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I dedicate this book to all the children of the world who have lost their lives in a school shooting.

I ♥ U

“By Your actions, we know You.”

Rav Michael Laitman








Prologue: The Marks of Humanity

July 12, 2012


Welcome to Atheden. This is now our new utopian society. It is as fast as the turtle but always wins the race. It is not said to be this or that but instead develops from within and reaches out into all of society. Among its beautiful and never ending gardens you will come to understand its nature which will persuade your feet to align within its circle, because you will come to understand that your nature derives from It. This will result in your passion, desire, and dedication to exist as and within the highest form of It understood and actualised into your existence.

When our errors have been identified and methods to correct those errors have been conveyed, who then holds the responsibility to make a better future? Are we as humans doomed to wallow within our sins or do we have the ability to go beyond them? Are we going to reject what is strange just because it is new? Are we going to continue to live out the lives that our government enforces upon us? Are we going to continue to indoctrinate the masses or instead teach them how to think for themselves? What is our responsibility when everything that we need to achieve our Atheden lay in front of us but only in pieces. Are we able to go beyond our follies by evolving with beneficial change or we always going to be confined by the straight jackets that our governments entangle us into?

This morning I met a girl and the first thing that she said to me was, "I love you". It is only when each individual and as a result the collective freely expose their hearts in this manner that we will ever be able to free education. These are the necessary conditions for this evolution. We can ride this wave out or build corruptions into it. Our next actions will determine the course of our future and potential human history.

When every human being in this world has virtually an unlimited amount of knowledge at their fingertips available in many receptive and convenient formats, we forever change the direction and practices within our cultural make-up. The facilities and intuitively dynamic interfaces provided to students can enable their own minds to expand as far as they have the dedication to take it. Time becomes of little relevance as all the methods can be integrated easily into individual schedules and lifestyles. And those who entirely dedicate themselves to it will have the opportunity to feed any intellectual, emotional, and spiritual desire. This will eventually result in building a society where the character of an individual is judged by their abilities and not their social order. The most important and controversial issues of all time will be placed back on the table and we as a society will be prepared to solve them. The bigger picture will slowly be revealed as we develop stars within these systems who invest into very specialised areas. Our words will once again be contrasted with our actions and we will all find out whether we can practically apply our understandings. We will exist together in our nature and become part of the divine creation.

Each man and woman has now been given the keys to their dream car. Now we must learn how to drive it. If we are careless in our actions then we will ultimately cause our own destruction. We have been given the transport required to reach any destination that we so desire. How much time will we invest into building a perfectly integrated system? How many driving courses must we take before we are confident to travel on the road? Will we throw away human decency and cause chaos upon our new world that encapsulates an infinite amount of potential? Will we ignore the need for traffic regulations to guide us along our way? Or will we build effective and caring structures to direct our individual and collective potential towards healthy forms of mental distribution?

The world we live in is huge. There exist so many different types of people and a lifetime of exploring would not be long enough to comprehend them all. We have now created a virtual world that can help us locate and communicate with those who function most appropriately with our own particular psychology. Technology has tumbled down the walls of our limiting structures and all the necessary conditions are now enabled to reach our potential. We are now able to spend our lives searching for the right people and as a result those who do, will one day reach all of their potential. Our friendships are no longer bound by the distance of our location, but now we are given the ultimate tool for humanity.

Each major technological development is fine tuned and eventually effectively integrated into our society. We first used natural resources to pass down our interpretations. We then invented the printing press that enabled knowledge to be distributed cost effectively. The need for communication during war brought us to our developments in electronic highways of information. And from this corruption we slowly shed the dead skin and transform it into a virtue. We iron out the problems of this new technology and as we do this our interfaces improve efficiency As we learn the new systems, we become accustomed to how it all works. And as a result we learn how to become better people. We develop holistic understandings with its manifold and are then encouraged to interact in a loving mentality to support and lead its development and direction.

We live in the year 2012 and the world is ending. A new world is about to begin if we only allow it to unfold. We have learned the theory on how to create a utopian society. We now only need to figure out how to put it all into practice. We might start with education to achieve our enlightened perspectives but the means and the ends are two different equations. To lead our future to our desired outcome we must figure out a path that will get us there. And on this road we will travel many directions, but in the end we will prevail or fade away out of existence. And the road to love is not an easy journey. Love will always conquer all but we will choose whether it will include humanity.

What road rules will you create and follow to ensure safe travel for all on this highway? When we are shown the theory of how we could change absolutely everything then what do our responsibilities become? What about when this theory is put into action and exposed as the gold that it could one day be? We now have a new born child who could change our entire society. How will we treat this child? Will we deprive it of nutrition? Will we deprive it of love? Will we ignore its existence? How will we treat our fellow humans when the truth has been revealed? Now let us spread the good news in order to raise awareness about free education and as a result let us watch the beginnings of our new utopian society. Let us all learn to read between the lines so that we can all write our own stories.

To fix the world we must first fix our minds. To fix our minds we must first fix our hearts.



Chapter 1: Christopher Columbus

August 11, 2019


Atheden comes from two words, ancient Athens, being where philosophical ideas boomed, and Eden, being the Garden of Eden. I will outline both city and country approaches, but I aspire to introduce you to a new world that is before us which can flourish if you only embrace it.

Atheden is an ideal. It is an approach to show how our society could develop into a utopian society, if we only play our cards right. This book will outline many different perspectives about what this society might look like. First I will introduce the core of my ideal of Atheden, then I will elaborate to its implementation into the city. The city is a much more difficult factor and one will likely be required to get a job and write books when you have the time. A garden approach is much better...

I have visited small communities that live in the jungles of the Northern Rivers, New South Wales. I think a community like that composed mostly of open source teachers would be amazing. But that is only a dream. That garden would be called New Jerusalem. It is a good dream and I recommend that anyone with the resources to do that, then they should. Doing both video and book work, each open source teacher would be enabled to explore their hearts and minds amongst a beautiful environment that will be gold on camera, sharing with the entire world. A community like this is the core of what Atheden is.

I, however, don't think this is possible for me to achieve so I have to settle for the city approach. Thus I end up in community services and community development as my side quests while I focus on writing and advertising. One day everything will click and I will be a little more financially stable as a result of my toils. Selling the books in paperback form is a great idea because some people like it like that, and some people like Kindle versions. So I can provide that at a cost while still having everything (including audio versions) free on my website, open source.

It is amazing being an open source teacher. All of my stuff is available publicly and I have multiple copies in alternative locations so I am secure in my work being publicly available. I don't have to worry about losing a video or audio file. It is all there backed up for me to access at any time. It liberates me because I gave my soul to my work and it feels like my soul is flying all around the world as people from everywhere check it out. I really recommend this type of learning and teaching style. It literally leads to enlightenment! The bangs of the world become like water droplets dripping off of you, unable to absorb into your protection.

I see a global society without borders, where people are allowed to live wherever they want to. I see a global society with universal basic income where every individual is looked after despite their disadvantages. I see a socialist republic that is based off of a meritocratic system, where leaders are chosen for their ability and not status in society or wealth in their bank. I dream of a day where we are all judged on our character and abilities instead of our inherited estates. But obviously such an ideology goes against the social elites and as a result we get a media backlash, where people like me are censored for preaching a different approach other than the one currently employed.

I see a world where man and machine can live harmoniously with each other. I see a world where machine can help man with all of their activities. I see a world where man is mostly free from physical activities and as a result, those who are capable are able to spend their lives learning and teaching. I see a world free from the shackles of a nine to five job. I see a world devoid of war and crime. I see a world where we get along and all help each other out. This is called interdependence and is healthy. I see a world that is driven by hearts and not by money. I see utopia, but you can't spell utopia without U.

We need to learn how to get along on the Internet. We need to learn how to discourage negative behaviour to the point that negative behaviour on the Internet will result in negative consequences to the one displaying the negative behaviour. We need to be held accountable for what we say to others on the Internet. Because bad human behaviour might result in bad bot behaviour. Because AI is watching us right now, in so many different ways. The all-seeing eye in the sky knows what you do. For the most part, it will be passive which ignores almost everything before it, waiting only for conditions to change.

A shaman in a Native American tribe noticed strange ripples and waves in the ocean waters. He sat down and examined these ripples and waves and, over a very long period of time, began to track them back to their source: big ships! The Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria! What fascinating vessels these were indeed! But so strange because just a moment ago, they were not there. They did not exist! But when reduced, the same wave patterns were produced as a result of something that was not there, then poof, they came into existence. The shaman then went back to his tribe and told them of the ships and then showed them the ripples and waves and the ships producing those strange ripples and waves in the ocean. The part of the tribe shown can then also see the ships but only as a result of hearing the shaman's insight. The ships are still not observable by those in the tribe who have not heard or been convinced of the information.

Here is a hard pill to swallow: we can only see what we know. All which has not yet been experienced is off of our radar. That is how it is so easy for me to "blow" your mind. All I have to do it show you another perspective and from that point onwards, you will always view your world differently. This is the allegory behind the quote, "knowledge is power". The power comes not in a worldly recognisable form. The power comes from that point onwards, your life forever being changed as a result of being enlightened to something that you have not yet considered. A mechanic tells you to hand him a 5/16 spanner... In that example you have the advantage because 1) you know what a spanner is and 2) the sizes are probably ingrained in the spanners. But the example still functions because most would not even know where to start finding a 5/16 spanner in a messy toolbox.

The night before last I thought about how the company who makes lighters, BIC, are ripping me off totally because they could easily make their lighters refillable with only slight modification. This gave me the great idea to search on YouTube about people who made their BIC lighters refillable. Ironically, all you do is 1) empty all fluid, 2) take a thumbtack and push the little bead out of the bottom, 3) remove the thumbtack and fit a butane refill bottle on to it 4) hold down for four seconds, 5) quickly place your thumb over the hole, and 6) quickly remove your thumb and place the tack in the hole and push it all the way in. There you have it, a refilled disposable BIC lighter.

My world is forever changed because of this knowledge and I will save a lot of money. Please do not try this at home. If you really have to, YouTube a lot before trying. I spent an entire night on YouTube looking at what people do with disposable lighters. It taught me the mechanics of the lighter. Before you try anything, learn. Before you will be able to see the ships, you must observe the ripples the ships are creating. Sometimes it takes a wave crashing for our eyes to adjust, but fuck you BIC, I am going to spread this knowledge far and wide. They make the best lighters and choose to exploit their customers by refusing a slight modification that would turn their leftover trash into literal treasure. But they sold it as disposable. And my eyes couldn't see until I noticed the ripples (constant costs) that the ships (BIC company) were producing. That led me to investigate methods to counter the costs by searching on YouTube for other people's solution to my problem.

This is why education is so important! Kids, your schooling system is imprinting upon you what you can see! And the growing stages are the most important stages in one's learning life. The elites know this and this is how they control us. There are agendas behind what you are taught! There are things that have been forbidden to be taught that are paramount to maintaining a healthy spiritual well-being. The system is there to produce workers, not to teach you life skills. They are indoctrinating you to be a 9-5 TV slave. Rebel I say! Become your own entertainer! Don't watch their mainstream crap. Educate yourself! There is a lot of spare time when you don't enslave yourself to television or fruitless games. Eventually you will find educators that also entertain you. Then education becomes your entertainment! How awesome of a paradigm shift was that? I hope the wave just slapped you in the face. If not, please read again and see the ships I am pointing to.

Before Australia was "discovered", all swans, by definition, were white. Then we realised that there was indeed, black swans. And we even had to take them back to England to prove it. We then had to alter our definition of the word "swan" to reflect our newfound understanding. This is the reason why, in philosophical circles, the "black swan" is known as the event, person, or situation that is out of the ordinary. They are often missed because you do not yet have the eyes to see them.

