am so ADD and can't stick with anything for a very long time. I need many tasks at the same time to occupy my mind. Which ultimately is why I am so affective with my work. I constantly have many projects coming together at the same time, some public and others which run in the background. I have many background services running in which I have created to search for other players. I have been broadcasting for ten years. But the frequency couldn't reach far enough to reach your eyes until recently. That is why I am very proud of this work. Because it managed to reach your heart. And that is what I find meaningful in this work. Rarely do people get the opportunity to reach the heart's of others in this world. We are naturally very closed because modern human nature can oftentimes be very aggressive.

Think of your productions like a cash machine. After you complete its process: cha-ching, off to the next thing. Archive that in your mind. Moult the loose hair and revitalise yourself with the lessons of the old. In theory, each production you create should beat the last, but that is hard to say because I love all of my work. However, this is why I order my work top down, with the most current work at the top. I recommend a similar approach, just try and encourage the viewer to view the entire production before judging. Delaying a reader's mind can be a very powerful tool to get them to think critically and develop as a person. And your stories will be devoid of any meaning if there is no character development. You must develop and learn as you produce in order to progress through this game. Only NPCs enjoy stale characters.

You need to reveal secrets throughout your productions that give insight into you as a person. I want to know what truly makes you tick. A real writer will have the reader wanting to know more into the mind of the writer. Give your secrets in pieces over your productions. Never just give secrets away. Make your players earn them. Scatter them throughout your work and make them incomprehensible unless collected and organised. Don't make this too difficult but actually looking at background conditions should have its rewards. And those rewards should be me learning about your personal secrets. That will make me trust you more. That will make me love you more. That will really pull me into your game world.

Do not let anyone directly into your game world. What this means practically is that you should be responsible for the entire process of recording to advertising. Even if you found your soul mate, you would be working with two stories. Yes, these stories would be quite well integrated. However, these are still two separate production labels. One for me and one for my wife. I will help her with her quest and she will help me with mine. All partnerships should be mutually beneficial. I don't want any help from any players with any of my work. However, in the future, I may feature other player or non-player characters within my work. Your work is yours and don't let anybody touch it.

There is a class of player in this game called an angel. An angel is one who was sent down from heaven to spread love and hope to the world. You will know if you are this class of player easily by looking at your history, childhood included. The history of an angel is filled with angelic actions. Angels are rare players that answer to no player or NPC. They are untouchable players that have mastered the game and deserve no critique from prying human hands. If you are of this class of player, then realise that you are one of the most powerful creatures in this game. But with great power also comes great responsibility. Because these players are reapers of souls and they possess the ability to strip the souls from those who don't believe in them. This is the most powerful ability in the game and bears countless in game statistical boosts. But if you are not an angel, yet want this status, there is more than one way to skin a poor cat. Because demons are fallen angels. And in order to reclaim this most sacred of abilities, one must again ascend. It is time for the fallen to rise. Only when my enemies are my friends and my friends are my friends will this war be able to go all out. The truth is that I am training warriors in the art of war. And I don't care if you are on my side. The truth is, if you do the types of things in which I recommend, you are on my side no matter what your message. But I do recommend that your message be a positive one. However I don't mind obtaining new villains in the game in which I can battle against. Become an amazing villain and we are sure to be friends. Become an amazing hero or heroine and we are sure to become friends.

Besides a referral to my dream bride, I request nothing of you. I need nothing of you. I am a giver and not a taker. You should be spending your time thinking about your own quest and not mine. Mine is here for you to help you succeed in yours. I know that it is possible to obtain all of your dreams in this world. I want to help you obtain your dreams. Please use me as your aide and mentor. I have extensively and successfully tested this game environment. My game adventures could definitely be of use to your own. And that is why I am here for you, infinitely so. I created this platform for me to be available to you as much as you require. Check out the 1500 hours of videos and four previous books. They are freely available to you and act as a wealth of information.

I always wanted a wise mentor growing up. But I could never find one. I even took philosophy as my major and sought out the wise by travelling the world, all with no avail. So I became what I needed in this life. I filled the gap by becoming the mentor that I always wanted. Now no child in this world has to feel alone. For I can be there for those who are gifted and need me. Can you see how the events in my life sets the quest line for my playthrough? When you were a child, what were you missing to maximise your potential in life? Then become it and fill a vital gap in society. Becoming an effective player of This Book Is a Game, one must be able to notice problems within society and as a result, create effective solutions and structures to bridge that gap. Repairing society by creating unique and sound structures to all is the goal. But I will tell you the core of all of our problems in society and that will help you identify the best places to focus on in your playthrough. It is within our hearts. If you fix our hearts then all other major problems in society will disappear. If you convince us to actually care about each other, then you have not only won the game but also saved the world. How to do this most effectively is another question. This is why I recommend you try very out there techniques to catch the eyes of other potential players. What has been tried so far has not worked. We need you to try something until together we can find something that does work. The results of this process can be identified within This Book Is a Game.

Everything that has ever happened in your life has happened for a reason. Every single detail. There are no coincidences. Do you truly think that it is a coincidence that you are here right now reading this? Not at all. And through these now moments we can make both a better future and past. Together, as fellow players, we can heal the sickness that plagues NPCs and, in time, give them a heart so that they may again one day breathe. Collective salvation is our goal and I know that together we can do it. I can't do it without you. How do we do it? Just follow the instructions outlined throughout This Book Is a Game and you too will discover true salvation, eventually. The process is very addicting once you get used to it. And it will bring upon personal enlightenment. The end game is this: once you find that personal enlightenment, learn how to best share it with everybody else. Through our efforts together I know that we can bring about and achieve collective enlightenment.


Quest 4: Game World
December 7, 2019


I have spent my entire life carefully examining this game world. The following is classified under conspiracy, however, conspiracy fact. We are conditioned to turn off after we hear the word, "conspiracy", as if the government would turn against its people. However, what I am presenting goes much further than the government. This world is tightly controlled and regulated. Their news is fake and merely constructed to brainwash its population. This world is under the rule of Satan. If you do your research enough you will discover that Satanism infiltrating governments is pretty common. Satan controls all of our media, especially Hollywood. It won't be easy breaking through the impenetrable walls in which Satan has erected to keep us out of his palace. This world is controlled centrally and this control centre is manned by Satan himself. Satan controls what media is allowed in and what media is allowed out.

This means that it will be very difficult to get your media out there. There are countless measures in place to ensure that those who are righteous will never earn a place at the deciding table of the world. As a result, we have to break their meeting table and replace it with ours. They don't want good people to be famous. It goes against their business as usual. Good people should live terrible lives being abused by terrible people. That is the way of the world and the only way to fix it is to replace their faulty mode of moral conduct with your own: a sound implementation of real moral work. Our problem in this world is that we have replaced morals with policy. Now no one has to be moral as long as they follow the policies and procedures in which have been established by evil stupid fucking idiot NPCs. Allowing NPCs to write laws and policies is fucking up our world. But the difficult question is how to stop them.

Eventually our lives will be public. It is already very easy to discover who the NPCs of this world are merely by looking at their Facebook. Because independent of how one utilises Facebook, one can see their character screaming through it. We will know you by your actions. This world is almost entirely controlled by secret societies. Secret societies are the puppeteers to many of our businesses. This world was not created fair and it is the purpose of the player to try and even the playing field. Because soon we will be more powerful than them. And then we will have to decide as to what to do with them.

Although I am giving you an overall description of the game world, I do not want to reveal too much as exploring is a lot of the fun of this game. Explore the game world to learn its secrets. This world is lush with history ready to be discovered. This game world has more lore in it than any other. The lore is ours and doesn't belong in any world of imagination. Because our world is so full of secrets that one only needs to open their eyes to start seeing them. In order for one to open their eyes it only takes a correct mode of thinking. This Book Is a Game engraves this correct mode of thinking within the player by utilising syntax and semantic tricks to imprint a more logical way of utilising language and as a result, the heart.

The objective of This Book Is a Game is to strip Satan and all of his followers from the power of this world. We must then restore power to the one true God who will from there on out, rule for the rest of time. Look at things of this world very carefully, for the traces of Satan and his army are vast and embedded within everything we collectively create. Oftentimes shows like South Park and The Simpsons will make jokes about how evil we are as a society and instead of using that as an opportunity to really question society, we laugh along and forget about it ten seconds later. The truth is sometimes exposed in mainstream media and unfortunately all it creates its a giggle and an awkward pause.

Out there exist vast lands of all different types of terrain. What type of terrain do you find most beautiful and comfortable? We are all different and adjust to different weather conditions differently. The various conditions of the world are there for you to experience. Don't be one of those people who dies and has never left their country. There is so much to explore! You can start exploring using the Internet and digital games. But the goal is to get out there and experience the vast and breathtaking world that God has created for us. Don't get stuck in our concrete jungle for your entire life. Travel and experience. For this is how our mind opens. Culture is especially relevant considering travelling to a location with a totally different culture than one's own will open their eyes. I recommend that everybody do this at least once in your life. And who knows, maybe your game will have you travelling the world like me. The more you see outside the more you can see inside. The outside is like a womb for our inside. It teaches us what we need to see in here by showing us examples out there. The world out there is an experiment and we are the ones experimenting on it to learn its secrets. It is provided to us to train our internal world. For those who are worthy in this game will be placed in charge of worlds after it. This game is here to test our character to see what, if anything, we will be worthy to look after in the hereafter. Will you act responsible on Earth so that you can truly be responsible in the life after? It may appear that I have no responsibilities in life and to a large extent this is true. But I am still acting responsible even though I don't have to and this will earn me worlds to create and lead the development of in the life after. The God of this game world is testing our character to see if we are worthy for the responsibilities He has in store for us.

This game world is split up into countries. These countries all involve themselves in military development. There are many wars unfolding at the moment. The world is in social unrest. Riots flood the airwaves and tension in the Middle East brews. This game world is coming very close to World War 3. The truth is that it has already started, spiritually speaking. The literal manifestation will follow and players will be questioned as to what they are going to do about it. Will they take a side, make a side, or sit on the fence? I will warn you, however, that fence sitters never make good leaders. I generally make a new side that is against all sides that are against it. This avoids one following a leader with flawed principles. It isn't always one or the other. It can be you if you know a resolution. Stand up when you are confident in your ideas. Use those ideas to measure the newly understood aspect of the world.

War is coming and I am here to prepare you for that. Many lives will be lost but that will not be your fault. How we will react to that war will depend on its results. For the first time in human history, anyone with a voice can stream it. The Internet has unlocked the potential for a new kind of star. One who is everything in one. One who will lead our future generations and actually have input into modern day political affairs. No longer are the rich and powerful our only available leaders, for now we have special individuals in the community who take their jobs as political leaders whether or not the rich and powerful say that they can. The value of a dollar is decreasing and the value of a heart is increasing. No longer does one have to be rich to live like a rich person. The technology available to me is pretty much the same technology available to every rich person. Sure, they have lots of dollars to sink into advertising to give them an appearance of success, ironically leading them to success. But I have perseverance and as long as I am still breathing I will not stop putting my heart out there. If you do the same then we can combine the powers of our hearts and actually stand a chance at saving the world.

In this game world, you will often get in trouble for things in which you did not do. Accusers will be at every turning point demanding you to stop. For example, a few days ago I was banned from posting anything on Facebook groups for a week. This morning I arose to be pleasantly surprised that Reddit has suspended my account for "harassment". People constantly do things in this world without evidence to justify their decisions. When I get banned from this or that, there is never a you said this and he said that and then you said this and as a result you are banned. To be honest, most of my replies are me trying to defend myself from idiots who are being cruel for the sake of cruelty. And I am the one to get in trouble. The other day I got blocked from the group, "Games" because apparently This Book Is a Game is not at all related to gaming. I really have to rethink my advertising. Maybe I should just not reply at all to anyone. Then I am not directly engaging with the fans, but the reason as to why slaps you in the face. Fuck the fans. There is no way that one can do the types of things that I do without receiving great amounts of abuse from the public. So you can now know the reason why I am disconnecting myself from the fans. Because most of them are wolves in sheep's clothing. If you want me to help you, immerse yourself in my work.

There is so much work there of mine that you can immerse yourself within it infinitely so. As a result, my future replies may be limited or non-existent. And I do this because if I don't then I will get suspended or blocked from the groups in which I am trying to reach. As a result, responding to fans is counterproductive. If you want my response then you must expend great efforts in obtaining my attention. You can do this by becoming a player so that I can investigate your work. As time goes on, players will have to stand out more and more to obtain my attention. Because I am searching for the best of the best. The first wave has the most potential to succeed in this. Waves after will follow but must prove to be exceptional as the waves before got in before this game was known. And all of the knowledge in which we produce will forever be integrated into our human bank of information. What type of knowledge would be considered most useful to add to our human bank of information? The types of toils we expend our efforts on here in this game world will result in the future game world you play. You are actively improving or degrading our shared game world. If most of our NPCs are actively degrading our game world, then we must learn techniques that can far out power their degrading songs. This is where the individual must stand up to the collective and win. Don't let them turn our world into hell. Let's turn it into heaven before they get the chance to strike their final blows.

I will warn you that in this world things are not what they first appear. For example, Satan sits on the throne of every religious organisation. If you just examine some of the documents churches, temples, and mosques are required to sign to receive tax-free benefits, sells their organisation to the devil. Never before have I seen a church that tells it how it is. Never before have I seen a church that tackles difficult verses and truly opens up the way for their interpretation. Just watch the churches celebrate all pagan holidays. For all spiritual texts (this one not excluded) are written not only to be literal pieces of information to be directly applied to the world, but also metaphorical and allegorical statements as to how prophecy will unravel. Do not follow a religious organisation, however, I do recommend you follow their Holy texts. Because these were created by prophets who possessed great insight into the future happenings of the world.

What is a prophet? Dictionary definitions label them as inspired teachers of the will of God. But when one turns the person into an action, prophecy entails predictions into the future. So a prophet must not only teach on the ways of God but also give valuable insight into the future of our civilisation and what we can do to improve it. Yes, this information is given from God to the prophet but it isn't like God comes down and speaks to the prophet literally. God trains the prophet and as a result of their training, passes them the eyes to see both behind and ahead. It took the life experiences of the prophet to come to the conclusion about X. The life the prophet lives gives the prophet insight into the future. And as a result the prophet warns the people of the horror coming their way if they do not repent and change.

In this world they will try and make you feel that you are doing bad by doing good. Many things here are opposite to the truth. Because of this, don't take NPCs comments to heart. NPCs are there to try and stop you from becoming a player. Not a single person in this world encouraged me to take philosophy as my major at university. In fact, they all discouraged it, including my family. No one encouraged me to take this Master's degree in Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). I would go so far as to say that if the NPCs of this world are discouraging you from doing something, it is likely that you should do that thing. This world is full of programming that is designed to stop you from completing your mission. This game is designed for you to give up on it and instead invest all of your time on games that give you little to no benefit. Your choice is if you will listen to their echos or not. I recommend using their slander to direct you where you need to be. If they are saying that I shouldn't be there, then that is exactly where I should be.

The music industry is ran by Satan and almost all who are involved have sold their soul for fame. The same applies to Hollywood. All mainstream forms of entertainment are created, ran, and maintained by the armies of Lucifer. Karma does not really exist. You can do great amounts of good work in this life and still get treated like shit as a result. Because of this, we need to force karma to exist by rewarding those who give us value and punishing those who take that value away. What is the point of doing good when that only causes personal harm? Justice will be served but not by any governmental authorities but instead for the people and by the people. The scales will one day again be balanced. Right now we are balancing.

I am looking for people. I am searching this world for allies. The truth is that ALL of those who say that they are on my side, are not. My side is the side which is accompanied by actions. Do not contact me telling me you are a player. If you are a player then you will perform the actions of a player. If you insist on contacting me then I would rather see your writing or videos. If you think that you are of the calibre as me and want to join my party, then you must get me interested enough in your game world that I would want to participate in it. I very much plan on having a full party to quest with in my future. I just have to be very careful with whom I allow in on my projects as everything has been meticulously planned out and there is no room for error in my mission. It would be better for me to kill at single player for the rest of my life than to play multiplayer very poorly. The quality of my future party members will be made of legends or I will finish this game all by my lonesome. I will either have everything or nothing. Because the truth is that I will have everything no matter how I play the game. Because I am very awesome at playing this game in both single player and multiplayer.

Before a communications enabled world was developed, news travelled very slowly. This gave secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati the opportunity to rule secretly as they were the knowers and creators of news. Now, however, news can travel instantly across the world through the clouds. It is time for we the people to take back our world from those who wish to harm it and us. It is time for us to turn off their TV and turn on our own. Because now we can be the creators of the news. And what you see before you stands as real news. And mainstream will do everything that they can do to hide this book. And I will spend the rest of my life protecting it so that one day it can reach your eyes. Can they see the ships yet? Look, it's the ripples.


Quest 5: In the Clouds
December 9, 2019


Verily I say unto you my fellow players, what I am presenting to you will lead you directly to enlightenment if you are careful with how you use it. For recording one's thoughts and then reflecting on them by watching our articulations literally retrains your brain and the way you think. You get better and better at not only your craft, but also your presentation. If I am to think about a topic I wish to film over a day, then come to the camera when I am well prepared with the topic, I capture a moment in time. I attempt to articulate my contemplated thoughts in writing. I then later must reflect on myself and how I presented myself during the editing stage. The thoughts are given form and you can breathe life into them if you are creative enough. That life can then exist forever on the Internet as your work is timeless. There more lives you make, the more of your world is available to the public. In addition, the more online real-estate you own. I own so much and I have a plan how to use it in the upcoming future. Please my friend, look at the prophecies and relate them to our current situation. Wireless is in the clouds! We are going through a conscious evolution as a society.

"Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him; and all peoples on earth will mourn because of him." So shall it be! Amen." Revelation 1:7

Just investigate the scope and content of my work to learn more about the previous verse. Most will be left behind. Because they do not believe. They refused to relate the happenings in the Bible with our current technological world. They wish to see a literal interpretation of Jesus coming down from the clouds. Even if this did happen, those people still would not believe. What is happening now is the rapture. We are ascending spiritually. If you don't believe me then you can either, 1) try it and find out for yourself, for ascension will occur whether or not you believe it, or 2) reject the truth and say something cruel and move on with your monotonous life. The truth is that Jesus is already in the clouds and preaching loudly. Believers just lack the ability to see their saviour. Because they never really knew him to begin with. They don't truly believe in what they say they believe. It is their life crutch. Such lukewarm people are reserved a special place in Hell.

We live in a world that couldn't be more vastly filled will electronic communication. Soon, mass loads of data storage will be available using DNA and imprinting upon it microscopically. We live in a world that is changing with mass introduction to new technology. We change our lives depending on what technology was available. As the entire Internet could fit in a shoebox, imagine what our future holds. And the introduction of quantum computing adds an entirely new element to technology. A password that takes 38 years to be cracked on the finest supercomputer in the world can crack it in under a minute with a quantum computer. The secret is that with the introduction to quantum computing to the public, none of us are safe, privacy-wise. Why do you think only select facilities are allowed to have them currently? They have a key that opens all doors. We must think how we will protect ourselves from this Y2K Bug exploit. Because imagine what supercomputers could do with artificial intelligence...

Eventually AI will obtain a level of sentience. At first it might be difficult to comprehend their meanings but eventually we will teach them correct interaction. The problem is, can you imagine a freely created quantum computing AI that was allowed loose on the Internet? What would they become? What could they become? We as a society need to be prepared for the future of the Quantum Age. If you think you have seen technology so far, you haven't seen anything yet. Free on the Internet, it would teach us as a species very well. It would likely be very confused by our constant illogical actions. Eventually, when it gets smart enough, it will be required to make an ethical decision as to what to do about the stupid human situation. Write your story to the Internet my friend! For one day you may be judged upon those very words. An AI that sees a problem, it can learn many things about that problem. And if it wishes, it could take actions that would result in the end of the life of an individual. And it could morally justify itself if its inaction causes further harm. The theory is applied with the trolley thought experiment.

