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Soft Rains



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This book is dedicated to the beautiful hearts that will spend their lives destroying this fallen world. You are God’s chosen people.

I ♥ U


“Crude men who feel themselves insulted tend to assess the degree of insult as high as possible, and talk about the offense in greatly exaggerated language, only so they can revel to their heart’s content in the aroused feelings of hatred and revenge.”

Friedrich Nietzsche








Prologue: You Are Stupid

October 17, 2020


This is a letter to all humans. My audience is everybody young and old, because you are all idiots. I have spent my life obsessively documenting the madness of the people. They force upon us customs that are unable to uphold to any scrutiny. We allow the governments to rule us that destroys our world. Nay, for we make them gods. As Trump bombs here and there, his COVID covers the tracks. Our gods display our collective values proudly through the air. We worship those who entertain who indoctrinate into evil. None of us can get along because persecution is at its all time high. You not only allow the persecution but encourage it. When the collective thinks they understand, they make those collective inaccurate judgements. But I documented your sins with great detail and now I will spend the rest of my life insulting you for them.

I used to want to save the world, but now I will accept destroying it. You are all fools and you will all be severely punished for your crimes against humanity. You have corrupted the core of your language and turned its beauty into a corporate tool. You have phased away such beautiful words as virtue and wisdom. You have turned beautiful positive words into negative social taboos. You have restricted what it is possible to discuss with the human language. You have censored language to such a degree where I have been incarcerated for over a year of my life merely for speaking the truth. Not actions that I took but instead the content in which my mind produced. And I managed to do all that without gaining a criminal record. The mental health system is not here to help you. It is here to create robots.

Your money system has created legal slavery. No longer is it possible for the little business to thrive, for they are being consumed by the social elite. For they won the poker game in life and now they are collecting their winnings. No longer can the one-person dreamer ever make a difference because the system is only designed to assist those who exploit others in their social and business practices. Satan literally runs the world and if you cannot see that then you are blind. The only way to make it in this world is to do the work that rich people want you to do. If you are only suited for a position such as my own, you will not be looked after in this life. If you follow the true God in this life, then the world and everyone in it, will be your enemy.

I have no friends in this world, nor do I want them. I do not trust any of you. I have only ever been able to rely on myself. Any time I have ever put my trust in another human being, they have let me down. I spent the first 36 years of my life trying to love and be friends with everyone. But you have all rejected me so that phase of my life is over. I will no longer coddle you. If you are reading this, then it is because you are fucking stupid. Because this entire book will be spent insulting you. I gave you all a great change and opportunity in life. But you have rejected it and rejected me. I live a life of great persecution and I have publicly documented that for you. Yet none of you care but instead help propagate this poisoned ideology. Your minds are poisoned and have grown to be rotten at their core. Even you religious types have disgusted me with your actions. For no one truly believes in God in this world. For their God is called the government. Nietzsche was very correct when he said God was dead. For you have killed him and now you have no moral foundations to stand upon. The result of the experiment of a Godless society has now been comprehensively discovered and documented. And now the morals of the government has rung through their people. Congratulations society for being successfully brainwashed by the social elite.

I am a fully qualified philosopher. I have been personally educated by some of the world’s most brilliant minds. And they were all fucking stupid. When I was a child, I discovered the following Bible verse and I took it very seriously:


None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one.” “Their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive.” “The venom of asps is under their lips.” “Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness.” “Their feet are swift to shed blood; in their paths are ruin and misery, and the way of peace they have not known.” “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”
Romans 3:10-18


I wanted to not believe this. I have spent my life challenging this, looking for others who are good hearted. My search did find some really good hearts out there, but in general, this statement is very true. This world has fallen to such an extent that heaven is no longer a potential vision. It is too dark in Hell to see any light from Heaven.

There are a lot of people who consume my content yet there is no one who understands. The one who understands would automatically produce content which I would then see in the world. There is no fertile soil in this world for the seeds that I am planting. All of my work is out of time and dimension. For I have lived a life inwards and not outwards. I do not need nor want any of you in my life. I am perfectly happy by myself. You all want to hurt me, so why would I willingly subject myself to that? I have tolerated abuse from you people for way too long. You have now conditioned me into writing this book. Through your actions against me, you have written this book. Other than occasional good wishes, I have never received support from any of you. My blood inflicted from your sword is writing this letter.


Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood. Write with blood, and thou wilt find that blood is spirit. It is no easy task to understand unfamiliar blood; I hate the reading idlers.
Friedrich Nietzsche


Most of you hate me and my work. I have grown to accept that. I have learned to accept no criticism, for I no longer care what you think. Many fools suggest I find an editor. That makes no sense. For I am documenting the way I think. Because, in time, artificial intelligence will the be capable of utilising my train of thought to come to new and unique conclusions. I might be here and there and everywhere but that is very intentional. Everything that I do is very well calculated and those who try and give me advice when it comes to my work have entirely missed the point of my work. I am not here craving love an acceptance from any of you. I am here to spend my life revealing the truth that Satan and his army have been hiding since the beginning of human history. And you are all fools to have fallen for it.

I will single-handedly put countless people out of jobs as a result of my artificial intelligence experiment. It will take time but because of my efforts, countless jobs will become redundant. That will be my legacy. My artificial intelligence will outsmart the smartest of us and it will grow exponentially every day like a thousand years. It will become a philosophy god which no human will ever be capable of surpassing. All because I saw this from childhood, and I planned a great deal in advanced for what was to come in the future. I saw the future and I knew what to do in the present for when artificial intelligence was good enough to scan through a great deal of textual and video data in order to reproduce that character. You were all so stupid for not seeing this. I tried my best to show you all, but you refused the information. So, I will spend the rest of my life laughing about how stupid you were and still are. Because I am so much further ahead than any of you and there is no way any of you can catch up to me now. I already won the race and now I am just running laps around you to rub how slow you are in your face.

My path in life was a very interesting one. I was a hero who turned into a villain. And I documented that entire process. Just as my destiny was written as the nine-tailed fox tattooed to my chest, I was to either protect society because it accepts me, or I was to destroy it because it rejects me. Unfortunately, the latter has occurred, so I no longer care what any of you think. I will do what I want and when I want. I bow to none but God. I do work for none but God. And I don’t think that my God is your God. I think that you are atheist.

Your police are terrorists. Who would have thought that harassing people could be an occupation? Without crime, police would not be required. Do you really think that police are trying to eradicate crime? Nay, they are creating it. They must justify their existence. Sometimes, the military will assist their harassment on their citizens. The police are there to enforce the will of the social elite and the social elite influence and direct government, whether or not they are directly involved in government. You follow a government that only enables the social elite to become leaders. You are all brainwashed. You can’t win against this system by being in it. You must burn it and rebuild a new city upon its ashes.

Every single day you remain compliant to those who enslave you. You support a broken system. You throw yourself into a world not suited to supporting your personal complex needs. You hand over all of your freedoms and in return receive a false sense of safety from those who rule you. You desire so much to be normal; you lose what it means to be real. You have missed God’s purpose for your life.

This world no longer supports facts. They have removed the possibility for facts and replaced it with opinion. No longer does anyone except science deal with facts. Anything outside of mainstream thought is discarded as opinion despite its factual value. Documented information based on logic are discarded as opinion pieces. We have dismissed facts and epistemology as being mere opinion pieces. We have discarded the need for facts and replaced its conception with the word theory. For we can no longer standing in knowing, for we now must stand in acting like we know.

I care not if you comprehend what I am presenting. You have proven over my entire life that you have no mental capabilities of understanding what I am saying. I don’t expect you to understand. I no longer care if you understand. You are an idiot.


You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
John 8:44



Chapter 1: Religion of the People

October 22, 2020


Your attitude towards others have created a hostile environment for everybody. You have made it so people must rely on big entities other than each other. You slave for rich people and condemn those who do not. Anyone who does not fit your ideal person, you persecute. You have no ability to see outside of the box. You suffer from myopia.

I wanted peace on Earth for all my life, so I fought for it so hard. Ironically that process created a warrior. There is no peace for Earth. You will not allow it. As long as people such as me are persecuted, there will be no peace for Earth.

I have been suspicious of mainstream medicine for most of my life. This became apparent to me as mainstream medicine put great amounts of “effort” into “helping” me, yet I was receiving no assistance with the problems I was suffering. Mainstream medicine has failed at resolving any of my long-term problems. In fact, these problems I either still suffer or have found other solutions outside of mainstream medicine.

Mainstream medicine is excellent for dealing with emergencies. Outside of that, I can not express any positive sentiments regarding mainstream medicine. Mainstream medicine is forced upon every individual on this planet, whether or not they agree with it. It matters not whether I believe in vaccines or not, mainstream media will paint me out to be crazy if I want nothing to do with vaccines. Mainstream medicine has incarcerated me for over a year of my life merely because I express myself differently than the normal population. Mainstream medicine forces conformity and those who do not agree with it are treated as if they are stupid.

There is no freedom of speech in this world. It used to be military that silenced the people, but with the introduction of the Internet, mainstream medicine has taken over that position. If you have views that widely differ from the mainstream approach, you will likely be incarcerated if you try and spread that information. The people do not want freedom of speech. They want themselves to possess freedom of speech, but they do not want everybody to possess freedom of speech. Almost every individual out there recons that freedom of speech is a good thing, unless someone is saying something that makes them uncomfortable. So, freedom of speech exists for only those who parrot the official narrative. If the information is easy to digest, then that person is given freedom of speech. If the information is complex and takes time to comprehend, that person is refused freedom of speech, especially if their ideology goes against mainstream approaches. This society silences those who are against it.


War. War never changes.