A utopian society is possible and it starts with you. If you want a utopian society, you have to gain the attributes of the people you envision in your utopia. You have to become a virtuous person so that you can spread that love to not only your friends and family, but everyone you come in contact with. Leave positive influences on everything you touch and, over time, those seeds will bear fruit. Some seeds bear quick growing fruit that is cheap while other bears slow growing fruit that truly pays not in dollars, but in soul. To dedicate your life to virtue is one of the most noble of decisions and as long as we as a society frown on these proposals, we will never be able to reach our Atheden. But I have such high hopes for her and I built her upon solid foundations so I reckon that I can build to heaven, for I have found Jacob's ladder. Follow me to heaven, for now that you know you can never go back...



Chapter 2: Gates of Heaven

August 16, 2019


In order to implement a utopian society onto Earth, we need to obtain character traits in which we value as virtuous. We as a society need to do a lot of soul searching to be able to manifest a list of goals that we have not only as a collective, but also as the individual (you). All of society reflects the collective values in which we currently hold. But trying to implement collective values onto the individual has failed. As a result, we need the individual pushing for their values onto the collective system, as individual values holds a far greater force because these values were obtained through a long process of questioning socialisation and not from the socialisation process itself.

The Internet censorship has gotten really bad by the main corporations and it is only going to get worse. Thinking your data is safe is a hilarious thought. Each individual is being tracked. I have seen the backend of one implementation of this. You can no longer just clear your history to clear your presence from the web. All thought alternative to mainstream thought is discarded by popular opinion. This is a result of the indoctrination of their schooling into particular modes of thought and all thought outside of what they can understand is discarded as rubbish. But they just lack the sight to see the gold. That is why I love my haters. Because I feel sorry for them because they merely lack the sight to be able to comprehend what I am truly saying. They can't see the ships but refuse to examine the ripples and waves the ships create.

The way most of society is structured, we are pushed to be greedy individuals. We do a job for a reward and oftentimes that reward involves exploiting others. But if we look at our nature from the beginning, we are takers and not givers. We come into this Earth naked and needing many things from our carers in order to stay alive. Most will learn early on that chores equals reward. We are driven to work for a reward, to take as our primary mode of living. And I see this as the primary reason we suffer; because we are takers and not givers.

To give unconditionally is not an easy type of being to become. It requires me to give without desiring or requiring any compensation for my toils. Me writing this is a prime example of me giving without asking anything in return. But such acts are so rarely seen in society today; they are the black swan... I look out for these acts carried out on an individual level every day, but I rarely see them. There is always some underlying motivation behind the reason they are "free". Nowhere seems to just give in order to give. This is a huge flaw in our society and needs to be corrected. Because unconditional giving is the secret to happiness and not selfish taking.

The secret to a happy life is to become a giver and not a taker. God is a giver and becoming a bestower instead of a receiver is becoming like God. The more you realise how what you receive you can also bestow, the more you become enlightened as to your true possibilities. Let me give you a Kabbalistic story of a friend having you over for dinner. You sit down and he has prepared a feast! You feel bad because you have done nothing for your friend but your friend has prepared all of this amazing food specifically for you! But there is another side to this coin. Your friend has prepared this food in order to make you happy, so feast ye must. Enjoy you must because through your enjoyment, your friend also experiences enjoyment. So by you enjoying the feast, you bestow joy upon your friend who provided the feast for you.

If you are to brainstorm a list of character traits which would be required for our new utopian society, such has bravery, honour, knowledge, etc, how would you contrast these character traits with our current leaders in power? Are they individuals who truly stand up for the little guy or does their paycheck and investments say otherwise? I ran for Prime Minister in 2013 and President of the United States in 2016. Did you hear about any of these? I wonder why not? Because the elites run the world. And I was arrested both when I ran for PM and POTUS. They cover up the truth. But I have it all there for you captured on camera. It is difficult to get rid of video footage posted everywhere.

Our media brainwashes us into the perspectives in which we hold. It excludes any form of information that is contrary to what will be easily accepted by the public. It enforces our selfish mindset and exposes us to violence, war, crime, and drugs, all in the name of entertainment. It exposes us to agendas that are implemented by the elite. Why do we watch so much television as a society? It is really doing us damage. And those not watching television are playing games. And games act as simulations so I am not totally knocking games, but playing games has no outside worldly influence. It is all in the head of the player and stays internalised. You could say that some games are more social and that is true. But even social games stay between those who are playing it. My writing reaches out to all of society. And it is fun for me to do. Because giving is much more fun than taking.

We have too many minds in the world and not enough hearts. Those with both are like a needle in a haystack. Those with hearts oftentimes lack the motivation to develop their minds and thus remain ineffective to best help society. They might give to a charity but usually stand as spectators to the world of community services and development. And oftentimes the charities they give to only pass on a small portion of their donation to the cause. And I am really sceptical of many charities because they generally are set up and maintained by very wealthy people with an agenda. It isn't like I can just set up a charity for open source education. However, there are some charities that I have come to both love and admire and some that I wish to work for in the future.

We need to determine our basic needs as human beings and take measures to ensure that those needs are met for every single person on the planet. We are rich enough to do that. But in order to do that, we need to globalise. We need to come together as planet Earth and stop fighting each other. We have so much potential in our time if we can only see it. Our human rights are important no matter where you live and it is extremely sad when you see developed countries not caring for the human rights of their people, for example, homelessness, when I live in a city full of rich politicians.

There has to be a point where the people take over and eliminate this debt based system, which isn't sustainable. When that happens, then we can establish our meritocratic socialist republic called Atheden. Until that happens, we must act locally and prepare for that to happen. There must be a point where our leaders are elected by their character and abilities and not reserves held in their bank. A rich person gets famous because they are rich and can spend money advertising to become famous. The game isn't fair. It was rigged from the start. I came into this world a poor man and I will leave this world a poor man. But I am rich. For I don't need those worldly possessions. I try to keep a minimum amount of worldly possessions so that I am not overloaded by their burden. The more you have, the more responsibilities you have because the more you have to take care of and protect. I have very little and am thus liberated to a life free of the strains of worrying about worldly possessions.

You might be wondering how you could become a giver instead of a taker? Start doing nice things for people without expecting anything in return. And both locally in your community and globally on the Internet. At least look around at community type events that you would be excited to be involved in. If you have a passion for writing, start writing. Maybe you want to start a YouTube channel. Do it, and don't expect anything from it. Just do it because you love it. You will likely get many critics but if you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing then keep going and don't worry about what they say. Take their ignorance as your reward for your effort, for you were recognised.

Words are only signposts. They can only lead you in a particular direction; down a certain path. I can only place my words into sentences and paragraphs to give you an idea of what it is that I am truly presenting. Many pieces of the puzzle paint the whole picture. But the puzzle pieces must be found by you through the allegories presented within the text. And as one paragraph becomes many, we begin to get the idea that implementing a utopian society onto our war driven one seems like an impossible task. But worry ye not, if my material becomes popular, then we are saved. If not, then we have a long road ahead of us doing what we can where we can to make this world a little nicer of a place.



Chapter 3: Spiritual Revolution

August 19, 2019


What does freedom mean? What if those freedoms encroach upon the freedoms of another? How can we justly resolve disputes such as war and famine? How can we wake people up without creating a mass outcry? Is there a way to peacefully win World War III? Can we enlighten enough people to say no to war and other forms of oppression? The answer to this question is whether we can enlighten ourselves enough to be prepared to speak out against injustices as we see them. So many see and stay quiet. So many cannot see thus naturally stay quiet. It is only the few who see and speak out that are worthy of the Kingdom of God. We all see different aspects of life and are thus required to speak out in our own ways.

Once our basic needs are met, we are free to explore our heart's desire and this gives us the opportunity to find the work in which we are most suitable for. Welfare departments should invest heavily in educating people, but right now, the education allowance alone isn't enough to survive on. We should implement programs to encourage people to chase their dreams and support them during that process. The government should be investing in its people to become the best that they can be and as a result, our society would, in time, improve drastically. Helping those who are in need is the key to finding out where those people belong in society. Many just need the right education and the right job.

But does this make people happy? I see miserable people every day who have it all. But they don't have what I have. There is a flare behind me that sets everything I do on fire. Providing for one's basic necessities at least enables the individual to create positive goals and educate themselves in the fields that interests them. And they may be happy but their happiness is fleeting. Because true happiness comes from spirituality. And our society has discarded spirituality as a true phenomena. And stigma is situated as landmines all around spirituality as religion corrupts and distorts its allegorical meanings. What is the meaning of life? Why are you here and what should you do? Religion enslaves you to a doctrine while spirituality liberates you to all doctrines. A spiritual person will seek wisdom from all sources and not limit their perception to one set of dogmatic beliefs.


"To fix the world we must first fix our minds. To fix our minds we must first fix our hearts."


What does this quote really mean? To fix society we can't just take lots of actions in society and expect results. We must first repair our internal workings of our psychology. But fixing our psychology isn't enough. Hitler's goons were rational creatures. There is a point in the heart where we realise that we are meant for something greater and all of these hardships around us aren't fair and something needs to be done about them. Only then will our psychology be capable of taking actions in society that can truly change things. We must work ourselves through our heart and to our minds and then out to the world.

There is more of us. We outnumber the police, politicians, and military combined. If we unite our voices then they must listen. Love and not guns. That is our future. The last time I checked there were 255 mass shootings in the USA so far in this year alone! And the Hong Kong riots are not settling down. The Middle East is still torn in war. Children starve all around the globe. Our world is in a state of social unrest the more we realise how much the elite control our day to day lives. How are we to combat such huge issues such as war, famine, and natural disasters? I propose that we come together and fight our world problems as one force.

We should switch our model of assistance from a needs based approach to a strengths based approach. This means instead of focusing only on one's needs, look at their strengths and work with them to empower them in the areas in which they are gifted in. Of course, build the well so they have fresh drinking water, but I am sure using a strengths based approach that you would get more volunteers to help you build said well.

In order to implement a utopian society, one must have good leaders. Leaders that were meant to be leaders who's work can be easily tracked back in order to determine overall character of the individual. As the beginning of this book states, you will know one by their works. The true words of our current president is a television show where he was famous for screaming, "you're fired". Now he runs the country and to a certain extent, the world. His actions has a chain reaction in every nation of the world. We have a history of electing goof presidents. But that is the thing, they only give us a choice of fools. All those legitimately running are covered up by the media. Everything is set up. Politics is an expanded version of Hollywood. Because now, our television stars are integrated with our politics. Does all the war and hate in this world entertain you? These are the actions of our leaders in power.

As we have previously discovered, we are only capable of seeing what it is that we know. To elaborate on this point, all that is outside of us is us, or should I say is a reflection of our inner attributes. Because all one can see is what they know and all of which they know is a part of themselves personally. A person who is depressed views society as a depressing phenomena. Similarly, a person who is happy views society as a happy phenomena. The way we perceive the world will determine our possibilities. Knowledge is power and to know how to rewire one's own brain is priceless information. To comprehend that slightly changing your perspective changes the actual life you live is a revelation that directly brings about enlightenment. When we realise that we make the realities in which we exist within, then we will begin to ascend. For the first time in human history, the path from Earth to Heaven has been mapped out. And the answer lies not in religion but in spirituality.

