The Antichrist





As of June 9, 2018, Wendell Charles NeSmith has obtained control of all sectors and distribution packages of the craft of Freemasonry. My brothers, can't you see? We have been infiltrated by the darkest of forces. This is not how we intended. I am the Scottish Rite heir and if you do your fucking research, you will see this biologically. I was born to lead you to victory. If you can not see this then you are a traitor at the highest level and soon will be captured and trialed for treason.

You have been lied to at even some of the highest levels. For the 300 rarely share secrets. And when one by one they are infiltrated by corrupt forces, the poison flows down to its fruits. And a heaven right within us is hidden. For as we age our pineal gland calcifies as a result of Satanic rituals and sacrifices performed daily on this planet.