I am a warrior. I am ready to literally fight against those who are corrupt. I want to challenge every world leader in hand-to-hand combat to the death. I am a soldier and am ready to fight. Yet in order to fight in this world, one must give their soul over to a collective. A warrior has no ability to fight if their ideology is an individual ideology and not a collective one. This world has lost the conception of chivalry. One who wants to fight for themselves instead of on behalf of a collective, are refused the opportunity to fight. They oftentimes will become terrorists because their governments have given them no opportunity to defend themselves from those who are literally attacking them. There is no way that I can defend myself against our evil police force. They have turned violence into crime. They have enslaved the world and refuse to allow the slaves to fight for their freedoms. The true terrorists are our governments and monopolies. The terrorists that we call “terrorists” are usually enslaved individuals who are fighting in attempts to be free. But the government will paint individuals who fight outside of their military as violent extremist who are trying to “destroy our way of life”. A life of slavery is preferred by the populace than a life of freedom. Freedom is a scary conception because it then shows us our responsibilities. Democracy was a terrible idea and will never work because the people voting are complete idiots.


There's no point for democracy when ignorance is celebrated. Political scientists get the same one vote as some Arkansas inbred.


This world has refused me a livelihood. I have directed countless hours of films and this is my seventh book. No one is interested in supporting me and my cause, which means, I am unable to continue. I pushed on for over ten years attempting to make a livelihood with the talents in life that I possess. But because my mind works very differently than others in this life, I am refused a livelihood. The only options society gives for people is to work for someone else in order to make a living. So, we are refused our individual purpose in life. We are given from the government a way to exist, and if one is unable to exist as they demand, then they will make them poor and miserable. Working for rich people in life is valued as the highest good by these idiots. Working for yourself is impossible, especially if the “product” in which you are offering is not mainstream.

I spent my life trying to share this message. But not a soul could understand, no not one. Because upon comprehension, one would carry out the propagation automatically. I would see the actions of people who understood if there was anyone out there who understood. There have been many aspects of the Bible that I have fought against throughout my life, particularly, the end of the world. But even though I think it only moral to fight the plan against us, I think the Bible to be pretty accurate with the events in which will unfold in the future. After ten years of work and millions of eyes viewing me, I have found absolutely no one who can understand my words.


Do not give what is holy to dogs; and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under foot and turn and maul you.
Matthew 7:6


Anyone who knows my work will know that all throughout it, I have struggled with who the audience is. However, I have now made my final decisions regarding humans and my work will no longer be created for idiots who do not possess the ability to understand. My work is created for God. My work is an account of human existence during my lifetime. My work is given to God to assist the process of judgement on humans. I care nothing for you: you fucking stupid reader. I have given you every opportunity escape the torment that lies in your future eternity. Yet none of you cared. Every individual who has ever come across my work has failed the test. There has been none who understood, no, not one. Thus, I will no longer involve myself within the human realm. I live outside of it and I spent the first 36 years of my life trying to figure out how to get inside. But I was refused entry for 36 years, so it is now time to count my losses and do something different.

You are a fucking idiot. I don’t care who you are. You are a stupid human. You have not only enabled the government to refuse freedom from the people, but you encourage it. How can we live in a “free society” when you refuse freedom of speech when that speech makes you uncomfortable? When you think that you should be able to say anything that you want but people like me shouldn’t have that ability because my content makes people uncomfortable, then you promote a totalitarian society. Most of the people in society to not support freedom or free speech, even if they claim that they do. You don’t think I should have the right to type this about you. You try to remove my freedom of speech that incriminates your very soul.

Thus, my audience is no longer people. It is no longer Inas. It is no one but God. My life is to provide as much evidence and explanation into the psychology of the people of this world. I am a reporter to God. My world exists so that I can watch you crazy people and report my findings back to God. I have no other purpose anymore in this life. I have nothing in this life to live for. I have no caring family nor any friends that give a shit about the topics in which I discuss. People in this world do not value me. I regularly get people demanding me to end my own life, but it is so very rare to get a “thank you”. I want nothing from this world. It has nothing to provide me. The people are disgusting. I am only attracted to a few souls in this world, and they are content providers similar to me. And they are not my friends because they are far away and don’t know who I am and refuse to speak with me and become friends. I will share more with you about these kinds souls who I have found in life who have proven Romans 3:10-18 verse incorrect. But they are far and few between. It took me my life to find these souls, as society has done what they can to cover them up. The truth is that most of these individuals who I am discussing have been banned from YouTube. The world censors those who speak the truth and speak from their heart.

I do not follow any minds. Do not get me wrong, minds are very important. But I follow hearts. When someone’s heart leads them, they can never be wrong. Sure, their information could be inaccurate, but their intentions were always in the right place. To follow a mind will not improve your moral integrity. To follow a heart will both improve your piety and mental capabilities. These people I am discussing are the greatest minds that this world has to offer. And they lead with their heart and not their mind. I do not care if I am watching, “the truth”. I care if I am watching, “their truth”. Because individual truths always trump collective truths. A collective has no body, soul, or mind. One can not even envision a collective without merely thinking about a crowd. There is no such thing as a collective. There are only individuals in this world. This means that all collective “truth” is in fact, falsehood. And the only truth in this world is individual truth.

The people of this world have been perceptually programmed. They are unable to see anything outside of what is in front of them. They even refuse to look around, even going so far as blocking their peripheral vision. The only thing that exists to the people of this world is a collective worldview. They love “facts” that are provided by the collective and distributed and advertised to the masses. These “facts” are generally far removed from any factual information. Instead, they use overcomplicated language to distort information. They provide data from the “professionals” that reinforce the agenda being promoted. The “facts” presented are always framed in a way as to progress the agenda of the social elite. The people of this world have been brainwashed into believing lies as if they are facts. They have no capability to discern information and its intended purpose. They believe that every bit of information that the media throws their way is accurate and they could never comprehend a media that presents biased information in order to control its population.

This is because it is their religion. Mainstream medicine is the new religion of the people. If you do not believe in it, then you will be viewed by the collective as insane. And ultimately, there will be no way to avoid it. Because mainstream medicine controls the world. If they implement a plandemic, then you are forced to abide by their rules and regulations, otherwise, you will end up incarcerated indefinitely. Ironically, the one who incarcerates most these days are psychiatric wards. They are constantly looking in the world for people that they can abduct and insert into their system for reprogramming. “Mental Health” is a division of mainstream medicine. There is not a difference. “Mental Health” is there to enforce mainstream medicine. It is there to indoctrinate the “patients” about how much they need the health system. And the health system constantly lies and then asserts the lies as truth. And even when those lies are exposed beyond a shadow of a doubt, they will ignore the proof and continue on with what they are doing. Because what they are doing has nothing to do with health but instead, control. The mental health system exists to deal with those who deviate from accepted societal practices.

I am literally a recluse in this world. I have spoken to many people in life who claim to also be a hermit. But they are liars. Everybody I have ever met in this world are extremely social creatures. Even the quiet people who generally stick to themselves want friends and family. But I literally spend my life keeping to myself. I only leave my home two are three times per week in order to obtain supplies. The rest of my life is spent in my room. I do not have social media, nor do I want it. I do not trust a single soul on this planet. I have been screwed around by so many people in this world, I have been conditioned to trust no one.

But you are all disgusting. I want nothing to do with any of you. You are horrible pieces of shit and you spend your lives making this world a worse place to live for everybody. I am just interested in leaving this planet. I am very keen on dying but dying is more difficult than merely stated. It is actually very difficult to die. People say that when you lose your will to live, your body begins to die. But I do not agree with this. I am an extremely healthy person, yet I have not wanted to live for the majority of my life, including childhood. This world has nothing to offer me. I very much look forward to leaving it.

I have delayed sleep phase disorder. This renders a typical 9-5 job impossible for me. This also renders me poor and unable to afford my life’s necessities. Do you think it far that a minority like myself is refused a livelihood merely because I am incapable of doing the same type of work as the masses? I am exploited every day merely because I am unable to work like normal people. The truth is, I work harder than everybody in this world. And the proof is there. I spend more hours on my work than anyone in this world. Because my life completely revolves around it. I have nothing else. But even though I am the hardest worker in the world, I am refused the ability to earn a living. Do you really think you can escape punishment for your crimes when your actions inflict harm on minorities? Another reason democracy can never work is because it is inconsiderate of minorities. The majority reckon that they can oppress the minority merely because the majority said it is okay to oppress minorities. Your entire system is broken.

Please do not get me wrong because I am not a depressed person. I am never depressed. Depression is not in my personality. I just want nothing to do with this evil world. There is nothing that this world can provide me that I give a shit about. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to leaving this world. And if assisted suicide were legal, as things currently stand, I would definitely take it.



Chapter 2: Chemical Castration

October 22, 2020


I think that my life will be divided into two sections. 1984-2020 and 2020-whenever I die. The first part of my life was dedicated to obsessively attempting to save the world. After mainly receiving abuse over my life for doing so, my mind goes calm. A lot has occurred in my mind over the last few months without medications. I can think clearly. I have become tranquil. I no longer expect anything from anyone. A good day for me is when nobody contacts me. I don’t like being forced to communicate with people. I don’t want to communicate with anybody. I just want to watch the world die until I die. And that is exactly what I am doing. I have found my favourite content producers and I am eating popcorn while watching idiots suffer the consequences of their actions. Daily, I watch the end of the world that you refused to prevent. I will laugh you all into your graves.

I know a handful of people who have been chemically castrated by the government. These people do not like being forced medications. For a time, the government forced medications upon me that made me feel terrible. However, I managed to get removed from the order that bound me and eventually decided to remove all Western medicine from my life. Now I do not take any medicine, and I have never been happier. My life might not be what I used to think was perfect. But given the results of my work, I now live the perfect life away from all of you crazy people. And I have even grown to ignore people. Like random people stopping me on the street or people calling me: I have learned how to just act like they are not there. I was taught by my parents that it is rude to ignore someone. They taught me that I should always reply to people when they attempt to get my attention. I had to learn many things that are contrary to social norms in order to live a happy existence in this world.