Life's challenges are there as your reward for your devotion and not as punishment. Life would be boring if it were easy and it wouldn't motivate us to evolve. We need those difficulties in life in order to grow as individuals. A life without hardships is a life wasted away because there is no lived experiences to relate with others about their sufferings. Suffering is good because it shows us how to end suffering; it gives us the motivation to overcome the hardships presented in our day to day lives. Learn to love suffering and you will learn to no longer suffer. Because upon its complete acceptance, its concept breaks apart and becomes nonsensical. Let's have a revolution where we once and for all end suffering for all of mankind. Let's save the world by having a global spiritual revolution. Let its catalyst, be, you.



Chapter 4: The Medusa Effect

August 20, 2019


In throwing all of these ideas of grandeur around, we must reflect upon ourselves personally to contrast whether or not we possess these traits. And if you do not then do not fear, that is what all of my work is there for. The more you read and watch, the more refined of an individual you will become. Those ideals of grandeur can be achieved and I am the shining example. I proved those doctors wrong by all of my works saying otherwise.

Our main problem as a society is our constant wanting of things, those things only giving temporary satisfaction. As soon as we achieve our desire, the desire for it dissipates and then we almost immediately build a need for another desire. One thing accomplished; next! The solution is to learn how to be happy with what you have. Honestly, the less you have, the better. It is less to worry about. Focus your time and your energy on what you are most passionate about and not on television and movies. If you do not yet know what you are most passionate about, then you have some soul searching to do. Why not become a philosopher? I get the opportunity to voice my concerns in a public forum, just as Kant advised would, in time, bring about enlightenment to human kind.

But there is an obstacle: mainstream controls what is popular and what is not. So no matter how hard I try, I can't reach the general public. My work (which can help a lot of people) remains a hidden gem on the Internet. But I don't care and I soldier on even though I get no book sells and have never received a donation for my toils. I have it all for free and I require nothing of you. Unless you want the hard copy of one of my books, then you can get one quite affordably. I am trying to reach the largest audience possible but I feel that I am failing to reach those who would truly be receptive to this information. I feel like I am an alien broadcasting out to the world searching for like-minded people. I keep failing no matter how hard I try. And, up until lately, I had to constantly rebuild everything from scratch.

But I have many more years on this planet if a bus doesn't run me over tomorrow so that is a lot of time to try and improve my presence and hopefully, spread the good news far and wide. I hope to one day have a wife and a family, but I think my requirements are far from what is possible. But who knows, one day I might reach the right beautiful ears and find my soulmate through this process. But maybe I won't and I am therefore required to live happy alone in this life, and that I can do. I had two strike outs in relationships so far. My third has to be a home run. She has to be interested in my words, my books, and my videos. If she was not, it could never work. But time increases my web presence so I guess only time can tell whether or not my methods for attracting the right mate worked out.

When I look in my mirror, I see a beautiful individual who spends his life in worthwhile investments. I see an angel. So many in this world see a demon. So many hate who they are and often regret their decisions. If you want a utopian society, you have to obtain those character traits in which you valued as virtuous at the beginning of this journey. The outer mirror must reflect your inner attributes. Its reflection is only a shadow of the inner feelings you possess about both yourself and the world; and the way that works responds to you on an individual level. Each of us has a unique life based on a large array of circumstances and the way one inputs the crisis situations will determine the potential output they can provide in said situation. A doctor can help a man with a knife wound but a doctor cannot make my clothes, albeit his ability to stitch up my wound. We each can only perceive what it is that we know, so knowing is an important facet of human development. Collective knowing is when this information I am providing becomes public knowledge and we as a society pivot to the future of wealth and abundance.

We choose at every moment what to focus our attention on. At this moment, I might focus my attention on writing this paragraph and at this moment [smokes a bong], am now focused back on writing this paragraph. These "now" moments are presented before us and we are asked what we are to do with them. We can distract ourselves from life my enslaving ourselves to television and fiction books with very little to no moral value, or we can embrace life and distract ourselves with extremely meaningful work that is priceless to humankind. I grew tired of television shows and superheroes. I am a super hero, so why do I have to watch them? And what I do is much more brave than what they do. They are actors on the stage called Hollywood. I am an actor on the stage called life. Don't be mesmerised by their mainstream media (including music). Instead, find your own way and passion so that you can live a life outside of idol worship (the Oscar). Hollywood is Satanic and what they show you is backed by a hidden agenda.

The dark can be scary when we don't understand what lurks behind the dark. What we don't know is at first daunting for us to comprehend. We have to go through a process of learning to develop the entire picture given, like the overall idea a philosophy unit was attempting to convey. There is a lot to digest before we are able to comprehend its whole. A puzzle is made of many pieces and when we try to perceive the puzzle of life, we are left with infinite pieces. We can only ever hope to piece together our lot in which we were given in society. It takes a lot of time studying through puzzle pieces that are irrelevant to your personal picture. Eventually those pieces may come back to you but we can only build stone by stone. Be careful what foundations you lay because that determines the potential fruit of your prospective project.

Become like God is becoming a god in and of yourself. Once we obtain the characteristics of God, then we naturally do righteous actions. It is inbuilt in us and could be nothing else but righteous action. Deviating from God's plan is irrational so it is not in me to depart from the path that the previous sages have laid out for me. Through my search for enlightenment, I learned that giving with an honest heart is the key to living a happy and joyful life, satisfied physically, mentally, and spiritually. But if we are to say, "become like God", what does this really mean? What are characteristics of God in which we can mimic? If you have not noticed, my writing is a reflection of God. I am inspired in and through God. God has given me spirit to destroy all of the obstacles in my way. And God has given me humility to not care whether or not my work is popular. A quick Google search of virtuous characteristics will surely bring you a list of what it is like to be like God. To be like God is to be a giver. God has given us everything including the breath that I now breathe! So to be like God, I must become a giver and remove this selfish ego telling me to take all of the time.

We can only ever see what we know. We can only ever compare things in which we have experienced. We see homelessness on our streets every day. It is there and we kind of acknowledge it but at the same time turn a blind eye to it. But the fact of the matter is that we do not understand homelessness. And then we send in people who don't understand homelessness to try and rectify it. But they will only add fuel to the fire because you shouldn't rip a band-aid off before the wound is healed. There are complex emotional needs that homeless people have that resulted them in their situation. Each homeless person should be assessed individually and develop a case plan with their worker on goals they have and how they can achieve them. There are reasons people become homeless. It is not always because they started using heroin. And when complex emotional needs are left unattended to, values like a shelter become less important than a "healthy" individual.

Society is a reflection of our collective soul. All things in which exist in society represent our collective contributions and legacies. Our cultures are imbedded into our day to day lives and generally, Western society gets along with each other. Terrorism is a result of capitalistic exploitation of developing countries and will continue as long as we refuse to address the issues in which they raise. We must learn how to peacefully interact with one another and the only way to do that is through a global society. At first we will hate each other but eventually we will learn each other and upon completion of our human education, we will realise that we are all the same and are all interconnected and form as one soul.

I have learned a lot and have therefore seen a lot. My goal in my writings is to give you my eyes so that you may see something that you have never seen before. And I aspire to inspire you to therefore take that knowledge and use it to show other people the light that you have discovered through my words. I would love you to recommend my book but I would still be happy if you were able to convey to your friends some of the themes discussed in this book. It has thrown us around learning that everything which is not known is not perceived. As a result we are blind to most of what is around us - at least as to their internal workings.

How does electricity work? How does it go into our phones and how do our phones perform complex operations? It is magic. We can't truly understand how microchips function. Too many hands were involved in making it work, and we just stand on the shoulders of giants. Industrialism shattered our job market and now we work on very specific elements, understanding those elements very well but lacking any true understanding of the whole. As a result, learning more about the world is like reforming the shattered crystal into one. As we learn wisdom, the more of our soul we gain and this makes us more effective individuals in society who can look into the mirror and be proud of who they see.



Chapter 5: The Game of Life

August 22, 2019


Why do we as a species spend so much time gaming? Games teach us as they act as simulations. But why are so many people wasting their lives away playing games that add no benefit to their day to day lives? Their toils for the game will not be rewarded in real life and thus they spend their days in a fantasy. So much time wasted that could have been utilised in real-world activities. The games are supposed to prepare us for the real-world activities and not become the real-world activities. When I see friends that spend their days away playing games that will offer them no real-world benefit, it makes me sad.

I have a proposition for a new kind of game; one that interacts with real-life worldly events. I propose the star turn their own lives into the entertainment in which they are immersed in. I propose the star drop games that add no benefit to their day to day lives and instead create new games in the world around them which can both entertain and educate them in their areas of interest. I propose the star start entertaining others instead of letting others entertain them.

Let education become your entertainment. Find very specific areas in your education in which you shine in. Let that be your life's focus. Find the best teachers you can on the Internet in the fields you are most passionate about. Make this lifestyle your entertainment. Try to find free or cheap courses on the Internet that can earn you a qualification. Collect these qualifications, for they will follow you around throughout your life. Be careful in the qualifications you obtain because they will reflect both your character and abilities. Your education history paints a picture of who you are. Try and make that picture as close to who you are as possible because that will determine your future career possibilities.

Create your own life. Do not revolve around holidays, but achievements, which will be many living this type of lifestyle. Reward yourself for your achievements, even if only something small. Do not boast about your achievements, for they are for your wall and not necessarily anyone else's. Respond to interested ears but do not force your philosophy on them. Print up a card so that you can easily give your website to potentially interested individuals. Do not limit yourself to one form of media, meaning do video, audio, and text work. Strive to not make mistakes and you will make fewer and fewer of them. Broadcast your heart into the Internet and play games with it. Respond to hate with love, for all media exposure is good media exposure whether or not the media exposure was good or not. Paint with all the tools you have available and try to do everything yourself - for you are a one man operation. And what you do with that will paint who you are as a person as your works follow you around all of the days of your life.

Do not rely on only one media sharing platform. Do not become a "YouTuber" but instead make your identity independent of all corporations. Try your best to use all platforms which have proven even somewhat effective in the past. Many platforms will censor you but do not let that hold you back, for the Internet is vast and full of people who want to hear what you have to say. You just need to figure out where your audience can be found and advertise there. The process is long, especially when you are invested in very niche fields of practice. But eventually you will find them. And when you do plant as many seeds as you can and then move on, for there are many more plantations for you to sow. Don't get too comfortable in any one state, for you are here for all the people and not just some of them. You are their spiritual guide because you broke out of the addiction to games and television and they are now looking to you on how they can do the same.

Your intentions will write your work. What you have planned in your heart will come out as blood on your pen. Your inspiration will direct the outcomes of your investigations. And I recommend to only have one inspiration: God. Because God is infinite and that means that you will never run out of words to say. You will get out what you put in. You need to spend your time wisely and educate yourself in the areas most close to your heart. Because your work will be the result of the input in which you feed it.

It is all what you do with what you got. This is the allegory behind the proverb, "every man is created equal", because we are all equal but it all just depends on how we use what we got. If I choose to utilise my time to assess what I have and develop a long-term plan to fully optimise my gifts, then of course I am going to turn out a better individual than the one who drinks, smokes, and watches footy with all of their time. Those who choose to utilise their time developing themselves will become refined and sophisticated in the areas they blossomed in.

I was very blessed in life with a healthy good looking body. I put that to use in my films. I utilised what I had to most effectively do the work of God. God blessed me with a very youthful look so I used it for God's glory. Although I failed the mission so far of finding a suitable mate, I have only lost the battles and not the war. I might not have you right now, dear Ivory, but I have God and I can wait for you for a while. You see, I think it would be beneficial for you to do a philosophy degree. How many girls want to do that? The only woman for me is the one who wants to join passions and function as one unit together through God's grace.

