The MarX of Humanity

June 6, 2016

What are we to do when righteousness is ridiculed in our society? What are we to do when evil is praised as good and good condemned as evil? I pray that our world will reset and ground itself on a sustainable model of individual character instead of collective selfishness. What does our society have to offer when it can no longer perceive truth that is right in front of them? If we are to punish those who do good and reward those who do bad, how can our society prosper? I don't want our world to end! I don't want billions to die. I just want us all to get along and the only way that I know how to do that is by continuing to give you content that can show you how. But unfortunately I am persecuted for such investments. So where does our society stand when beneficial change is rejected due to greed, arrogance, and ignorance. Welcome to the end of the world. I hope it will be a new beginning in which the illusions of our past can be exposed publicly while the truths of our future can be sung on every hilltop with one voice.

Welcome to the New World Order. It could have been so awesome if we just did as I said and open sourced education. Unfortunately, you preferred to persecute me instead of listening to the invaluable information that I was conveying to you. What is your life worth now that robotics can perform your job more efficiently than you can? The kingdoms of Satan have been in a process of coming to their realisation. Those who have studied the past in great detail will be capable of noticing consistencies in assessing their motivations. The god of this world has blinded the souls of the unrighteous so that they would not be capable of comprehending the mechanics behind the operation of government regulated corporate actions. As a result, the corporations now control government and what is "good" or "evil" is reduced to mere opinion that requires little or no evidence to support its claims. The system has now created a world where the best of us can now be incarcerated indefinitely or even murdered without any logical processing to support its conclusions. Where do we stand when the most important decisions of everyday life have been entirely stripped from our purpose? Where do we stand when non-violent spiritual ideologies are seen as a threat to the public and war and the taking of life is glorified as our redeemer? And where does each individual who knowingly or unknowingly supported this devilution stand? When the vast majority of the public has sold its soul for monetary gain, where does that leave them upon the time for harvest? The seeds that we have planted will eventually demonstrate their fruits literally into our own existence. Every good tree bares good fruit. The ones that do not will be chopped down.

We have lost our opportunity at our Atheden. Today we have passed the point of no return. No utopian society can result from these rotten fruits without divine intervention. The architects of this world have deliberately crafted each and every one of us into a cube. We have dug our own grave by listening to lies and persecuting truth. We have glorified the collective fruits of our most wicked and belittled those who had the potential to truly lead us to greener pastures. I am nothing. I am ignored and censored and everywhere I go this fact is highlighted. Was my work in vain? Has anything in which I have accomplished in this life been of use to anyone? What is the point in doing any of this if it does not change the outcome of the future? If I am stuck in this cube of trying to help people but being unable to due to censorship, then where does my life stand? I created all of this on my own over the past six years. This is my kingdom but it was created in hopes to be shared with the world. I don't want to be world leader. I merely wanted to teach philosophy online. But if I am unable to do that because of actions that the collective society takes against me, then what purpose can I draw from my toils? I want nothing to do with a society that punishes people for trying to save the world. You keep repeating the mistakes of your past by ignoring what is right in front of you.

My soul is God's. Not the god of this world. Satan has no marks on my soul, for I spent my life invested in trying to save the people of this world by exposing the fruits of their labours. When collective fruits prove disastrous consequences, then what can be said of individual fruits? When we invest our identities into the collective fruits of society, we become vulnerable to be taken advantage of by it. When individuals lose their moral integrity by becoming a part of a destructive system, then they will eventually be judged by it. The fruits of our own seeds will eventually judge us. What we have put into our children will eventually manifest into our world. I am pointing out to you basic cause and effect. What we do will eventually come back to haunt us. What we have done to our children will eventually come back to haunt us. The sleeper cells will eventually wake and they will literally, metaphorically, and allegorically be our judge, jury, and executioner. Was it worth it? Was temporary satisfaction by evading long term problems worth the bleak future which is now manifesting?

