Song of Wend





My Queen

28, March, 2013

1 I came my heart, Canberra, to defeat all of the dragons that might be in store for my princess so that I might one day get the opportunity to walk side by side with her in my future, and what I have captured on camera in this city has forever made my career to find her..

2 I poured my heart out to her through online philosophy courses, mythology films, television productions, and countless other audiovisual productions to teach her the most important subjects in human existence.

3 Since my target audience is only one (two if you count me), that expands my public to everybody in order to sift through a wide range of people very quickly.

4 The entire time this tramp did this, my human rights were constantly violated in almost every area in my life but it is okay because I was documenting the events every step of the way throughout the divine tragedy called my life.

5 I explored uncharted territory investing a lot into many fields of interest to utilise them as an efficient means to broadcast out to you and in result created free education implemented into the Internet in a unique controversial format that clearly demonstrates what free speech is.

6 I learned how to interpret my own life in relation to the meanings conveyed in mythology stories and this enabled me to create amazing films with indisputable proof of all that I say.

7 And each new portrayal of media gets me closer to finding those who fit in with my own story; like a stray dog on a journey to find other dogs that enjoy and participate in his company.

8 For when I learn how to make the miracles that I caught on camera go viral (be seen and understood for what happened), then I will be able to very quickly sift through a huge number of people at once.

9 And when I find her, the gods will provide safe passage to her as per the commands of aegis bearing Jove.

10 And over time as a result of investing all of my time and passion into this mission, I will be connected with the right family who understands what I am saying and will embrace me as their newest member.

11 Then we will begin the first and most difficult step, but it is okay because we will do it together.

12 And my life may come under threat from time to time, but we will live online as we learn about how to convey the most important topics of man kind.

13 I will not only respect your innocence but protect it until I can claim it for my own after marriage.

14 I would learn you in and out and give everything to provide for every one of your healthy needs, not only being your teacher but also your student.

15 After I almost ended my life, God took everything and burdened me with a fierce internal passion that was on the brink of explosion.

16 Then God used me as a vessel and spoke through me and my environment while filming, for all I have said has already or is about to come true.

17 But even though I declare all of this to you my dear, there will be big problems in our future and my account may end with disastrous results.

18 But you will be safe for the heavens have declared it, and if we play our combined hand of cards right, I will come out of it alive and proceed to take you on a lifetime of breathtaking adventures.

19 For we will justly rule the world of mythology on the Internet with two lifetimes worth of audiovisual real life fables.

20 Where does one who has spent his entire life searching for his soul mate go?

21 Thus begins an epic of a wandering philosopher singing Dianna's tunes pinning a flag in his nation's heart, with all footage released as open source to the entire Internet enabled world.

22 And there is nothing that anyone can do about it because I do all of this for free and what I am proposing is not illegal.

23 And I will get many haters but this is awesome because I play many different parts on life's stage (I also give the haters parts), and ultimately the few that I get that think what I am doing is awesome will make all of those hurtful remarks worth the end result.

24 And most of those haters will make judgments without understanding the material which then foretells their misunderstanding and hateful reactions and they prove my words right every time, ultimately acting as a custom made net drawing those who spend the time viewing the proof of what I am saying.

25 There is over seven billion people in this world and I know that the number of people interested in these topics is not limited to me, but I only need one appropriate wisdom driven family to make all that I say happen.

26 And now that this is public and my films captured miracles; eventually my work (and Canberra) will be exposed to a lot of people and my outcome irrelevant because the art is going nowhere and it will one day help a lot of people, including opening up new opportunities for other people psychologically inclined like me.

27 Now I ask you who will throw the first stone; for I am just a prince searching for his princess, and you would play the fool to make judgments without hearing out the arguments.

28 So now I come to you Canberra on my knees and humbly request for water, for its nutrients can restart the heart of my new nation.