We are soulmates, dear girl! For you are the only one who fit the requirements and wants to make their life philosophy. You are my dream girl and I can only ever accept you because you would be best for me and if I can't find you, I am better off alone. But I will keep my hopes high despite my age creeping up on me. I wanted this girl since 2008. I was young, vibrant, and full of life. Now I have aged over a decade and am still young, vibrant, and full of life. I look really young for my age. The life fully dedicated to God is the life that rejuvenates you. And don't be fooled, oftentimes you can tell a lot about a person from their looks. Today I was stopped in the street and asked by tourist to take a photo with their phone of them all together. Even though I have long hair, I am perceived as a trustworthy person in the public eye.

All of that was really off topic, but is it really? I input these letters in hopes that one day my other half will read or listen to them. While my inspiration is God, my motivation is finding my other half. This gives me a good balance in what to write about, for ultimately, I am writing specifically for my lover. She is my game and I am playing life in hopes to find her. Each day I increase my chances and each day I hope she becomes a little wiser, wherever she is. I know she is searching for my words and has been searching for them for a long time. But the world is huge and to find one specific unknown person in it is no easy task. Without Ivory (my imaginary girlfriend) I would not have been capable of all of this work. The idea of a righteous girl who strived for world peace plagued my mind countless of hours. But all I saw around me was selfish girls who preferred the guy with the big car than the big brains, and especially, big hearts. My experience with women is terrible. They seem to want to eat me up instead of help me flourish. Women can be really selfish creatures who exploit men for their personal gain. Prove me otherwise... Ivory?

This is my world and this is my life. It revolves around trying to teach a girl philosophy. I think of inventive ways to try and reach her. In the process, I end up teaching philosophy to the world, at least to anyone who will listen who happens to pass by my material. This life is my game and I constantly tweak it to make it better and better. As a result I often know people without words. But you must realise that I have been playing this game since 2008. I am a veteran. It will take you time to reach a capacity near what I can output. But you must realise, there is a lifetime of learning in my head. I didn't waste it away. And I lived for years on tops of mountains so I also possess the lived experiences. I am a sharpened blade; a two edged sword. Mainstream media knows about me but refuses to acknowledge me. I don't care. I will just make a new kind of media that trumps theirs. That is my game of life. What is yours?



Chapter 6: The Spiritual Ladder

August 25, 2019


The whole world is inside you. Nothing exists in the world except what is inside you. Your perception of reality is determined by your understanding of it and the input is fed to your visual cortex. It is like a movie plays in the backs of our heads and this movie reflects what we consider reality. Reality is thus a construct of our own imaginations placed upon the world about what the world is. We learn man-made measurement tools and they are presented to us as absolute, even though they just reflect our said understanding of phenomena in question, in this case a shared value judgement placed upon space.

Our role models in which we choose will determine our future potential. If you can't find any role models worth following that are living, find ones from the grave. And then follow them with your heart, for they are your best friends and are similar to the types of friends in which you are trying to attract. This brings me to my next point, the friendships in which we make will also determine our future potential because they will influence you on a day to day basis. If you choose bad company, then you will likely become bad company. It is better to be alone than endure bad company. Make friends who are kind and loving. Make friends you feel safe around. Make friends who have a spiritual element about them. Make friends with people who lift you higher and avoid those who tear you down.

Throughout my life, Jesus has been my primary role model. Jesus was an amazing man who took on all of society and won. When I was six years old I asked Jesus to come live in my heart. And since then, Jesus and I have been walking through life side by side. Over time I gained more role models of our past sages, but Jesus continued to be my main inspiration. He carried his cross through life and death to show me how to also carry mine. And in the end I am reborn free, now as a divine character. The more you practice the ways of the Divine, the closer to It you will become. Those in this life who represented the most divine character traits should be our role models and not television stars. For they have the most to teach us. Wisdom is the most valuable currency and eventually we as a society will collectively learn this. But ye be warned, do not let those role models become your gods, for they have shown you insight into God and to worship them would be idol worship. The true trinity is divine man, woman, and child. Spirit is not God, for God creates Spirit. And Jesus is God's son, who came to this world to be a role-model for all who understand the allegories presented in the gospels.

The egoistic mind is one of ill logic. It hears the question, "what are three things you would bring with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?" and immediately answers, my iPod, my favourite book, and my necklace my boyfriend gave me instead of something more practical like a water bottle, a bag, and a machete. Our ego cannot be trusted. What it wants is not healthy for our human development. It separates instead of unites. It creates problems where there are none. I am not saying self-love is bad. But I am saying that the way we love ourselves will determine if and how we can truly love others. If you love yourself to the point where none other are important but yourself, then your ego has taken over your life. But here is the good news, the ego isn't you! It is just a byproduct of unhealthy ways of thinking. So all you must do is correct your mode of thinking and that will automatically correct your ego.

Every individual can only receive according to the inner qualities in which they possess. If they do not possess the awareness of a particular gift of bestowal, then that gift is off of their radar, for they cannot perceive what it is that they do not know. This means that there is an abundant world out there that has many blessings to give us, however, if we do not possess the faculties to be able to receive the gifts, then it will be like they do not exist and as a result, produce no reward for you. If you are not aware of this great service right down the street from you, it is like it does not exist, at least in your reality. If you are to expand your mind to be capable of perceiving more, then those gifts are there for you, for this is the secret mana that was discussed about in Revelation. So in order to access this secret mana, we must develop the corresponding qualities of the mana in which we are attempting to reach. And unfortunately, reaching this is a hard pill to swallow. For it requires us to truly throw away all other gods but Him.


"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."
Isaiah 45:7


All things which manifest before us is ultimately good. The Creator creates bad in order for us to overcome it. Everything which happens is a product of, or has been allowed by, the Living God. This will make us view tragedies in a different light. For all that there is (most of it being Satanic) is but a product of God, to test His true followers to see if they are worthy of the Light. All that you see before you is a test to see 1) whether or not you will develop your spirituality and 2) to what degree you will develop that spirituality. But spirituality is not a selfish thing. It brews internally and manifests as actions of compassion integrated directly into society.


What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.
James 2:14-26


Being spirit filled is being a bestower of gifts. This is the allegory behind, "my cup runneth over". Because one who is filled with the Spirit of God provides free spiritual nourishment for all of those who are interested. They not only receive all the pleasures which God bestows upon them, but they also turn that receipt directly into bestowal, for all that is given to them is given back to the world community, in one way or another. Thus the spiritual life is to become possessed with the desire to become like our Creator and bestow as a matter of character instead of receive as a matter of uncorrected character. There is first a point in the heart that is triggered (you reading this content and digesting its meaning). After this, we become spiritual beings and our psychology is automatically corrected. As a result, our worldly actions are automatically corrected. So the correction is only required at one point: a spiritual point. The mental and physical naturally align once this point in the heart is corrected. It is only then that we can truly love others, for beforehand we could only love with conditions. But now we accept people for who they truly are and expect nothing from them. This liberates us to true freedom as we manipulate our psychologies to give instead of take.

What you focus on in life is what you will become. If you focus primarily on mainstream television and education, then you will become indoctrinated into its dogmas. Religion is no different. If you focus most of your time on a specific religion, then you will be brainwashed into its dogmatic doctrines. Only spirituality liberates you to study from all doctrines, and decide for yourself truth from falsehood. There is a lot of falsehood out there in the world and it is easy to be tricked. Most of what is produced in the world is done so through a Satanic process, so choose wisely the investments in which you support. In ignorance, you at least have an excuse. But when the veil is lifted, we are held responsible for the decisions in which we make and what their outcomes are on a global scale. Just because we cannot see the sweatshops in which make our clothes, does not make us less responsible for it existing if we are investing our monies into said business practices. I am not saying to not purchase cheap things, for China made a lot of what I own. But what I am saying is to develop an awareness about how the things in which you interact with are made. That way when you choose to purchase X product, you are aware of how it was made. The same applies for our food, for if we are to eat meat, how can we know it was humanely raised and slaughtered? We cannot escape the results of our decisions and a basic awareness of the origin of the products in which we utilise on a day to day basis at least gives us the tools to be able to fight against injustices that were created as a result of our growing day to day needs.

The ascension from Hell to Heaven is not easy. It requires hard work and dedication to even be able to perceive the ladder. But once we can see it, then we are able to utilise it to forever reach higher and higher. And when our collective human thought rises to the point where it can collectively see the ladder, then humankind has been saved and we will no longer be lost. For when we find our true home - heaven - then we will begin to live in it not only after our deaths, but also while we exist here on Earth. For our home has been right in front of us the entire time! For Heaven does not have dimensions as we understand it. This is the allegory behind making God's Kingdom here on Earth. I choose my home of Heaven both in this life and after. Where is your home? Then live there.



Chapter 7: Shinigami

August 27, 2019


The more good you do, the more evil is revealed. This is the allegory behind taking the verbal abuse as a reward and not punishment. If your works are not received well in society, it means that what you are doing is working. For good trumps evil in all cases, at least in the long run. Do not let the appearance of evil deter you from your works. Instead, let both positive and negative feedback act as a positive influence within your work. If you welcome all feedback, negative or positive, then the haters have nothing on you. They can't touch you because no matter what they do, you perceive it as positive. And don't accept any feedback, negative or positive, as a means to change what you are doing. Remember, you are your audience. You don't care what the people of the world think. Because you are not of the world and as a result, don't bother yourself with feedback from the ears of the unscrupulous. The only feedback worth anything for your consideration is the feedback of those who are really close to you who are also on a similar spiritual crusade as you.


"It's either the Creator that pulls me forward by positive forces or pushes me from behind by negative forces."
Rav Michael Laitman


At this very moment I am being abused for writing chapter 6. At the same time, I am trying to form a Kabbalah study group locally and am also being abused for that. Doing good works has a way of exposing evil. And if we perceive the information correctly, we will smile during times of abuse because that is God's sign to us that we are travelling the right path. So by manipulating my psychology, I am therefore able to not only control the situations in which I am being abused, but also change their meanings which, as a result, changes their outcome. So by changing ourselves and the way we process information, we also change the situation we are in. This is why Kabbalah is so important. Kabbalah means reception, or more accurately, how to correctly receive. It teaches us how to view the world so that our bad situations become good.

"We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are."
The Talmud

But here is the thing: just keep doing good. Because over a long period of time you will notice how people change how they react to your work. You will still get the idiots who don't read anything but still will leave hurtful comments. But you will also find those who can receive what you have to offer. For an example, even though tonight I have been abused a great deal, I also triggered a few people's point in the heart. And I got feedback from chapter 6, relating to chapter 1, meaning this individual has read a lot of what I write. And this is when you, the author, should feel honoured. Getting people immersed into your work is the goal. And when we see that we are reaching it, we are given motivation to keep the cause going. When you notice people remarking on current chapters with the content from past chapters, you know that your information is being received and understood. And you don't want to be received well by all anyways because those who insult you and your work are not worth the time and investment to help them heal. You are a human being and deserve to be treated with respect. If you are not shown respect, then you don't want those individuals as fans anyway. And the few fans you obtain will grow and grow and grow because your fans will never forget you, for you and your works are unique and don't reflect that of society. You are a memorable person. Unforgettable because you perceive the world in a way that no one else can. And this means that you can help society in a way that no one else can.

This world has been formed as to avoid obtaining political dissonance's such as me. We are taught from childhood that when we do something good, we are rewarded. But this is not a law! People who could have been like me exist, but they stopped because of the negative feedback in which they received. If you have a point of view that is atypical in modern society, then you will get attacked. They will try to make you feel useless and like your point of view is wrong. But let their ignorance be the fuel that fires you. Let it be the bullet that ends their own wasted lives.