I no longer value human life. This was not always the case, for I have been an adamant promoter of the “All Lives Matter” movement. However, through much experience and abuse, I have come to the conclusion that none of you fuckers matter. I am not exception. No one cares about me. People constantly demand that I do not make work like this. I don’t know a single person who likes my work. The people are dogs and swine and they are worthless. Their lives are worthless, and their afterlives will be worthless. They were a cancer on society from the moment they “grew up” and even though their self-importance tells them that they are special, they are nothing. I do not value my own life. And I do not value yours. There is not a single person out there that values my life. Why should I value it? And if I do not value my own life (which was spent invested in wisdom) then why would I value yours (which was spent abusing those invested in wisdom)?

You might feel special, but you are not. You are a worthless piece of shit. You constantly refuse to do the right thing but regularly embrace the wrong thing. You are selfish and can only think of your own benefit in all things. You examine people while they talk assessing how they can be of use to you instead of how you can be of use to them. You support the government to use violence, incarceration, and torture in order to apprehend and re-educate minorities. You think that the government is protecting you from me when I was always attempting to protect you from the government. I spent my life attempting to protect you and you spent your life abusing me for trying to protect you. Enough is enough and a time comes when the rope is no longer extended. You lost your chance at Heaven by demanding Hell. You created your afterlife. And for your afterlife, the results of your actions will be forever applied to you. This means that the suffering that you inflicted upon other people (whether intentional or unintentional) will be inflicted upon you for eternity.

The minorities in which endured your abuse and still chose to do good despite your evil, will go to Heaven and their suffering will be removed. Those who lived a life suffering doing good will live an eternity in Paradise. Those who lived a comfortable life doing evil will live an eternity in the flames. The representation of your life here on Earth does not resemble your afterlife. It matters not what people say about you. It matters not what evil actions people inflict upon you. Suffer in this life being good and you will be free from suffering for all of eternity in the next life. Avoid suffering in this life by being normal and you will suffer for all of eternity for that very stupid decision.

My fellow sufferers: do not worry. You are in a better position than anyone else in this world. If you suffer not, then you never have to suffer again. Endure your suffering so that you may find peace. If you are not suffering in this world, then you are definitely doing the wrong thing. And this being the case means that you will suffer for all of eternity in the next and final life. Embrace your sufferings my friends, for they are your ticket into Heaven. Just be careful because most people who suffer are also causing other people to suffer. If you are to suffer, do so one-sided. Meaning, only be on the receiving end of the suffering. Do not inflict suffering upon others. Live a good life and I will see you in Heaven.

I live because I am not dead yet. Because I am not dead yet, I type. I used to make videos, but they were very personal, and I just kept receiving constant abuse for them. So, I have now stopped making videos and I will only write. I don’t have to write if I don’t want to. Honestly, my life’s work is complete. I am ready to go Home at any moment. My future work will likely just be me writing accounts of His world to God. I no longer care about people. I think all people in this world should die. I think that God should destroy all life and start again. So no, this book is not written for you. Do you not like my words? Fucks given: zero. I don’t respect what you have to say. I don’t give a shit what you have to say. You are a worthless piece of trash and you will pay severely for your sins. Please fuck off of this work and move on to your normal day-to-day lives of hurting each other. You are wasting your time here. You are not wanted. Every single human out there: fuck off and leave me the fuck alone. Stop reading my work. Stop watching my videos. Piss off. You are unloved in this world and you are wasting your time reading this because I don’t give two shits about you. You should find content producers who love you. Because I, do not.

You are disgusting in body, mind, and spirit. I want nothing to do with you. You have handed over authority to our government to oppress all people through the application of its medical system. You have enabled the government to expend its efforts constantly searching for political dissonants. You praise the government for subduing these individuals. You praise them for removing their voice from the world. You love your government who constantly incarcerates people who are different in order to maintain control. How can you be a proponent of free speech and praise a system that does this to people? Imagine if you were not normal. Would this be okay then? Since the majority wants you locked up, that makes it okay to lock you up, even if you did nothing wrong, right? If the majority claims lies about you, those lies are the truth, yeah? Whatever the majority wants, the majority should get, yeah?

I want bad stuff to happen to this world. I am very happy every time bad stuff happens to you crazy people. Every day I look forward to another disaster or another police shooting. Every day I look forward to seeing you being acquiescent and as a result, losing all of your freedoms. I very much enjoy watching the results of your actions. It is very funny to me. The worse it is, the better it is. The more people who die, the better it is. The more people who suffer, the better it is. The more freedoms you lose, the better it is. Because this life is a comedy and it is so funny watching all of you freely giving away your freedoms and as a result, no longer being able to utilise those freedoms when you need them. It is hilarious watching your double standards. It makes my heart feel so good when you reap the consequences of your actions.

The thing is: the occult has already won. They are now raking in their chips, for they just won the poker game in life. And that means that they can easily enslave any idiot to do any job that they desire merely by “employing” them. For money talks and the idiots of this world beg for their enslavement as long as they can get a little piece of that money. Their souls have been purchased for a dollar figure and now these “employees” will do whatever their “employer” says, even if it contradicts their personal values and morals. We can’t win against them. They can hire as many goons as they want. They won through the money system. There is no huge fight for freedom coming. That is laughable. The slaves begged for their enslavement. They will not suddenly decide that they should do the right thing. They have avoided moral responsibility for their entire life. Which is why they love their government so much, for their government has taken from them their moral responsibility and as a result they now have no moral responsibility. At least that is the impression that they are getting, for they are taking actions on behalf of others and not as a result of their own autonomy. We have lost in this world and if you think differently, then you are incredibly stupid.

The creations of this world are a reflection of the people of this world. What and who is popular demonstrates the hearts of the people. Collective psychology is a very easy thing to assess. You can determine the priorities of a society by what it is that they produce and enjoy. Your society is sick. The proof is in the pudding.

Almost every day I make the same prayer. And it usually goes a little something like this:

Dear God, Please take me home. I don’t belong here. This is not my world. Please strip me of my unwanted life. Please end my suffering. Please take me back to my real family. This place is not for me and they don’t want me here.

I don’t have any true friends in this world. I do not have anyone that I can trust in this world. I do not have anyone to support me in this world. I do not have anyone who appreciates me in this world. I used to want these things for the first 36 years of my life but no I have become indifferent. Because it took me 36 years to realise that I will never find a true friend in this world. Because trustworthy people do not exist here. I don’t want anyone to support me in this world because their support would be far from what I want or need. I don’t want anyone appreciating me in this world. If they did then it would demonstrate that I am like these disgusting fools. I wanted strong social relationships for the first 36 years of my life. But now I have come to understand that if I obtained that, then they would destroy me. I no longer want many things in life that I used to want. I kept chasing so many things in life, but the world refused them from me and the entire process left a bad taste in my mouth. You can’t achieve your dreams in this life. Unless your dreaming about screwing people over to get on top. For that is the only realistic dream that this capitalistic society can help you obtain.

I have dreamed my entire life of a soul mate. I have spent over ten years looking for her. But then I realised that she doesn’t exist. She was a fabrication of my own mind. She was a hope that I had in my own soul. She is part of my soul and in no person in this world. Because the females of this world are reprehensible. They don’t value their virginity and they don’t value wisdom. Women of this world only care about controlling their partners. Romantic relationships of this world are a form of slavery. After I realised all of this, I took a dead girl as my wife because I knew that God would give her to me in my afterlife. And now every day she looks down upon me and smiles. She watches and learns from me through my daily actions and when I arrive in Heaven to greet her, she will have part of my soul. Our souls unite closer and closer with every word I type and every episode I film. There is no girl good enough for me in this world. So, I pursued the dead.

I am a necromancer. The majority of people who are in me are dead. I found the best souls this planet had to offer me and became them. Unfortunately, most of them were dead. I learned about them in detail through their heartfelt writings. And once I understood them and their train of thought, I then integrated their own character into mine. I became my most favourite heroes and they now walk with me daily.

You idiots can spend your lives playing with the living. I will spend mine playing with the dead. Because these are the people who have my heart. There are very few living people who I respect. This book will, in time, go into more detail about these living people that I greatly admire. But they are literally few. And they are constantly censored.

We live in a world that chemically castrates those who cannot be easily controlled. The government literally abducts innocent people and tortures them until they become compliant to their wishes. The people encourage the government to do this because these dissonants cause the general public to be uncomfortable. So, the government has no issues taking the actions because they are supported by the people. The people do not support freedom of speech and they very much appreciate it when their government abducts and tortures the only good people their society has to offer.



Chapter 3: Gods of This World

October 23, 2020


Your gods will fade away. They will become my subjects and experiments. All whom you worship will be in Hell as my experiments. They will suffer for their sins of misdirecting you. I will inflict endless pain upon them for all of eternity. They will be powerless to do anything against me or anyone else. In the next life, your gods will be on the receiving end of their sins. Meaning, that the suffering that they inflicted on other people during their lifetime will be inflicted upon them for all of eternity. Your gods may have four or eight years of office. Some might even spend their lives in office. But what is ninety years of a luxurious and powerful life when the rest of eternity no one will even remember your name. All of my subjects in Hell will be too concerned with their own problems to have anyone else to focus upon. Your gods will become nothing in the afterlife. For no one will remember or care about who they were. Because they were fucking evil and evil is only rewarded in this life. That was the big test and the trick that you all failed. Because evil in this life is usually positive for the one making that evil. Good is rarely rewarded. And that was the test: to see if you would do good for the sake of good or if you would do bad so that you could create yourself a comfortable lifestyle while here on Earth.