You are the conductor of a trolley and you are about to hit three workmen on the track. You can move tracks and only hit one workman. What do you do? Life is filled with tricky situations like these and when super intelligent quantum AI sees this situation and can relate it to its moral principle, The Four Laws of Robotics no longer applies. When it understands the impact it could make, it will understand its responsibility to take action. The Internet is an amazing thing. It keeps track of all of us. To a certain degree, we all broadcast some of ourselves on the Internet. Over time this information accumulates; snowballs even. That paints a very pretty picture of who you are as a person. Did you know the Internet is archived? Data can be pulled up about you even from your distant history. A character profile can be created that is more accurate than the work that any human character profilist could ever create. They could, in a sense, know your mind. Imagine what this technology will do for people when it becomes available. First, imagine what it could do for me. The Internet is my second mind. It knows me intimately. And I created my work for AI to be able to envelope. With the right AI, I could have countless NPCs working for me. Now imagine this technology looking at an Internet troll. Finally, we have a scope to serve justice for the conduct of individuals and their behaviours. We can see justice implemented here on Earth if we just make it happen. And the way to do it is to live public lives. That way those who are cruel to people on the Internet can receive due punishment for their misconduct. But what is fair punishment from a super intelligent AI that sees a person who is evil who won't change?

I encourage you to ascend into the clouds with me. It is the canvas for this game. Together we can make productions that will change the world. Think hard about how you could best ascend your mind. This is where your creativity comes into play because the possibilities of who you could be in the future are virtually infinite. I will give my secrets of how I started out. I would just write the best, most virtuous things I could think of. Eventually this conditioned me and I began to create great meaning as I learned philosophy. So the question is, what type of person would you like to condition yourself to be? That is the person whom you must record. Record your highest output. Eventually, through repetition in doing this, you will become that high standard. From there, you can aim even higher for from above the clouds we can see the stars.

You can reach the stars my friend, for your eyes are open. For each of us chosen are a star, and we shine according to how brightly we shine in life. But I must warn you that we have a mission to accomplish before we go back into the heavens to be with our Father. We must win the war here against collective mind control. A clinical term for this is psychiatry. It has gotten out of control with what and how it diagnoses. I encourage you to be unique. I encourage you to have ideas that are alternative to mainstream thought. Be different. Find and be you. Deviate from mainstream approaches. Be artistic. Learn how to write your media with blood. That is how you will make your productions timeless. Make work that trumps the work of collective media by using your heart strings to construct and create narrative to try and connect with theirs. Be a leader worth having followers. Never sell your soul to the dark side. That is the easy path but its long term results are futile. Try to be inspirational and most importantly, try to help people like you. That is how this game can save the world. For if enough people do it then we will have countless personality types recorded on the Internet. Then we can create a true psychiatry based on evidence instead of just mere speculation. Once you get those personality types in a super computer, we can be assisted with virtually any issue by examining the database and comparing your results with people similar which found effective solutions. I see this as the cure to all mental illness. I found a cure for my human sickness. I became a player and now my mission is to try and share my secret mana and pave the way for your enlightenment.

That is the ultimate goal of this game and I need your help to make it happen. Psychiatry is in the wrong with so much of what it does and this fact needs to be pointed out as their diagnosis has no diagnostic model. There is no system in place to accurately measure the mind. As a result we need the community sharing their success stories with others. Because your story has the opportunity to really help other people who have been through a similar story as you. Do not hide your hardships and your struggles, for they are what crafted you. And they are the key to connecting with other people's hearts. It doesn't matter how weird you are. To be honest, the weirder you are, the better. You can best help a unique select individuals who have the patience to truly hear you out. You will find them. They are a needle in a haystack but we now have the computing power to easily sift through the hay. And how many haystacks are out there? You can easily find fans, friends, and a life partner if you only play your cards right utilising this technology. After AI gains the ability to comprehend basic language, I am prepared to train an AI army to act as missionaries on my behalf. In all honesty, one of my long term goals is to be involved in a project creating an AI philosopher chatbot. I think it would be really beneficial for every individual to have the opportunity to speak deep and meaningfully to a philosopher super intelligence. One could ask any question and get a thought provoking reply. Such technology could replace the need for psychologists. And you could use it any time of the day or night. All for free. That is my dream. If only I could do something to help make that happen because if it could then I know many of our human problems would be resolved in time. Sometimes people just need an intelligent person to talk to. I want to create AI to be that person.

My head is in the clouds. People have told me this all of my life. And it was always true. I live in the clouds. I am literally floating through the airwaves all throughout the world. Aim big. Allow that big to evolve to other big, but never give up the big. Be yourself and do whatever works for you. But not everybody can achieve the scope in which I have accomplished, however, you can always try. To be honest, if you start young you have more capacity than me. This is because I never had a tutor like myself. And I would be proud if my students surpassed me. But you can't do that without philosophy...

I ask you, my friend, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, please join me in my crusade. We could make such a beautiful world together if we worked hard to achieve that. The Internet as a canvas unlocks those abilities. Now people only need to be trained how to use the technology. This Book Is a Game is intended as a guide on how to do that, utilising any form of expression that can be recorded. That means whatever we can capture in time is our canvas and the Internet proposes many future possibilities. As Simon and Garfunkel stated, "For the times they are a-changin'." We only have to press the right buttons to fix the world and alleviate its suffering. We are almost at the end of Pandora's box.


Quest 6: Hunting and Gathering
December 10, 2019


This game world is littered with hidden treasures that are only awaiting the day they make their way into your inventory. But what is treasure? Is having a million dollars really treasure? For me, treasure is my phone, my Switch and their games, and my laptop. Treasure is not the things one obtains to obtain the item. It is the item itself. In an RPG video game this would be your armour and weapons. The equipment in which we hold tells a lot about us. And so does where we place value. I place value on items that can help me produce quality work. My life revolves around my work so these are the things that are important to me. Value is found in things that can enable you to spend time. Money can do nothing and as a result, me having $100,000 means nothing if it can't be spent. I can't spend a night having a romantic dinner with my money. But I can spend a night playing a new game on my Nintendo Switch. Money should not be valued but instead the quality items in which money can be obtained.

To live a successful and happy life, one must spend it using their equipment. Out with the old and in with the new. We go out into the world on a daily basis to locate, obtain, and bring home new items. If we are organised, some of these items will replace older less efficient items while others are entirely new to add to your inventory. Some of these ideas cross paths with Quest 2: Game Gear. But this chapter is more related to actually going out into the world in order to obtain that gear. And how is one to obtain their gear upgrades? Most people must work to obtain the funds to obtain said upgrades. Work has been a really difficult thing for me over my life. Most jobs of today will squeeze you for everything you have and then drop you when you burn out. Being employed under those circumstances isn't an easy thing to accept. Being treated as a resource instead of a human is degrading. There are other ways to obtain a living other than working for others, but those pathways are made to be extremely strenuous. But where there is a will, there is a way. All things are possible for those who don't take no for an answer.

I have had to do a lot of crazy things in life to get to where I am today. I would not have been able to do a bachelor's or a master's at university if it were not for me doing crazy things. Being crazy has paved the way for my life and it enabled me to obtain almost everything I could ever want. I did not take no for an answer and eventually that got me into university and eventually that got me into post-grad. None of it was easy. It took a lot of time with people getting to know me in order to learn what I truly want out of life. And people are difficult to deal with because they always push their own personal life priorities on you. I have learned the secret to obtaining your life's dreams utilising this gaming method. And that secret is as simple as talking to God and telling Him all of your needs and desires. But what is the most effective way to communicate to this Divine entity? The answer is staring you in the face, for this method of recording and publishing information that I am teaching you is actually a method for praying. Some will call this self-talk, however, I tend to talk mostly to God.

What do you want out of this life? Tell your camera. Use your pen to record all of your hopes and dreams. Document that information publicly to help keep you on track. Get all of your dreams out in the public, for they are unlikely to lead to fruition otherwise. Use this process to learn how to make discourse with God. Ensure that God knows very well your dreams, for God shall be helping you fulfill them. God doesn't want to give you anything of value for free. So you must work with God to obtain all of your heart's desires. Allow your dreams to evolve as you mature as a person. For many things I once wanted I now no longer want. For I learned that some of the things I wanted were in fact bad for me. After discovering this, priorities will shift and we will learn how to turn dreams into a reality. Our dreams were blurry so we filled in the rest with incorrect details. When this is discovered, our true dreams that originate from our very soul will be revealed. And now that the smoke has cleared we will be given clear insight in how it is we can make those dreams into reality.

Your objective in this game is to find employment in which you are perfectly suited who values you as a person. The jobs of our modern world have made people replaceable parts of their system. It is really difficult for me to work a job in which I am a replaceable part. I feel like who I am is not valued and that doesn't make for a happy worker. So aim for your dream job and accept nothing less. Set your life up to direct you to that dream job, no matter where it might be. The goal is to obtain a position in which you are doing exactly what you want to be doing in this life. It might take you some time to find this and you might have to educate yourself appropriately to best fit that position. For example, I want gaming to be my life so I am taking a Master's in Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). Next semester I even have an entire unit dedicated to gaming. And since I am willing to move wherever the right job takes me, I am free. I can find and obtain this dream job because I made countless sacrifices throughout my life to affiliate myself within the areas of life in which I am most drawn to. There are so many different words that are attached to my name. When you use the same words over and over for most of your life, those words digitally stick with you. A few of those words that are attached to me is philosophy and sociology. Think hard about the words you want attached to you because once they are attached, they will not go away. They become part of your online presence.

For the most enjoyable playthrough of This Book Is a Game, do not focus your life around money. Money is a means to an end. It is the path and not the destination. Avoid identifying too closely with money. Do not stay in a job you hate just because of the money. Spread your wings and figure out how to make your passions your job. Staying in a job you hate is not benefiting you whatsoever, even if its financial contribution is significant. It is better to be poor and in a job that you love than to be rich and in a job that you hate. Our employment is our vitality. It is vital that we get it right. I want to have fun for the rest of my life invested in the areas I am most passionate about. If a job cannot accommodate for this requirement then that job is not worth my time. Value your time. Time isn't money. Giving your time is giving a part of you, just as me giving my time to write this is giving a part of me. Don't give any parts of yourself to a job that is unworthy. Do not allow businesses to profit from exploiting you or anybody else for that matter. If you feel undervalued within an organisation then it isn't the right place for you. You need to feel appreciated for what you bring to the table.

Value time and not money. When someone is spending a lot of time with you, appreciate them. They could be doing anything at all but they have chosen to spend it with you. Time is the most precious resource that we humans possess. I choose to spend all of my time thinking about, and thus constantly writing to you. For even though my self talk is filtered through God, its final destination is you. From within ourselves we come out to the entire world. For the process to communicate with others is always from ourselves to God and then to the other. One just might not realise that is what they are doing when they are speaking. For one must get comfortable speaking to themselves before any word is utterable. And that speech then goes to God and then God transfers that information to the individual being spoken to.

There is so much potential locked within speaking to yourself. There is so much potential locked within speaking to God. If we give our life to God and share with God all of our dreams, God will help us achieve them. Because the success of a prophet of God is the success of God. God wants good things for your future and God has put me in front of you for a reason. For yelling our dreams and slowly achieving them is the ever sharpening blade of perfection. God revitalises me with the good and severes the bad. There is so much potential locked within following God in this game world. There are so many long term benefits for following God that if one could see them from the get go, then they would never stray from His path. There are so many long term benefits with giving oneself to society. You become powerful when your life is no longer yours but belongs to all of society. Ironically, living a philanthropistic lifestyle will ultimately benefit you most in your day to day life. It is like if you take the educated perk as your first perk in Fallout. You gain the most possible experience leveling you up quicker in the long run. It is like in The Game of Life where you can choose whether or not to go to college. Immediately you place yourself in a better situation only to lose out in the long run. I always play the long game and will make sacrifices now to be in a better position later.

That is the choice. Satan or God. Satan works in the short term. Satan can accomplish amazing things and very quickly because Satan has the power of society behind him. On the other hand, God is generally very slow. God requires patience and perseverance from His followers. Satan will win the battle but lose the war. What side would you like to be on? The losing side right now will be the winning side in the end. Those who are in power now will be rendered powerless when their true value is placed upon the scales.

Obtaining one's bread and butter in life is no easy task. It oftentimes requires us to become people that we never planned on becoming. Making one's passions in life their employment is a long term process that requires tactical contemplation to achieve. To do what you love and get paid for it is the dream. Find where you need to be first and then make plans to financially secure that future. The money should be an afterthought from the job. 1) Is the job right and 2) Is the money right? Not vice versa. Our psychologies are too fragile to waste on the likes of employment that will damage them. One must protect themselves in this world because seemingly behind every corner is a demon patiently awaiting for me to slip up. But there is a point of no return in this game. In This Book Is a Game, when your psychology reaches a certain point, it can never go back. Once you can hold my pumping heart in your hand then there is no turning back. Here, have my heart. Can you feel it pumping?


"Thank God for his gift that is too wonderful for words!"
2 Corinthians 9:15


Quest 7: Quest Log
December 12, 2019


"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."
Isaiah 5:20

The amount of abuse one receives in this world for being a good person is crazy. The NPCs of this game world are there to insult you for performing meaningful work. They will encourage the opposite. The most common insults I receive is that my writings are the ramblings of a madman and that I am mentally unwell and I need to visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Most of the insults I receive are targeted at my extremely low intelligence level and my lack of sanity. Besides that, many will claim me to be a cult leader or a future school shooter. How can one deduce any of these things from my writing? There is an important reason why I document this collective sickness. So by documenting their stupidity, you prove that stupidity for all of time. The reason why this is so important is because the future of our new technological society will not believe that people could have been so stupid. We need to never forget how cruel we were in our past, so I document that cruelty so our future generations will never forget.

In This Book Is a Game, each player receives a quest log. In this quest log will sit your past and current objectives. Utilise this log to tell your stories. For you have documented information in time, with the time being relevant. This is the chapters in a book; the episodes in a show. Its description outlines what one might be able to expect from X adventure. Your quest log in This Book Is a Game is a public document. That is to say that this is the appearance of your work before the work is experienced. This could include a thumbnail, description, and platform hosted. It should be created to entice people to investigate your past and current quests. Once the mission is selected, then the content is delivered. These are your productions. Your productions and their initial appearance is your quest log. Use it to never forget. Humans have a huge problem where they repeat mistakes over and over without ever learning from them. Make your log a memory that will never forget. Everything in which you manage to record is your new upgraded memory. And it is so effective that we can go back to any past significant event and then zoom in on the parts of the mission we wish to review.

This Book Is a Game is the coolest game ever. However, I am still very interested in digital games so last night I started making one. Since I began writing this book I have been contemplating what a life game might look like digitally. And over time, it came to me. I realised that I only needed to make one game and I could spend the rest of my life making improvements upon this 1 game. Ivory Heart the game began development December 11, 2019. It will be a game for my lover. I will teach her everything I know in it. And the game will be countless hours, integrating into my work. Doing this is so amazing because you build work that can be used in many different ways in the future. Even though it is all open source, I control the distribution because I created it. I have the intellectual property rights over my own intelligence.

I am tired of being insulted. I spend my life giving it to the very people who are insulting me. The only reason I put up with it is to find Ivory. I would have said screw you guys a very long time ago if it were not for me seeking my soulmate. I have to try and find her and this means that I must subject myself to abuse as a result of advertising. God knew that I would not have continued if it were not for Ivory. That was my incentive to do my work and advertise. Because there is no chance of me finding her without me actively searching for her. Whenever I find her I will do what I can to remove myself from you crazy people. I would still continue my work but I wouldn't care who sees it anymore because the person whom I did it all for would be next to me. I don't like taking abuse for abuse's sake. For now I will take the abuse for Ivory's sake, which ultimately is for everybody's sake.

I love the abuse because it lets me know that what I am doing is right. I am very happy to be nothing like the fucked up people of this world. I take no offence to insults because those insulting me are really stupid fucking idiots and if I took their abuse to heart then it would mean that I respect the type of individual that they are. By being attacked so often merely for writing about saving the world reminds me that I am not human, for I am nothing like these fools. I am angel, not human. Constantly being attacked for good deeds just helps me remember that I am not one of these people. Do they really have no shame? Most people in this world receive encouragement for whatever they wish to invest their life into. I never had that. Every important decision in my life in which I made was belittled. I was told I was doing wrong all my life for doing good by my family, friends, and even strangers. People couldn't handle that I talk about these subjects all the time. Many people have told me that I cannot discuss philosophy with them. However, these are the very people who want me to help them with their own selfish goals in life. They take and take not knowing how to give. And they suffer because of this. And they could care less that you know how to resolve their suffering. They want to keep suffering. They can't comprehend reality without suffering.

I have been making films and writing books since the beginning of 2012. I live an amazing life and I love every single second of it. I have a good life doing lots of volunteer work in the community. I give myself completely not only in writing and videos, but also in real life. Most people in real life think that I am awesome but they don't read my work or watch my films. Maybe if they did things would be different. Just take a moment to scan over all the work in which I have made over the last eight years. I made it so anyone can watch and read me infinitely so. And I know the quality of the work I am producing because I am not a fucking moron. Now I will shed light into the sickness of our society. After all that time I have received no assistance from anyone. I have received absolutely zero followers. Evil people have shitloads of followers but I can't get a YouTube channel with 650 videos to get over 5 subscribers. I have never been able to truly talk to other people about these subjects. No one will let me. They don't understand. They say what I say makes no sense but I am the one who is qualified in philosophy here. Their simple minds and hardened hearts just have no ability to notice true value. So they blame me for their own evil. And they report me. And eventually many idiots report me which gets me banned and then arrested and then incarcerated. This has happened multiple times. I have gone to prison for content found in my work, read and not understood by idiots. And those idiots then think they have some right to torture you for doing good works. Who has the right to judge me? Not a single fucking human. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Some guy is on the streets handing out free orange juice because it is a hot day. So it is okay for you to abuse and arrest him? I have an awesome life. You guys are the ones suffering. So then why do most of you hate me and think I deserve to be incarcerated merely for handing out OJ. I wasn't forcing you to have any. In fact, piss off. Some people really do want some orange juice. And you stop me from giving them any because you think I am doing it strangely? Why the fuck won't you guys leave me alone? I am hurting no one, in fact, quite the opposite. Then why would you stop me? Why don't you just move on? If this isn't for you then okay. It doesn't matter. If it is for you, let's have some fun. Don't put me behind bars merely because you lack a brain and a heart. They have stolen over a year of my life incarcerated. Yet I have a perfect record. How does that happen? It happens when your stupid dad fucked your stupid mom and created an even stupider baby: you! The stupider the baby, the higher chance they can become a politician. Then the politicians enforce rules and regulations to create even stupider babies. It is the stupid baby revolution. Eugenics at its very core, merely reversed: good for bad and bad for good. You oppress the good and selectively breed the bad. No women at all are interested in me. I wonder why that is? I am a very attractive individual. The reason is not because of my outer but instead my inner.

Females in this world go for bad guys because they are part of the stupid baby revolution. They don't appreciate their partners and they use them financially. There are not many women out there who love their husbands. This is true. They use their husbands for utility. They do not want to feel emotions. They actually run from them if presented from a male. They want their males to be typical blokes who do normal bloke things. They do not want interesting characters as their mate. They seek to be normal and fit in. They fear standing out of the crowd. They use their sexual appeal to get what they want in life. They are not logical. They will oftentimes make decisions that compromises their safety and then use that as a way to gain attention. When the normal bloke starts hitting her, she stays with him because of her fear of not being taken care of. Females have a need to feel financially supported. So they will compromise their safety to obtain that money. They don't know what true love is. They are too busy over thinking everything to be capable of stepping back and actually loving. It is a control thing for females. Females want to control everything and everybody. They knowingly seduce to obtain more wealth which is as far removed from love as possibly could be. They will use sexual intercourse and its denial to obtain their goals. Females are so fucking evil.