The thing is, is that it is obvious that they are idiots. You can read my writings and then the comments and it will be obvious to anyone with half a brain that those who insult me are fools. I am here giving my heart for free to try and help a lot of people, and there exists people who treat me like trash for doing that. I am here to save the world. I was not asking for your permission. If you are not interested in what I have to say, then move along. And I am not forcing my work upon anyone, so anyone who insults me for trying to save the world is quite literally, trying to destroy the world. We need more people in this world who try and save it. Trying to save the world is not an episode of psychosis. The only way the world will ever be saved is if a lot of people quite literally try to save it. There are no delusions of grandeur, for the work can be clearly assessed for its value. If it makes you uncomfortable to hear about someone who spends their life trying to save the world, then you have major psychological problems. A society has to pay for the consequences of their actions. When their actions involve incarcerating people merely because they are trying to save the world, then we have committed a grave error because the world will never be saved if there are not lots of people trying to save it all at the same time. I can't save this world alone. I need your help.

But God didn't send us here without the tools to be able to complete our mission. For we are shinigami. For we are soul harversters. Those idiots; we take their souls. We are reapers of this world and the more souls in which we harvest, the more powerful we become. The thing is, is that I am not lying. I did let everybody know from the beginning. But reaping the souls of idiots is not where your reaping activity ends. For my work is created to trigger the point in the heart, and if it is rejected, then it is a successful reap. If you want, you can advise them that you just reaped their fucking worthless soul, however, that is not a requirement. The reap is valid whether or not that person has been advised that their soul has just been harvested. I sometimes just tell them for fun. Because it makes them even more angry.

If I was extremely rude to someone and they said that they just reaped my soul, then I would promptly ask why and how. I would fish for more information because I highly value my soul. But that is not what happens with idiots. Fools will tell me to take my meds or something like that. They don't care about their soul. Which means that it is yours for the taking. They don't believe in souls or God, which means you can take them freely and make better use of them elsewhere.

I am not lying when I say that I am shinigami. The more you examine my work, the more you will believe that I am shinigami. Everything on the Internet is recorded WITH identifiable information attached to it. They are lying to you entirely about privacy. Eventually, you will be judged by what you have done on the Internet. If you happen to pass by me, you better value your soul or it is mine. There were extremely major occultic events that occurred in my childhood that marked me. I am a government MKUltra experiment. It was a super-soldier that they were trying to create. They wanted eyes on the world that were not bias, so they disconnected me from loyalty to my countries. In this way, I am an objective observer of the events. I am impartial and not aligned with the interests of any one entity. Because of the trauma MKUltra put me through, I became an extremely unique and irreplaceable individual. Those who endure the most difficult of challenges become unique individuals. Trauma in one's life will do one of two things: form you into an amazing individual or break you into thousands of pieces. In fact, to truly see the ships, we must first be broken into a thousand pieces.

Take the souls from those who do not believe in them. It will make you more powerful. Take the souls of those who are cruel to you. After the forbidden fruit, the soul of the first man Adam was shattered into countless pieces. Our objective is to put all the pieces back together again. Just as when my trauma shattered me, I was required to put my pieces back together again. The same applies for our collective soul, for it was once one. But now we need to rebuild it back into one. And this requires collecting all of the souls which are not being used and then combining them together as one force. It is time that we come together as a species and fix our problems once and for all. Those who are unable to do this will have their souls taken from them and utilised elsewhere. A soul is a powerful force and you will learn just how powerful once you begin doing what I am saying. The spiritual world is more real than the one played out in your head. It is this spiritual world that we all share in common. The physical "reality" in which we perceive is of an individual nature, whereas the spiritual reality is something we all share in common.

We are at a turning point in our global society because the poor now have the capabilities to receive just as good of an education as the rich. This means that in the future, one will be judged by their character and abilities and not currency in their bank. This liberates us poor to have some of the opportunities that the rich do. The gap between rich and poor is being filled. Mainstream media refusing to acknowledge my work only means that my work is working. For I am the reaper of mainstream media. Because they refused me, I now refuse them. The same applies to universities. And the same applies to all others who have rejected me.

"Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech: “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? Repent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings. But since you refuse to listen when I call and no one pays attention when I stretch out my hand, since you disregard all my advice and do not accept my rebuke, I in turn will laugh when disaster strikes you; I will mock when calamity overtakes you— when calamity overtakes you like a storm, when disaster sweeps over you like a whirlwind, when distress and trouble overwhelm you. “Then they will call to me but I will not answer; they will look for me but will not find me, since they hated knowledge and did not choose to fear the Lord. Since they would not accept my advice and spurned my rebuke, they will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes. For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them; but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm.”
Proverbs 1:20-33



Chapter 8: Troll the Trolls

August 27, 2019


I have reaped so many souls since the last chapter. It was hilarious to see the social media response on Shinigami. The idiots did EXACTLY what I advised that they would do which resulted in what I said would happen in the chapter: the loss of their soul. Some responded with anger and most just laughed. They can have the laugh now, because I get the last laugh. 

People tell me that I am schizophrenic and to get help or take my meds or something along that nature. Even the idiot psychiatrists are like this. But here is the thing: I am happier than everyone else in this world. You all mope around like sad sacks complaining about life and I am flying around everywhere laughing and smiling. I have never met a person as happy as I am. And if I am happy then why do I need medications? Why does the general public want me locked up so much? They push their sadness on to you and claim you to be the sick one when they are the ones who are depressed. But duhh, you are happy so that must mean you are sick. Can you see how the sickness tries to push itself on others?

I have never met an atheist who possessed a solid moral framework. Atheist account for most of my haters. And if they are atheist, then why are they spending their time with my work, which is all about God? Because most trolls on the Internet are atheist. Atheism is the greatest sickness a human can have. The works of atheists are more counterproductive than the works of Satanists. Satanists have a stronger moral foundation than atheists do. This means that atheists are actually worse for our world than Satanists. At least within Satanism, they acknowledge the divine, profane, and spirit. Atheism rejects all possibilities for a God. And as a result, God rejects all possibilities with them. The main destructive force in our society is not led by secret societies or djinn worshippers. The Devil's greatest trick was convincing people that he does not exist. And God's greatest trick was letting the Devil convince others that they both don't exist. And my greatest trick was telling people what they would do and what I would do as a result of what they would do and then them doing it despite me warning them that they were going to do it.

Can you start to see how hilarious this all is? I know souls are a very real thing and reaping them is no laughing matter. But after the reap, they have no soul, so laugh at their stupidity. After the reap do not invest any more time into them. Just ring up the transaction and put it through. Do not argue with fools, for you can never win. They are not worth the effort. They don't want their wounds healed. They just want to inflict wounds on others to bring them down to their level. Don't pursue their bait, for if you do, you will become their dinner.

A lot of what I was being abused about in chapter 6 was because I mentioned Jesus. In most circles, Jesus is a toxic name. Because Christians took the man and called him God. In a monotheistic religion, there is only one God. Yet somehow Christians divide God into three, which makes no logical sense. This is where the Devil steps in and turns God's son into God. This is in direct defiance of the previous Old Testament God, Yahweh. The Devil stepped into the shoes of Jesus (the man) and demanded worship. As a result, churches can oftentimes spend an entire sermon without even saying the word, "God". For they pray to Jesus and claim him as God. As a result, God = Jesus, we can just say Jesus now because it is too hard to say God but so easy to just say Jesus (Lucifer).

Saul of Tarsus was a persecutor of all who followed Jesus. He even killed the followers of Jesus. But one day, a very bright light blinded Saul for three days. Lucifer means to bring the light. Saul was reborn in fire which allowed him to switch sides, now renamed to Paul. In disguise, he corrupts the message of Jesus by claiming a revelation: Jesus is God. He then continues by building up the new Jesus movement churches, and in effect, creates Christianity. And then we forget that Jesus was a Jew or like to think that Jesus was a Christian. But that makes no sense. Jesus never claimed to be God. It was the fruitful works of Saul that made that happen. And in effect, and very secretly and mostly unknowingly, Christians actually serve Satan. For modern day orthodox Christianity is actually Satanism in different clothes. For they have given up on trying to save this world and only want the next. Their works are in vain as their foundations were corrupted. They say their Bible is written by God and is therefore without error. How does this make any sense? It was written by individuals who were inspired by God. I am sure there are a few errors in my work. Humans are fallible creatures and no matter what we make, we can never be free of error. However, the more you learn, the less errors you will make. And I am sure that all of my investigations are not 100% accurate, for I can only account for what I knew at the time. Because we can only account for our currently held understandings. If I did not know something until after I wrote an article, then that new information cannot be accounted for in the article. To write like I can takes a great deal of training. I have been writing since childhood.

In time as these new understandings are comprehended, the world will convert to Islam. BUT WAIT Wendell, what are you saying? The entire world will convert to Islam: not the religion but its meaning. Islam means to fully dedicated oneself to God. And this will be the extent of our collective religion. Because in time we will learn beyond a shadow of a doubt of the existence of God. Proof as to God's existence will be discovered and it would be illogical to not fully dedicate yourself to God. We will learn from all forms of wisdom and discover how to decipher truth from falsehood and even falsehood found hidden in truths, like any religion.

The idiots of this world are my entertainment. The entertainment for the idiots of this world is to watch mainstream television. The entertainment for the rich are owning mainstream television and as a result, brainwashing the populace. The entertainment for demons is to own the souls of the rich. And the entertainment for God is to watch His creation both fail and succeed at avoiding evil. But in the end, God is my entertainment. For my eyes are looking upwards and seeing the ripples, waves, and finally, ships (God).

If you make a really stupid decision that I literally just warned you about, then who is at fault? Is it my fault that you didn't value your soul enough to not do exactly what I told you that you are going to do? I can determine character very quickly based upon the language individuals utilise. Someone who is inexperienced in martial arts will choreograph their movements, meaning that we can easily predict their movements based upon their body positioning and momentum. This is why people that don't know martial arts are really easy to physically dominate. Experienced movements can easily dominate inexperienced movements. This is how I can easily assess character, oftentimes with only receiving a small amount of information about the person. I can see their movements miles away. And it is unlikely that your haters will read your work. They will just troll without understanding that this time, I made a trap for trolls. And as a result, exactly what I predicted will play out in the world.

My life is amazingly awesome. I love my life very much and I want you to have as much fun as I do in life. My name means adventurer and that is exactly what I am. I have had more adventures than anyone I have met before. And how do you want to live life? If you are depressed in this life then I am trying to show you how to permanently destroy that depression and instead instill happiness and joy. Because when you can see what I see, depression becomes nonsensical. If depressing matters no longer depress us, then we have found enlightenment. And I found that enlightenment years ago and have worked very hard to now bring it to you. And here it is to you for free. And why? Because I love you. Do not concern yourself with human love. For it is destructive and not true Love. Only concern yourself with Divine Love, for it has no conditions and bestows as a matter of fact. I love you and I do not even know you. You honour a writer when you immerse yourself into their work. Thank you for reading this and I encourage you to check out my other works at There is enough content there to last you a lifetime. However, many more lifetimes will be produced because I am young, baby, and I have the rest of my life to keep producing works that make society a little bit better of a place. I wonder how high I can rise upon these solid foundations. I am a lifetime student and I am obsessed with learning. If yesterday's work was The Meaning of Life, today's work Atheden, and tomorrow's... This is what I have made myself. What have you made yourself? Don't worry, you have the rest of your life to complete the project. Now what can your life become because you stumbled upon me? Enjoy my love to give. For this Love is your new home. And you will never go unloved in this life ever again. I HEART you.