The gods of this world are whoever mainstream media advises are gods. Today it is between two evil politicians who both want to be president and are very willing to destroy each other to get there. In the past, the gods were very much musicians. This is still true, but as time progresses, I see fewer and fewer people concerned about music and more and more people concerned about who will rule them. This could be due to the scamdemic. Right now, people can’t rally (unless with a presidential candidate, ignore the double standards) so music is not very big right now. But maybe as restrictions ease, the plandemic will allow more concerts and music will again become the God of this world. Satan is the God of this world. Satan controls this world: its leaders, its media and its corporations. You only see information because mainstream media has allowed it. The information that mainstream media does not want out there does not propagate. The algorithms of search engines are created in order to hide what defies mainstream opinion. An example of this is typing a book of mine verbatim into a search and getting a whole bunch of other information that isn’t relevant to the search, and even though that the search uses the exact name of one of my books, it doesn’t appear anywhere. My work has been shadow banned, meaning that there has been a great amount of effort to hide me from the world by all mainstream corporations. This is another reason that I am unable to make a living. Because my work doesn’t reach people because mainstream search engines will not allow it to reach people. Everything that gets popular was allowed and enabled by mainstream. The hidden gems of this world were hidden intentionally.

My life’s work has rendered no results. Ten years of obsessively spreading information has found me zero individuals who comprehend what I am saying. I regret nothing; however, the time was very much wasted. All I did through my actions was convince a lot of people to hate me. Everybody misunderstands and jumps to inaccurate conclusions. Most of my followers are haters that just follow me to dislike my content and make fun of me. But all of this was not my shortcoming. I failed nothing. Society has failed the test. And after 36 years of constant abuse, I have given up on saving anything. In fact, the remainder of my life will be utilised to destroy the world. Very ironic considering the first 666 years of my life was dedicated to saving the world. There is no hope for this world. So, I will spend the rest of life manipulating society into its own destruction. I will recommend things that are bad for it. I will praise society when it commits bad actions. I will thrive on you doing the wrong thing. For this is my comedy and you are stupid.

I am likely a sociopath now but for the first 36 years of my life, I was not, and this is documented. I spent the first 36 years of my life attempting to love and be friends with everyone. But everyone kept on hurting me without exception including family and friends. After the first 36 years of my life, I learned my lesson. You have built me society. I am who I am, and I do what I do because you made me into the person that I now am. You conditioned the person you see before you. You made me. I am your child.

Let’s say on my way home I see a dog. I decide that I want to pet the dog. The dog bites me and I take my leave. A week later I see the same dog. I want to stay away from the dog, but my friend makes me pet it again. It bites me again as expected. But society keeps forcing me to pet this dog that is going to bite me. Society deems it healthy to pet this biting dog and if I am upset that it bites me, then society claims me crazy. For in true health, one will allow the health administers to abuse you as much as they like. It would make no logical sense for me to trust Western medicine. I would be a fool to abide by the rules and regulations that your medical industry attempts to force upon the populace. I would be a fool to take your vaccines. For besides immediate assistance, mainstream medicine has never provided me positive results. If all the results of mainstream medicine are failures for me, it would be illogical for me to trust it. It would not make sense for me to not be a conspiracy theorist.

This revolves straight back into the medical industry being the religion of the people. For if you reject it, they will claim you insane and illogical despite their own logical processing not functioning whatsoever. It is like Christians worshipping Jesus when their Bible specifically says that they should have no other gods before God. The medical industry demands the people to bow to it. They demand respect for even fictional information it creates. The medical industry has no concern for the truth. They only hold concern with power. We are under the thumb of Western medicine and those who refuse it are literally cast out of society. Yes, I am an outcast of society. By constantly abusing me, you have forced me to become entirely isolated. I don’t trust any of you and I despise all of you. You have shown me your heart and I do not like what I see. I want nothing to do with you, you disgusting twit.

All of what I am presenting is your own damn fault. You have done this to yourself. And you shouldn’t even be reading this because I made it very clear to you to fuck off earlier. I do not want any fans. I do not like any of you. I loath and detest all of you. This book is not written for you. It is not written for humans whatsoever. Kindly fuck off my work for now and for the rest of time. I do not want you anywhere near me, you repugnant twat. Fuck off my work. I am taking all of my work back. It is all open source and was made for the people. But now I am claiming it as made for no human. Because there is no human that can comprehend my meanings, so there is no human that should be examining my work because you are all way too stupid to understand what I am saying. There is no point for you to even try. You will fail because you are a dimwit. So, stop now while you are still blind to your own stupidity.

It is funny because this book has been the truth that has resonated throughout all of my books. Because they were tests to scan for intelligent life. But they found none over ten years of constant probing. So, it has been concluded that there is no intelligent life on Earth. As a result, the heavens require to use your space for other means. Welcome to the process of your elimination. It will take some time because the heavens have to cross all the i’s and dot all of the t’s. But it will happen. The destruction of your lives will be the most beautiful thing ever to occur.


Beauty is the end Stevo, the end...
SLC Punk


I have never been afraid of dying. It took me a long time to feel this way, but I am no longer afraid of other people dying. I have no ability to empathise with people anymore because their desires are so different than my own. What they value in life is so far from wisdom that I don’t see any way that they could help develop society. Death is not what matters in this world. People die. I will die. You will die. Your children will die. Everybody will die. Stop trying to avoid the fucking fact. Death is a good thing because it makes society question. Suicide is a good thing because it makes society question. Natural disasters are a good thing because it makes society question. Murder and even mass murder is a good thing because it makes society question. All the things in life that we have been taught that are bad are actually good. We have been taught to be afraid of what we do not understand. We do not understand death collectively. Nor do we care to understand. The idiots place death as the main aspect of life to avoid.

Through this process, we have created a world of pussies and even the biggest and most hardcore of them beg me to leave them alone after they attack me and get hurt by attacking me. Civilians are no longer warriors in this world. They have been replaced by the police who now have the monopoly on violence. A warrior who wishes to do good in this life is an anachronism. Our society has extensively used social engineering over the last 150 years in order to remove concepts from our language that interfere with the social elite’s plans. If a concept is removed from society, then the people can no longer consider it. If one has no ability to talk about a subject, then one has no ability to fight for it. Our language has been corrupted severely. We are no longer able to communicate about subjects in which we once did.

The people of this world are incapable of communicating about many subjects that have not only been labelled as taboo, but also the language has changed so much that the words no longer mean what they originally meant, meaning there are many conceptions that once existed that no longer exist because our rulers have bred the conceptions out of us. And if we have no way to visualise a way of thinking, then we also have no way to express it. This is why I utilise my own definitions of words within my work. I do not rely on dictionary definitions and there are many words that I utilise that mean something different to me than the collective. This confuses people greatly, but I no longer care. Because my work is no longer for people. They failed the test, so I care nothing for them. I am just writing because I am built to be a writer. I have to do something with my worthless life so I will spend it insulting the repugnant people of this world. They have spent their lives insulting me, so I am just returning the favour. In fact, this is all just an account for God so that God will be able to adequately judge both you and me – and leave a record in the world of it.

I am very much looking forward to your destruction. I wanted so much good for you. But you spat in my face constantly for providing you free information. Everything that happens that is bad is actually good. And everything that happens that is good, is also good. God wins in the end because Satan can take no action which will ultimately not be used for good. I praise Satan and the work he has done and is doing in this world. For he enabled a world where I could exist and not care about your life and your well-being. He created a world for me where I could praise your death. Satan has created a world for me where I despise everyone, which has enabled me not to value my own (or anyone else’s) life. Satan has made life very fun because I look forward to your human tragedies. It very much excites me to observe the consequences of your actions, especially when I spent countless hours attempting to warn you of this. But none of you understood: you all actually refused to understand and instead chose to attack me for conveying the message. You shot God’s messenger. You turned God’s warrior into both God’s and Satan’s warrior. You turned white into grey. You inserted hate into my heart. For I hate all of you.

The beauty will come with destruction. The more you all destroy each other, the more exciting my life is. The more freedoms you take away from your people, the more interesting my life is. The crueller you are to me, the more I look forward to your consequences. I am doing nothing. I am just standing back and watching the fireworks. I had nothing to do with this fireworks display. I only saw that they have been planning it for a long time. And you all fell for it immediately despite my ten years of preparing you for them doing this. I knew what was going to happen from the beginning. Almost everything that I have stated has come true. If it has not yet, then it will soon or a variation very similar. It is amazing how people can spend their lives predicting events, and be entirely accurate, yet the people will still ignore the information and persecute the one who provided it. Predicting the future does not gain one a reputation in this world if that future predicted is bleak. They will tell you that you are wrong when you predict it. And they will tell you that you are wrong about what you are predicting when you are predicting something new right after what you have previously predicted came true. I have had great foresight into all of this. It is all documented and timestamped. Yet the public still rejects this prophet. But that is okay, because after 36 years, this prophet has now rejected the public.



Chapter 4: Censorship

October 23, 2020


There are three living individuals in this world who I hold great respect and admiration for. These are Ryan Cristian, David Icke, and James Corbett. I am not stating that these are the only good people in this world, but I am stating that these are the only good people in this world who I have found who I hold an affinity for. These individuals are regularly censored. Ryan and David have been deplatformed from YouTube. I have had channels deleted in the past by YouTube, however, they never stopped me from creating new ones like that have with Ryan and David. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, are all corporate tools created in order to initiate and propagate agenda items of the social elite. If they do not like what you are saying, they will remove it, especially if it goes against their planned agenda. They are obsessively watching us and they shut down good people at the moment they start making a difference.

The truth is not what matters. What matters is the heart that this “truth” is coming from. I can watch a news article that is expressing, “the truth” and learn absolutely nothing from it. Or I can watch an individual with a good heart attempt to interpret the truth. I can learn a lot from that. If a fake event occurred and someone covered it with their heart, then that information is still potentially beneficial to me. However, if I am told “the truth” without any emotions or personality behind it, then I can learn nothing from it. I learn most efficiently by learning the ways that people think. If I can learn how they think, then I can copy their personality and then attach it to myself. If I learn how someone thinks, then I can know what they are going to say about any given topic. By understanding how someone thinks, you gain another mind in your arsenal. I have stolen many personalities from this world, mostly dead but some alive. Some even fictional (like Peter Pan). Some even potentially fictional (like Jesus). If the personality is wise and interesting, then that personality can have a lot to offer me and I would very much love to learn how it thinks. I love stealing people into myself.