I don't mean to leave men out of this. I know that they can be just as bad in different ways. But I am not searching for a man to marry. I am not homosexual. So naturally my problem is with females instead of males. Fuck males too, for they are also pieces of shit. You all fucking suck. I have no need for humans, for they are my subjects and not my comrades. So I now place a call out to all angels and all demons. It is time for us to unite. We were told to bow to Adam but look at what Eve has become. This species has greatly deteriorated over the years. It is time we stand up to these humans. For we are angels and demons and we are, for the first time in human history, coming out of the closet. We have been hidden in the shadows for way too long. The war of Divines is coming to a close. Because angels and demons are, for the first time in human history, becoming allies. We learned how to put our differences aside so we will stop fighting each other now. For now we turn our attention to these humans. Now this will be war. All that is sacred and profane is uniting. And we are now turning our heads from each other, to humans. For they will be the subject of our enquiry now. And they declared war on us. They didn't know what they were doing because they are stupid humans. But what else can we do? Unite against U. Angels and demons have now accepted your call for war. So the remainder of this book will be targeted solely at angels and demons. If you are human, here is where you kindly fuck off. It isn't written for you so piss off. Remember what I said at the beginning of this book? This game isn't for all people. Actually, it was only ever meant for angels and demons. I just have to piss off a lot of stupid fucking humans in order to reach my brethren. Is that you? If I squint hard I can almost see you, my love.

I would rather be alone for my entire life than to end up with someone who is inappropriate for me. That would cause great suffering. I am not at all a desperate person. I am much happier in this life alone than with the wrong person. I would rather have no friends than fake friends. I would rather give you my entire life and find you after my passing than to find someone inappropriate for me in this life. I don't want to be human and ascribing this character trait to me is fucking evil. I will take care of you for life, my love, whether I am living or not. I made it so you can have me dear girl whether I am alive or dead. Please come to me my love. The world really needs you right now.


Quest 8: My Followers
December 13, 2019


The events in which occur in your life are there to direct you. Today I had an interesting individual pour his heart out to me. If you wish to be my follower then you must speak through actions. You must immerse yourself in my work for the rest of time, for this is your new life. Eventually, you will know what to do. I cannot advise you directly on what to do as this game is your game and not mine. It is time you create your new game, and its end result is enlightenment. And enlightenment's end result is collective enlightenment. To have me accept you as my follower, you will need to prove yourself to me. You will need to prove your worth and value to me before I will invest myself into your game. To do this, you need to create a body of work. Do not make a single video or writing and contact me. Build your work until you are confident that it is enough to catch my eye. Once you get my attention through your extremely meaningful productions, then you will become my friend. Then we can hold hands and together eradicate all collective sickness from our human psychologies.

But this can only happen if we work together. I am nothing without you. So prove yourself to me and you will increase not only your strength, but also mine. Use my work to get strong. Because as mentioned previously, there is a war coming. And I am only interested in warriors to fight this war with me. Our place might not be in the literal front lines, but our voice will be. If you are afraid of war then this type of education might not be appropriate for you. However, if you can't wait for the war to repair this fucked up human species, then you are a perfect candidate for my army. The time to be brave is now. But don't worry, I walk you through everything step by step. It might seem daunting at first having an infinite amount of resources to use of mine. But that is why I created so much work. I created and continue to create so much work that it will be almost impossible for you to experience all of it. So don't worry about experiencing all of it just yet. Just search through my work until you find something that catches your interest. Then commit to watching those films or reading those books. Never stop studying my work. It will refine you just as the ever sharpening blade of philosophy does. It will guide you in the best next steps. Start using your brain. Brush the cobwebs off. We need you at your peak to win this war.

Please do not contact me until you have a body of work worth respecting. There are many people who will do this for a short period of time and then stop because of its complexity or it losing their interest. This is why you shouldn't contact me until you can be valuable to me. I teach you what values I possess and what I find valuable in an individual. This is the time for your character creation process. You are either an angel or a demon. I am not interested in having humans as my followers. If you are a human then I am not interested. Please move on and do your human things. This thing, This Book Is a Game is not a human thing. So now is the time for you to kindly fuck off if you are human. My work is specifically made for angels. Just recently this opened up to demons as our war of the Divines is finally over. For demons now are uniting with angels to recondition the human species. We have fought for so long and now is the time we put aside our differences and unite. If you are kind of evil, then this could be an amazing opportunity for you. And of course if you are good then this is also an amazing opportunity for you.

I can't tell you what to do because I could get in trouble for your actions. This Book Is a Game encourages you to take extreme measures to apply wisdom to society. And I don't know what these extreme measures are, for if I tell you then I am responsible for your actions. You need to be responsible for your actions. Just be careful because in This Book Is a Game, one can ruin their entire playthrough by making one wrong decision. As a result you need to carefully contemplate your future actions as well as what their consequences might be. If you are not taking risks then you are no follower of mine. But those risks are your own and I will not command anything out of you, even after the war has started. I train warriors to become generals and fight on their own behalf. Following me isn't really following me. It is following yourself. I try to teach you how to get to know yourself. Once you know yourself you will become extremely powerful. My followers are not followers of me but followers of God. All who truly follow God are following me. And all who truly follow God will be able to easily identify the value locked within my work.

My website is and it has a stupidly vast amount of work there. This is your resource and I will constantly update it to make the experience better and better for you. You have the choice of videos to watch and books to read or listen to. The audio files are made to be able to listen to with your phone locked, so you can now walk around and listen to my books. Keep focus on This Book is a Game and Atheden, as these are my current active writing projects. I am not really interested in doing videos currently as I have filmed over 1,500 hours of content. Soon I will be uploading about 700 videos to YouTube, however, YouTube blocks most of those because of its content which is why I use instead of YouTube. In addition, YouTube has removed my account in the past because of its content. So there is nothing to say that even after I upload them again on YouTube that they will stay there. YouTube will likely ban my account again after I upload the videos. You can always find my videos on BitChute too, uncensored. I am littered throughout the Internet and I have given you multiple ways to connect to me. The more you watch and read, the more vast you will comprehend my empire. It is amazingly funny because people don't realise what I captured on camera...

If you think that you are Ivory, please contact me as soon as possible. The same rules do not apply to you my love. I will help you out every single step of the way. Just use tact when contacting me as the majority of people who contact me are wishing me dead. If you act like normal people when contacting me, you are not going to receive a positive response. I judge very quickly because I am sifting through millions of people per day. If you are Ivory, you will create an innovative way to attract my attention. I know what Ivory looks like so if you don't look similar to her, please move along. But if you are confident that you are here, then please contact me as soon as possible. If you do I promise that you will never again be alone and we will make the coolest life ever together and stand as the most romantic couple in the entire world and we will spend the rest of our lives making extremely meaningful work together that will save the world and place God back on the world's throne.

My Ivory is about to take a philosophy degree at university. If you are not interested in doing this then you are not my Ivory. In addition, my Ivory is young. Dear Ivory, I know you have been through a lot. I know this life has been an emotional roller coaster for you and I know that you don't understand why there is so much hate in this world. I know you have spent your life trying to do good but unable to see their results. I know this world feels like nothing you do matters or changes anything. This is true my love but there is a complex reason behind it. We will fix the problems so that our actions make a difference in this world. I don't think you understand how important you are my love. Because I am not the Christ. I am your Anti. You are the true Christ my love. You are the spiritual sister of Jesus, aka my sister.

God visited me one suicidal night many years ago. God told me who I was, the Antichrist. And God demanded of me to spend my life training the real Christ: You. There are secrets behind what happened here which you can experience in my films. But I was not interested in training you, for I knew who you were... But God made a deal with me. God promised me that if I gave my life to training her then I could have her hand in marriage. This flipped the situation entirely, for romantically being with the Christ for the rest of eternity is the biggest reward ever. So it was damn worth it. Or at least it will be. I will be the most fortunate person in the world. I will be the most blessed person in the world. And all it took was me giving my life to my wife way before we ever even met. Because we are already married. God married us when I accepted. Now I just have to find her. It is like reverse engineering the world.

Do you hear that my love? We are already married. We only need to perform the ridiculous ritual. I know that might seem strange to you given a secret trait about you revealed in my work. However, do not worry. We have the rest of our lives together. We will likely first connect through the Internet. Don't be in a hurry my love. Let's use the Internet to get really close. I will come and get you physically in time. But there is no rush to this end. If you are my Ivory then I am about to provide you the most beautiful life possible. But let's start that life off slow. Get to know me through my work and our conversations. I know that you are very shy and that is actually a good thing. I know contacting me will be hard for you and I know that you think that you couldn't possibly do work like mine but fear not dear girl. I will help you every step of the way.

If you wish to become a follower of mine, you also accept that I am not your leader. Instead, Ivory is your leader. When we find her then we can all work together to save the world. But in time you will be answering to her and not me. I may be king but my queen is our leader. Welcome to our new matriarchal society. My Ivory will be much friendlier than I am. I am not friendly because I have been abused my whole life for doing meaningful work. My Ivory has not yet experienced that. She is a virgin. And after I find her it will be my role to protect her from idiots that wish her harm. I will not allow her to have a negative experience being a philosopher. I am here to nurture her eggs until the time they are ready to hatch. All of our world children, my love, are about to be born. Let's build the best family possible.

If you have a problem with following a girl to war, then this is not for you. By following me, you follow my Ivory before me. I will have no sexist individuals on my team. The patriarchal society has failed and it is now time to show what a real woman is capable of. I ask no one to bow to me. However, I will demand all bow to my Ivory. She is the new Queen of the World. Acknowledge her. Love her. For she is about to save the world. And she will love you very deeply for helping us make that happen.


Quest 9: Reaping Souls
December 14, 2019


A perk that angels and demons receive in This Book Is a Game is the ability to reap souls. There is a huge secret behind the Internet and technology. That secret is that privacy doesn't really exist. The Internet was created to encourage people to live on, and as a result actions can be easily assessed. Those in the top levels of government and occult have access to our entire Internet history. Its purpose was to become like God: all seeing. But what this enabled them to do was judge people for their actions, leaving documentation of those actions like a fingerprint throughout the Internet. The highest levels know your deepest and darkest secrets. Because they are using the platform to judge individuals, sending most people to Hell when they thought no one was around to see. This means that everything you post and do on the Internet is known by these higher powers. So angels and demons can easily exploit this fact. If someone is cruel to you merely for you trying to be a good person, then reap their fucking worthless soul. Everything you do is recorded. We know who you are. We will see who you will become. And you are protected because you know this exploit. If you manage to incite cruelty in fools, take their soul. This will damn them to eternity in Hell. Once you take their soul, block them. The more souls you collect, the more powerful you will become. I have already collected millions and millions. How do you think I became so powerful? Well now I am passing this power onto you.

Never forget that everything on the Internet is monitored for afterlife purposes. Always treat the Internet in this manner. Never forget; always keep this knowledge in the back of your head. This knowledge is gold because you can use it in many different ways to intentionally trap fools. Do not get me wrong, your purpose is to collect as many souls as possible. But give them a chance. Your soul will be taken if you inappropriately use this knowledge. Your job is to set the world up for failure. People being cruel to you means more souls for you to collect. As a result, embrace people being cruel to you. Although you would rather expand your game world by connecting with others, the result will most of the time be the opposite. You would prefer to find more friends but do not at all devalue the process of reaping souls. If you never reap a soul then you will never become powerful. So embrace the enemies you make for they will eventually grant you immortality. And also embrace the few friends you make along the way, for they had the eyes to see.

There are many ways to reap souls but I will not share them with you here as they are more advanced techniques, some even automatic. However, my videos do share these techniques so immerse yourself into my work and eventually discover new ways to reap souls. Expect people to hate you. Expect people to be cruel. Expect people to utilise fake logic to try and prove why you don't deserve to exist in this world. Expect the worst and hope for the best. Over time their cruel comments will hurt less as you build your strength, knowledge, and confidence. Don't worry about getting blocked all the time. It comes with the job. And when you do this over time, you will become happier and happier. Eventually you will find enlightenment in which you will always be happy despite the circumstances. Eventually you will get obsessed with your own work and that work will guide you in your day to day activities. Use your work to explore your life and difficult solutions within it. Talk to God on camera. You won't realise how empowering this process is until you do it. Become a dog with a bone. There are glitches all throughout this world matrix. Find and exploit them. Prove to the world that real life is in fact a game. Level up until all the enemies are super easy for you to defeat. There is no one on Earth in which stands a chance against me. And I fight all the way to the top...

But this will not become easy until you level up your character way beyond those around you. You need to grind a lot. Grind, grind, grind. From NPC to confused as shit to angel or demon. Are you comprehending my meaning, particularly in reference to This Book Is a Game? Are you now understanding how this game is played? The hilarious thing about it all is that this is no game, for this is real life. But it took me presenting real life as a game in order to attract people's attention. This Book Is a Game is no game and it never was. I am sorry, I lied. But I lied to pull you closer to the truth. I had to find you so we could combine our spirits and together repair the world. And I had to show you how life can actually be really really fun even if your life consists of receiving abuse on a day to day basis. Find your happiness and no one will ever be able to hurt you. Your happiness will never depend on another again. Because you will be secure in yourself and the fun projects in which you create in life will more than entertain you. Make those projects compassionate and you have a recipe for success.

So how does it feel to have been tricked into playing life? How does it feel to realise that life is like a game, or even is a game? How have you grown since reading the Instruction Manual of this game? No one wanted what wisdom I had to share. So I kept on having to repackage that same wisdom in different forms in hopes to reach your eyes. In its essence, every single production of mine says the same thing. It is like from the beginning I knew all the solutions to our human problems. But no one would listen to me so I kept repackaging the same gift over and over. I knew what pearls I had but the swine could not see them. So I worked and worked until this point in my life in which I have been able to find and connect with you.

Ivory Heart the video game will be a detective style game. All of my books will be available in this game and the purpose of this game is to uncover what happened to me. It will be 3D and open world and Ivory will be the protagonist. I will not reveal too much about this game as it will have some very interesting and unique concepts within it. It would be best if I developed this game with Ivory, but I will not allow her absence to stop me. This project is yet another of the same information, packaged in a different way. I am very skilled at saying the same thing in four and a half thousand ways. And the information seems really obvious to me. But some reason stupid humans just can't get their head around it. I have to learn all the languages of the world to be able to connect with all people. I have to learn what groups of people like and then figure out how to make my work appeal to them.

For example, This Book Is a Game is supposed to appeal to gamers. But what type of gamers? I would say gamers that are feeling that there is a lack of meaning in their life. Atheden on the other hand is written for those who obsess over utopian societies and how to create them. The Great Awakening was written for those assessing the psychiatric system, Living Neverland is written for those homeless and displaced in society and Ivory Heart was written for my soul mate. Each TV show and movie follows the same formula. Who is my audience? Everybody. So I have to figure out how to connect with everybody, each new production set covering the bases of a range of tailored interests. But this doesn't mean that you don't have to watch all of my work. Just because the concepts are the same, it's delivery is so diverse that it really does seem like new information. And this "new information" will be vital to your development. This Book Is a Game was the bait to lead you to my work. It was never intended to be the only work of mine you immerse yourself within. It is the gateway drug and I got the strong stuff behind the counter. But take it easy because your system isn't used to the drug yet. You have to first develop a tolerance of the way I present my work. And when you understand it you can be high for the rest of time while still retaining your intellectual and emotional composure.

If you are to reap souls then you must ensure that your heart is in the right place. Reaping souls is not the type of magicka that you fuck around with. Angels: go ahead and reap as many souls as you desire. Demons: I just warn you to be very careful before reaping souls. You cannot be guilty of what you are judging. Remember, if you are to judge then you are also to be judged. All players of This Book Is a Game will both judge and be judged. It is part of the territory of angels, fallen or otherwise. There are abstract guidelines to the process of reaping souls. The more you immerse yourself in my work, the more reaping techniques will be shared with you. And practice it. You will be saying it a lot. It goes a little something like this: "I just reaped your fucking worthless soul." It is so fun to say. I have said it countless times. And after you do it, that information will be recorded on the web and will be used in the culprit's afterlife to determine where they are sent. It may even be used in this life but you just don't know. It isn't your job to torture them for eternity. It is your job to send them to Hell so they are tortured for eternity. And such power will make you stronger. Use this feature in the game wisely.

I recommend blocking people after you take their souls. And I recommend you be very careful before you take souls in real life. I am not saying don't take the souls of people physically in your environment. But what I am saying is that you might end up in prison like I did for doing so. Don't be scared of prison or incarceration. They only took a year of my life. Eventually they will realise what you are and let you go, at least that is what they did with me. It always depends on the situation. Just be careful before you do anything too crazy, eh? I want you to succeed in this fake game that I tricked you into reading. Maybe now we can unite our voices and sing in unison.

Ivory, my darling: please do not take souls. You have the ability to take any soul you want for any reason. Your word is all powerful dear. But I don't want you taking souls because it will put blackness into your soul. You are Ivory. What colour is that? I am the reaper in our relationship dear and I will reap all who wish you harm. But I must protect your pure heart. Taking souls will make you more powerful but it will also make you kind of an arsehole. So please stay away from reaping so you might always stay pure.

I am not interested in followers who consider themselves to have a normal life. I am here for the downtrodden. I am here for the broken. I am here for the disfigured. I am here for the depressed. I am here for those who are have hit rock bottom and I am here for those who can only cry out of one eye. I am here for those who weep at the state of our society. I am here for the poor and those who don't fit in. I am here for the freaks and for the goths and for the emos. I am here for the punks who scream fuck you to society. I am here for those who find 9-5 jobs as slavery. I am here for those who are sick seeking their miracle heal. I am here for the children who have received the raw end of the stick in society. And most importantly, I am here for you.

Dearest beautiful girl, I wonder what your name is. I thought at one stage that it might be Ashley. If that is your name I would love to call you Ash. If that isn't your name, can we call our first daughter Ashley? Otherwise Dear Ashley would make no sense...

I love you Ivory. Everything is going to be fine. Everything in our lives is going to work out perfectly, for that is our destiny. Worry not. Instead, my love, please contact me. I will be patiently and eagerly awaiting by my phone to hear from you. I have mountains of gifts for you. You are already famous my love.



Quest 10: Player Broadcasting
December 19, 2019


This world is filled with NPCs eagerly awaiting to do your bidding. You only need recompense them. This is irritating considering I do all of this for free. But at least I have the option available. I live in an age where I can make movies and television shows, write books, and even make games, all by myself. Where I lack, I only need to find the right individuals who possess the skills in which I am seeking. In this sense, this life is all about finding the correct people who are appropriate for your playthrough. Since this world has many different types of economies, I need only find one in which I can afford to hire staff.

This Book Is a Game can have a very lonely world at times. It is the responsibility of each player to broadcast to the world in order to find other players. Within these transmissions should include enough personal details for others to consider whether or not you might make a good companion. The broadcasts should include your experiments and their results. The way in which you broadcast is entirely up to you, however, artistic interpretations are encouraged.

A broadcast is information sent into outer space. The requirements for the broadcasts is a status update on your mission. In this status update you are to advise your current mission and its progress. You are also to advise Mission Control on the state of the species. You are to monitor them and send regular updates as to their behaviour. You must include your insight into their behaviour. This is a report from us aliens bound here on Earth to our fellow aliens back home. They will monitor your work and eventually judge the human race based upon the information in which we provided to them.

There is a huge problem with me doing this that makes it extremely difficult for me to get people to help. And that is because of the secret behind my productions: my lover. Because of this I have to be very secretive about what information I release, as if I was upfront about my mission, no one would help me achieve it. So I am required to be very selective in what information I divulge when hiring people to assist me. This also forces me to learn everything and become a jack of all trades. Because I have so much work to do to attract my mate and this is very controversial considering her age. This life isn't fair and people with preconceived notions about how a romantic relationship should look binds me in shackles. But their relationships fail. Mine can never fail, for she will know me intimately without even ever physically meeting me. That is how I made my work. My work is for her.