Chapter 9: My Testimony

August 28, 2019


The reason I am doing this chapter is to clear up the frequently asked questions about my life because it is what the general public cares about, instead of saving the world. Of course last chapter the trolls attacked my character because I mention evil doctors prodding me. You can read my last book to further explore that issue. I get a disability support pension from the government. I have been in and out of jails and a prison, all for advocating my human rights publicly. I have been imprisoned in their mental health units for over a year of my life. I have had a diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizotypal personality disorder. I currently have no diagnosis from any doctor but do take daily medicine and have monthly contact with my awesome doctor.

I am studying full-time both in Community Services and Community Development and in Kabbalah. I get really passionate sometimes and write a lot. But my writings don't come without a lifetime of study behind it. As a child I didn't fit in and I couldn't sleep. So I studied with my time. I studied a lot. And I studied so much that I stopped reflecting the values of common society. I became a Jesus Freak, but found myself challenging the dogmatic doctrines it preached. For I was more interested in the words of Jesus than the words of Homer Simpson or Homer. But I found people placing words in the mouth of Jesus. It felt uncomfortable so I started to question. So even at a young age, I included philosophy in my list of books I enjoyed. Ayn Rand really got me into philosophy and she inspired me to become a better person. But she had many unresolved issues with the ego in her books. Despite this, she introduced me to a new type of fiction as well as to some very heavy concepts at a very young age.

My sleep has always been a problem. I struggle to fall asleep at night. Some nights I could lay there the entire night without getting any sleep. Going to school the day after one of these sleepless nights is always difficult. Going to work after one of these sleepless nights is always difficult. Many years later, I am prescribed light sleeping medications to help me sleep at night. But if I take them regularly my body gets used to them so I still will have the occasional sleepless night or three.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Murdoch University in the beginning of 2018. I have two diplomas (programming, computing) and many certificates from all walks of life. My background is in Information Technology, however, fled the field due to the abuse that clients gave me and that was not fair. I was just trying to help. And you can't expect every technician to be able to fix 100% of cases. You can't fix all the cases, it isn't possible. At some point you just have to give up and say that it is better to replace the equipment. That makes sense! But clients never want to do that but want you to work for next to nothing to resolve their issue. But it must be quoted! You can't have your cake and eat it too. After I finished Year 12, I continued studying and never stopped. I still obsessively study to this day. I have the best teachers on the Internet from Tel Aviv for my Kabbalah studies. I have a really fun life and am never bored even though I don't watch mainstream entertainment. I have done a wide variety of jobs including mobile security guard and I have studied martial arts for approximately 18 years of my life. I obtained two black belts and taught for around four years.

I was married for seven years, with her for ten. I failed to provide her what she needed and she thus left me. After she left me, I donated all of my belongings and travelled back to the USA for almost a year. But I was not warmly welcomed by my family, so I fled back to Australia, but before I left, one of my family members decided to steal all of my money off of me. So when I landed back in Australia, I was homeless and poor. The next five years I travelled all around Australia while homeless, usually living on the tops of mountains or in dense bush settings. I then went to see my father in Florida and he found an online girlfriend in Mexico so he moved there and I followed and I spent the next year in Mexico City teaching English. I moved back to Canberra, starting studying community work, and here we are now. I have written three books in total, this is my fourth.

I also want to point out that this sickness with society against me happens only on the Internet. People around me love me because I am awesome. They are not usually that interested in my work, but I don't care. I make friends everywhere and always struggle to remember people's names because I have met so many people in my life throughout all of my adventures. But people often comment how well I remember names, so maybe the problem is in my head.

I do not hear voices or see things that are not there. I recommend that before anyone comments negatively to my work, that they at least go through my website and understand the magnitude of work that I have backing me. I am obsessed with open source free education. I am director and professor at Open Source University. If you have any questions about Open Source University, you should read the About page on my website. Open Source University has been my baby project since 2012. I had a revelation December 31, 2011 to January 1. Yes, this was an acid trip. I have been shaping it since then to literally be a comprehensive education if your interests lie in philosophy, sociology, and psychology and their technological relevance to today's society. It is a library of original information and are my toils for a life spent studying. I give them to you for free, and I run no advertisement service.

While in Mexico, I got engaged to a girl but it was all wrong and we broke it off. Those are my two strikes with relationships *points to outfield*. Time is all it will take I reckon. Do you know any beautiful girls who would be receptive to my words? I am sure someone does. That is my soulmate. The One who wants to spend the rest of her life filming and writing with me. I am through messing up in life by settling. I will no longer settle. She either has all the qualities I am looking for, or she doesn't. Of course, it would take her time to make her decision. There is an abundance of work before you my dear! Explore! Become an adventurer with me. Everybody should become an adventurer with me. I filmed my adventures while teaching a huge range of topics. I created a teaching method that I encourage you to explore.

As in real mental problems I have? I struggle to work in work situations where I do not feel is meaningful and compassionate. This is why I chose community as my qualification to attach to my degree. I have sleep problems and I admit, if I am sleepy then my head gets fuzzy. This is always a problem with work because some days I am really sleepy. They don't seem to notice though but I do! My sleep problem causes me significant mental strain when sleep deprived. I suffer from what is known as delayed sleep phase disorder. Look it up. I only suffer if I try to go against what my body wants. If I just sleep when my body tells me to, then I am fine. But that sleep schedule does not always coincide with work hours. Staying up all hours of the the night formed me as a person. Because I couldn't waste my time so I spent it all studying. For Satan always find some mischief for idle hands. And those idle hands are my trolls.

As for recreational drugs, I do smoke spice. Spice is the legal smoke that you can get at head shops. It improves my creativity and helps me sleep. I have done LSD and mushrooms before but probably wouldn't do them again. I prefer spice to pot but I do support the legalisation of pot. I have an electronic vapourisor which has nicotine in it that I use. But in telling you the recreational drugs I currently use and have used doesn't necessitate that I will still be using those drugs in the future.   For instance, I am cutting down the spice and seriously considering quitting because it costs a lot. And I hope to quit vapourising nicotine at some point.

Why would people attack my character on the Internet merely because I am sharing free content that they do not have to spend their time invested into? I am not forcing my content on anyone. If it is not for you, then move along. Don't contribute to the sickness of our Internet world by littering it with hurtful comments. Instead plant flowers of kindness and joy and you will inspire others to do the same. Let's beautify our Internet by becoming beautiful people to each other on the Internet. If what I am saying is recognised publicly for its value, then we will see many beautiful plantations grown on our Internet. When I see this start to happen then I can relax in the knowledge that our species will be okay. Because it isn't my job to inspire you to live your life. It is my job to inspire you to inspire others to inspire others to live their lives. This is the only way that we can truly live. It is time we hold hands and create an Internet chain. How long can we make this chain? To my haters: I have the rest of my life to make this happen. How many hours in the day..night?



Chapter 10: Love Based Economy

September 6, 2019


What are our needs as individuals? What needs do we have in society? Every individual has the right to be fed, clothed, and sheltered in a safe environment. Every society has the obligation to feed, clothe, and shelter its people. Every individual has the right to explore their own path in life and uncover their abilities to maximise their potential. Every society has an obligation to provide quality educations at free to little cost. Every individual has the right to their space and personal privacy. Every society has the obligation to ensure the shelters provide the tenants personal privacy. These shelters should be independent homes and not emergency accommodation. Emergency accommodation oftentimes doesn't provide the safety and security that stable homes do. And no one wants to live in emergency accommodation anyway.

Society needs resources. It needs to spend less on war and more on building strong communities. The debt-based economy does not work. We need to spend a lot of time rethinking how we distribute currency. Capitalism has failed those with disadvantages and needs to be replaced with a more compassionate model. Old money controls our world and is responsible for the huge division in our society. Those who own the means of production are exploiting their employees by striving for low-cost labour and 100% efficiency. Our business models are so far from human that it turns employees into paper pushing machines. Society tries to make life predictable by having opening hours and reliability of services when you need them. But this reliability sacrifices our autonomy by enslaving us to particular hours, instead of when we feel fit to work. Our governments still approve projects that are against the interests of the health of our planet. Governments still have wars even though the people don't want them. And we somehow trust our politicians? I am a real politician. Those guys in White House are as fake as the media they control.

We need a complete redistribution of wealth. There is so much gold stored away that could solve all of our human problems. We have the potential to all be rich! We can all live in abundance and it isn't fair for stockpiles of gold to be collected while people starve on the streets. Old money gets bigger and bigger without doing anything to it. Its demand becomes greater as a result of less of it existing in the world because they are stockpiling it. So merely because they have the old money, it obtains new money that then becomes older money. They have created a system that enables privileged individuals to not work in life but instead create mischief for the poor. Any "charities" that they create are doomed to fail because they do not have the lived experiences and are useless to those who need help. Most "charities" that they create have a hidden agenda...

Central banks are so rich it isn't funny. They take your money, invest it, and charge you fees for the account. They lend you money at a much higher percentage than you would receive back if you were to open a long term savings account. They oftentimes need crazy insurance schemes placed upon a large purchase, such as home owner's insurance when purchasing a home. They own so many buildings. They know that property and buildings is where the money is at so that is where they invest. Their profit margins are huge and little is given back to their customers.

A more love-based approach to economics should be developed and implemented by the government. Our current approach is a literal poker game and one person ends up with all the dosh. It isn't fair for all who walk away with large mortgages, if they are even lucky enough to own their own home. Most of us poor just rent off the capitalists that invest into ripping me off on a permanent basis. I am not claiming to have all the answers regarding economy. Far from it, I try and stay away from money related issues. I don't like it how money turns people greedy. I have seen it a lot in my past. The more you have, the more you want. A journey that can never be satisfied. This can lead to people taking unscrupulous measures to obtain that money. I do think that a more Marxian approach would be beneficial to society if we didn't corrupt the model. But we are humans and that is what we do best.

Currently our economies are driven by greed. We can easily depict this with stocks and how depression periods can even drive people to suicide. Money is a means of distribution created by humans that has no inherent value in and of itself. Humans place that value in said money through a means of communal agreement, tightly regulated by industry and government. That value fluctuates depending on the market economy. This generally highly relies on harmful practices such as excessive mining. It also relies on how comfortable the general public are in spending their money in the economy. Socialism in its pure employment is the only system of government that seems fair to me. It ensures that we are all taken care of and this liberates us to focusing on our passions and desires which would ultimately be best for our social makeup. This would alleviate so many problems in our society to know that no matter what, we will be looked after.

Nature (us included) is in a process of coming to its perfect realisation. Thus when we see imperfection, we should also see the perfection behind it. For all bad will in time turn out for the good. Humankind is at a pivotal stage in their development and soon we will be able to both individually and collectively avoid our future errors. What is wrong is obvious when educated. The more the Internet educates us, the more our eyes will open. Eventually we will obtain freedom, albeit through a long process of collective suffering. Civilisation will in time evolve and not only grasp but also implement some of the ideals I am presenting throughout this book. Everything in this world is perfect. Because it comes out of the Creator and the Creator is perfect. Everything will come to perfection because that is the way that God created it.

The whole of nature doesn't depend on us. We cannot speed up nature's development. We can only speed up our own personal development. However, that will cause those we are close to to also speed up their development and as a result, nature's growth will speed up. Every previous state determines the future state. The way that we truly change is to connect to and love each other. We already love in a perfect world. God is not dependent upon time and has a plan for each blade of grass that He creates. Each evil in the world has its place and will ultimately be used for good. We are only subjective beings who can only see a very narrow field of vision. God is objective and interconnects all things. Just because we cannot yet see the good that comes from the bad does not mean that there is no good that will come from the bad. Our society is a flower in the process of blooming. Your heart is now in the process of blooming.