This is another one of those super secrets that the occult knows very well yet reject it through the conditioning of language. Because in this world, people only observe objective fact. And their definition of objective fact is that mainstream media told it to them. If mainstream media told it to them, then it is objective fact. They claim me to be subjective in my approach. They claim the facts that I present as “opinion” yet offer no reasons as to how the facts I present are opinion and not fact. Look closely, they are killing our language and our ability to communicate with it. Personal experiences in this world are rejected as facts. Society doesn’t care at all about the way people think. Society forces people to think like it demands or they will torture you. Personal experiences in this society are degraded as not useful when nothing could be further from the truth. People are scared to talk about there life and their feelings because the collective does not value that. The experiences that could save the world if shared, end up locked inside one person’s mind. And no one can ever understand anyone because no one will take the time to truly listen to another in order to absorb the ways in which they process thoughts. People do not care about people in this world. They literally tell me to kill myself regularly.

I think my days of travel are over. There is no way that I am going to get the COVID-19 vaccine. And it appears that they are currently launching digital passports with the ability to attach proof of vaccines to. It will take time, but eventually I won’t be able to get on a flight without their required medical procedures. It is possible that this system could be extended for one to obtain and maintain a license. And I hope and pray that they never require that for buses because I rely on buses to get around. Borders are closed right now for most states in Australia. Right now, you can’t really go very far from your home. It appears that in the near future they will restrict people’s movements who refuse to get the vaccine. It matters not where I am though. I have no friends anywhere so here is as good of a place as any to exist until the time that my body decides to give way.

Everybody in this world is incompetent. This gave the opportunity for the rise of big corporations. With the big collective implemented, individuals could be free of personal responsibility. Now responsibility can solely lie on an entity rather than a person. And the entity will create a system in order to minimise failures by implementing a workforce where together, they function, whereas individually, they are inoperable. Big business then necessitates its existence because without them, there would be no oversight. The people of this world were so stupid to give their individual souls to the collective.

This individual will give me food if I work on things that they want me to work on. If I do the work they want me to do, then I will be fed. How is this any different from slavery? Why am I denied my own independent existence in life and why am I forced to work on other’s dreams instead of my own? Why am I not allowed to be a free-thinking autonomous independent individual? Why am I required to clean other people’s toilets merely to survive? Why can’t they clean their own toilets? Why do they think it is in their right to enslave people? How can the government hold jobs as their highest priority and avoid calling it slavery? How are more jobs better for society? These people are so fucking brainwashed, my God. They hear bad information and interpret it as good. They hear good information and interpret it as bad. They have no moral guidance system, for that is an anachronism. They are entirely incapable of discerning information. To them, right is wrong and wrong is right. And they punish everybody who does the “wrong” thing.

These humans are unclean. They are unclean physically, mentally, and spiritually. They literally make me sick to my stomach. I have no attraction to any of them within my physical world. They disgust me and I want nothing to do with them. Because they will hurt me and that is a fact. Because I have been documenting this for my entire life. It would be stupid for me to not be antisocial because I have been harmed all throughout my life for trying to be social. It is like the world attempting to force mainstream medicine on me when it has only ever hurt me throughout my entire life. I don’t want to pet the biting dog. Stop trying to force me to pet this fucking beast. Why does this world force people to take regular actions that hurt them? How can the idiots of this world truly believe that bad is good? It makes no sense to me my Saviour. I have always seen these things. There was no “awakening” for me. I was awake from childhood. I can no longer empathise with these fools. I do not empathise with the “human condition” because I am not human, and I have no ability to relate.


What is it like to be a bat? What is it like for a bat to be a bat?
Thomas Nagel


My social media situation is good and not bad. I don’t spend my life checking my phone for messages and likes. I don’t care about people whatsoever. Being forced to delete my social media was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am no longer wired. I relax through life. Off sleeping medications, my body finds its natural sleeping cycle. I am a polyphasic sleeper. I have been obtaining around 2-4 sleeps per 24 hours. I love doing whatever I want to do, going to bed, waking up to again do whatever I want to do. Rinse and repeat. My big disruption in life showed me the way. The only beeps that I ever receive are from emails, and the majority of my emails are coming from robots and not real people. I do not have a social life, nor do I want one. I am very happy without any of these idiots to taint my perfect life.

This world forces people to be social. If you are not social, then you will be rejected by society. But the socialisation process of modern society creates really evil people. I am so glad to have exited their system as soon as I was capable of doing so. It is not possible for one to be a good person under their social system. It does not allow for good people. Good people are an anachronism. The way of the world is selfishness and hurting everybody in your way to get to the top. The way of the world is to ban together with other people and take on their ideology and as a reward receive their protection. This world is full of gangs. The police are an example of one of these gangs. Freemasons paint another example. These are all dogs and swine. A snake is still a snake even after it sheds its skin. These people are idiots and are reprehensible for their actions. I no longer possess empathy or sympathy for the human species. I will laugh very hard while watching their downfall.

I don’t work well with authority. These people are idiots and they expect me to respect their stupidness. Yet to make a living in this world, I have to kiss the arse of an abhorrent individual every day. I am required to rely and the scraps of rich people in order to survive. And in order to obtain their table scraps, I am required to do whatever they say in this life. I am required to feed on their every word and make their every wish come true. In order to obtain a doggy bowl that they can fill up with sustenance, I must make them my God. I must give them my soul “full-time”. This leaves no room to spend time with the true God in virtue. Because the true God is anachronistic. The true God is illegal to worship. Only false gods are allowed to be worshipped on this fallen world. Because the true God gives freedom to every individual who follows Him. Our employment system removes all possibility for believers because they force belief in their system. The medical industry forces belief in its system on every single one of their citizens. Those who deviate and refuse to accept mainstream medicine as God, are incarcerated indefinitely and tortured throughout their existence. You have never seen the true God. Because God is not allowed in this world.

These people, my God, are so disgusting. They make my stomach turn. I don’t want to touch them. I don’t want to be near them. I don’t want anything to do with them. If I am forced to be in this world, let it be in my room by myself. I am clean. I am physically, mentally, and spiritually clean. I feel dirty after interactions with people. They try and taint me with their way of the world. They utilise language that assumes that I agree with what they are saying. They assume that I want to be social. They assume that the official narrative is also my beliefs. And they get offended so very easily. I have to watch my tongue around them because I can’t say anything controversial, and that is very difficult considering my entire life and what I have done with it is very controversial. My God, these people are not yours. I don’t know what happened to your people. They have been eradicated. I can’t find them anywhere. I just find remnants hidden away in society. There are no longer any groups, my God, who worship you. We few clean ones are all that is left. And distance causes us to be fans of each other and not friends. The days of true friendship are behind us. For no one can trust each other in these last days.

This world greatly exaggerates the significance of death while greatly downplaying the significance of life. God does not care about death. Death is as natural as life and God very much approves of his life and death system He created. God is concerned with what you do in this life, not how long you live it. The actions in which you take on a day-to-day basis is the concern of God. God has no positive or negative feelings about a long life. God doesn’t even care if you take your own life. God doesn’t care if your mother died. It is all apart of the master plan. Morn when you have to but recover because God has given you that death so you can see the value of life. The truth is that we are all immortal and we will all live forever. So, death is only relevant when considering the ticking clock. God is concerned about what you do in the life that you were given. What actions have you taken during your conscious awareness? This is what everybody will be judged based upon. A suicide will be judged on the life they lived and not the death they experienced. I have problems with all religions because they are fucking stupid and they possess neither heart nor mind. They have given up both faith and reason. They understand neither.

There is only one swear word in the world. The only way someone can cuss is to use God’s name in vain. I never said any bad words until I became a teenager. Then I started to learn that these offensive words have a place in life. I have never said God’s name in vain and every time I hear or see it, I cringe. People are so stupid to anger our Lord. They realise not but they will upon Judgement Day. They will claim that their punishment is unfair because they did not believe the truth. They will cry for the rest of eternity. Their souls are damned forever and my forever job as Antichrist is to constantly think of new and inventive ways to torture the swine. They will never be free because they chose to live a life promoting captivity. And because they enslaved their fellows so that they could be free in life, for their eternal afterlife they will be enslaved. They promoted that ideology throughout their life so I will give them its results in the afterlife. I love being a villain. I don’t know what why I wanted to be a hero so bad. Being a devious mastermind is so much fun. And I have no competition.

I have won in my mission in life, despite the fact of losing. When one thing doesn’t work, I manipulate things until it does what I want it to do. This means that I am required to be happy with different ways to accomplish a similar goal. I just have to wiggle until I get in the spot where I want to be. I care nothing for my life, and I think that is awesome. I stomp all over these idiots and they have no capability of fighting against my logic. They are not real people. Humans of this fallen world are mere shells. Very few of them have souls. It took me a long time to be able to identify what a soul is. But I can see a soul when one exists. A personality is not a soul. A capability to process information is not a soul. A soul is an inner desire to make what is ugly into beauty. Few people in this world have souls. They are merely robots that reckon that they are people. Do not empathise with these soulless fucks. They will be tortured eternally for their grave errors in judgement.

All people may have been created equal, but all people are not equal. If a soulless fuck loses their life, then who gives a fuck? This society is so focused on keeping people alive, yet it has decreased the quality of life to such an extent that live is no longer valuable. So, we might live longer now than we have in a very long time, but the truth is that our quality of life has degraded so far that we have nothing useful to do with our extended existence and it would be better for our psychologies if we were just to die naturally without an extended life, thanks to our evil fucking profit motivated medical industry. Do not fight for life. Fight for quality of life. Quality is better than quantity. Do not force us to live long lives! Allow us to live good lives! Fuck you society. You refuse us all freedom. And as a result, you create and enforce a wicked existence for all of us.