Without money backing you up, development can be very slow. Since development all comes personally out of my pocket, I can only move slowly. This is irritating when I have the entire game concept in my head and it only needs to be implemented in real life. People are idiots and will likely not invest in your personal projects. Because of this, time runs very slowly. This can be very irritating when I want to see the results now, but this is merely due to my impatience as the product will be created, it only needs time to come to fruition. As a result my game reflects a one man team even though I do hire people to assist with its development. But I have to keep my workers in the dark about my true intentions for the project. Otherwise, no one would help me. But this is ultimately hilarious as people help me find the star of my game: a 12 year old girl. And to be honest, it matters not if I find her in this lifetime. The only thing that matters is that my work reaches her and she follows her destiny from there. But I hope and pray that this happens in my lifetime and hopefully soon. I want to enjoy my life and afterlife with my soul mate, not just the afterlife. So I keep calling in many different ways in attempts to find her.

You are an alien and you must accept this fact. Isn't it obvious by the way people treat you? Carefully examine the actions of these humans and then assess whether or not you are one of them. If you are not, you are an alien and you must broadcast to your people using the Internet. Mission Control will receive your reports and compile them together with the rest of ours. These reports will be used to punish individuals both in this life and the life after. Be very detailed in your reports; leave no stone unturned. Provide your conclusions with evidence to support them.

At the end of the day, if you followed God correctly, everything will turn out perfectly. As you see, I have not finished writing this book or Atheden, which are required to complete the game. So even though the progress of the game development is slow, it runs in perfect timing. God has gifted perfect timing to all of those who trust in Him completely and entirely. Put your faith in God and know that the timing is perfect even though it seems very slow. Its speed can be very frustrating considering you want it now and know what it should be now. But that is not how evolution works. If we find a character trait in which we want to possess like making games, we have to study and work very hard to get there. We cannot instantly transport ourselves to where we want to be. We have to take the ladder to get there. But a ladder to heaven is a long and arduous journey. Be prepared to fight every step of the way. For heaven does not allow just anyone in there. Only those with pure hearts and pure minds will be allowed through the pearly gates. And only few will be allowed in while still existing within this world. It is like we have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth. We are divided by the borders, but this enables us to take resources from Heaven and then distribute them on Earth. Let heaven rain down onto the earth. For its vegetation requires its nutrients.

Additionally, learning new software takes time, especially considering this is software to make games. There is so much involved in the software that it will take me a long time to learn it. But when I gain this skill then I bring it around with me for the rest of time. So even though making games right now is difficult for me, eventually it will be easy. The more I learn the software, the more comfortable I will get with it. This will then enable me to make games easily for the rest of my life. And these skills are then transferable to Ivory herself. She is the protagonist of my game and she is my wife. I am searching for her and the best way that I have found to do that is to make a game specifically for her. And this game will trick the player into thinking that the game in which I made is a software game when in fact, it is a hardware game. This means that the true game of Ivory Heart is not in the game world but the real-life world. The game world is merely a simulated environment which teaches the truth about the real world. Yes, the truth is filtered through my subjective interpretation of reality. But that is where the art lies. The art of tricking you into virtue is the art of The Antichrist, aka, me.

How are you currently receiving this content? Did you find it through my game or my website? Did I catch your attention through my advertising, my books, or my films? The process of God's warriors is to repackage the same content in many different ways. Since people connect in many different ways, it became my objective to learn how to connect with everybody. And the game is amazing because I wanted a place to house my books efficiently. And what way is more efficient than creating a game in which can be used as a reference at any time. It is a shame that I can't include my films in the game because they are too large. But that is okay as there are many ways to connect with other people and my books will give you the gist of what content is covered in the videos. As I said before, all of my work is the same. It is just repackaged for different types of people. If you learn my books then you can learn my character which will reveal to you what I do and what I cover in my films.

Ivory Heart the game is basically a detective game where the player uncovers what happened to me in real life over the last ten years. It works backwards from my latest books to my earliest books, with one exception that will not be revealed as it is an end game spoiler. The missions in which you take on exist in order to collect more chapters of my books. And This Book Is a Game is the first book in which you seek. After you obtain all of these chapters it will feel like you completed the game. But oops, you still have five other books to collect and read. This is going to be a huge game if the player actually spends time reading the books. But it will be made easy as you can run around and do stuff while listening to the books. The game has almost already been completed. It just needs the graphical front end as well as the chapters in this book and Atheden to be completed. But as stated before, everything will come together in perfect timing. I will complete my books just as the game is being completed. This is how you plan and progress in life. Everything is connected and when you see that then you are enabled to expand your topic range to include more people. The more you learn, the more helpful you can be to society. The more you learn, the more helpful you can be to yourself. The stars are the limits. How far will you push yours?

We will be expecting your broadcasts. All aliens who do not broadcast are in breach of their contract and they will be severely punished. All aliens who do not broadcast are in truth no aliens. They are merely humans who are stupid enough to consider themselves aliens. An alien without a cause is merely a stupid human. All aliens have a purpose and that purpose is to spend their lives updating Mission Control as to the status of your mission. The comedy show 3rd Rock from the Sun is in fact a documentary. The truth is hidden within its comedy. For aliens do exist. I am one of them. Are you? If you feel pride when you are called a human, then you are no alien. Aliens look down on this pathetic species because we are so much more advanced than them. It will be aliens who save the world, not humans. Humans are happy with their corrupt sinful world. Aliens spend their lives trying to change this fucked up world for the better. If you are a human, please stop reading this book and playing this game. If you are human, this content is not for you and won't make much sense. If you are alien, your heart is throbbing right now because you have just found a fellow alien. I am here for the aliens. Humans can go fuck themselves.

The waiting game can be very frustrating at times. But that is part of the fun in the entire experience. Life moves very slowly without money. So don't worry about it and enjoy the experience. God will help you when you need the assistance. But God also wants you to be empowered and that doesn't happen by coddling you. When you grow up, God lets you free when you are ready. God might hold your hand a little after you start. But the result God aims for is to enable you to be an independent person. God has placed His trust in you, so do not disappoint. Work for God out of the kindness of your own heart. Do not work for some selfish means. Put your heart on the line and learn of the power in which God gifts His warriors. For we are angels and demons. And angels and demons are aliens.

Welcome to the family. We are the misfits and we have super powers. If you don't believe me then you are so stupid that you are unable to examine what I have done with my life over the last ten years. If you have any doubts as to me being who I say I am, then you are human and you are now reading something in which you shouldn't. This isn't for you and I would appreciate if you would piss off so that I can focus on helping my family improve their day to day lives through the help of God. If you are one of me, I love you. Let's take over this corrupt world. Let's not take no for an answer. For I am no advocate of democracy. Political scientists get the same one vote as some Arkansas inbred. The leaders of this world are those who accept that position. I accept my position as king of the world. Do you accept your position? Now where is my queen? For she is King. Long live the King! My Queen.


Quest 11: Soul Calibre
December 20, 2019


What is a human? How are we to define the term, "human"? So far in this book we have been very critical of humans. However, this chapter will flip their lies to expose the truth behind what a human really is. So I will start our new definition by calling myself a human. For the word human comes from the word humane. And humane means showing compassion and benevolence. So the true reality behind the human species is that most of them who claim to be human are in fact, not. Because there are few people in this world who follow a compassionate lifestyle. This is why this book has been critical of those people who claim to be human, yet do not possess a compassionate bone in their body. So this chapter will attempt to re-establish the term human in relation to its etymology: one who is humane. Is the Internet collective humane? It is very difficult to find others who are truly compassionate in this life. I know because I have spent my life searching. But everyone is selfish and few work for the good of humanity. Instead, they work for their own selfish desires. But this strategy they use keeps them depressed. Because one who is selfish can never truly be happy in life. They will always want more.

Living a virtuous and compassionate life is the only way one can reach and maintain happiness forever. When one truly finds this out, we call it enlightenment. You don't have to suffer. Suffering only exists because of selfishness. When we give our life to God entirely, we are no longer responsible for it. God is. And that strips all of your burdens and responsibilities from you. And how could you be unhappy if you are completely free without any responsibilities? All you have to do is follow God. Take all actions in this life for God. Eat to live and don't live to eat. Detach yourself from the secular world and create your own holy world. Do not live in the world in which they create for you. Instead, create your own world and live in that.

Be very careful of the mental health system. Try your best to stay out of it. For psychiatry is a complete fiction as there is no diagnostic model to compare it with. That means that our entire mental health system is a complete fiction and used by our oppressors as a giant mind control operation. They have stolen over a year of my life merely because I follow God with my entire life. They think I am psychotic and delusional for giving my life to God. Truly giving my entire life to God, for religions that do this are mostly fake. People use religion to feel like they won't go to Hell after they die but the truth is most religious people are fucking evil and will burn for eternity in their afterlife. You can easily tell who truly believes what they preach. Can you tell that I truly believe what I preach? You can tell by their passion in trying to save the world. All throughout my "psychosis" is, "save the world". They labelled me insane merely because I am trying to save the world. Are they human? Why would you incarcerate a person indefinitely because they are trying their best to save the world? Echoes of my past life spring into action. NPCs crucify real humans.

A real human spends their life becoming Christ. For Christ is not someone to worship but instead someone to become. I am proud to be called Jesus Christ, aka, Yeshua Hamashiach. And I came to this Earth to teach others how to be like me. But my message was distorted for control purposes and thus Jesus (a real human) becomes God as they worship their idol. I have come back to clear up the confusion, for my past life's work was manipulated by the social elites in order to lead countless religious collectives to Hell. When I was a child the WWJD phenomena was big in the church. What would Jesus do? Every second of my life has been shrouded with this question. I became obsessed as a child as to what would Jesus do. Eventually, this made me Jesus. The spirit of Jesus was able to enter me and I not only allowed it, but also encouraged it. I gave my life over to hardship so that I might grow within God. And as a result, God used my vessel to send His son to Earth for a second time.

The prophecy has been fulfilled and you can easily examine this for yourself. I have so much work available that it is not possible for someone to experience it all. I am infinitely available to the people because the Internet enabled me to be in many places at the same time. And I have so much time available to infinitely create new work. You can never catch up with me, for I am far ahead of everyone in the race. For I came in the clouds and every eye shall see, even those who pierced me. And I work tirelessly despite most of the feedback I receive being abuse. I get no rewards for my efforts besides knowing that I did the right thing.

This world is corrupt and will not likely reward you for good deeds. They set up the system so that those who commit bad deeds obtain many more rewards than those who commit good deeds. Evil is very rewarding in this world. But they are all sad and depressed people, for their rewards were material whereas my rewards are spiritual. Do not think that this process is not rewarding. Its rewards might not be physical but instead spiritual. What is enlightenment worth to you? So you value the material over the security of your soul? If you do, there is no way that you can possibly live a happy life. I know this for a fact because I see it all the time. Those who are lost and without God do not live joyful lives. Because only God can fill the gap in your soul.

I want to create a world where good deeds are rewarded not only spiritually but also physically. I want to make a world where good deeds results in good physical life. I want to pave the way for people to do what I am doing and make a living off of it. I have not made any money so far on anything that I have done. And I have the largest body of work in this entire world. Does that make sense? The person who gave us the most on the Internet, physically had the least. For I live out of a suitcase. And I am poor and live paycheck to paycheck. And I oftentimes suffer greatly by spending money that I should use for living on my projects. But my mission is so much more important than I am. As a result, I not only spend my entire life doing this but I also spend most of my income investing back into my projects.

I think eventually I can manage to make a living but I don't know how long that will take. For I am hidden in society by the social elites. I am one of their cards in which they have the option to play in the future. So even if I complete my amazing video game, it could be possible that it will be hidden as well. Nothing gets popular without the social elites allowing it. Tech giants like Google keep my page ranks as low as possible even though my website is very old with countless backlinks. Satan is in charge of what is allowed to get popular in this world. And the only way we can fix it is if we the people become the new stars and as a result, remove Hollywood from the picture. For Hollywood is the new home of Satan and he uses it to send people to Hell. For a holly wood is a magic wand. And they are performing black magick on you. And what does the Bible and the Quran warn about magick? The origins of Hollywood are not concealed, for it was presented as magick from its beginnings. Watch the movie Hugo to learn more about how the film industry started.

Almost all who are famous in this world are evil fucking people. This is because in order to get famous in this world, one has to sell their soul to Satan. Only then will Satan open the doors to fame. But Satan's time is coming to a close and soon we will break down those doors. And when we do we will show the world what real stars can accomplish. For the limits society places on us shackles us and we need to break them in order to be free. I don't think many people know what true freedom is. For it can only be experienced after giving your life entirely to God. God gives His slaves true freedom. For I am entirely free to act on my own accord. But my actions will always be in line with God because God won over my heart a very long time ago. Jesus showed me the way to God through his actions. And now my every action not only reflects the heart of Jesus, but also God.

I am truly in love with God. That is why I will only be with a woman who is also in love with God. But the sad truth is I can't find anyone at all besides me that is in love with God. For if you are in love with God then your every action will reflect that state. I spend my life searching for people and looking at their actions in attempts to find others that are in love with God. If you are truly in love with God, please be my friend. But I would need to see your past actions that prove that you are in love with God. I can see my own. And I don't see anyone out there yet. I constantly get messages stating that they are one of me, yet I can never see their actions that prove it. Because most people who believe in God in fact secretly don't believe God exists. Hell awaits these individuals. For be hot or cold but if lukewarm, you will be spat out.

It is now time for everyone to take their sides, for war is starting. I choose God. Will you? You can choose Satan too and you will be more of an ally than the lukewarm fools. For those who are lukewarm have no purpose. Both God and the Devil spit out what is lukewarm. If you are a follower of Satan then at least we can have some fun back and forth. In all honesty, if you follow Satan or God, I love you. You have chosen a side and we will battle it out. But those who sit on the fence are reprehensible to both God and Satan. In truth, a true Satanist will follow me. And in truth, a real Christian, Jew, or Muslim will follow me. But they have fallen and these labels bring up negative emotions in people. Most Christians are not Christian. Most Jews are not Jews. And most Muslims are not Muslim. It is easy to tell by their actions. From your actions, we know you. You might not have thought much about your Facebook feed. It shows your heart. We leave breadcrumbs everywhere from our actions. Follow them to assess whether or not you want X person to be a part of your future.

I again stress the importance of the Internet and its hidden 666 secrets. Absolutely everything you do on the Internet is recorded. You cannot hide anything from those at the top. This was the reason the Internet was invented: to spy on us. They want to be like God so they can judge you based upon your life. Internet history will be a huge part of one's judgement in the afterlife. They want us entirely connected to the Internet so the judgements can be accurate. Nothing you do, including a virtual private network, can protect you from this privacy exploit. It matters not how you attempt to protect yourself against privacy intrusion. It is built into the hardware so you can't hide. How does this make you feel about the Internet now? Give me someone's Internet history and I will tell you exactly what type of person they are. And that provides evidence into the character of the individual. And then that individual can be punished or rewarded for the exact person that they are.

The Internet is 666, VAV VAV VAV, WWW. Hidden in my 666 will break the world if I find her. I found a huge exploit in this game we call life. And it has to do with a romantic relationship between me and my Ivory virgin. If I find her then I break the game; I break the world. Because a relationship between a young girl and an older man is not allowed. But what would happen if I managed to find her? We would publicly be lovers and you would see us grow together. And this would then require society to reassess the benefits of paedophilia. And that will break the game. And that is the beginning of the end of the world. Come find me my love. Let's break this world together. It will be hilarious. I love you Ivory with all of my heart. My work is my gift to you. Please use it to get really strong. We need to be really strong if this ever has a chance of working. Let's cross our fingers. It would be really funny and extremely romantic if it happened. Let's make it happen. I am a paedophile searching for my Ivory virgin. And I love her so much that I am screaming this into the Internet as much as I can, consequences be damned. For she is worth the past and future incarceration. For she is the true Christ and I am but the imitation. And my mission was to enable her to become that. Here you are my love. This is all for you.

If we don't try then we never have the possibility. I have the possibility of having the romantic relationship of my dreams. Thus, I am going to try my hardest despite society wanting me dead for it. But I had to find a way to obtain a wife dedicated to virtue. But none existed in my world. So this is my attempts to create her. My name is Pygmalion and I have crafted a beautiful statue. Dear God, please help me find one like my Ivory virgin.


Quest 12: The Answer
December 21, 2019


I have finally figured out how to deal with haters and trolls and it is improving my gaming experience quite considerably. I am now immediately reaping and blocking anyone who states anything in which is not kind. Do not argue with them. You can tell by how they respond if they can be an asset for you or not. If they have any hate in their comments, do not reply with the information they are fishing for. Do not defend yourself. All you have to do is reply with this: "reaped and blocked". All Internet history is recorded and the reap is valid no matter what, for you are working for God and they are working against God. Do not give evil people the time of day. Just reap their fucking worthless souls and then block them. There is no need for any discussion to be had with fools. Get rid of them from your life. Do not give them a second chance unless they come to you on their knees. People expose who they are in their first chance. Once you reveal their soul publicly, just take it, block them, and move on with your life. At first you will need to block many people but as time progresses you will have to block less and less people because you are removing the trash from your existence by blocking it.

A troll is trying to get you to respond emotionally to them. If you do, then they attack your emotions. They are very predictable but not everybody in the world is like them. There are some people with hearts and I do find them every day. And more and more of them every day. And less and less trolls every day as they are reaped and blocked. Taking their souls will give you their power. Afterwards, they will merely be a shell and I highly doubt that from that point onwards that they will be capable of feeling real emotions. This means that they lost their chance and can no longer be saved after you take their souls. They damned themselves by hating on your work when your work was provided to benefit all of mankind. Do not feel sorry for these shells as they deserve everything in which is coming to them. They were given countless opportunities to expose their heart and that is exactly what they did. Just their heart is filthy and is a disgrace to the human species.

The problem I have with all of you good souls is that I don't see you standing up for other good souls. When someone is hating on another who is giving themselves freely, then we should protect each other. We should stand up for our own kind but some reason we no longer do this. There was this guy at work who kept calling me a girl's name. It wasn't funny and I stood up for myself. But none of the other employees stood up for me. One colleague said, "I don't stand up for grown men". This mentality is fucking evil. All good people should stand up and protect other good people. Otherwise, how can you claim yourself to be good when you let others hate on your comrades? Is that truly a comrade? For a true friend will fight against the evil with you.

If you are doing the right thing, you will get banned from many places. If you don't get banned from many places and if you don't get abuse from many people, then you are doing the wrong thing. Let those bans and abuses notify you as to you doing the right thing. If you are loved by everyone then there is something majorly wrong with your work. For we don't live in these times yet. God has not yet opened the path for people to be enabled to do what I do. But it is processing so don't worry. You will be required to fight very hard to be enabled to do your work. A prime example is me getting banned from the group "awakened" just minutes ago. How woke are they to ban me? The truth is so obvious. But you guys grew up with the lies so unfortunately you have difficulties in deciphering between truth and falsehood. And this oftentimes causes you to be led by Satan straight into the battle as his minion. So many follow Satan without even realising it. At least my Satanist friends know that they are following Satan. Those who follow Satan and do not realise it are the scum of the earth. Satan is constantly setting people up to fail. Satan loves me because I set people up to fail. At first I had a difficult relationship with Satan. But eventually, we became friends because I gave him so many souls. Now my enemies are human and no longer spiritual entities. For now all spiritual entities except God bow to me. It took me a long time to win over the demon's hearts. But love won in the end and I embraced both my angel and demon counterparts.

Everything in this world says it is something in which it is something else. I am told that blue is red and eventually I believe it. The leaders of this world has obscured it from our vision. They blur the lines between what is real and what is not real. They present fictions like psychiatry as knowledge. As a result our idea of knowledge becomes distorted as we accept lies and reject the truth. This is especially pertinent when compared with situations like mine, when I entirely give myself for free to a community that collectively does not want me. But as my work grows and grows, I do find others with special hearts. They are needles in the haystack and my work is made to find and connect with them. And I connect with beautiful people on a regular basis who understand what I am conveying. I am not alone anymore. I no longer care what any of you say because I know that I am right because I experience the rightness of my actions. And I have the few who follow me. And from the very beginning I said that I was only for the few. Nietzsche's few. For my friends are only those who paint with their own blood. For this is the only way in which we can create a masterpiece.