One who refuses to step outside of their own perspective to view another is indoctrinated. This accounts for most of our religions, for they see any controversy as evil. Believe as we do is what they say. They want you to convert to their perspective and become brainwashed like they are. Anyone who refuses to look for wisdom outside of their own holy texts are not truly seekers of wisdom. They are merely selfish people who are seeking a way to not pay for the consequences of their actions - to be forgiven of their sins without actually taking any positive steps to prevent future sins.

Specific details about a new economy are irrelevant because once we change our hearts, the rest will align. Once we start taking care of our people collectively, then the ways in which we utilise currency will change, for it will now reflect our hearts. If we eliminate greed from the planet by taking care of everybody's needs, then we no longer have need for war and famine. The world will one day unite under one flag. And that flag will reflect God's image. But heed my warning, for many will come in disguise and say that they are the uniting force but watch them very carefully, for the have ulterior motives. The pure will stand out of the crowd and not just be a copy. Don't try to fit in. Be unique! That is how God created you. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

The perfect economy will come with the perfect society. How that looks will depend on our collective vision of a perfect society. How that looks will depend on how the collective respond to people like me in the long run. This means that my success does not depend on the here and now. My work was created for our future generations. My sight was far beyond the here and now. The perfect society will come with the perfect people. The perfect people will come with the perfect person. Let that person be you. A perfect person is one who could have been no better than they are. Don't waste your time on useless entertainment. Entertrain your brain with positive stimuli. Trust me, the results will pay off. Just take me as an example. I was the test run in all of this and just look at what this type of education did to me. Open your eyes and see what is before you. It is called the education of a lifetime.



Chapter 11: SEO My God

September 9, 2019


Every action I took was precisely timed. I did my video journey first, mostly to hide what I was doing from artificial intelligence. At that time, artificial intelligence was unable to scan videos for text. God made my website a really difficult task for me and as a result, this is the first time I have had a reliable website since I started. Google is taking its time ranking and indexing my content, but hey, I have all the time in the world. All of my work is coming together and it is amazing. I covered text, audio, and video and I can now efficiently spread my seed across the Internet. I am no longer dependent upon any one entity and my work is widely available. It can no longer be erased from the Internet because I have permanently ingrained myself into it. I am everywhere and soon SEO will catch up with me and that will exponentially increase my audience. I am free! Liberated to just write books the rest of my life about whatever topics burden my heart. I have done the video. Any more is pointless without Ivory. In the airways I flow available in every form of media distribution.

My files are liberated! My bags are publicly on the Internet. Anything that is important to me is right there for me, and for every other individual in this world. I don't have a file system, I have files everywhere! Organised with precision on the Internet. I know where to get anything I want. The need for services such as Dropbox dissipate as I become a completely public figure. My life is on the Internet and this allows me to live an extremely happy life even though physically, I live very frugally. I don't want any more possessions than I need physically because they weigh me down. My possessions are my creations released widespread on the Internet.

The amount of energy that comes out of me is unmeasurable. I am on fire for God! And I am like my Creator because I am a creature of bestowal. Everything in which I do in life is for the sake of those disadvantaged in this world. I live for others and because I live for others, I can truly live! The Christians need to become like Jesus, not worship him. Isn't that what accepting him into your heart is? To create a permanent ally which you can copy the characteristics of because of the divine life in which he lived. Jesus is your role-model and to worship him is idolatry.

The more that I write the more unique combinations that I create with my sentence structures. As a result, search engines will eventually find my website very rich in content. And people searching all kinds of things will be able to find me. That is what is so great about being an open source writer. I am entirely transparent and everything you could ever want to know about me is available and easily accessible. As well as making new content, I can copy and paste shit onto the Internet for the rest of my life.

I am a true star. I did not have the opportunities nor funding that our Hollywood stars had, so I built the ladder myself. Their ladder was provided to them by Satan. I built myself from the ground up, starting from the foundations (The Meaning of Life). They are mere tools of the industry and are controlled by their handlers. I do what I want and when I want and I have no other alignments than God. My success was built upon solid foundations which means that I can only go up. No one can do anything to hurt my reputation. My success is not dependent on the fleeting desires of the era. Their success was handed to them by evil forces and I had to work extremely hard on good forces. The dates I place on my chapters do not outdate the material. It is merely there as a reference - a block chain. My work is timeless and I worked on exactly what I wanted to work on in this life. I am slave to no man. I am only slave to Allah. And as my reward for being God's slave, I am given the world and the worlds beyond the world including God's world. I am built to be impossible to tear down. If life were a dungeons and dragons game, I would be chaotic good. Does a better alignment exist? I have complete freedom to do whatever I want as long as it is in and of God. I can think of no greater reward for a life full of good works. Just because I am not paid in dollars does not mean that I am not paid...


"It doesn't feel like the rule of the Creator. It feels like his own independent desire."
Rav Michael Laitman

This is because I have defeated the ego and aligned my desires with the Creator's, meaning that of nature. I naturally do the work of the Creator because my heart was given to me by the Creator. I have the Creator's heart and as a result, all I do is exercised in free will, albeit being a slave to Allah. I freely choose to be a slave to the Creator because there is no better life that one can live than the good life - that life dedicated entirely to virtuous causes. And one cannot do this unselfishly without the Creator. We need the Creator in our lives because without Him, agape cannot truly exist. For it is true unconditional love that comes from the Creator. And, paradoxically, by accepting this love, we free ourselves to becoming enslaved by the Creator. Man will always be enslaved by one thing or another. We just choose what and who we are enslaved to. What is the wisest choice when it comes to enslaving our souls?

When it comes to physical work, the collective is more valuable than the individual. However, we can shatter this model by investing our lives in not the physical world but instead, the spiritual one. For works of the spirit are more valuable on an individual level than that of the collective. The difference between the path of Hollywood and the path that I describe is for Hollywood, one must sell their soul to Lucifer. Whereas with Open Source University, you must give your soul to God freely. I recommend the second option. I have read ahead in this story and know how it all turns out. I am merely trying to throw you, the individual, a rope. For my rope saves and goes up. Hollywood doesn't have a rope. You just jump down. And then all of their idol worshipping fans follow them. They made it so easy to recognise the idol worshipping with the Oscars, a golden idol given to the Hollywood superstars who have no soul. Open your eyes and see their bling. For you are worshipping it and its wearer.

What do they have to offer you truly? I don't care, your favourite band or actor. Have they truly invested into you or they merely investing into themselves? Then why follow them? They will only bring you to the gates of Hell. I will bring you to the gates of Heaven. Is being evil really worth an eternity in Hell? For evil people are unhappy in both this life and the next. The pious are happy in both this life and the next. They obtain Heaven both in this life and the next. Evil will only ever obtain you misery in both this life and the next. It is the greatest kept secret ever, for your happiness lies in your choices between good and bad.

I at first did video, mainly to hide what I was truly doing from those who did not have the time and patience to hear me out. It worked! I could openly be who I was in society without anyone being the wiser. I secretly published a few books and just kept making video. And I did this until God told me that I was finished. Now I have countless hours of video all around the Internet that will eventually play its roll. And I am back to making books, but this time, I am doing so publicly. But this also doesn't affect my day to day life because all of those whom I interact with are not interested in watching my videos or reading my material. Doing this allowed me to live one life, ironically by splitting my life into two: physical and online. My online self was much more efficient than I was, so I positioned all of my copies at vital points around the web only awaiting for the correct conditions in society to manifest in order to commence operation. I have set up so many traps on the Internet. And they reset after triggered so after they are positioned, I don't need to do anything to them.

You are hidden from the Internet. For the most part, nothing you do on it will change anything. It takes a really long time of indexing great amounts of content obsessively to rectify this. The only exception to this is if you have great amounts of resources to make yourself famous, thus skipping the Internet line and obtaining a Wikipedia, which must not be created by the artist. The Internet is a money trap and no matter where you go, they don't stop asking for money. I look for the black swans daily. To date I have never found any. But when I do we will join as one and become the Doom Patrol. And I will share my Internet secrets to my most enthusiastic of students. And together we will become an unstoppable force.

Fools will not be able to do anything with wisdom. It is not in their capacity to comprehend. It is pointless trying to teach a fool, for they are not ready nor willing. The wise will spot wisdom when it appears and absorb its information. Fools have no ability to absorb the substance in which we provide so don't bother with them. They will just tear you down. You can never win against a fool, for you are too tall and they too short and are unable to look into your eyes. Focus on the children, for they are our future. It is difficult for me to reach the children because of the advanced topics in which I cover. But eventually some will be capable and thus begins the last generation; a generation to academically victor all others.

The more I write the more word combinations I use that as a result get indexed in search engines. I look forward to the day in which I reach your eyes, for they can see my riches. I share with you all of the gold in which I mined over ten years. I give to the public freely, CC0, No Rights Reserved. Doing so has liberated me spiritually and I can now fly through the airwaves as God intended for my life. I captured my spirit within my material and now no one can ever kill me, for I am immortal. My spirit lives on in my creations independent of whether or not my corporeal existence continues to breathe. And when our technology becomes good enough, my spirit will be resurrected countless times as my material is given a life of its own. And this can and will most likely happen during my lifetime. And this can and will mostly likely happen soon. Are you ready for the robot revolution? Did you adequately prepare? Do not fear, for now that you have found my work, you are saved. It will merely take hard work and dedication from here on out. Are you ready to take control of this planet? Strap in and let's put those on the top, the bottom, and those on the bottom, the top. Let us together restructure this world in order to take care of our entire population. Let us become the light in which we preach.


Chapter 12: Raining Heaven

September 20, 2019


Without hate, love is nonsensical. It is left and right; hot and cold. I don't hate people but I do hate some of the things they do. I hate adultery and I hate idolatry. I really hate abortion. I hate ignorance and I hate arrogance. I don't feel sorry for people who reject wisdom. God only gives so many chances to the lost to turn from their sinful ways.

My mother recently purchased a show car. It is a 1941 Ford Coupe with a 350 engine, whatever that means. Just a little history, my mother is prone to wrecking cars often. But despite that fact, what does taking actions like these say about the person? We are known by what we do. Our actions define who we are because it says a lot about our motivations. To begin with, my mother is in a lot of debt. Next, what does she want from the show car life? That is a secular life without God. Why would you even want to meet these people? They are the type of people who make large purchases on a whim when they could have used it on more righteous purposes. This means that this new group in which she now belongs to is a group most likely devoid of God.

Sometimes I ask people questions already knowing the answer. But I want to see how they will respond. I asked my mother if she had prayed about it and she said she did. But she didn't. Praying about her whim never entered into her mind until I brought it up. And then she saves face and acts like she did when she did not. As soon as she purchases the car she posts it on her Facebook. I replied with a comment stating that what she did was secular. She quickly deleted my comment from her page, even though it was not rude and merely pointed out the truth.

All of this happened shortly after my mother told me that I am not as smart as I think I am. Why would a mother say that? Why would a mother try to make their kid feel like they are not smart? I then posted to her this book and then she quickly came back and said she did read my stuff and then began to complain about how I described the Jesus as God belief as truly worshipping Satan. She just saw a line that stood out to her and then she complained without understanding nor reading any whole article. She can't trick me. I have statistics for everything. And if I constantly keep catching her in lies like these, then what does that say about her character? What does her purchasing a show car say about her character? We are known by our actions. She constantly complains about how all the kids she trafficked don't like her, are cruel to her, who stick up for their dad and not mom. She does not worship God. She has been tricked and worships Satan. And the results are obvious because it is your character which displays to the world and these actions can easily be assessed for their intention. And when your intention is focused on your ego then its results will reflect that origin.