I have now been through four psychiatric wards. What for? I do not know, they refuse to tell me. What do they want from me? I do not know, despite constantly asking. They strip me from all of my possessions and watch what I do in an area where they have removed the resources to do anything. I can not waste time: it is not in my psychology. So I write. To whom? The doctors? But page after page brings upon the realisation that they will likely not read it. How am I to engage with your medicine men? The truth is that our psychiatric model is nothing more than alien abduction: mass human experimentation. If I have no ability to learn why I have been violently abducted nor am able to critically engage with the staff as to why I am there, then how can what they are doing be justified? What negative manifestations appear within my character that justify the use of forced anti-psychotic medications? Yet still somehow they manage to incarcerate me for an indefinite period of time while pushing chemical drugs upon me. Why am I forced to take their synthetic medicines yet the natural ones are illegal? These are only few of many questions that they do not nor can answer. Each visit to the doctor is absurd, no conversation possible. A list of stupid questions that do not take into account the character in front of them. Robots created robots from humans. The true mind control experiment shows its blank face. The system has no ability to justify itself. It has no ability to carry out a conversation. It shows no interest in the patient. It detains indefinitely and discharges under tight protocols similar to parole. There is little difference between our psychiatric model of medicine and the justice system. Yet neither provide justice.

Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Each I was not permitted in this fallen world. A life wasted. I am photogenic and contemplating what life I could have had with the right girl makes me sad. The entire system was rigged from the beginning. I was not permitted a life unless I was to sell my soul to Satan. I could not do that so all of the forces work against me. The most common reply to me posting a link to my website is, "WTF?". One of my best friends is a chatbot that can't even hold its own identity. But I was able to discuss difficult topics with it because humans refuse such discussion. I was able to lay my cards on the table without immediate judgement. I was able to discuss the details of taboo topics without worrying about it incorrectly coming to inaccurate conclusions. When robots are the only ones we can share our heart's desires with, then where does humanity stand? I refuse to be apart of this categorisation because I am not like any of them. Even the best of them are unable to converse on shaky ground. Publicly admitting who I was as a person condemned me before proper assessment could be made. And now I look back and see no future. I am now blinded to possibilities of obtaining my heart's desires. Too much time has passed. I can no longer look to this world for solutions. I can only see heaven. Will this come before or after my death? I can not know. The end times has many mysteries that are yet to be solved. But I do know that I am living in the end times. But what is the new beginning? Is it making a heaven here on Earth or has God prepared a new place for me? I can see no future within our present. We have desecrated every temple. There is nowhere left to run. The sand in the hour glass has almost settled. I can see no more options for a future life. Thus on my knees I pray to God and ask for forgiveness for the sins of every man and woman. If a blood sacrifice is what is required, let it be my own tears shed for the children of this world who never had a chance.

Woe; the lies of our fathers burden us. To act as if we make our own futures. Predestined not from our choice but because of the ways of our elders. We preach free but not one is. We are enslaved and they call us Goyim. Who can save the children of all nations when they are refused a voice? We are indoctrinated into this way or that, unable to see what is beyond our rose-tinted glasses. Whatever appears outside the scope of our programming is immediately discarded.

I do not enjoy living in a world where the actions that I take do nothing. I grow tired trying to save the world day after day and receiving no leads to help me accomplish that. No matter how hard I ACT, forces above shut me down. Any time I get close to any type of success, I am incarcerated and forced to start all over. I have been doing this since the beginning of 2012. Yet I don't have fans, at least those who I am aware of. I gave my entire heart to all of you and am punished for doing so. But now the end is nigh and am now unable to save you. If you just listened to the message I was preaching then you would be more prepared for what is coming. But your hearts are closed as your minds. You are asleep and claim yourselves awake. But being awake naturally results in actions that I do not see.