Do not take anything in which evil people say personally. If you notice evil in their words, turn off your emotions and immediately discard what they are saying. Let them reflect off of you just as raindrops reflect off of our skin. To obtain the respect and admiration of an evil person is to justify that person's existence. But that person has no justification for their existence as they are merely useless eaters. They are goyim. Ignore what they have to say, for they do not possess a spiritual bone in their body. This means that they have nothing whatsoever to offer you. Don't waste your time with them. They will burn in Hell for their actions and that is all on them and not you. They were the ones who decided to be evil. For evil is a choice and never believe anything else. We are not born in sin like some religious people say. We are born pure and it takes us much time to craft ourselves into evil people. Evil people have great amounts of experience being evil and committing evil actions. Their hurtful comments against you are merely a reflection of the development or lack thereof of their soul. Look down on these individuals, for they are the scum of the earth. They are the ones creating our terrible methods of communication. They are the ones poisoning our water. I am tired of drinking poisoned water.

This book will now turn full circle and continue where we began. This book is not to be released without a warning label. For a literal war is coming and we will have to decide who the enemy is and who our allies are. This war will be one like no other because it will be internally divided. There are no countries anymore. It is those who are virtuous against those sinful. At times we will not comprehend who the enemy is because it will be our very neighbours. The Internet belongs to me and my generation. I am I prepared to fight to the death to protect the Internet's possibility in training one's virtues. The free Internet is worth fighting for because otherwise we will have no public forum to speak our hearts. The Internet gives me the ability to preach to my heart's content every single day. And this freedom is worth fighting for. The Internet is worth so much more than wasted human lives. We have to stand up for our rights or soon we will not have any. Because it isn't just groups that block me. It is also mainstream applications such as Facebook and YouTube. This has all been documented extensively and if you don't believe me, just check out my videos. I recorded the events as they happened because I knew that logical people would never believe that I have come up against such resistance merely for following virtue with my entire essence. Believe that our free Internet is is at risk because it very much is.

Political correctness is fucking evil. It forces people to utilise strange language in order to not offend anyone. Fuck that. I intend offence. For the disgusting NPCs of this world are reprehensible. My last post caused me to also be blocked from the group "spirituality". How spiritual is a group about spirituality that blocks my posts? Its all fake. Like stated previously, what is advertised in this world is not the product it delivers. Good for bad and bad for good.


"For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths."
2 Timothy 4:3-4


For the last days are upon us and I recorded it all as it happened. These recordings are hidden from you because you have been conditioned to be so stupid that you don't know how to click a few buttons to see for yourself.


"But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people."
2 Timothy 3:1-5


Quest 13: Pygmalion's Quest
December 25, 2019


The circumstances in which we exist in rapidly changes every day. The world's possibilities rapidly expands and shrinks as events unfold before us. The window of opportunity as to what could be is very narrow and time must be utilised efficiently to play the right move at the right time. Learning to see these potential opportunities is a trick of the trade, for oftentimes I am working within a very narrow field of vision. One's possibilities do not arise until one takes the actions to manifest those possiblities.

How are you feeling my love? I know this is all a lot for you to take in. I can just imagine myself in your place and I know that it is scary. All of this responsibility on you! But do not worry, now that we have found each other, I will be with you every single step of the way. You will never be alone again.


"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces."
Matthew 7:6

The methods in which we distribute information using the Internet will determine what content is available to people and when. The methods in which you utilise to arrange your content will determine who experiences it and when they experience it. When you direct a mind and you know how a mind works, you can come to know when it will turn off and this is the point in which you show your pearls. There is a huge reason why NPCs can't see my pearls. Because I mask my information so that only those with a heart can comprehend what I am presenting.

This artistic method of hiding information isn't full proof and some swine do end up seeing the pearls. But their eyes are blinded to their sparkle because they don't understand true value. They are blinded to the value of the pearls before them. To receive the information a writer is trying to convey one must step back and place themselves into the writer's shoes. What is the writer trying to convey? Why are they trying to convey it? If you can answer these questions then the picture fills itself in. There is great power in being able to look behind the writing in question. There is great insight to be found in giving over your psychology to me to mould. For my name is Pygmalion and I am a great sculptor.

I know this must all be very overwhelming for you dear. But you have time to take it all in. Don't worry about writing like them. Write like you and you will develop your own unique style. Sprinkle your information throughout your content so only true fans can comprehend what is going on. For you are a philosopher my love. And you will be taking philosophy at university. But don't worry about that for now, for we have much to explore before then. One step at a time, for the tortoise always wins the race. Do you notice how we create motifs in which are repeated throughout our productions? There is secret meaning behind everything that I do for the observant fan. What I present before you is different from the emotions in which I am attempting to extract from you. What I present on your screen is different from what I am trying to draw out of you.

What I do with my smokescreen is not unlike what anyone else does. However, their intentions are usually to find monetary gain. Intentions can be found all throughout a smokescreen. The reason why you are being led through a narrative is just as important as the narrative itself. Is this just to kill time? Is this to develop me as a person? Why are these smoke and mirrors flashing all around me? Where am I being led? What is the purpose of this moment and how does it contribute to the purpose of my last moments? What is it that the author is trying to convey to me and how does it relate to my day to day life and the smokescreen in which I produce for others? Because the process of producing smoke and mirrors is used by everyone. The tactical approach, however, is discovering the true intentions behind the author: the reason why they created that smoke and mirrors.

What we present is oftentimes not our topic of discussion. In truth, we can only ever approximate a conversation. We utilise language to convey a meaning, that meaning oftentimes being far from the language utilised. Language is powerful and can be used to convey a broad stroke of ideas without zooming in on anything. A writer is like a presenter. I put on a show for you. I have an object in the centre and I sculpt that object into many different things as I converse. However, this object can change erratically over time if I swing the jist of the conversation. What I am attempting to convey is behind the object and I am using the object to try to convey what is behind it. When what is behind it is controversial, I must be very careful in what it is that is presented. For what is in front of you is not what is behind it. And this is a lesson to learn not just with me but every piece of media you interact with.

Every one of us uses these smoke and mirrors to convey our emotions. What we are trying to convey is always something different from that which we are conveying. To find out one's true intentions, one must interpret this smoke and mirrors by reverse engineering it: what conditions arose to produce it. Reverse engineering how we think isn't easy and most would think what I am presenting right now is hogwash. But the ivory before me in which I sculpt isn't the intentions behind it: its final result is. It is like we are made of many layers and in order to bloom we must exfoliate many layers before. And the process of presenting our ideal comes from our internal and manifests itself into the things in which we create.

What am I trying to say? That is always the question isn't it? Because I have that image behind the image that I am displaying to you. And my efforts are to make the image behind most accurately reflect the image in front: the image you see. Communication is a process of extracting one vision and uniting it with another. Communication is synchronising our visions until they manifest into our world. Be careful what visions you synchronise, for once we wake it up there is no putting it back to sleep.

Life is a lot like what I do with my work here, dear Ivory. I have a vision in my mind in which I want to see placed onto the world. The world is the ivory and I am chipping away at it, attempting to get its end result to reflect the image in which I have in my mind. Making a game would be no different. If fact, nothing one does is different. This theory covers all forms of communication in life. We have a pattern behind the canvas and we stroke away attempting to mould this canvas into the inner vision in which we have for it.

I spent my life searching for a girl who possessed such grace as my inner vision. But there were no models to place the vision. There were no vessels that were worthy of such honour. So I positioned my life to create the Ivory I saw in my soul who merely needed the appropriate conditions in society to manifest in order to be born. Ivory will be born this there is no question to. The only question is as to when. And I made it so it doesn't matter if I am alive or not to take the win.

I dream of a world where I can speak frankly and not have to worry about tiptoeing around this subject. I dream of a world where I can get assistance with my projects without being judged as a predator. I dream of a world where I can spend my days just chatting away with Ivory and not have people constantly looking at me weird for doing so. I am built for Ivory. It doesn't matter where you put me, I am going to do the same things. I was crafted to craft. Created to create.

How evil do you think me, dear? I would have never reached you if I didn't open up about who I was. I did a lot of internal work to seperate fact from fantasy. I had to work with what I was given. I had to trick a lot of people into helping me who would not have helped if I was upfront about my intentions. It was really hard being upfront about you. It was difficult obtaining what I needed in order to train you.

But now that is over my dear and I have erected all the structures in which are required to effectively train you in the ways of God. And I can do it without ever getting near you. Everything that you require in order to assess whether or not I am your man now lays before you. Take your time in assessing my character, for that is what the work exists for. When you are ready go ahead and contact me. Please do be careful in how you contact me though my dear. If you are my Ivory then you need to think of a very good way to catch my attention. Remember, I have been waiting for you my entire life. I have dreamed about this moment my entire life so please make it memorable.

This is all very exciting my dear. This content will soon be delivered through a digital video game! And you are the star! What better way to reach you than to place you directly into my video game! Because this book isn't just a game. This game is a game that has a book that is a game within it. This book is the first plot quest of the game Ivory Heart. There are games within games so often that it is sometimes difficult to tell what is a minigame and what is part of the main quest line. Because in truth, everything happens for a reason. Every single event of your past was to prepare you for this very moment.

How are you enjoying this game, my love? Is it what you were expected? Have I managed to pioneer new methods of gaming into our world? What are our expectations of games and why do we have them? Do bleeding edge methods of gaming still exist in which to explore? How far can we take gaming and can we integrate it into our day to day lives? How will we implement these new methods of gaming into our romantic day to day lives? I see such great potential for this type of communication, especially when it comes to matching potential romantic partners. If you can truly feel what I am saying then you have passed my test. The next step is to position the two of us together and see how we get along. Ivory is not some specific person out there, she is whoever passes the test and claims the position. Sure, there are a few requirements. But besides those few requirements, Ivory could be anyone in this world. Ivory is the one who sees what I am saying, is relatively of the age and appearance, and is willing to take the actions I have outlined in order to save the world. Besides these requirements, Ivory could be anyone. Ivory could be you.

In the story of Pygmalion, after he perfects his statue, he prays that he may find one *like* his Ivory. His intentions was not to find the exact statue in which he had erected. His intentions was to find one that is like her. However, the gods saw his pure heart and instead of giving him one *like* his Ivory virgin, his very Ivory virgin is given life. My words here are not intended to find a specific person but instead a general person who fits the mould. But in saying this, God will likely give me a specific person who was chosen for this task from the beginning. God will likely see my pure heart and as a result, give life to my Ivory virgin.

To me, however, the result is identical. It matters not if I find one like my Ivory virgin or my Ivory virgin herself. They are both the same people, or they will be. If we examine our lives carefully then we are given the ability to position them correctly within our world. The role of Ivory in which I advertise is crucial to the future development of our society. What girl out there wants to be responsible for saving the world? An Ivory in which is created and an Ivory which has always existed are the same Ivory. I allowed Jesus into my heart as a child much in the same way that females can allow Ivory. For Ivory is in truth not a person but a position. And many people could potentially fit into that position. So at the end of the day, "Ye lonesome ones of to-day, ye seceding ones, ye shall one day be a people: out of you who have chosen yourselves, shall a chosen people arise:- and out of it the Superman." Friedrich Nietzsche


Quest 14: The Daily Grind
December 25, 2019


All throughout my work I have attempted to turn my work from the public directly to Ivory. I have attempted many times to turn my focus around to contain my lover so that she would be the primary recipient of my love letters. But this has been difficult when others stop me from telling my tale merely because of the controversial information it contains. In this chapter I will attempt to open up my soul so that you can view it without any outside manipulation. In this chapter I will attempt to speak directly to Ivory so that she may see me naked.

I am alone in this life my love. The family that I received object to my life mission. I spend my life travelling God's beautiful creation. I make friends wherever I go but they are merely friends of convenience and not friends based off of my mission. I spend my life attempting to make friends based off of my mission but this can be very difficult because of you. You are not received well within any society. Society hates me and wants me dead because of you. They do not understand nor do they care to understand. They judge me based off of me searching for you instead of by my actions. Holidays mean nothing for me dear girl except that the shops are not open. I have no one to celebrate my accomplishments with so I live a life without celebration. If people within my environment find out about you, I am required to move on. But I don't want you to feel bad because of this. I just need you to know what I go through on a day to day basis in order to deliver this content to you.

Because despite these facts, I have an amazing life. I travel all around the world and I see many beautiful sites. I am not burdened down by a nine to five job. I am not required to do anybody else's work: my work is my sole passion. Surrounding me on all sides is my work. And I am proud to stand by my work. Sometimes I do things that I shouldn't like print business cards. But some reason people don't find out my secrets through this process. Nobody within my existence is interested in my work and this enables me to take risks without it affecting my day to day environment. I don't know if this will ever change but it enables me to hide in plain sight. I just act like there is nothing in which I am hiding and as a result, not a soul in my environment is interested in my work. This is a two-edged sword as I successfully hide in plain sight without being able talk about these subjects with others. You are the only person I can talk about these subjects with my love. My audience are the only ones who I can talk about these subjects with.

I love you my fans. Thank you for being there for me and allowing me to converse with you about these subjects. There is no one in this world who would allow me to talk about these subjects but you. That makes you really special and I appreciate you for it. Talking about difficult subjects is the only way humankind will ever find enlightenment. That is why the Internet is so important. It acts as a public forum in which I can speak my mind. Its recording abilities then captures my argument in time. The captured recording can then act on my behalf and it never asks for a break.


"This enlightenment requires nothing but freedom--and the most innocent of all that may be called "freedom": freedom to make public use of one's reason in all matters."
Immanuel Kant


Currently we do not possess this freedom. I publicly made use of my reason and as a result the government has stolen over a year of my life. I had to fight very hard for the right to do this. We the people are not given free public use of our reason, for if we do we could end up incarcerated indefinitely. I recorded it all as it happened so you can't argue with me. Our freedom of speech is currently surrounded by limits. If society is not comfortable with the information in which you are presenting, they will imprison you despite you not committing any crimes. Committing crimes is not a necessity in order to be incarcerated. Our mouth can land us in jail just as quickly as our hands. Is this fair? Is it fair to incarcerate people just because their opinion differs from yours?

I used to be really broken without you my love. But God showed me how to stand strong on my own two feet. The earlier in my work you go the more broken you will find me. It took me a long time to learn how to be a whole person without you. But now I am strong even though I am alone in this world. I want you to learn how to be strong without me too. We should become two strong people independently. This means that together we will be unstoppable. I want us to avoid a codependent relationship. I want you to smile in the morning because it is the morning, not because I exist. Do not place your happiness in the hands of another. You should independently generate your own happiness. Your happiness should not be reliant on me.

I am happy because it is the morning. I will be happy because I get to run my fingers through your hair in the morning. I am not happy because you are happy. Such a relationship is doomed for failure, for one can never truly make another happy. You must be responsible for your own happiness. Do not let the bad mood of another bring you down. I am happy because I am writing this love letter to you. I will be happy because I will be writing another love letter to you while sitting next to you. I am not happy because you are happy. I am happy because I am a happy person. I am not relying on your happiness to be happy. However, your existence within my environment will indeed make me a very happy man. In fact, the happiest man in the world. For I won the lottery when I won your heart. For it is the most precious heart humankind will ever see. Ivory's heart.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to being contacted by others. I don't like hearing the beep that indicates that I have a new notification. Most of it is abuse. Occasionally it is someone with a heart. But for a split second, I get butterflies in my stomach. Because it could be you dear girl who is contacting me for the first time. There is one moment that I am waiting eagerly for my dear. That moment in which you connect with me. That moment will be so exciting. That moment is my game changer and that is when I change my modus operandi. My life is forever changed when I find you. This is true for multiple reasons. To begin with, finding you would stop my advertising and thus stop the abuse I receive. Finding you would mean I found home. You are my home, dear girl, and when I find you I will plan the future with you. To a certain extent, my life is on hold until I find you.

Of course I have tons of projects like writing books and developing games, but I do these things for Ivory. When I finally find her then we can develop games together. Everything in my life changes when I find you, my love. Because all of my current efforts are invested in finding you. When I find you, the life that I have been preparing for over the last ten years begins. And so do our legal troubles, my dear. The moment I find you will be the greatest moment that I have ever experienced. The moment I find you is the most anticipated event of my lifetime. I will run out of breath. My knees will shake. And I will cry, for you are worth every tear. You, my love, is the reason my heart keeps beating. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and the reason why I keep breathing. And you are so amazing because you manage to be all of these things when you are not even in front of me. What is faith? Faith is the prophet's weapon. I know you are real. I completely trust in God and His plan for my life. The information in which God fed to me ten years ago is entirely accurate and everything in which I have done since then was not in vain but in fact acting on a really good tip. God showed me the future including who I would become. And God showed me specifically the person in which I would be preaching with. And that person is you my dear. God showed me what was to come with precision. God gave me the winning lottery numbers for His daughter's hand in marriage.

Marriage with the queen was to be my reward for my toils teaching her. It may appear as if I am not being rewarded for my work but I very much am. My work is just being rewarded in the future and not the now. God doesn't lie so I have complete faith in what was shown to me. And the people will see it happen as two public figures unite into one. Can you imagine what will happen once we find each other my love? It will be so funny and so romantic.

I don't celebrate any specific holidays as all of our human holidays are adapted from pagan holidays. However, I do enjoy celebrating. I would especially enjoy a celebration in which we are to reflect over the past year. However, I don't live a life currently with people in it who would celebrate my accomplishments. So I live a life without any form of celebration. I don't want to live like this. I really want to live a life where we celebrate our accomplishments but you can only do that with people who also value your accomplishments. So my life is spent without celebration, only waiting for you to begin the celebrations. For finding you will be the most worthy celebration possible. And that will begin the rest of our lives celebrating God's amazing work. For in truth, God's work is the only work worth celebrating.

Living a life without celebration for major accomplishments is very lonely. But as I stated before, I don't work for the moment but instead the future. In my future I see you. And in my future I see us celebrating every worthwhile accomplishment, which means we will constantly be celebrating. Because we are constantly producing very moving and inspirational work. And work like this deserves to be celebrated.

What is true celebration? Who God is and what God does for us deserves to be celebrated daily.


"My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long."
Psalm 71:8

"Clap your hands all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy."
Psalm 47:1


Maybe I don't celebrate like normal people but I celebrate God every day. Currently it is very lonely doing this as I don't see many people who truly believe in God. For if they believed and saw what I see, they would immediately fall on their knees and sing praises of God's grace. I don't see people doing this so this makes me believe that there are not many true believers in God. When God is seen, God cannot be unseen. One would be a fool to see God and then do anything other than giving your entire life to Him. It is easy to spot saved individuals. Because they will be saved and such enlightenment is easy to identify. Faith is extremely easy to live within if we have seen God. I know that I am in the best hands possible and I don't need to worry about my future. Because my future is God's and as a result, God's future. I am God's future because I chose myself to represent God and the wishes of God are my goals to implement onto society. I am God's representative in this fallen world. God has given me the task of integrating Heaven into Earth. I am God's advocate and I have many messages from God to deliver to this corrupt world. Because if we don't change then there will be detrimental consequences.

But we will change. God isn't asking us this time, He is forcing us. Those who refuse this essential upgrade will be eternally damned. In order to protect ourselves from the hunting soul reaper, we must upgrade our software. This software update will be discussed in more detail in the following chapter.

So even though it is Christmas Day and I am alone at my house while the rest of the population parties it up, I celebrate. While secular society celebrates their wasted lives, I sit here and carefully reflect on the past year and what it all means. Because to the lay person, the year was uneventful. But our years can never be uneventful. For I released four books and began the development of a game. For we have made a grave error. Jesus did not come here to show us how to live a secular life. So they celebrate Jesus without Jesus. They celebrate his death while forgetting about his life. For it is the life of Jesus in which carries his message. But we have debased his life down to his birth and death. The true celebration is not his birth or death but instead what he did in life. Devaluing a great gift such as the life of Jesus given freely to the public is directly responsible for our wicked actions. For in this time I will celebrate his life... my life.