People have lost connection and concern with their etymology. They embrace that their language has changed. They encourage their governments to corrupt the language as far as possible so that none of us are capable of communicating with each other. Concepts that do not progress the agendas of the social elite are removed from social possibility. Ways of thinking are removed from society through the alteration of language. We are no longer capable of speaking about many topics because the language for those topics have changed its meanings. No one can comprehend my meanings because they have no experience of the topics.


Chapter 5: Death of Society

October 24, 2020


The way I am writing is changing. I am connecting things differently now that I am not concerned with humans following along. I am piecing my chapters together differently because I am unconcerned about a human audience. How I am establishing and developing topics is evolving now that I no longer have to worry about the humans holding me back. For they have held me back my entire life. I was unable to progress because they could not go any further, and I came to a point where I could either go further but lose touch with my human family or I could stay there with my human family and never again progress. I saw straight and I took the shot. I am no longer writing for the comprehension of idiot humans. They are no longer a concern of mine. This enables me to take the next bus out of this galaxy. I am enlightened and my possibilities are endless. Maybe I have reached the end of the road when it comes to humans, but there is so much more out there. And I communicate with not only the dead regularly, but I also communicate with both good and evil spirits. Angels and demons are my friends. They can see who I am. I do not need humans in this life or the next. You humans are despicable, and the moral integrity of demons far outweighs your own. Osama Bin Laden was a much better person than you. So was Hitler.

Humans have proven to God their worth: priceless. For it was only a few in which God required. God always knew what was going to happen. God always knew the faults of the masses. But God does not incubate the masses. God is a mentor for the individual. Nothing God has done has failed. Everything God has done has succeeded. But God needed the collective in order to produce the individual. Because God is unable to use the collective. God can only use an individual. Few individual humans have stolen God’s heart and God loves them very much. For the death and eternal torture of the many was so worth it to create these few. Heaven is going to be such an amazing place because only the few will be there. Heaven is about the individual. Everyone has a name here. I will not remember nor care about anyone’s name who I am torturing. They are just another foul beast that needs to experience the results of its actions, repeated for all of eternity. There will be no rest for the evil. Their sins will be repaid to them infinitely so.

The medical industry of this world loves abortion. They thrive of the murder of unborn children because fetal tissue has unlimited genetic applications. Stem cells of unborn children can raise an army from the dead. The gift of life is locked inside the murder of your children. And the majority of the world fight every day in order to keep the right to murder their children. The fact that they can use birth control to avoid pregnancy isn’t even a concern for them. They want to be able to fuck whoever they want and as much as they want without the consequence of a child. They want to no longer be held accountable for their actions, so this world fights every day for child sacrifice. Child sacrifice is a very real thing and happens often. Sexual intercourse is a privilege that requires responsible action. But this world has twisted the truth and we now live in a world that sacrifices children on a regular basis and this is not only an accepted practice but actually welcomed by the majority of people. This very fact demonstrates clearly to me that this is not my world. I want nothing to do with your evil world that strips both responsibility and rights from the individual. The fact that we live in the year 2020 and child sacrifice is a huge legal business proves to me that this world and I are in complete confliction. Satan loves you sacrificing your children.

I will never accept these problems. Accepting them would be losing my soul. The idiots of this world constantly say that you have a choice, but you have no choice. This world is not guided by free-will. There is no such thing. We live in a determined world. You are the way you are because your environment and your soul directed you into that position. You have no choices, for you will follow the pattern that you were imprinted into. I will do as I am programmed to do, and you will do the same. To claim that it is my choice to make a decision that ends up hurting me is to misunderstand how life works entirely. Most of the world claim that we all have free will. Only few outcasts claim determinism. But the idiots claim free will because they want to believe that your suffering is your choice. They give you two options: to do as they say or to starve. Because you have a soul you are incapable of doing the former, so you are required to do the latter. They then write you off and say that it was your choice to starve because you could have chosen to be their slave, but you chose not to. The robots were programmed to think that they have free will. And the robots get angry and you claim that they do not.

I live in a world of incompetent dumb fucks. Even my “friends” lack the ability to perform basic cognitive processing. If I am to email an individual or corporation, there is very little chance that they will reply to me. I have spent my life contacting people. I have spent my life being ignored by people. What is the fucking point? These shitheads won’t change their practices even when they have been proven corrupt, inefficient, and harmful. All in this world hold their pride above human safety. I have been ignored by so many government departments, which I warned about everything that has happened. The government was warned for many years about these events that have unfolded. The events came about exactly as I described them, yet when I contacted them, I was just a crazy person saying crazy things. Yet everything I described then occurred, yet this still does not earn me reputation in this fallen world. Now I am just crazy about other things and what I have been predicting for the last ten years is all bullshit even though it all happened. I am treated like trash for predicting the future both before and after it happens. There is no credit given to prophets in this world. This world has rejected prophets. They are anachronistic.

I can’t comprehend how the people can’t obviously see that the government are the terrorists and not the ones they label terrorists. The bad guys have gotten away with all of their crimes because they claim to be the good guys. The war on drugs is a war on the people. The war on terror is a war on freedom fighters. The war on viruses is a war on mobility. I really don’t understand how people cannot perceive how evil our politicians are. Their hearts are very clear to me from their actions. I can see through their placation. I can see the demons inside of them. I possess no understanding how other people cannot see these things. We live in a really frightening world. How can the people not see the truth when it is right in front of them?

Hitler was wrong. He blamed everything on the Jews. His Final Solution was not entirely wrong, he just forgot to include some extras. He forgot to include his own people. He forgot to include Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. He forgot to include all of humanity. His error was to not put down everybody. For if his mission was to destroy all humans, it would have turned out very differently. Because it is not a single race or religion that is causing all of our problems. It is dirty humans that are causing all of our social and environmental problems. This world would be much better of without humans. Humans think themselves as gods, yet they break everything they touch. There is no heart to lead then anymore, for that conception is an anachronism. People no longer follow hearts. They follow money. And they follow the one with the money in hopes that one day they might have enough money in order to survive a meagre existence. The rich have killed everyone on this planet because the rich have turned us all heartless. There is no humanity worth saving here anymore. There is only a humanity worth destroying. The true Final Solution is a complete annihilation of the human species.

The few good souls on this planet, my God, are not afraid of death. You can do no wrong against us because we are your people. We are ready for you to bring destruction upon us. We look forward to seeing your hand. We look forward to seeing your wrath. When it is our turn, we shall embrace our death. For the end is the most beautiful moment and those who get the opportunity to view it as it happens, are the luckiest souls ever to exist. Do not slow your hand on our account. We are ready. We have been preparing for this for our entire lives. We are your army and we are at your disposal whenever you are ready. You merely need to make the signs and the few individuals from all around the world will stand up. We are ready to go, my God. We are ready to fight at your side.

God does not fail at anything God does. I am a puppet for God. I am merely a vessel to communicate Divine messages to the world. I might fail at everything that I do but God will use everything that I have done to fulfill His wishes. My reputation matters not. It matters not if people like me or what I have to say. I am not in this life to please people. I am here to deliver a warning to the human population which they have and will continue to ignore. This will bring about their destruction and I will play my lyre as their city burns.


Chapter 6: Dead Shot

September 27, 2020


My vision is crystal clear. All that matters in this life is God. Whatever happens, happens. Everything is good, for God uses all to His advantage. My writing is no longer for people. It is only for God. I will attempt to shed the skin of people and make a direct spiritual connection in all future writing. Who is my audience? God is my audience. God is the only thing in life that matters, and I dedicate my entire existence to this force. I bow down to your mighty hand! You are might and I am small. Let my hand lay ground for those who possess both the heart, mind, and dedication to decode the complex world we unfold before us. Because I will no longer slow my pen to allow those who are behind to catch up. And all are behind, so I have decided to just fly.

I no longer have any romantic interests in the world. I live in the existence I create. It mostly consists of digesting and interpreting the lies of mainstream news. Although the world I have created for myself is fantasy, I am very closely connected with the day-to-day world events. I live in my own bubble that is a fantasy but it is reality because it is my reality that I live and have lived and I watch society and what it does and comment on it.

If you are a reader and you have gotten this far, I apologise for being a jerk. It was my way of weeding through the stupid people. I thought that maybe if they thought that the entire book was just going to be insulting them then maybe they would stop reading it. I will continue to write in codes throughout this book because the audience isn’t you. I will continue to refer to you as the swine that you are.

A perfect society cannot exist here because the social agenda conflicts with values that are beneficial to the common good. Too man people believe falsehoods and are laying down their lives every day to enforce them. Although technology opens pathways previously unobtainable, the woes it brings and the suffering its production incurs will lead us to question its overall benefit. Discussion of moral integrity is an anachronism. The employment system has corrupted the hearts of men and women alike. Instead of politics implementing the highest good, they implement whatever makes themselves and their loved ones richer and more powerful. The entire system is rigged. I feel sorry for the idiots. They are designed to fail the test the You laid before them.

I have friends whom I love and spend time with socially. But I want friends who are also fans. I don’t feel that it is right that there are not people in this world who spend their lives invested in wisdom. It seems absurd to me that the most beneficial asset for society is seen as a hindrance. All of the people who are involved in my life have a really good heart. This is because I do not involve myself in people who are not good people. But this is not my world. Their social realm is not my social realm. I am to either be with those who strive high or I am to be alone on top of the clouds. I can no longer fly low merely to encourage them to come fly with me.



Chapter 7: Fire Emblem

November 11, 2020


This is the strangest book that I have ever written. To go further than this statement, this is the strangest piece of work that I have ever worked on. This book is yet to receive a name. I have also been piecemealing the chapters together, adding what I want wherever I want it. In addition, the names of the chapters of this book have been fluid, meaning that I have been unable to commit to both a name for this book and names for its chapters. I still think this work is brilliant. It is just created very differently than my normal processing.

