April 2, 2018 is a historical day because today is the day that the Illuminati is going public. The 18 lecture course Technomadology is out! Want to join the Illuminati? Training in order to do that is here and now available free to you.

Course Information:

Technomadology is a philosophy course that is designed to teach you how to join the new Illuminati and save the world, which has been invaded by an alien species who set out to turn our Earth into their literal Hell. The course begins by exploring internal mental processing capabilities in both ourselves and portable technology. After the foundations have been laid, the truth of our surroundings manifest themselves. We dive into difficult topics about slavery and the market system and its purpose. The conclusion then investigates what it is that we can do as individuals in this world to protect ourselves from those who wish us harm, including the assessment of what we are to do now that our foundations have been destroyed. Throughout the course, bleeding edge technology and the development of Artificial Intelligence is thoroughly explored in order to learn how this technology can assist us to turn the Chaos into Order.

Technomadology is a course about how portable technology can change the way we interface with not only it, but also other people. Technomadology is a sociological investigation into the effects networked technology (specifically artificial intelligence) have on the human Psyche.

Released April 2, 2018

April 2, 2018 is a historical day for both the Illuminanti and the world. For it is today that We have decided to go enirely public. It is time for us to take over the world, my friends. If you are interested in joining the Illuminanti, here is your guide to do it... Don't hesitate to share with friends and family. Welcome to our family. The world family, for we are all One. Now Go Go Go!!!

Divine Tragedy transfigures our modern day world into that of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. The films adapt the original messages to be receptively understood within our current cultural practices. The objective of Divine Tragedy is to pass on living mythology through to our current and future generations. When we pass along stories that help us become better human beings, we integrate wisdom into our society. Divine Tragedy is the modern day bard.

I welcome you to take a journey with me through life and death. We have to first clean our minds of lies before we can be awakened to the truth. Cognitive dissonance first sets in and we disire to protect our prior comprehension. However, I encourage you to leave all prejudices behind, at least for the time it takes you to complete this course. I have discovered a new science, and if you just consider what I am saying in its entirety, then you will be most prepared to reconsider your understandings more resourefully. In addition, a new science might bring lush future opportunities for it's development...

Please enjoy the story of a boy who lived a girl...

Technomadology is divided into 18 lectures as follows.

1. Technology Sorcery

2. Angel Sword

3. Lake of Tears

4. The Soul Mate

5. The Shape of Water

6. Choose Your Own Adventure

7. Blue Bird

8. The White Room

9. Baptism Through Fire

10. Human Salvation

11. Jesus Christ Superstar

12. How to Change the World

13. The Future of STEAM Education

14. The Illuminati Game

15. The Pyramid Scheme

16. Weird Science

17. March for Our Lives

18. Divine Tragedy

If you are a deep thinker who has an open mind about how we could make our lives better, then this is the course for you. We don't only explore the theory, but also the practice. We don't only explore the body, but also the mind and the soul, which now has the opportunity to connect with the universal Soul. There are many layers of reality, but if our eyes can't see then we overlook what is right in front of us.

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