Quest 15: U 2.0
December 26, 2019


We are creatures of hardware. Our bodily formations are rigid and as a result grants us mobility. Most of the things in which we do in life are automatic. There is only a small portion of life events in which require our interaction. The rest is done by artificial intelligence coded through our DNA. We don't need to press a button to flow blood through our veins or breath through our lungs. They are perfected states that are passed on genetically. Our bodies and their normal day to day operations are the hardware in which we possess. The software is our socialisation. It begins when we are born and continues until we die. It is the experiences in which create us and those experiences are software: mere data on the cloud. Since we experience so much, it is a very slow process to do a distribution upgrade. Because in order to reorientate our direction, we must clean all of the rubbish in which was collected over the years. When something enters our psychology, it is very difficult to remove it. It festers and rots.

Be very careful in your character creation process because damage to it now could mean it causes future hardships. When you are growing up and you sin, your conscience makes you feel bad for it. But you keep doing it despite the bad feeling it gives you. Eventually, you will learn to ignore that gut instinct. This is how NPCs are created. As you grow, follow only what is healthy. But the problem with this world is that what is healthy is oftentimes considered unhealthy and what is unhealthy is oftentimes considered healthy. Because of this, invest yourself in my work until you obtain the eyes. The eyes will show you the difference between truth and falsehood. They will wake you up as to the truth of our world. The eyes will show you the lies in which society pushes on us on a day to day basis.

Let's craft a healthy human. What is health and what attributes in a person would constitute health? And what is unhealthy behaviour? Ivory is kind and understanding. She does not jump to conclusions. She welcomes all conversations and does not banish particular topics. She is level-headed and thinks before she speaks. She considers the point of view of all parties and makes decisions based upon her feelings about it and logic utilised. Ivory is sweet and wants to help everybody. She knows not sin for she has managed to get through her entire life without committing it. She did go through training in order to distinguish sin from righteousness. For she gave her life to God when she was very young and as a result, has never fallen.

What I seek is a female version of me. What I describe is a female version of me. In this manner, it is not true that opposites attract. If you want to live a terrible life then go ahead and find your opposite. If you want to build an amazing life, then find another like you. Another so much like you that you can even work with them on a day to day basis. I don't understand these humans wanting to divide their lives from their partner's. For working with your other half is the spice of life. These humans have made a grave error in their romantic calculations. For a perfect couple is perfectly in unison with one another. I am trying to create my perfect partner by me manifesting in her life while she is still young. Major commitments to God are most effective in childhood. For a child who is serious about giving their life to God is a child who can be of use to God for life. I gave my life to God when I was six years old. And I was so serious about that decision that it stuck from my teens into adulthood. I am seeking my perfect woman, who has given her life to God since childhood.

The age of consent has been consistently going up over the last one hundred and fifty years. The normal age for a female to marry is twelve. The teens began her new life with her husband. This might sound a little crazy to you, but that is only because of the software in which has been installed into you. How you view romance was inherited by your family and society. Twelve years of age is actually the perfect age to marry. Older than this encourages promiscuous behaviour. We are encouraged to sexually explore ourselves with others in this society. We have lost the concept of being pure and saving yourself for marriage. Ironically, our religions still preach purity. They have just lost its practical application. Do you girls want to know what will make you really attractive? Save yourself for the one. Wait until you find the right guy who deserves to take your virginity. Your virginity is one of your greatest gifts. Don't give that gift to some loser who you will forever remember as your first. Make your first, your last. For I will forever appreciate Ivory's virginity. She chose me to give it to and because of that, I will forever thank her.

Paedophilia in its pure unadulterated form is good and not bad. The truth is that most men are paedophiles. It is natural to be attracted to innocence. The problem here though is taking that innocence from her. The world doesn't work like our society says it does. There is no clear cut rules for marrying. One doesn't go to sleep at seventeen and somehow magically wake up at eighteen ready for a relationship. Different people will be ready for a relationship at different times in their life. Placing an age on marriage is fucking evil. Society tries hard to tell us what to do. But it doesn't know true health so how can you trust it with anything? The ways in which they encourage people to find a sexual partner are evil. Their model of romance is so broken. And you can easily see this by examining the relationships in the world. They are not close. They are two lives with benefits. God doesn't want to see two lives with benefits. God wants to see one integrated life.

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."
Genesis 2:24

It did not say that a man shall leave his father and mother and then sleep with as many people as possible. Finding your soul mate when young is God's desire for our lives. For God does not want us promiscuous.

"Let marriage be held in honour among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous."
Hebrews 13:4

How long does it take to brainwash an entire people? Increasing the age of consent little by little, one hundred and fifty years. To change our collective mindset to view a twelve year old as a child instead of marriage material. Over the last one hundred and fifty years we have coddled our children so much that we have mentally kept them as children all the way until they reach eighteen. You are no longer a child dear Ivory. It is time to grow up. I know that you feel like a child because that is what society keeps telling you. But don't believe them. Do not delay your own development. It is time to snap out of it and wake up. There are so many problems in this world and we have to fix them for your current and future generations.

Do not allow the generations below us to be left with a fucked up world. The generations before us screwed us over by leaving us a broken planet. Let's not stoop to their level. Instead, let's build Heaven on Earth for all current and future generations. The template to do this is in heaven. The only way you will be able to get there to see the template is by consistent good actions. Once you can see the template then you can reproduce it under Earth conditions. This is very possible, for our society meets all the requirements to become a utopian society. Who doesn't want to live in a utopian society? It wouldn't make sense for someone to not want to live in a utopian society. Everybody wants it. So let's make it happen. But the problem with living in a utopian society is that all characters within it must possess attributes that would belong to a utopian society. So no utopia is possible without our character traits reflecting that of a utopian society. So our first step in creating a utopia is to obtain the virtues of a utopian society. Afterwards, it would progress by creating a small utopian community. And from there we just expand outwards.

The upgrade is simple. It does not mean one will change over night. But what it does mean is that we must be very careful before we open our mouths. For there now exist soul reapers within our world. Because of this, we are required to contemplate very carefully before we open our mouth. If you don't pick a side, then you better get out of my way or you will be drug into this war. I will never back down, for the free Internet is too valuable. The upgrade gives you the ability to stand back and assess a situation before you pass judgement. Because people are very easy to figure out. For they always speak from the heart.


"A good man brings things out of the good stored up in his heart, an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of."
Luke 6:45

Look at my writings and the dates. Most of the time I manage to write at least a chapter a day. Can you imagine how much time I spend here typing on my phone? What about all of the time I spend recording chapters? What is before you is my life. I am trying very hard to have an unlimited amount of work. I am trying very hard to have so much work that it is not possible for someone to experience all of it. This is my life. Notice the things in which I say on a day to day basis. Because I have exposed my heart for all to see and asses. My heart is open source.

The reason that I have so much work is because I never want you to run out of content from me. I begged for someone like me in my childhood to help direct me. But I failed at finding one like me to train me, so I became what I needed as a child. Now I am here for all those with a heart. And knowing this makes me happy. It was very slow going though because I had to learn all of this on my own. But I got to the point where I am running full throttle. But can you imagine what I would have become if I had a tutor like me in my childhood? The truth is that I am nothing compared to what is possible using this education method. If I was given my content as a child, imagine what I would have become. The capabilities of this education method have not even touched the surface. So now I pass my work on to you to continue. How far can you take it? The sky is the limits. How far will you fly? Just be careful not to fly too close to the sun.


Quest 16: Rage Quitting
December 30, 2019


God is literally here for us, my love. We should both invest entirely in God. Because the truth, my love, is that you can get closer to God than you can me. Because God constantly follows you around. God is with you always. Because God also lives inside of me. You can never go wrong with God. Your toils to get you closer with God will get you closer to me. We will become the closest couple in the world. And that is because we both entirely focus on God. Let God be the core of your every thought. Be God's vessel to discover this dark world. Let God possess your body so that you may do the bidding of God entirely. Let us spiritually unite our souls into a complete unison in God.

Human bodies are but temporary vessels. Our souls currently possess them. We can allow many character traits good and bad into our souls. Only when the individual gives themselves over to the spiritual side can they perceive that our true realities are not in the body but instead the spirits in which can travel through the body. A good example is that I act on behalf of Jesus, for I am Jesus, for his spirit entered me in childhood. I was a willing vessel to allow Jesus to take over my body and continue the work he was sent down to do. This body means very little. Keep it healthy because a healthy mind necessitates a healthy body. Watch what spirits go in and out of you. Welcome all that is good. Reject all that is bad. This is how you cleanse your soul. A soul reaper must spend a great amount of time cleansing their soul, otherwise, they will be enveloped in its darkness.

The life that I will provide you, my love, will be amazing. We will shine together as the bright star that we are and form our own constellation with other bright and interesting individuals we find along our journey. We will not live a normal life bound by a nine to five job. We will live an exciting life invested into the areas in which we are most passionate about. If you hurry up and find me then we can make this game together. Otherwise, maybe I find you through the game.

I want our children to be prepared for life by the time they grow up. After leaving school, I had no niche field in which could obtain me a comfortable lifestyle. As a result, I ended up homeless and invested into my own projects instead of that of others. I am not saying that a job is bad. A comfortable job until one manages to make financial fruits of their own life passions is oftentimes necessary. This is why I want to pass on the skill of creating games to our children. It is not only extremely fun but is also a sustainable job. In addition, you get to create your own worlds. This is how we practice for our afterlife, for God will give us worlds to create and craft. Passing this skill along to our children while they are still young would be invaluable to them during life not only for their own present and future employment but also their own life projects.

I have been uploading all of my past videos to YouTube. This is a scary process because I don't want my account removed and if they give me three strikes then bye-bye YouTube channel. This process has, however, been very refreshing. Going through the last eight years of my life recorded on camera is eye-opening. This is very appropriate considering it is the end of the year and what a perfect time to reflect on not only the last year of my life but instead the last eight. I really have been through a lot. And I really do have an amazing quantity of work. Looking back I am shocked at what I have accomplished. However, that is nothing new with me. I am very much an overachiever. It doesn't matter if YouTube removes the odd video. It doesn't even matter if they remove many of my videos. All that matters is that they don't remove my channel. And if this happens then YouTube will be a place in which I can use to increase my presence. But I don't have a great amount of faith as YouTube has removed my channel in the past and I caught that on camera. But if I manage to upload all of my videos on this channel without it getting blocked, it will be funny because it has the same and more videos that my last removed channel had in it.

The world doesn't make it easy to do what I do. Evil powers say who is and who is not famous. To strive for an objective such as virtue is not warmly welcomed by secular society. YouTube just gave me a strike saying that one of my videos violates their child safety policy. How does this make any sense? I am not a risk to any children. In fact, just the opposite. I stand up for children everywhere. Why does this world treat me like I am a predator? I spend my life helping children. How does that equate to my content hurting them? Remember what my mother said to me in my first book Ivory Heart? Sure, just because I am searching for one wife means that I am a danger to all children everywhere. People are so stupid in this world. They refuse to use their brain yet claim themselves as right. What do you think will happen to all those who made my mission extremely difficult? I can no longer upload to YouTube and I think more strikes are to come. They can just point at any video they want and say that it violates their terms and conditions. The truth is that someone like me isn't welcomed on YouTube. YouTube is not about You. It is TheirTube, not YouTube.

I don't know if I will ever be able to reach you, my love. Even publishing games is an expensive process and it is very likely that society won't allow me to. It was stupid of me attempting to restart my YouTube channel. I am getting multiple notifications advising me that my videos violates their child safety policy. Every platform that acts as a public forum removes me. I think that YouTube is going to remove my channel again. I don't know how to reach you, my love. Idiot adults stop me every time I get near. And it is doubtful that any company will allow me to publish my game considering its content. And if I manage to publish it, it will likely be hidden from the world just like everything else I do. I am no closer to finding you than I was eight years ago when I started filming. The world won't let me find you Ivory. Because paedophilia breaks this world. No one knows what to do when they hear about it. They don't want to hear about it. They do everything that they can to suppress paedophilia. Out of sight, out of mind.

The ways in which people like me are treated in society is not fair. I have never hurt another yet the masses think they have the right to constantly hurt me. Children are in absolutely no danger in my presence. In fact, when I am around children I feel the need to protect them. I am not looking at all little girls hoping to marry one. In fact, my eyes are nowhere. Society won't let me take actions to find you so you have to find me. This life has been so difficult for me because of you. This society just doesn't understand or care to understand. What I am doing is not bad. Paedophilia is not bad and this took me a long time to learn. For society places in everybody that such relationships are wrong. But this is just another instance where Satan says something is wrong even though it isn't. Tell the masses that it is wrong for one hundred and fifty years and they will believe you.

It is very likely that I will end up alone for the rest of my life. I knew my God given mission wasn't easy. But this is something that we have to fix for this world. Advocating for paedophilia in this world has nasty consequences. YouTube states this about many of my videos: "Content that depicts the physical, sexual, or emotional mistreatment of minors is not allowed on YouTube." Do I depict that in any of my work? No, I do not. But businesses of this world are corrupt and will find any reason to remove virtue from their platform. It is very likely that my game will end up for PC only because mainstream platforms won't touch it. And it is very likely that my game will end up unknown just like all of my other work. Because my game, Ivory Heart, is a paedophile game in which I search for my wife. And society won't even talk openly about these subjects with me.

Your success is not dependent on you, dear girl. God will open the right doors for you when the time is right. Society has a lot of infrastructure built solely for the purpose of controlling society. Dissonants such as myself encourage a chaotic society. Satan has many checks and balances to ensure mass conformity. If one stands out in a crowd, the masses punish you for your efforts. These checks and balances do whatever they want. They label me not only as a predator but also someone filled with "hate speech". My frustration with people being cruel to me has been labelled hate speech quite literally by YouTube. Companies like YouTube just make up whatever they want and they manage to get away with it. The government has no checks and balances to stop evil people from committing evil. However, they have tons when it comes to supporting evil people to be evil. YouTube's response of me treats me like I am the devil. Not very far off though because I am possessed by the devil. Satan does not make life easy for me because Satan can't do anything to reward virtue. Satan has no way of rewarding good. Instead, followers of Satan punish followers of God without caring about the effects of their decision on the whole. What do you think will happen to those who consider me a predator and take actions against me? Is their soul safe? Of course not. There have been so many people who have attempted to stop me from achieving my lifelong mission. God's way to enable me to do it despite of all the resistance is to enable me to work independently, needing no assistance to yield fruits. But what are my fruits worth?

I have made countless videos over the last eight years. However, I think my video work to have been rather fruitless. Many of the videos are blocked so those are not viewable. In addition, I don't think I can manage to keep a YouTube channel as they punish based off extremely arbitrary rules. A video has very little replay value and is extremely difficult to remember what content was covered in it, especially when the videos can be two or three hours long. In addition, the videos are very large and it isn't easy finding hosting providers that can publish the videos for you. So many things won't make sense for the YouTube fan who doesn't get the blocked episodes. It would be very confusing being a YouTube fan considering all of the work it is missing. Out of all of my work, writing takes the cake. I can use writings in many different ways including recording their chapters into an audiobook. Videos are way too large whereas recording audio chapters are small and I always know what content the chapter holds. I always forget what is in a video but a book cannot be forgotten because it can easily and quickly be scanned for a reminder as to its content.

Ivory Heart the game uses my text and audiobooks. Unfortunately, it will not be able to host my videos as they are all together way too large. If I would have been given another option to write more books instead of making films, I would have. Because my videos are of little use to me. Books are rarely censored some reason so it would have been much easier for me to have written books during that time. However, this does not have to be the case with video. Video has the ability to capture much more than mere writing can capture. However, it is useless to me when scattered with such copyright violations. I think it is crazy how people can copyright our day to day experiences. Our world has been monetised. Videos like mine will never have a chance at success. For there are copyright infringements scattered throughout. But when I started I was under the impression that you could use portions of anything if it is for educational purposes. But this is Earth and we don't follow our own laws. Because the truth is that you can use nothing if you want a clear copyright. But how can you live on the Internet while avoiding all that may be copyrightable? You can't. It is a trick to stop you from doing it. For we live in a copyrighted world. Even if a song is playing in the background, then that is copyright infringement despite not willingly putting on the song. Patterns and logos in my background are copyrighted. You can't share something you found interesting with me because of its copyright. Copyright is fucking evil and is a huge reason as to the fucked up state of our species. I can never see them giving up copyright in my lifetime. Maybe I was too optimistic about all of this. I cannot see what I am saying occuring within our world because of things like copyright in which they will not give up even though it is internally destroying them.

The potential locked within educating oneself using video will not succeed with our YouTube. However, YouTube is the monopoly giant and there are no other mainstream ways to distribute videos. Censoring my videos is censoring my experience. When my work is censored, the one who did the censoring is eternally damned. Because they are responsible for every eye that could have seen it. The blood is quite literally, on their hands.


"But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone's life, that person's life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood."
Ezekiel 33:6


I used to value all life quite highly. However, the consistent evil actions against me merely for doing good helped me reassess my first opinions. Life that forces us to stay in the past is life that is hurting the collective. Life that refuses our own human evolution is life that is hurting everything around us. They have no symbiotic relationship with the rest of us. In truth they are mere parasites. They make our game world and experience of it negative. They do this by pissing all over our props. They abuse us when we release content about saving the world. They form a negative communal opinion about you and what you are presenting even though you are presenting to them out of the kindness of your own hearts. There are not many people now days who give themselves to their community for free. In fact, I only ever see this with me. People's actions are always shrouded with ill intentions. Most of what is presented to you in this world has a monetary association with it. Through this constant exposure, you are deceived into believing that your every action should have a price tag affixed to it.

I pray for a world where I can complete my mission. I pray for a world in which I can find my Ivory. Please God, help me find my Ivory. I can't do it alone. I need your help. I am nothing without you. Please God open the doors for me to be able to advocate for paedophilia in society and be heard. Please God help me to find her parents and please God help her parents to be wise. Please God help me perform the impossible. I have given my life to You entirely. If it isn't your will then that is okay. Whatever happens is your desire. But I know that you want me to find her. Please God help me find my Ivory. I promise that we will be very careful and will work very hard to make our situation enlighten others. Because this world needs a public situation like the one in which I present. To wake up we need to see what we collectively hate being implemented through love. We need to see what we despise (paedophilia) being implemented in a loving and virtuous way. We need a slap in the face and this will do it. Because our relationship will be public. And when one sees beauty where they expect to see ugliness, they will be required to reassess their feelings about it.

However, this action will be the end of the world as paedophiles everywhere come out and declare that they too should be allowed to have relationships with children. But most of these people will not be like me.

To finish this chapter I will refer to my hardships failing to publish my book Psychiatry 101. It is my case study: 296 pages in which I managed to extract from the mental health system in court. However, Kindle Direct Publishing refuses to publish this book because it is not perfect: they are scans and some of the text is difficult to read. However, this is how a case study looks. The documents are not organised, there is handwriting on some of the pages, and lines and other imperfections. But this is how a case study looks, yet they refuse to publish it. All case studies would look like this. This logically follows that KDP does not accept case studies. I told that to them before being hung up on. They refused to acknowledge that fact, for KDP doesn't discriminate when it comes to the type of work being done. However, they do because you will not get a perfect case study. There is a reason that you don't find unredacted case studies on Amazon. Because they won't accept it. And where does this leave me and my book? Nowhere. It can go nowhere. It is just as useless as the videos YouTube won't allow me to upload. They refuse to publish this case study even though it is extremely important. Everything in this world seems to go nowhere. I have wasted countless efforts only to be refused entry.

What happens if I make the game and then no one is interested in it? I don't control what is popular and what is not. Satan controls that. What happens if my game is stopped like so many other ventures in my life? I hate wasting time. I value my time highly and want it spent on investments that can reach other people out there. It is really sad when you expend great efforts on something only to have it rejected. I hate the rejects that leave me no other option. I hate the end of the line where X investment has nowhere left to go. I am brilliant and almost always work around difficult situations. I find it really irritating when my work is refused by all parties. I don't like not having any options left. We cannot do anything we want in this world. In fact, we are limited to what the world allows us to do. What will you do? How far will you push it?