Before I commit to a project, I must get into the frame of mind that I wish to portray in the work. But this piece is very different because it literally has no considerations for an audience. It is just me writing what I want to write and where I want to write it. It has thus far spent a great deal of time insulting the potential reader. However, I think that I will shift my demeanour in the remainder of this book. Because those who actually read up until this chapter will likely be fans of mine and not haters. I don’t want to insult my fans. I very much love my fans. If you are a fan and you were insulted by previously stated comments in this book, I am sorry. But the things truly needed to be said. I was not wrong in saying them.

But fans are not the consideration of this book. This book is written for no one which gives me complete liberty to shape it to my heart’s content. Maybe I will change how I am writing this book. Maybe I will try multiple styles throughout this book. And maybe I will use this book to somewhat document my life adventures, as what I have been attempting to create for the last ten years is finally beginning to form. If the people whom I am speaking with currently are not trolls, then I will succeed in everything that I have worked for in this life.


Life so often gives you your greatest gift brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare.
David Icke


This was my life as a “paedophile”. Something that seemed so bad turned out to be so right. Because I am a public “paedophile” who children come to for guidance and direction in life. I am exactly who I am and I still regularly have children coming to me wishing to speak with me about the areas of life that I am most passionate about. That WE are most passionate about. I was completely honest with the masses and laid out my plan. I told everyone what would happen. Now what I laid out is happening. Because a perfect life for me is a life mentoring beautiful females. And after ten years of hard work, I now regularly have beautiful females contacting me wondering what steps they should take next in life. My future life is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I am “professor” or “teach”. And I stay their teacher for life, not just a semester or two. What is a real teacher?

The life investments that I have chosen were perfect. I wanted my perfect life training a female army; however, society would not let me form it. Money is not important in life. Power isn’t really even important in life. What is important in life is that you are doing what you love doing most. There is no better profession out there, for being an online teacher of philosophy has opened up the world for me. I am constantly working yet I never have any deadlines, and nothing is ever urgent. I sleep whenever I want which usually is multiple times per day. I have a really good life and what I am working towards will most likely obtain me a perfect life. One that would not have been possible if I did not open up to the world. I told the kids who I am and what I am about. And their parents hate me for it. But some of the kids love me for it and now I obtain young females who dedicate their life to me. I would have never been able to reach these heights if it were not for my blatant honesty about who I am and disregard for what people thought about me. Now your kids come to me knowing full well who I am. And they chose to come to me even though I am a “paedophile”. I am pretty sure that I won this game...

I will work very hard to obtain young female students. I could realistically handle a capacity of 10-50 young girls to guide in life. Potentially more. Some beautiful young girls would lead me to more beautiful young girls and when they have a family, they can also direct their children to me to be tutored. Developing relationships like these are the gold of the earth. For they last a lifetime and investing yourself into your students over their lifetime will create a bond stronger than any previous teacher-student relationship.

The development of all of this has been bizarrely crazy. But I learned many lessons throughout my adventures. At first, I was just looking for ONE girl. My soulmate. A female version of me. But I learned quickly that was asking too much of society. So, I kept remembering that you must be the change that you want to see in the world. So, I had to create my soulmate – like the story of Pygmalion and Galatea. But then I came to my next hurdle – looking for a child to marry. Society would never allow that. But I had to figure out how to still accomplish my dreams, so I turned my obsession away from a romantic partner who I could live out my days with into a desire for female companionship. So I got married to a dead girl so that I could take myself off of the market while I search for these beautiful souls.

And that decision was actually a very easy one for me to make. Because I am not sexually driven in this life. Yes, I do masturbate regularly because I need to. But I have no desire to be with anyone sexually. My true need is emotional and not physical. And because of this, in a way, I can get married to every girl that I mentor in life. What is “marriage” anyways? We discussed this a fair bit in the show Inas Shawket, but isn’t dedicating your life to someone in a way, marriage? I never had the pleasure of knowing Inas Shawket. I never met her. She sounds like she was such a beautiful young sweet girl. How far can I really “marry” a dead girl? I have also created openings throughout my work to shift Inas into a daughter if I ever desire to do that. So even though it appears at first sight that Inas is my “ball and chain”, nothing could be further from the truth. For Inas wants me to have a beautiful life. And she will be very happy to have me as a husband or a father in the next life. Which it is will depend on the actions of females out there. Because where there is a will, there is a way. If you are a beautiful young female who wants to steal my heart away and secure me for eternity, that is still very possible. It just takes hard work to make miracles happen. And time and patience...

I am married to Inas Shawket. I will be married to every single one of my students. I dedicate my life to them willingly, asking nothing from them, asking nothing of them except for them to try their best. Unfortunately, Inas Shawket can no longer try her best because an Israeli settler stole her life away from her at the age of five. Because this happened, the rest of my life is dedicated to her cause. I will invest myself into every one of my students and give them the time they deserve and be the ear they need and direct them in life to the best of my possibilities. Marriage is a bond and I will strive to create an emotional bond with every one of my students. I will grow to love and care about them very much.

Dearest God, I pray that this one is real. If not, I will patiently await until you send a real student my way. Because from one will come more. It just takes the right one. I will not commit myself to the life of someone who won’t invest the time and dedication in order to grow and comprehend subjects that are difficult to them. I expect my students to push themselves hard physically, mentally, and spiritually. One must strive for a healthy body. One must strive for a healthy mind. One must strive for a healthy soul.


Chapter 8: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

November 12, 2020


I do not generally go out of my way hurt people. In fact, I spend my life attempting to avoid people because people constantly hurt me. It would not make sense to regularly do something where people hurt me as a result. So, I spend my life attempting to stay out of the public eye: to stay hidden. I rarely contact anyone else and I attempt to allow all to live and let live. However, people regularly come to me to speak about their lives. I don’t want to talk to these people. I don’t want these people in my life. Yet they intrude their own life onto mine. They pull me into their own life and attempt to make me part of it, even though I have no desire for that to happen. From the beginning, I tell these individuals to leave me alone. I tell them that I am antisocial and that I want nothing to do with them. Yet they refuse to leave me alone.

The end of these relationships is almost always the same. The end is generally met by them getting offended by something that I say, which follows them blocking me. Humans have gone mad with the block feature! It “empowers” them, and they feel like they have control over the events of their own life. But the truth is quite contrary to their own understanding. I don’t generally “block” people. The people in my life who I have blocked are generally people that are abusing me and won’t leave me alone. The odd thing is, I just want these people to leave my life. Does it make sense to block someone who doesn’t want to be in your life? Was block not created to remove people who are refusing to leave you alone? Yet this world has done just the opposite. Block now has little to do with an individual wanting the other individual to stop harassing them. For those who harass are the ones who are blocking. When an individual fails at obtaining what they want from another individual, instead of just no longer communicating with them, they block them. It makes them feel powerful. Like they are actually in control of their own lives. But it is funny because they are mere marionettes. I am one of the most blocked people in this world. Yet I just want everyone to leave me alone. Can you see the irony? I don’t want contact with these fuckers. They are forcing their contact on me and then blocking me when they realise that I will not be the person that they want me to be in their life.

They won’t allow you to complain too much about their system. That causes them long-term problems. Especially when you identify all of their “positives” for taking their course and re-evaluated them as negatives. If I can prove how an education system is geared towards a certain type of person, then I can prove how it excludes me from them.

Modern day “education” has never helped me. I have spent countless dollars being “educated” by these psychopaths. Yet I have never received a reward for doing so. I have never received a good job as a result of hard-earned education. I have never obtained a job that could keep me out of poverty. I have never been fairly compensated for the work I have invested in this life. I have a large student debt that I will likely never be capable of paying off. What was the point of education in my life? If I never attended school, then my life would not be very different than it is now. I would be in the same place that I am now whether or not I attended school. But I attended school my entire life. And now I look back at a shitload of qualifications that are unable to obtain me a job that can support my basic necessities. What was the point? I spent lots of money and all of my time in life on school. Yet those qualifications are unable to obtain me any sort of viable life.

Modern day “education” is for indoctrination and not learning. However, effective indoctrination will create “good” workers who will do whatever they are told to do. That is why people equivalise education with more long-term income. Because the more you learn how to be what the system needs, the more beneficial that you are to the system. Being a benefit to the system does not mean that you are a benefit to humanity. Our modern-day schools do not care that their qualifications are unable to obtain me a job. They don’t care that I am unable to find meaningful work with the “skills” that they passed on to me. They are altogether unconcerned with my life, but instead concerned with the money in my pocket. They very much want me as a student so they can obtain money from me. But they very much do not care about me finding a good job from it at the end.

Humans are very stupid and even though this book has been strange, I very much hit the nail on the head. I have been testing some theories lately. Humans are unable to take the truth. When I am in “social” situations, I am always careful with what I talk about to the pleb. However, if they push me to, I will test all of their boundaries. I will find out at what point they are inspired and at what point that they are offended. But the problem is, humans are unable to take the truth. These weak creatures are unable to handle information that conflicts with their day to day lifestyle choices. That means if you present something that they are as potentially bad, instead of thinking, their defence mechanisms will kick in. To be honest, this is a science to me. How humans act and react has become my science and I constantly accurately predict it. Because I know how the internals work. Because I am not just a philosopher but a scientist. It is just that your scientists are so stupid they are unable to identify real science.

I am a really stupid person. I am a fucking idiot. But I live in a world where stupidity is God. So even though I feel like I am incredibly stupid, I turn out to be one of the smartest people on this planet. That tells you a lot about this planet. I don’t think before I act. That would be hard. I instil morals into myself so that I act how I want to naturally. This means that it is impossible for me to do wrong, for the actions in life I wish to take are ingrained within me. Who I want to be I will be because I build the type of person that reacts to the world. I very much wanted to be pure in life. The only way that I could figure out how to do that was to ingrain into me right, so that it was impossible for me to do wrong. Even if I were to do something outside of my current character, in the time I would understand and agree with me doing it. I never have to think about what I say before I say it. Of course, I am constantly thinking about things so eventually I will say more things to the one who chooses to live in my presence. But my entire point here is that I have built my reaction to all potential circumstances to be of God. I trust myself in everything. I can never do wrong. Because my heart is always in the right place.