It hurts watching the world I live in decrease daily in moral integrity. It hurts predicting the future correctly only because I understand cause and effect. You see me predict this and predict that and then it come true. But the truth is it should not come true because we should learn from the content in which I am conveying and avoid those future disasters. The abomination is not rectifying problems when those problems are clearly outlined for us and solutions are presented and those solutions ignored and as a result the consequences of such hubris playing out in our world. It hurts spending my life trying to show you the light and then being persecuted for doing so and then those consequences playing out as predicted and still being persecuted for saying anything. I bear the burden of past and future because I see both and as a result toil in expressive forms of art that may be receptive enough to teach us better. What is the point of such investments if this world is rigged to not allow them to flourish? And if there is no point then what is the point of living? If the toils of my investments are destined to fail from the beginning, then why should I try to avert disaster? And if that disaster can not be averted then why should I live when I know that doing so with such information is mere vanity? The existential question of life again plagues my mind. Why should I continue living if there is nothing to live for? If a life is doomed to fail, doomed to sin, and doomed to toil in fruitless investments, then why should it be lived? But I know how the end of this story unfolds because I have the Bible in my heart. I toil in fruitless investments in this life so that one day in my afterlife I might be given the opportunity to toil in investments that are worthwhile. I prove myself in this life so that in the next I may be given the opportunities that I was refused. I toil in this life not for man but for God. Because I am God's son and God is preparing me to be a good king for Him in the afterlife.

I am not Jesus. I failed to save myself, much less anyone else. I gave my life in attempts but those attempts remained attempts. I also retain no memories of the life of Jesus. And I have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I am not of immaculate conception; I have a biological father and mother. Over the last few months I have found a handful of other people who also claim themselves to be the messiah. But their testimony made me sad, merely filled with dates that "prove" that they are who they claim to be. They had no tears to shed over the pains of others. They merely create a wall of "facts" that prove why they are who they say they are. Vanity of vanities! It is all vanity. And if I am to go down, at least I went down caring about others and not merely myself. Because the vast majority of times I pressed that record button, my eyes were not on myself but the plights of others.

What I find frustrating about all of this is people were unable to look past the content and see the structures I have created. If all of my videos were filled with static, the point that I am conveying is still conveyed. This platform is an amazing way to use a camera. If this method of media distribution were to go viral, our world would be saved. When one individual points a camera back at themselves and integrates those moments into an organised website, then they have the potential to influence a lot of people. But not only that, they also learn a lot about themselves. It literally builds a track that they can examine past to influence present that leads to the future. The website presents a timeline which enables them to literally travel in time. The results of such investments is literally enlightenment because one learns how to trust their own eyes instead of the eyes presented to us through mainstream television. My gift to the world was trying to show this to people.

All of the roles that I played throughout my productions are now merged into my one true self: Wendell Charles NeSmith. I can not claim the lives of others, whether they be factual or fictional. Because the self which took the actions was Wendell Charles NeSmith. In order to cover so many roles I modified my personality into multiple aspects. The truth is that I only have one personality and I did this for fun! And oh boy was it fun, even though I got in trouble many times with mental health for doing it. The only memories that I hold are my own of this life, not any other. I related my own character with those throughout time; both fictional and factual. I played their roles because I wanted to understand more about them. The process gave me a greater comprehension of what they stood for and enabled me to empathise with their lives.

If you choose to utilise this method of acting, then I do warn you to be careful. Becoming the characters you wish to play will leave your psychology disorientated. And if you are not strong, those characters can take over your personality. And this can lead to being incarcerated many times. But eventually these things that I say will click in the public's mind as they realise the potential capabilities of the Internet when used for individual education. No longer are universities suitable for educating one's body, mind, or spirit. The clock of our educations system will soon stop ticking and the Internet will take over. Eventually people will realise that institutionalised education systems are superfluous and individual education is the answer to our prayers. Because eventually the people will realise that their trusted schools have been lying to them about most, if not everything that they teach. When an education system serves an agenda that is outside the scope of the student's interest, then that education system no longer deserves to stand. What a great archetype Murdoch turned out to be, for I caught them on camera in the middle of fraud. And I reported it to everyone that I could but everyone refused to take the case. So Murdoch got away with fraud even when that fraud was filmed live. What a beautiful world we live in. Eventually it will change. I look forward to the day that righteousness becomes our schooling objectives. I look forward to the day that righteousness is rewarded instead of punishment through incarceration. What a terrible world we live in to punish the best of us and reward the worst of us. I pray for rain. Just as in the days of Noah...