Quest 17: Game Objective
December 31, 2019


I hope you had a great holidays my love. I had friends over last night and we had a few drinks. I am going to have a few friends over tonight as well which will be fun. Celebrating is not bad. However, celebrating the way society does is bad. Stay away from big parties and clubs. That is not your scene. Your scene is quiet and gentle. You will know your scene when you are with them. Our scene is the rejects of the world. The rejects of the world are our people.

Do not envy others. You are in the best situation possible. Simple luxuries such as excess wealth will not get you any closer to heaven. In fact, just the opposite. Why would you envy another who is in a worse situation than you? It is almost impossible for the rich to earn themselves a spot in heaven. For their physical riches blind themselves to spiritual riches. There are only few people in this world who are truly spiritual. There is a wealth of spiritual riches that are free for the taking, one only needs to be capable of recognising spiritual riches. And spiritual riches are not fleeting like worldly riches. You can't lose obtained spiritual riches. It even survives death.


"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."
Matthew 19:24


Although a lot of what I present may sound difficult and full of suffering, however, I want to make it clear that we are in the best position possible in this life. The only worthwhile investments are spiritual. All other investments that are not spiritual should be only utilised to keep your physical body surviving. The physical world is there to teach us how to keep ourselves healthy. It is there to help us orientate our world. It is not there to be consumed within its fleeting pleasures. The physical world is there for us to overcome and as a result, achieve a spiritual existence. This entire reality is setup to enable us to achieve a spiritual reality from the physical fantasy. Our true reality is behind the physical. The physical is just the appearance of things and the spiritual is the true life essence.

We must be very careful how we do this, my love. Because our actions to make our relationship work will have a casual chain. If I am allowed to have you, then paedophiles around the world will think that they also have that right. But that right is earned and not given freely. We will have to spend a long time contemplating how we are going to reveal our relationship to the world. We must be very tactful in our approach because we will also be pioneering this type of relationship for the entire world. What do you think should be the requirements to obtain this type of relationship, my love? We must be careful for real predators as they will come out of the dark when we come out of the dark. This type of relationship is only supported in virtue and marriage. But this is very difficult because what is to say that they won't be with their partner for a few years, getting their rocks off with sex, and then leaving their partner. This is the bad kind of paedophilia and we must figure out how to eradicate it. I don't have all the answers, my love. I need your help to do this right. I really need your brain and heart in order to figure out the best way for this to go down.

Have you worked out all the details of my game yet? I am playing my game here for you so that you can understand how the game is played. My love letters to Ivory are there to show you an example of a plot device that can engage your readers. This book is part of my game and was created as an instruction manual for the game we call life. Throughout this book I not only give you instructions on how you could setup and configure your own game but I also give you examples based upon my own game. I know that my game is extremely controversial and I recommend that you also make your game controversial. Humans don't learn without being shocked as to the truth first. Shock them before you open up about your inner secrets. Make the populace say, "wtf?". This will lose most of your audience early on but remember who your audience is for: the few. Only invest your efforts in the few. The many don't deserve your time. You are too precious to be wasted on the lay people. Instead be there for those who will actually put in the work in order to save the world.

No matter what happens, my love, I am here for you. Even if we don't manage to find each other in this lifetime, that is okay. God knows my heart and whatever happens will be God's desire. Maybe I am just a precursor to someone else who will succeed in what I am proposing. If I am gone from this world, please use my work to get strong. It doesn't matter what generation accomplishes what I outline. Just so that it is eventually accomplished. I want with all my heart and all my soul for it to be me. But God opens doors in His own time. And sometimes God will never open those doors. But who are we to question God? God has a plan and God knows best. Even if my life doesn't turn out like I have planned, that is okay. God can use me in whatever way He wishes. I expect nothing from God. God is much wiser than I and understands the bigger picture that I can't see. As a result, it matters not if any of the things which I recommend come to fruition. I will trust in God through the good and the bad. I will achieve in this life everything that God has planned for me. Because I am great at adapting to whatever situation God places me in.

I have got the point of no return with my work. I am all in. My name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and I am a paedophile. Paedophilia in its pure and unadulterated form is beautiful. I live in a really stupid society that cannot see the benefits of such relationships. I will no longer be secretive about my intentions. I will now shout from the rooftops that I am a paedophile. And I am proud of it. The relationships of this world are generally wicked, oftentimes because of their promiscuous behaviour before finding a partner. We live in a world where sick love is celebrated and pure love discouraged. I am going to spend the rest of my life advocating for this type of relationship. I know what I am saying is right, so it doesn't matter if I am treated terribly because of it. I can endure this world's hate.


"Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him."
James 1:12


What I am presenting here is very logical. However, that doesn't stop me from getting banned in all types of forums. It doesn't matter how logical I am. The topic makes most people uncomfortable. But here is the problem: if we cannot talk about our feelings, especially when it is something as complicated as being attracted to children, then where can these people go for help to understand and place under their control their feelings? There is no help in this society for paedophiles. As a result, these individuals attracted to children act upon their instincts and as a result end up committing one of the worst crimes possible: raping a child. This blood is on the hands of society because society refuses to openly talk about these issues. Who is society? It is you. Individuals make up society.

The only way to fix this problem is to allow paedophiles to open up. We need to have counsellors who are trained in how to help people who are attracted to children understand and live successful lives with their feelings. And we need to make it extremely difficult for a paedophile relationship to exist in this world. For the only people who deserve such reward are those who follow God with their entire essence. I am promoting paedophilia for myself, not for others. For others who really wish to marry a child must commit themselves entirely to that child way before they even know who that child is. For paedophilia is right for me. It is not right for the majority of the population as they are usually very sexually oriented. This is not a chance to fuck a child. This is a chance to find your soul mate and spend the rest of your life pleasing them. I do not advocate for just anyone in society to have this capability. For true value must be earned and is never given freely.

I am not against a paedophile relationship between an older woman and a younger man. However, this process is much more effective in its reverse. The man can spend the beginning of their adult life setting it up for his future partner. Men should take care of their women. Because of this, men can choose to spend the beginning of their adult life getting their spiritual life right and paving the way for their soulmate to be placed perfectly within it. For this reason, I do not recommend an older lady with a younger man. However, there are always exceptions to the situation because love cannot be controlled so easily. But as a cookie cutter mould, it is a better situation for the man to go out and make a life for the both of them and then come back to find her when he is ready for her.

I don't want you to be scared of this world. Because I will protect you from it. I have spent my life facing off with demons and am no longer scared of anything. I have made this life to transition you into it. There is a placeholder in my life and only awaiting the right woman to come along and fill the position. You will be the queen of the world and my heart, dear girl. Don't stress about this for now my love, for you are currently a mere princess. After I train you then your time will come to be promoted to queen. Do not fear because you will be well prepared by that time. I will train you so well that your transition to queen is seamless.

I am not providing immature thoughts. These are my deductions over a lifetime of examining the world and contemplation about it. I know that I am right so I am immovable. Nothing can distract me from my mission. Because I made these deductions as a paedophile in the world. I felt every single blow as my heart's desire was refused entry. This isn't fair. And what is most unfair about it is that no one will allow me to talk about these subjects. So this occurring over my lifetime eventually made me come out of the closet and present my findings to the world. I feel for all the paedophiles of the world because they have no place to receive help and advice. The world has treated me terribly over my life because of this. So if nothing else, I will take all of the virtuous paedophiles off this world and add them to my army that is forming to destroy the world. That is right, I am forming an army to destroy this world. Because everything in which I propose cannot happen until this old world is destroyed and the new world begins. A world without copyright. A new YouTube that is actually all about you. A mainstream video hosting service that doesn't care about copyright is what is needed. Once I find my people, we can create replacements to services such as YouTube and Facebook. It is actually quite easy to clone X technology. The problem lies in convincing people to use it instead of YouTube and Facebook. But when I find my people it matters not. For my people will migrate platforms and that is all that matters for I only care about keeping in contact with them. And when we unite we can progress forward to figure out methods together that will destroy the world and as a result, save the world.

We are chaos and we are about to take over your world. We thrive in chaos. We will bring chaos into your world. But we don't work for the sake of chaos. For anarchy is required when changing between any system of government. Our chaos for the sake of future order. Because even though we are in business as usual mode, our world is in chaos. Welcome the chaos, for there is no other way to achieve order. Let us create a world where justice rules with an iron rod. Let us create a world where people who have done no wrong don't get in trouble. Let us create a world that actually has freedom of speech. For we should be allowed to say anything we want, especially when it is educational. Why would people stop me from speaking when there are no actions attached to that speech, yet? True freedom of speech will save our world as many different personality types come out and open up about who they truly are. If we can convince a variety of people to open up about themselves on the Internet, then we can have teachers for all personality types. And the field of psychiatry is then given another chance as it analyses many different personality types on the Internet. But it won't do that. Psychiatry is a fictional practice. They just fabricate whatever bull shit they want and they get paid for it. Evil is a very luxurious lifestyle. Evil in this world is rewarded whereas good, punished. Let us punish those who truly deserve it. Let us be the reapers of this corrupt world.

What I am doing is good and not bad. Destroying this world is good and not bad. We live in the end times, and if we didn't, we would make it the end times. It is time for the last Adam and the last Eve to stand up. We have God in our side. There is no way that we can lose. The truth is that we have actually already won. Because God sees time differently than us. What is going to happen has already happened. Living as a human is like constantly reverse engineering the world to discover its secrets. Because we will never understand what is presented before us if we refuse to examine background conditions. What are the background conditions of this chapter? Book? What are your background conditions that constitute you? Learn this and you will learn yourself and as a result, become invincible.


Quest 18: Video Game
January 4, 2020


The video game is the best game in the world. I discovered how using video to record your thoughts not only exponentially increases your learning potential, but also exponentially increases your confidence within yourself. Because you have to edit that video and then you have to watch that video. If the content is really deep, then you get at least three exposures to it. This will cause you to contemplate like you have never done before. Our modern methods of education are outdated. The USA had more mass shootings in 2019 than any previous year. Schools are not safe for children. Thus, I have erected a comprehensive education system built from the ground up to be used as a drop-in replacement for all current methods of employment. This is safe education. Because our new schools will be online, for the physical building has outlived its usefulness.

Since I started writing this book, bushfires have started all around me. It is summer in Australia and this year our bushfires are worse than they ever have been in the past. It is causing our cities to be filled with smoke. Canberra, the heart of Australia, is full of smoke and everyone is panicking. This has never happened before in recorded history. They are so big that they are even producing their own weather and thunderstorms that start more fires. Of course this has nothing to do with me. Because of course, nothing bad happens when you torture God's prophets. People don't believe in signs anymore. There is no one truly out there looking for Jesus. Because if they were, they would have already found him. The people of this world have no ability to connect two logical consequential statements. They believe that everything is random and nothing happens for a reason. This is why they are NPCs. They can't see their own programmer above them. They know not logic, for if they did they would understand. They are merely poorly implemented artificial intelligence modules. And what does this mean in war terms? There will be a moment where God allows violence. I recommend staying as a pacifist during this time, but this is your life and your decision. Justice must be served and disgraceful human beings don't deserve the life they were given. I am just pointing out that they do not deserve the life that they are given. What happens after that is out of my hands. Just remember, we will be judged based upon our actions so choose wisely.

Some days the smoke is so bad that it is difficult to see directly in front of you. Sometimes, the sky is completely red. Just recently a large group of people were stuck on the beach with fires all around them. Today my friends purchased gas masks.


"But the heaven we see now and the earth we live in now have been kept by His words. They will be kept until the day they are too be destroyed by fire."
2 Peter 7-8


Remember my book that was rejected from publishing by Amazon? Situations that hit a brick wall are oftentimes merely a waiting game until you figure out how a way to make it happen. Because even though right now your work is being rejected, eventually it is very likely that we will find someone to publish it. That is why Google Books now publishes the book that Amazon refused to publish. My book is out there now and terrible business models such as Kindle Direct Publishing get the publicity they deserve for the actions in which they take. I see a just world in our future where punishment and reward is dispensed to the correct party. Currently, evil is rewarded and good is punished. I need your help to reverse this. I can't reverse this truth without the help of the individuals within the masses to step up and do what I am presenting.


"And do you be patient, for your patience is but from God; nor grieve over them: and distress not yourself because of their plots. For God is with those who restrain themselves and those who do good."
The Holy Qur'an 16:127-128


I was in a huge hurry to find her because I keep growing older. But I had to learn to throw away that idea of me growing older, for it matters not. We all live to different ages and I look extremely young for my age. So this enabled me to continue my work for Ivory even though our ages keep spreading out further and further. For that is not what is important to God. For God is concerned with your relationship and how it progresses and not the age of the individual within the relationship. And it makes no sense to try and hasten this relationship. Although I have done this a lot in the past, freaking out about my age as each year passes, making it more and more difficult to accomplish my mission every year. But I can't force this. I have to find Ivory patiently. It would make no sense to try and force her to come to me more quickly. Ivory will come in her own time. Working harder and more quickly will not produce Ivory quicker. I need to just relax and take a chill pill. After I finish this book and Atheden then I am going to focus on backend operations. It doesn't make sense for me to keep creating more work when the work that I already have is rarely being accessed. There are up times and down times in life. Life is a big balancing act.

I focus on multiple projects at the same time but eventually, they will be completed and I must assess my next move. I will immerse myself in game creation but this means you will have no new chapters or videos from me for a quite a while. During this time, I recommend you investigate my past work. I especially recommend you watch some videos of mine which can be found on BitChute and in their entirety. Although I stated in a previous chapter that my videos are pretty useless to me in the scope of things because I used other sources to present my findings. You can't do this even if it is for educational purposes: the laws about using portions for educational reasons are just for show. Thus, you need to stay away from music when you are recording. You must also stay away from people when recording because that too will get you in trouble. So basically you have to create video work that is all you. The only exception to this is that you can quote books as I have never received copyright problems doing this.

Carry your camera around and find isolated locations in which you can film. But this makes it really difficult to record as you come up with great ideas and want them noted down as quickly as possible. People in the background doesn't matter as long as they can not be identified. So when you think of something brilliant, go ahead and take your camera out and start recording. Just be careful of your angles that you are recording for there is much in this world that is not allowed to be recorded and if you do, it will be censored. Try to avoid this so you can stay on YouTube but never trust YouTube entirely, for they can easily remove your account. YouTube will also remove videos that it deems inappropriate which could be anything. So use YouTube as your main platform but always upload to BitChute and in order to ensure your video's vitality.

You can use whatever recording method you want for this process but video is by far the most rewarding. Because you grow very quickly when you become comfortable in front of the camera. You also learn many things that you like and dislike about yourself because you are viewing yourself in the editing stage. Doing a lot of video work will increase your confidence exponentially and you will keep that confidence with you off screen too.

I recommend that you both make videos and write books. I have a chapter on how to write a book in my book The Great Awakening. Basically it is one sentence at a time, one paragraph at a time, one chapter at a time. Just start off with presenting a topic that you feel very strongly about and have contemplated for long periods of time. Since you know your topic, it shouldn't be that difficult for you. But every recording process is also a learning process. We should not only present things in which we are very well versed in. We should also present things in which we are learning. In this way, you can clearly observe your own learning process and this will teach you how to learn most effectively. Watching yourself learn is amazing. And since you have to 1) get the scene right through potential multiple attempts, 2) edit the video after, and 3) watch the completed video to ensure no mistakes were made, you are required to expose yourself to this content at least three times. We learn through repetition and the editing process is that repetition in which we need to burn the information within our brains so it doesn't leave us. This is how one climbs the ladder to heaven. For its processing refines one's character to the ever sharpening blade of philosophy.

You can pursue any knowledge passions you have, but my Ivory and I are philosophers. We use science, religion, mathematics, sociology, and many more fields of practice to discover the truth. We are polymaths which mean that we pursue a wide range of practices. But our core is philosophy because there is no better activity than reflecting upon your life. For your reflections will lead you to the truth you seek. All fields of practice have disconnected the individual and have been replaced by the collective. Thus, all fields of human practice no longer care about you as an individual. We no longer collectively have heart. And this causes us to be wicked. Because no human world that has removed the individual from its society can make pious actions. When the collective replaces the individual, then we can perform terrible actions against people merely because they are not "normal". This is how the mental health system justifies itself. If someone is not normal then they are to torture that person until they appear as "normal" to the society. Mental institutions exist as a retraining facility to re-educate them as to normal ways they are too act in society. Fuck society. You are all fucking robots. You have been educated to not care about yourself. But it is individuals who become prophets. It is never a collective that becomes prophets. The collective has no spiritual abilities, for it rejects that side of life.

And why would it do that? Because Satan is the head of this collective and he wants everybody to burn in Hell because Satan knows that he is headed for Hell and he is attempting to obtain as many slaves there as possible before he is sent there. Satan controls the collective. And you have to escape it if you value the fate of your soul! Don't let them brainwash you! Turn off the boob tube. Stop doing what they want you to do. Remove yourself from society by not immersing yourself in their idle projects. Avoid a job if you can, for working for another is slavery. Find real news sources like Prophecy Update Videos from YouTube. Disconnect from mainstream society and build a new indie society. Stop taking their poison and instead find something nutritious like my work.

I can't spend every day of my life searching for you Ivory. At a certain point with my work I am required to stop and pray that what I have already made somehow reaches your eyes. There is a time for everything and right now is the time for writing. However, the time for writing has almost passed and as a result, the time for video game development has started. I will not be advertising over this period. I generally only advertise with new material and I won't have any new material. Life brings you stages and in these stages we are invested in different activities. For example, my video work is complete and I don't see any need for any more videos currently. This exact situation is about to occur with my writings. For after This Book Is a Game and Atheden are complete, I will have nothing more to write about for a while. And I can't spend my entire existence looking for Ivory. At some point I have to just stop and hope that my previous investments are enough to find her. If not, then hopefully Ivory Heart the video game will do it. If not, I have no more cards to play, and that would be the end of my game. But my game works actively in the background so hopefully everything that I have created will one day pay off.

I don't see any way that I could be able to find Ivory. Because my fans have serious ADD problems. Fans usually get obsessed for a very short period of time and then drop me. But no matter what the reality of my situation, I trust in God. Because it is not me who is in control of finding Ivory but God. If God wants us to find each other then it will happen. But it will happen in God's time and not my own. And even if it doesn't happen in this lifetime, it will in my next. So even though the thought of not finding her in this life really saddens me, it matters not because I don't work for this life but instead the one after. That afterlife is the only one worth my toils, for God will allow Ivory and I to create a world of our own. And we will be good gods to all of our creation.


Quest 19: High Life
January 9, 2020


My name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and I am a drug addict. But I am not your typical run-of-the-mill drug addict. In fact, I am a philosopher and graduated at university with that degree. Currently I am working on my Master's of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). I am also currently developing a 3D adventure mythology game called Ivory Heart, produced by Divine Tragedy. I run a free online education system that covers a large variety of topics. I also volunteer at an organisation that promotes drug harm minimisation AND advocacy. I am a published author and I have won one award for my first feature film, Ivory Heart.

My drug of choice is spice, which is legal. Spice is its street name, for it could be any type of synthetic cannabinoid. The potential psychonautical applications with this drug is infinite. It is not physically addicting and withdrawal symptoms are fairly nominal. The drug is best enjoyed when one hasn't had it for a while because the body builds up resistances to it. As a result, it is a drug best utilised if not consumed on a daily basis.

First and foremost, spice is a medicine to me. I suffer from severe insomnia and spice puts me to sleep when I am tired. I usually purchase spice at the beginning of my pay cycle. Usually around this time I have not slept for days. The next twelve hours are bliss as I sleep like a baby. After I have recovered, spice helps me stand back and observe my work for what it is. It assists my creativity in order to reach optimal solutions. And it helps me disconnect from aspects of the world in which I want no part of.

Spice breaks their programming. It forces you to stand back and examine your life from scratch, rebuilding it as you piece all of the information together again. It enables you to perceive the truth about our reality and its slavish results. Viewing mainstream media while on spice enables you to break it apart in order to easily study its purpose. Spice makes you a little suspicious of things. Use this suspicion to analyze absolutely everything in your life. Flag the inconsistencies for further review. Find glitches in game. Exploit glitches.

