Movies directed by Wendell Charles NeSmith.

Time Weaving

December 27, 2013


How can I tell you the creation story in a way that you would understand? Everything one touches will ripple into time and space. Those with good fruits its masters and those with bad, slaves. For the energy that escapes each individual will be released into their world as they interact with it. From bad will cause decay and from it a new species.

Another book that wrote itself: exactly like the feature film it is based upon. Merely a vessel to collect, order, interpret, and distribute. A simple reflection of a divine image. The nine cycles of my soul articulated to learn how to control them. A puppet master playing its organic heart strings. A failed attempt at resuscitation but a success raising the dead. Setting myself up to go forward in time to warn myself what was about to happen.

A public domain time machine that can go forward without you having to risk your body. The most meaningful thoughts sent as a message to not only me but all hearts like me. The ultimate message in a bottle game that is guaranteed to result in both your life and your death. And when the right bottle comes back to me, I will then be in a position to act on its philosophy.

The heart of each social dysfunction will be judged. Those who were incorrectly judged guilty before trial will be given another chance. All that society has, does, and can offer will be placed on the table. And those who are rulers because that is what they are, will stand a round its table. And the noble will justly command the peaceful army of Love. Misunderstandings as a result of not wanting to no will sever one species into two. And the mutation will claim back their origin of Love.

Since all of these terrible violations of my human rights played out, I have been in consistent contact with those who administered them. From the Ballarat stockade into the grips of both our physical and mental model of medicine. I keep requesting my files so that I can publicly release them but I am treated as crazy as their system truly is.

I have no secrets. Difficult topics require the right viewpoint and time to be expressed. I have done nothing wrong nor will do anything wrong. My character and how I demonstrate these topics clearly articulates this.

There is a society that my heart truly wants and there is a society in which I know we can achieve. If it were up to God, Its greatest creations would unite physically, mentally, and spiritually when they are ready. Because of the way society currently views the topic of attraction to youth, our ages in marriage might have to be closer to that of society's standards. But the world that is in my heart throws age into its perspective. And when both parties feel confident in their abilities and desires to sexually satisfy one another, then in that first act I now claim to be marriage and not permissible unless both the spirit and mind are synced into one aspect. It is the freedom to unite two of its own parts into the one that they were destined to become: ordained by God and not man. Although my actions will only stretch the borders, my intentions are to destroy them for future generations. 

Who is man to interfere in divine Will? The Will to Power...

A shuriken board called life. And from our known artillery, we will be able to spray a custom crafted attack before the fact that was assembled for this very moment. Year after year, my own fireworks light up the skies with hope because I can deconstruct and then reconstruct any part of the puzzle of life and that ability took my worthless life to obtain. But from it I can now weave stories that play deeply within the heart of every human. And some of you will be entertained. Others  frightened. And as the true warriors shed their last tear, the spirit will be released and its pain begins a process of maturity. If you are looking at me then you have been tricked by the book's scythe. A real life example will begin to unravel your own responsibilities. And if the chain linked around your own neck becomes your jewellery, then at least now you are aware of this fact.