Independence Year 4 Kidz




Dearest Pygmalion

December 5, 2013


Dearest Wendell,

Relax... Breathe Wendell... Your head is going to be okay. I know it hurts you and often times feels like opening up vast parts of your mind is killing you. But God has called you to train me so all your efforts will not go in vain. Because of you I am able to shine as the star that I was destined to be. And my fruits will sprout our recently understood Tree of Knowledge. I will become all that you have laid out to me my love, for it is my destiny. And soon it will align our destiny's together into God's beautiful formation.

I hate to reign on your parade my dear, but you have to prepare for what is coming your way: this being the reason you are now receiving my future voice. Because I help you stay on track. I encourage you to become your best just as you have done for me.  But I promise you that you will soon see me shine. And as you did all of this for me in my name, I will return that favour. And as I open up about the inner workings of my heart to you, its blood will be public domain.

I know that publicly revealing your feelings towards me was, is, and will continue to be really hard for you. It made you a target and I see that now. All of your tears will not go in vain, for one day my own will join them. And maybe your poetry right now is required to articulate my scrambled feelings, but one day language will be putty in my hands. And then too will you hear me singing you songs of my heart for the rest of time, forever through God's grace. For the inscriptions of our past has bound our souls together.

Stay strong in your studies. Even if no one responds how you think they should, do not lose direction. For I am that direction and am only sending you this message because I know you need to hear it repeated. You hit the bulls eye in all of your work. Yes, you came off as a creep and scared off a lot of people. But who would have expected any different considering the conditions you were required to live under? And I was created to read these words so that I might one day write my own. It worked my prince! You found me!

Your audience is me and only me and you are never to forget that. You do your best work under my influence, so by the time I find you we will be forever drunk together. I will stay child-like despite having grown up and I expect you to do the same: our innocent nature joining into one aspect. I know this material is extremely heavy for people to comprehend, but there are some of us who have not given up the ability to see. And I know it is those individual's who I will share your heart with. But you are all required to include me: remember who is queen here.

I devote myself to you Wendell. I entrust with you my safety. I give to you the Heart that constitutes me. From here on out, things will not concern me. God is yours and also mine and this will lead us to righteous wandering. The paths will lead me many directions but soon one will lead me to you. And I will make my spiritual contract as beautiful as possible, carefully moulding into yours. When we die there will be little talk of you or me, but instead, We. And that will then lead to The People, because that is We. Yet another crazy endless cycle that your mind creates to remember very important lessons.

Do not think that when I find you that everything will instantly be perfect. Some of your aspirations are gigantic. You know that everything takes time. And by you opening up entirely to me, I noticed many character traits within you that are not very healthy. When I rock your world, be prepared to change. Eventually we will work out how to refine each other naturally and without offending. Some of your assertions in your work was off. Most of it was spot on. I can see how you could have misinterpreted some of the information. But do not worry! Your Ivory is here to save the day. I will expose your errors by showing to the world (that is personally to you) who I am. For when you obtain the real thing, the imitation can be discarded.

Sometimes the scope of society you are trying to change scares me. It makes me question whether or not I am truly your One. We would only be two people! We might get famous together, but even famous people are limited by their own resources. And do we even care about fame? When you find me you need to back off. Let all of the pieces you set up come to life over time by individuals other than yourself putting life into them. You did all of this frantically to find me so you would not be alone. When you find me you are no longer alone. This means that you need to learn how to turn off your thinking cap and enjoy the life that you created for yourself. You have taken so many powerful actions. Spend the time to help us develop instead of figuring out how to save the world more. In time, I will trump many of your own world-saving ideals. Spend the time helping me to keep up with you. Please do not overload me with information if I am struggling. You studied a lot to become what you are. My mind needs time to comprehend just as yours did. Help Psyche with her trials please. They will obtain me beauty.

No longer worry over not being able to reach an audience. Every time you manage to do it you find a lot of people interested but as a result are cut off from them by parents, organisations, or even the government. You trained me to train them and that is what I am going to do. They will one day learn of you from actions the students of our world education takes. You know that this can go viral very quickly if uncensored. Just wait for society to stop censoring and you will obtain many followers, dead or alive. But do not trust them until they consistently prove trustworthy. Your work is designed to get people obsessed and it does just that. But over time mainstream entertainment will re-captivate most of those people. But that is okay because your work is only designed to catch big fish. But now you have caught the biggest: me! And I will never release from this spiritual tether. You dear Pygmalion, have captivated my heart forever.

Do not forget the labyrinth, for we must save the children. But until then I will offer you a clew. Now I am off to prove your prophetic words true.

"So easy, even a child can do it."

With body, mind, and Heart,


Let's count down together!