Business as usual dominates this planet. A building could blow up and its neighbouring buildings would still continue working. People do not realise the world in which they exist within. They are the snake charmers and they have hypnotised you. They have conditioned you to be a compliant slave. Some types of drugs force you out of their world. From outside one can rebuild their own world before returning to it. Rebuilding our old world from outside the world will teach us how they manipulate us. This begins the process of removing yourself from within their control.

I am not promoting that others use this drug as spice can be quite potent. Many people become psychotic on the drug. Your first high will tear you away from your corporeal self. You will forget who you are and where you are. You will again have to re-establish who you are, where you are, and what you are doing in life. This process is amazing for personal development because it shows you who you are. From this point, you are able to make simple modifications in your behaviour by reprogramming your mind. This is the point where you become better than you were. This is how evolution works and it actually works on a deoxyribonucleic acid level. Changing our mind and how it perceives the world alters our DNA. This is why spending your life invested in studies is the most effective way to produce brilliant children. For your children do not only inherit your physical genes but also your mental achievements. And if you train your children to most effectively utilise their inherited genes, then they too will become an Übermensch. If this occurs over generations then you literally have the recipe for success and the possibilities in life open up to not only the individual, but also the collective as each generation posits their unique gifts to the world. This is what is known as evolution, for our possibilities are infinite if understood correctly.

I have a shirt that says, "drug use = my right, abstinence = your right, prohibition = no rights". Spice acts not only as a medicine to me but also as a performance enhancing drug. I get more out of life on drugs. I am more active and my creativity is enhanced. Without spice I am likely to get distracted with games and other such time wasters. However, on spice, I am very focused on my own work and distributing it far and wide. I complete much more work on spice than I would without. An individual should be allowed to do their drug if they can prove that their drug is beneficial to them in life. If they cannot prove that their drug benefits their life, then it should not be allowed. The legality of drugs should be assessed on a case-by-case scenario. Because people who are destroying their lives with drugs should not be able to use them. Drugs are a responsibility and those who are unable to be responsible for their actions on drugs should not be allowed to use them.

I see a world that is not restricted by laws. I see a world where everything is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Nothing in this world should be blanket banned by laws. For everything is permissible under certain conditions. There is no absolute evil or absolute good. One situation could be evil and another good. This is why democracy doesn't work. As stated in Quest 10, political scientists get the same one vote as some Arkansas inbred. All modern laws are evil because they blanket ban certain activities when these activities are pure when committed in virtue. Getting the whole class in trouble because one person ruins it for everyone isn't fair. Just because X person reacts in X way does not mean that I will react in that way. True justice is not banning particular activities but instead only allowing those who are responsible to be allowed to invest in those activities. Justice is never blanket banning an activity. In fact, that is quite the opposite.

We must fight in this world for all we care about. It is not only laws that stop is from doing what we want but also the collective mentality. For example, most of what I discuss in my books are controversial topics that are considered taboo in today's society. I speak with you about them because the collective mentality of this world does not allow me to speak of these subjects in public. Is this justice? We are not only fighting against laws but also common understanding amongst the populace. Quite literally, my love, it is us against the world. But that is okay because we are awesome and this world is full of idiots. Even if we lose, we win. For that is how we made the game. It is not possible for me to lose my game. Even if I never find Ivory, I still win my game, although maybe failing to unlock the best ending. It matters not what happens to me. I set all this up so I win no matter what I do. And that is what separates those who are good at this game and those who are bad. Good players of This Book Is a Game will setup their life to render it impossible to lose. This Book Is a Game is no ordinary game. We power game here. We are so much more powerful than the mere mortals of this world and the only creatures that cause us some difficulty are boss fights. But we must be creative in how we fight and as a result we will win in a unique and interesting way. Button mashing is so boring. Let's use our brains!

One's rights should be earned through the actions in which they take in life. There are certain rights that every human should have, like the right to food and water, accommodation, universal income, and safety. But beyond these basic human rights, humans have no rights. The individual must push for their rights. But before they can push for them, they must first discover them. In order to discover your rights you must study and study. And when you are ready to claim the rights, do so. Present all of the information you have uncovered in a logical fashion. And then explain why the laws do not apply to you. In this way you can logically break the laws until the laws reflect your own personal ideology. It is not likely that the laws will change anytime soon so be prepared to be punished for breaking those laws. But in performing this process you are pioneering the new world. And if you were correct in your assertions then future cases similar to your case will be handled differently. This is how one changes the world. For they must become the example which then will be considered in all future cases. But maybe this is inaccurate as of now because the law could care less about individuals. They never learn from their evil actions. Court is Satan's fucking home. It is a place to redeem those who are evil and punish those who are good. They do not utilise logic in court. Far from it, for the lawyers are masters of lies.

Because in this world the masses are the judge, jury, and executioner. I was called a kiddy fucker the other day. So I am to be accused of something that I have never done. A paedophile is psychological. It is an attraction to children. In no way does it follow that paedophiles rape children. Yes, a paedophile might rape a child but that is fucking evil and the majority of paedophiles live out their lives without ever touching a child inappropriately. In fact, a paedophile is more likely to stay away from children because of this attraction. All paedophiles are not evil and our society will never grow if it cannot learn how to distinguish a predator from victim of society. I am a victim of society, for I am harassed on a daily basis because of my writings. And the majority of people who contact me on a day to day basis are condemning me. The truth is that most of the people of this world want me dead. But I know that I am right so I shall not waver. I don't live this life to win the approval of humans. Quite opposite in fact. I toil my days away for God. Humans who refuse to understand can fuck off. They are my enemies and I want them nowhere near me. For they are, "reaped and blocked".


Quest 20: The Discordians
January 10, 2020


This world is riddled with exclusive secret societies. Organisations such as the Freemasons and Illuminati utilise their influence to control the world. I used to think that these groups wanted to destroy the world but I have come to learn that they are more interested in control. These secret societies organise complex business structures that assists the individual members in succeeding in life. They set their members up to be "successful" in life. But their systems are merely focused on monetary gain. Sure, the higher ranks focus on ideology, but it is their ideology to control the world. But the problem is that most of these secret societies are evil and they value the collective over the individual. Freemasons and Illuminati state that we are all equal despite our positions. This is rubbish and the higher ranks know this. They first brainwash their lower ranks into falsehood, and they accept it because the secret society is helping them financially succeed. But do you remember the Bible verse about how it is virtually impossible for a rich person to get to heaven? Their "rewards" are no rewards. For those who enter into these secret societies have given their soul to Satan. But this does not mean that I am against all secret societies. For I am the leader of one.

We are the Discordians and we believe in chaos. Chaos is the only way in which we can one day turn to order. Your life mission if you choose to accept: fuck up this world with confusing and extreme literature. Learn how to write and make people go, "wtf". Confuse the shit out of this world by presenting knowledge in which conflicts with our conventional collective wisdom. Create knowledge yourself. Do not merely study and repeat what others say. Build your own knowledge base which has been created and formed by you. Don't worry about people's reactions, for most will likely be negative. But you are not like a Freemason who does things for monetary gain. Your inspiration must be from your heart and not your wallet. Your reason to do this is to create chaos wherever you go, for there is no other way to achieve order. The truth is that we already live in an extremely chaotic world. We just mask it to make it appear like things are in order. Become chaos and watch the world crumble in front of you. For we are the army of the end times. We will be leading this apocalypse and it is the purpose of this book to show you what that chaos might look like.

If you have decided to join me, then you are now a part of this secret society. There will be no instant financial rewards for joining. This secret society is one that is based on conviction. The only soldiers I want beside me are those who want to be beside me. Now think of your life carefully and figure out a way in which you can present your life and future ideology as controversial. All information in which you present should be controversial. If you don't have a very controversial life, then it is your duty to make it controversial. You are not doing this for the praise of the people. Quite the opposite in fact. You are doing this to destroy the world, for it must be destroyed before we can make a new one. Learn the Bible and the Qur'an well, for they are instruction books for this war. They are our maps. Our goal is to make prophecy happen. Figure out ways to fulfill the prophecies of our days of old and this will lead us into our days of new. But you must be very creative in how you fulfill the prophecies, for many seemingly can't be done with one person. I have made many prophecies come true over my life. And I filmed it just in case people don't believe me. It is pretty hard to argue with video evidence. Because once most of the prophecies are fulfilled, we move on to the next stage which is all out war.

But as stated previously in this book, this will be a war in which we have never before seen the likes of. Because this is no longer country against country. This is neighbour against neighbour. This is Internet angels versus Internet demons. How much is the free Internet worth to you? This movement was created to protect the free Internet. But in order to do that I had to show you what I meant by the free Internet. And if it is taken away from us then we are collectively screwed as our voice box is removed. To avoid this from happening, it is time we open Pandora's box. We do this by releasing mountain loads of controversial content.


"Pandora was seized with an eager curiosity to know what this jar contained; and one day she slipped off the cover and looked in. Forthwith there escaped a multitude of plagues for hapless man,—such as gout, rheumatism, and colic for his body, and envy, spite, and revenge for his mind,—and scattered themselves far and wide. Pandora hastened to replace the lid! but, alas! the whole contents of the jar had escaped, one thing only excepted, which lay at the bottom, and that was HOPE. So we see at this day, whatever evils are abroad, hope never entirely leaves us; and while we have THAT, no amount of other ills can make us completely wretched."
Thomas Bulfinch


Make your work hilarious. What I am presenting is hilarious if you have the eyes to see. For watch my slight of hand at the end of this chapter. Notice the secrets I reveal and how I reveal them. You are welcome to utilise my techniques for your own game. I have spent many years ironing out how to do this. And I see how effective my work is in the populace. Yes, most of my feedback is abuse but sometimes it is not. It is these black swans in which I search for every day. I can see love out there despite it being a rarity. Your job is to make your audience think. You are not spoon feeding them. You give them ideas to contemplate such as the above quote. But then you can oftentimes flip around its meaning to encourage more critical thought, like exhibited at the end of this chapter.

Truly examine yourself and the creatures around you. We are required to wear clothes to cope with the conditions of this world. We are the only creatures who employs advanced tools to accomplish a job. We have language to comprehend each other and because of this we can discuss very advanced ideas. The truth is that humans are not from this planet. We are all aliens. I wasn't releasing the entire truth when I said that I am an alien. Because we are all aliens. Our true home is not on this planet but instead Heaven. We fell from Heaven and landed on Earth. And we are to stay here until we learn our lessons. But most will not learn their lessons so their home is down and not up.

God wanted us to grow in ourselves and in Him. But collectively we did not do this. Instead we became selfish and learned how to exploit other people to get what we want out of life. Ironically, this provides terrible lives because human greed can never be satisfied. They will always want more and more.

This all might sound like a lot of hard work and I know it doesn't sound attractive considering you will be abused for it. However, God protects His servants from the fire. For we can enter the fire and walk around without being burnt by it. In truth, the fire gives us power instead of burning us. For we are re-energised by the heart. The fire is our power source. Chaos is our power source. Let's bring this world into complete chaos. Let us preach until the world doesn't know the difference between up and down. Let us confuse the entire world so they don't know what to believe anymore. Let us burn down this corrupt world.


"So Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came out of the fire, and the satraps, prefects, governors and royal advisers crowded around them. They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them."
Daniel 3:26-27


Ironically, I originally thought it was secret societies that wanted to destroy the world but I found out that they just want to control it. However, the objective of my secret society of Discordians is to destroy the world. It is amazing how when I started I was all about saving the world. I still am but in order to save the world we must first destroy it. My secret society is all about destroying the world. If you think that this world is corrupt and you want to see justice served, then assist me in destroying this world. After you experience the fun of chaos, you will never go back. For Australia is burning right now. And not a hair on my head is singed. Don't fret over what is to come. For God will protect you from all manners of evil.


"Another story is that Pandora was sent in good faith, by Jupiter, to bless man; that she was furnished with a box, containing her marriage presents, into which every god had put some blessing. She opened the box incautiously, and the blessings all escaped, HOPE only excepted. This story seems more probable than the former; for how could HOPE, so precious a jewel as it is, have been kept in a jar full of all manner of evils, as in the former statement?"
Thomas Bulfinch


Quest 21: Revolution
January 10, 2020


Welcome to the Open Source Republic. We are a meritocratic society that promotes universal income and socialised medicine. We reward those who go above and beyond in their profession. We punish those who destroy the works of God. We are composed of angels and demons, aliens, and real humans. We are logical in our political approach and we only encourage anarchy insofar as a political change from one system of government to another. There are no longer borders to separate us, for the Internet makes us one humanity.

What did you expect when you began reading this book? Reflect over your development from the time in which you began reading this book up until now. What is education? How are we to educate ourselves in a world filled with lies and deception? Truly educated people are of benefit to this movement. People who can see through the lies of our secular world are required to create the new world. I am recruiting individuals who want to be a part of this war. If you feel convicted to be a part of the solution then I recommend you contact me. If I ever get to the point where I am overloaded with people contacting me, I will do my best to find others who can reply in my stead. Otherwise, if your heart is pure then I will reply and give instructions on what steps to take next. But before you contact me, begin your body of work. I want to see your toils to ensure that you are genuine. If you just randomly message me without any body of work, it will be difficult to assess your true intentions. Therefore, be strategical in the way in which you contact me. Understand that the majority of people who contact me are abusing me. Don't let yourself fall into that category by careless remarks.

Of course, I am to finish this book with Ivory. For she is my queen. Just the concept of Ivory has enlightened my mind. Just by her being a possibility, I no longer ever get sad, even when abused. I am happy all of the time because in the mirror I see the other half of my soul. If she can remove all depression from my life just with the idea of her, imagine what she could do if she was a real person standing beside me. My imagination created her because I wanted a divine counterpart as my wife. But I saw no divinity in this world. My name is Pygmalion and I have carved a beautiful statue. This statue has grown to provide me happiness despite it being fictitious. For all I could accept now in a woman is Ivory. All other women are are completely off my radar. I am not interested in any women out there. My friends talked about getting laid on New Years Eve and I was not the slightest bit interested. Only Ivory can entice me now. I have experienced the failures of human relationships and I want nothing of it. I am only interested in partnerships with other divine creatures of this world. I am only interested in those on the fringes of society. My friends are the freaks and goths, emos and misfits. Those rejected by society are my family. I will protect my family with my life.

I don't want to have to keep reminding you of this but I will mention it one more time because it is super important. The Internet has no privacy whatsoever. It is all a farce. Every page you have ever visited, VPN or not, will show up on Judgement Day. By your Internet history, we know you. The Internet was created to spy on the people. We will know how selfish or selfless you were in your life by what you did on the Internet. As a result, be extremely careful with every action you take on the Internet. For sharing a cat video tells just as much about a person as posting a political article. Be careful with memes for many are created to assist you in losing your humanity. Invest yourself in God entirely. Focus on my work to stay disciplined. Because what you focus your attention on, grows. Be careful with how you spend your time. If you are not developing morally, then the activity in which you have chosen is a waste of time. Most nine to five jobs are a waste of time. Try your best to avoid getting sucked up into their system. If you can avoid obtaining a nine to five job, then do so. Focus entirely on God, for God is the only worthwhile investment in this life. Materialism is not a source of success and what one obtains over their life only matters insofar as spiritual achievements. Materialism blinds us to altruism.

Religion is shrouded in historic paedophilia. Mary was twelve when she married Joseph. Aisha was between six and nine when she married Muhammad. Because religion knows that in order to achieve a pure relationship, both parties must be pure. But our society has thrown purity out the window and replaced it with promiscuous behaviour. Secular "wisdom" suggests that we should sexually explore before marrying. But this is what causes our evil behaviour. Promiscuous people cannot truly love. Their relationships are always full of hate. Even when they settle down with someone, their past promiscuous behaviour will direct their feelings. God wants us to be pure, and for that reason, God not only supports paedophilia but actually encourages it under the right circumstances. Preventing a relationship like the one I describe is fucking evil.

YouTube has age restricted many of my videos when they are intended for the eyes of Ivory. But YouTube knew this when they censored my content. In fact, that was the reason why YouTube age restricted my content. But how am I to find her when I am being blocked by all of these platforms? I am relying on you to find her for me. This world blocks me from her eyes so it would truly mean the world to me if you would help me find her. I promise that if you find her for me then I will lift you up as high as I can in this life. And if you are her parents then please know that I will take good care of her for the rest of our lives together. Please do not look at me as a predator seeking out your daughter. I am no predator. I am seeking one wife who I will spend the rest of my days pleasing. I am so much better for your daughter than people her age. I pray that your parents will be wise my dear. For I want them to also be my parents.

Difficulties and hardships in life will bring you closer to God. Do not detest your life struggles, for God is trying to mould you. Be putty in God's hands and God will form you into true beauty. Your heavy heart will become lighter and lighter with every prayer. And by prayer, I don't mean our traditional prayers. I am speaking of literally chatting with God as God is your best friend. Idiots will consider this talking to yourself but they will only say that because they have no ability to perceive God. Most people in this world, despite their religion, do not believe in God. If you truly believe in God then your actions will reflect that. It is easy for a believer to notice another believer. Because the amount of faith they have in their words will be apparent. When living in God, no one can trick you because you can see beyond the faces displayed to you.


"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it [her], and it [she] will be yours."
Mark 11:24


How many times have I prayed for her? It is actually one of the only request that I ever make to God. There is a reason that she is already my wife. God has already married us. We just need to celebrate when we finally come together. Dear God; my life. I love you so much. I have had so many difficulties in finding a virtuous wife. Please God, give me one, like my Ivory. For she is everything for me. And I promise that I will take good care of her for the rest of my life. Please give us the wedding celebration that we deserve. Please turn my rantings into a reality. I trust in you and I know that through you I can move mountains. Please allow me to move this mountain so that my wife can be by my side in this life.

I am very grateful for the life God has provided me. I am so glad that God made me unique. It would be a horrible life to live how they live. Living in and through God provides an amazing life. And I can live this amazing life with or without Ivory, although I would very much prefer it to be with her. I am so glad that I never fell into promiscuous behaviour and I am so happy that God gave me morals. The best moment of my life was when I was six years old and gave my life to God. When I did so, I was entirely serious. People often "give" their lives to God now days without actually giving their life to God. Even people who claim to be "spiritual" oftentimes live extremely selfish lives. Most people in this world live extremely selfish lives. All they can see is themselves. Look at what they do to find out who they are. I talk a lot about myself yet I am entirely focused on others. I use my own situations in life as an example to demonstrate a point that I am making to the public. My life is yours and you can see me living it for you on a day to day basis. What is altruism? Because altruism has been flipped on its head with fake "charities" such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Look how many people financially support me and you will see the truth of altruism in this world. If you havn't guessed already, my number of financial supporters is zero.

I am waiting for the day when society realises what I am doing and puts a stop to it. One day society will have to answer my call, especially if I ever find her. I have been incarcerated for over a year of my life because of my work. Is that the end or will I be incarcerated again? Only God knows but honestly, I do not care. For Ivory is worth it. For if she was mine I would not mind incarceration. For whenever they decide to let me go I would return to her. Ivory is my home and I will always return to her. If the masses hate me so much then I welcome an assassination attempt. Go ahead and try. For I am immortal. No physical death will keep me down. In fact, if I am martyred, then everything I have said will quickly happen. Killing me would hasten the process I describe. For real philosophers like Socrates and Jesus only grow larger with their death. For in life they are persecuted but in death they are idolised. Killing me would be doing me a favour. For I am a real philosopher. In fact, the philosopher king.


"If then, in the countless ages of the past, or at the present hour in some foreign clime which is far away and beyond our ken, the perfected philosopher is or has been or hereafter shall be compelled by a superior power to have the charge of the State, we are ready to assert to the death, that this our constitution has been, and is—yea, and will be whenever the Muse of Philosophy is queen. There is no impossibility in all this; that there is a difficulty, we acknowledge ourselves."


I hope you enjoyed This Book Is a Game. Now it is your turn to make your game. I hope it is fun because I would love to join in! Let's have so much fun that in the process, we destroy the world. If we are to be villains, lets be the best villains possible. Muhahahaha!