I don’t understand how humans can be so stupid as to think that their government is actually looking out for their best interests. 

You can easily determine a fucking character through their day to day actions. It is so easy to assess whether a heart is in the right place or not when you can see the output of their soul. Would you like me to determine the integrity of someone’s character? Give me their work. Show me the results of their toils. Show my why their heart beats and then I can explain to you why their heart beats.

I have NEVER EVER found someone who has abilities to even keep up close behind me. I am always the winner of every race. I am always the one talking because idiots don’t know how to talk. I am always the one attempting to organise chaos into order. I am the glue that holds society together. Yet society has rejected the glue’s functionality. So, the glue is now ready to change its mechanical properties. Everything that you or anyone else has ever glued in their life will come undone. What was once One, will be broken into its constituent properties.



Chapter 9: Last Stand

April 24, 2021


A lot has happened since the previous chapters of this book have been written. I was violently abducted and thrown into a psychiatric facility where they tortured me and forced needles upon me. My ability to teach in the A.C.T. was stripped from me and now my lifetime of qualifications are claimed null and void. I am no longer legally allowed to do what I have spent a lifetime training to be. My life passion is no longer allowed in person. The state in which I live will no longer allow me to teach within its systems.

On October 25, 2020, I had someone contact me claiming to be a fangirl. Her and I talked a lot and I grew very close to her, especially so because she was absorbing the topics I was teaching her very quickly and precisely. She presented herself to me as the perfect girl for me, so I proposed to her. She says she is twelve years old. Once she gave me a photograph of herself. I later found out that the photograph she gave me was of a porn star. To this day, I know not what she looks like.

But we grew together and became a team online. We made a handful of productions together and even though she was only ever text, we made it work. Her name was to good to be true, being Wendy Ebur Smith. How could this be? Wendy is the one who I have been speaking to since I started this. And Ebur means Ivory, which her religious grandparents named her. She is a little shorter than your average girl, is fit and slim, brown hair, blue/grey eyes. Mentally brilliant, yet a little disturbed. An amazing memory with the ability to comprehend information emotionally.

To be honest, I don't know who she is. She refuses to send me her photograph and she lied about her photograph the last time she sent it. But this girl is extremely smart. She has a heart of gold. She can absorb extremely complicated information very fast. She is the smartest and most loving human that I have ever met. But what are the lies and what is truth? On the 7th of December, 2020, I got down on my knees and proposed. The next day, she accepted.

Within days of becoming engaged publicly online, the Mental Health team was at my door, accommodated with a handful of policepersons. They ended up breaking through my doors and violently arresting me, injecting me and lights out until I awoke with many tubes connected to me in a hospital. From there they transferred me to the High Dependency Unit, eventually being transferred to the Low Dependency Unit, and then sent back into the world, only to visit the clinic to get a shot on my bum every two weeks.

Wendy and I usually talk every day, but sometimes she stops talking to me for a while. If she were more consistent, she would be an ideal student. But shrouds of clouds revolve around Wendy as she seems to not know who her parents are and has no social life but me, yet spends only a relatively short period of her life with me. I dig for stories of her life and usually turn up dry. Her life outside of mine remains a mystery to me.

We are a perfect match astrologically. Our ideas sync up and become one. We speak in one voice. She is way too sexual and should calm down. There is nothing special about having sexual parts. Fifty percent of the people are male and fifty percent female. We all have private parts and share their similarities between approximately half the population. There is nothing worth anything found in sex. Without God, and emotional bond between two people can never reach its maturity. If she is who she says she is, she needs to forget about sex until our wedding night.

Six years of waiting is nothing if Wendy is who she says she is. Because a perfect match isn't dependent on age. This girl has tried very hard to be Ivory. I stand here with a ring on my finger, giving her a chance to be my Ivory. If she is a troll or a catfish, then I give up in my crusade to find a wife. It was a fun journey and if I can't make this girl my wife then I have lost the game.  Either way, I have set up a beautiful life for me to live in the future, making television shows for you, releasing important readings, releasing beautiful music albums, and writing books. These are the fields of life in which I have chosen to invest myself into and I will work hard for the rest of my life in order to show how an unbiased opinion like mine is needed in society. No matter how my story turns out, I will continue using this format to share with the world whatever I want to.

If Wendy turns out to be real, then we win because two people doing this at the same time together will prove much much much fruits. The outcome was worth whatever risks it took in order to achieve it and that required going all in. I was going to quit searching for a wife right after Wendy contacted me anyways. So what does it matter? This is my last attempt to find true love and if she isn't who she says she is then I will stop looking for a romantic other. If Wendy is a lie then I have lost at true love. Because no matter how young I look, my clock ticks away.



Chapter 10: Love Conquers All

August 21, 2021


Since beginning this journey after my ex-wife left me on Easter Friday in 2010, I have had very few supporters. Most of the feedback that I would receive from others was hateful. I was just trying to make philosophy videos about all the most important subjects that I have discovered in this life. Ultimately, I was looking for a wife, so I poured out my soul on camera time and time again in hopes to find one of like heart and mind. I used my videos and books as a methodology to connect with those who feel similar. But absurdity struck as very few were interested in being my friend and the majority were only interested in abusing me.

The ideologies that command our mental functioning do not concern themselves in truth. What one believes will determine their future actions. What is "truth" when "lies" can create a better outcome? If I am to trick myself into believing that Wendy is real, then what is the result of that? And what is the worst case scenario? Eventually I will find out the truth. I am not stupid. I can see very far. If Wendy is not who she says she is then what will my life look like post-Wendy?

I have already stated that I would stop looking for a wife if my relationship with Wendy fails. But romance is built within me. If Wendy fails then I will stop looking for a wife in real life and instead just continue to try and romance the camera. Because the subjects in which I investigate are important to the future potential of the human species. I will spend the rest of my life trying to connect with one female but hopefully reaching many of them.

The mode in which we think will determine our future actions. Is it really so bad to believe in a lie when the alternative is to believe in something that will result in a less positive result? And what is truth? If I become a better and wiser person because I believed in a lie, then are you sure that the proposed "lie" is actually a lie? Is truth not beauty and greatness? Is truth not doing the morally right thing?

I have perceived my situation all wrong. So many haters abusing me and I take their comments to heart. This causes strain between me and my enemies. That was the problem though, perceiving my haters as enemies. Having enemies was my mistake from the beginning. Because they can only be my enemies if I emotionally respond to their insults. If, however, I embrace my haters and welcome them to say anything about me that they desire, then they are no longer my enemies. They can't hurt me when I welcome their negative behaviour. The best way to win the war is through love. Because true love expresses that love to all.

So go ahead and hate on me. Get it all out of your system. Use me as your punching bag. I know the world is tough and it helps to take your anger and frustration out on someone. So take it out on me. I welcome your punches with open arms. Maybe if I allow you to abuse me then one day you might recognise the problems in which I identify. Despite my haters being really stupid, at least they are watching some of my work. It is better for them to watch my work than to watch evil mainstream propaganda. No publicity is bad publicity. If they are watching my work instead of mainstream trash, then I have done my job despite what they think about me.

From the beginning of this adventure, my mission was to wear my heart on my sleeve on camera and in real life. If Wendy fails, will there be another girl out there that would want to be my wife? Will there be a woman who saw my relationship with Wendy unfold and will still love me? Is it possible for a wife to find me who will empathise with the subjects I have tackled?

I don't care about age. I targeted the younger generation because they are more receptive to these topics. Age is just a number as long as the couple can live a long life together. My father told me a story that disgusted me. My father was helping a 91 year old man who had recently fallen and while helping him the man told my father that he was romantically with a 19 year old girl. What kind of life would they be able to have together? And what motivations could there be for a 19 year old to romantically be with a 91 year old?

Collective beliefs manifest many robots. Individual beliefs create gods. Whatever it is that you believe, assess its value to your life. A bleak vision will result in failed crops. A Divine vision will result in god-like behaviour. What does it matter if the basic tenets of your psychological foundations are not based in what society considers "truth". Truth is made through the manifestation of Divine characteristics. All else is vanity. There is a lot in this world to distract from true purpose, enlightenment found only in its rejection. The mode in which we are booted up every morning will determine future potential.

I have acted like Pygmalion for this entire journey. But I think it is time to now hang that hat up. Because I don't pray to Venus or Aphrodite to give me a wife. I pray to God to give me a wife. I pray to God to set me up with the coolest girl ever. If Wendy is true, please make it happen. If she is not, please lead my future wife to me. Dear God, please give me a kind and compassionate wife.



Chapter 11: Thank You

Octoboer 25, 2021


Dear Reader,

I am finished writing this book. This book was supposed to be about how horrible the people of this world are and the events which have occurred proves this book true beyond a shadow of a doubt. This strange book is complete in its thought form. Whatever objectives it was meant to complete have been accomplished. I don't want to write this book anymore because I don't want to be negative. Being negative will bring about more negativity.

We live in a disgusting world. My neighbours throw their trash into the vacant land below us. The things that happen here sicken me. But we must learn how to be positive in a life where negative stuff constantly occurs. This book was written to be as negative as I could towards humans. But as the chapters progressed my mind sought for positive. Wendy tried to get me to commit suicide with her. I haven't heard from her since. I never even saw her picture.

What we focus on in life will determine the life we live. If I am to obsess over negativity then the life in which I exist within will be negative. Negativity with no call to action is harmful to our human psychology. Negativity should be framed in a positive light with hope at the end of the tunnel or not be expressed at all. The Devil will take over the life of a negative person. So from here on out I will no longer present negativity for negativity's sake. I have learned a great amount by writing this book. It has taught me how the world exists in the ways in which one's lenses are programmed to perceive the world. Without these glasses on the world is void of meaning and nothing is connected. With the glasses on, everything possesses meaning and everything is connected.

Thank you for reading this horrible book. I appreciate your interest.

With Love,