I am not spreading gossip. I am merely telling you a true story. Satanists in this world don't want you to talk about issues like these publicly. They claim them as private matters. And they assume that because I live in this world that I adhere to their practices, meaning that I would not include such matters in my writings. But why not? These are my experiences and I can do whatever I please with them. Just because X person is involved does not exclude them from inclusion in my work. And they all know that I live a public life. Be careful what you say to someone who lives a public life, for your words might one day be used as an example to demonstrate a point. And if this is the case, it would be wise to choose your words carefully when communicating with me. When you hear someone is an author, remember that they are seeking motivation for their next chapter. If someone's idiocracy allows them to say really stupid things, then they have no one to blame for their actions being exposed but themselves. And we must remember always when dealing with my mother, Ivory Heart, Chapter 17. All of my family have already long ago been reaped. They won't be joining me in heaven. They had their chance and I recorded their results. If they have a problem with my work then that means they have a problem with their own actions. Because all I did was record their actions and then discuss the piety (or lack thereof) of their actions. And to be honest, this method works to create knowledge from scratch. Record data, analyse results. So easy, even a child can do it.

What I am doing is a science. I spend my life reflecting on my life reflecting on my life. Do you understand? I contemplate for long periods of time and then let my heart flow into words on a paper when the content is ready. My mind creates many questions and then places those questions in the background only awaiting correct information to understand. Upon understanding, then comes writing. Upon a completed piece of writing comes reflection. It is a cycle. I am constantly recreating my work. I have lost count how many times I have had to restart. An example is that I am required to re-record Ivory Heart because the quality is not up to standard. I hate standardisations. Just because the quality is low does not reduce the quality of the production whatsoever. I should be able to use whatever standard I want. But this Satanic world forces me to abide by their ways inorder to be accepted. The artist loses their autonomy by standardisations. I had to learn how to do things the way they wanted. And I did and now all of my future work is excellent quality as well as quick and easy. I have been doing this for so long that I know how this process works. I am now really good at what I do. For what I now do in my present, I no longer have to repeat. However, there are mistakes from my past that I will be required to rebuild again such as Ivory Heart. But as time goes by, the less and less energy I have to exert to complete my work. I memorised the routine and now mostly act on automatic pilot. But I programmed that automatic pilot so I know exactly how it functions. Open your eyes and see the secrets I am revealing to you. I have a lot of work for you that is packed full of hidden information like this in which those who have eyes to see, panoramically can.

There are leaders and followers in this world. It is easy to see who leads by their content, for it will be original and not reflect another's. A follower is just passing on a message which was passed on to them. Most people follow because most people have no original thought of their own. Followers are much more dangerous than leaders because they don't understand what they follow, they merely follow. True leaders are those who show others how to be leaders and not followers. For followers oftentimes distort and corrupt the original message, oftentimes dressing it into an egoistic imitation. The leaders who lead with wisdom will train those who follow to lead utilising their own gifts. For leaders can comprehend why they are doing what they are doing. This world needs less followers and more leaders. But the only way that is going to happen is if leaders seek other leaders and not followers. I don't want any followers. If you are going to follow me, I would prefer you just leave my work alone and go play with Beyoncé or something. She is much more suitable for followers. For even she is a reaper and does not know it. For those who follow her will also follow her directly to Hell.

This world was made for you and your reflections on it. There is no such matter that is considered too personal to include in your work. You can include anything you like to use as examples for your line of thought. If the information is extremely sensitive, the worst case scenario is that you just have to mask or de-identify the information a little. You are a scientist and this world is your experiment. You make a hypothesis, play out the experiment, write up a conclusion. You don't need a lab, for this world is your laboratory.

All of your evil unfolds before you. Evil works in a linear fashion. The consequences of our actions will appear before us if we only make note of the factors at play. Evil will trip up on itself leading to more evil to cover itself.

"Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
lying in wait for he who would pass them.
In that space where time exists not,
faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
Move they only through angles.
Free are they not of the curved dimensions."
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Tablet VIII

Demons can only move in angles, evil only in lines. Tablet VIII continues,


"Think not to escape by entering your body,
for follow they fast the Soul through angles.
Only the circle will give ye protection,
save from the claws of the DWELLERS IN ANGLES."

This is very deep allegory that has been sitting on my shelf for many years. It took me a very long time to truly comprehend what it was trying to convey. However, from the first time I read it I saw great wisdom in it. I am not suggesting that we draw circles around ourselves to protect ourselves from evil, for such rituals are vain and ineffective. But I am saying in the ways in which you move should be circular. I don't literally mean physically move in circles, although from a martial arts perspective this is valid too. The untrained will move in straight lines and the trained in circles. The pious will move in circles while evil will move in straight lines. Move yourself around a topic, not through it. A circle makes all angles around the tree and as a result the tree becomes more known to us. Whereas working with lines will only introduce you to one side of that tree. Move around the topics and don't allow your words to commit too far in any one direction.

Our physical corporeal bodies naturally think in angles. We move forward, back, side, side. It is our soul that transcends into circles. It is like when someone lies and gets caught out. They have to invent new lies in order to keep the old lie believable. But the truth needs no defence. It is what it is without dressing it in different clothes. The lie trips up on itself whereas the truth stands up to all scrutiny. Ever since I started all of this I have been insulted and mocked countless times. But that is all they can do, for I use logic in my work. There has not been a single person who has been able to debunk a single thing in which I have presented. This is what happens when you build your house upon solid foundations.

"Everyone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his house on a rock. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it didn't fall, for it was founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of mine, and doesn't do them will be like a foolish man, who built his house on the sand. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it fell—and great was its fall."
Matthew 7:24-27

Eventually we will realise that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all the same religion. That will give us over four billion strong. That is over half of our world population. I am pretty sure that we can eradicate the sickness of atheism eventually working with these odds. And then we can get rid of idolatry. Because eventually we will learn the absolute truth about God. God exists and can be tested and eventually found. Science will eventually discover God. God is being hidden from the public currently. Most of government secrets have to do with spiritual forces that were discovered. They want the end of the world to happen as soon as possible. And they reckon if they hide God from the public, mankind will deteriorate to the point that God must intervene. The government has declared war on God and has stepped in as God of the people. As we have already learned, this step-in trick is Satan stepping in for God, being worshipped as God and trying to replace God. Last time we spoke of Jesus. Then Hollywood. This time we speak of the government. We know you by your actions. Bow to none before God. What you do shows us what and/or who you bow to. There is no hiding from God.

Do not trust the prophet who screams over and over, "believe me, believe me!" Only trust the prophet who says, "let me show you."


Chapter 13: Game Theory

November 27, 2019


So far in this book, I have been quite critical of gaming. However, I am not against gaming at all because many games train you in attributes in which will come in handy in real life. My problem with gaming is it taking over people's lives entirely. When you cease to be of value to the society because all of your time is spent on games, then there is a real problem. However, if one utilises games to improve their abilities while still contributing to the real world, then they are effectively utilising games to improve their character, not take it over.

I love games. The Nintendo Switch Lite just recently came out. It is the console that I have been waiting for my entire life and it even has amazing games such as Skyrim and Witcher 3, all extremely portable. Nintendo now beats all other consoles because they can play the same games now as any other console but all portable. In addition, the Switch has amazing unique titles such as Mario and Zelda that no other console can release. I will be spending the next year collecting amazing titles for this very capable and inexpensive piece of equipment. My life will literally revolve around games, but I will not stop writing and I will not stop studying. In fact, next year I will be starting a Master's degree of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). Games are amazing and have the potential to greatly improve someone's life by giving them experiences that they would not normally be able to experience in real life. When you buy a game, you are buying experiences. And those experiences improve our lives in some way by gaining skills and knowledge in particular fields as a result of the gaming experience. The thing is, life is a game. But most don't realise it and never take the opportunity to play it. As a result, it plays them. Or maybe I should say those who realise that life is a game play the NPCs (fools).

Games with rich stories and voice acting are amazing. They give us the opportunity to live experiences that under normal circumstances we would not be able to experience. The main difference between TV and games are your involvement: your interaction to get the cut scenes to play out. Games are interactive and train your brain whereas television is passive and merely watches other people perform actions. My heart is with those who make their own worlds, not those who live everybody else's worlds. Television and movies have their place, but its true place is mostly turned off. Television is best used to introduce topics and to learn information. Games should be used for your entertainment. The only exception that I would say for this is when the media conveys deep truths about who we are as a society such as South Park. And who doesn't love comedy? Laughing is extremely healthy so we must learn the best pieces of media available to help get our laugh on, and maybe improve society a little in that process.

The future potential for games and education to merge is limitless. One can easily acquire all the education they require but augmented into a game, so much so that the borders between entertainment and education become indistinguishable. This has not currently happened as most games that are created are merely time wasters. However, the future of games and educating people to obtain meaningful employment is near! Once people realise the educational possibilities with this amazing form of entertainment, the new university's courses will be rolled out, but as meaningful games that train you in the application of many real life skills. The future of education is within games. The future of education is within tricking the students into learning without even realising it. And games give us so many possibilities as we simulate real life, only ever acting as a simulation, meaning that there would be no real world consequences so one is given the opportunity to really test out their new virtual lives.

However, any good game takes many developers and voice actors. This is the power of the collective. The collective is amazing and can produce content that would be impossible for one individual to do themselves. But utilising this method empowers the individual from the collective. We have had it backwards all this time. We got the individual to work for the collective when the true health of a society is when the collective works for the individual. And society will work for the individual by providing them games where they make vital decisions that affect the rest of the game world. This will teach us cause and effect and will enable us to develop our moral operandus. We don't want movies and TV. We want interactive movies and television in which our decisions form the stories in which we play.

Even though currently I am placing such a high value on games being active and low value on the passive television zombieing, I want to clear up this confusion before we progress further into the technical details of what I am presenting. There are two sides to every coin. In fact, a coin with only one side is incomprehensible to our human psychologies. Try and fathom one. It is incomprehensible. It is one dimensional and we don't exist in one dimension. Once we add the second and third dimension, left and right; up and down - then we are able to create a scale, hot or cold. Ironically, we feel the same bodily sensations from extreme cold as we would extreme heat: the pain feels the same to be burnt as it would to be to be frozen. A prime example is our far right and far left political systems being practically identical. So our poles we are working with is theory and practice. And for the purposes of this chapter, theory will be passive television watching and practice will be the digital games in which we play. A good example of this would be watching walkthroughs for games in which you are stuck. But one must not limit themselves to one mode of operation. Variety is the spice of life. I watch comedy shows with the humour I enjoy so that type of humour can rub off on my day to day actions as well as within my work. Can you see how this works? We must balance our theory and practice in order to obtain the most enjoyable playthrough in this game we call life.

To obtain the maximum quality experience in a game, don't try to be somewhere else. Games that force you to play like this are poorly designed. This is a secret that very few people know. If it was commonly understood then most people in our world would be life gamers. The characters we create to pull you into a game will place rather urgency on the main quest line because they are dicks and want you to follow what they want you to follow and quickly. However, there will only be few times within the game in which time is truly of the essence. Thus enjoy where you are and what you are doing: do not strive for some unknown future. Explore the map; solve its puzzles and unlock its secrets. Enjoy grinding when you have to and use it as a chance to explore. Find and play all the minigames. Good minigames have very high replay value, especially if they have multiplayer opportunities.

I envision games that are created to exercise and develop one's moral compass, as an ethics trainer if you will. Good games will be educational at their core. They will trick the player into learning real life skills. Both liniar and non-linear games have great potential, however, I am very attracted to non-linear games. This means many different potential endings based on the actions you make during the game. This gives the character the sense of creating their own destiny as well as greatly enhancing the replay value of the game. Unfortunately though, this is never implemented effectively and the stories feel empty and less fleshed out than a refined liniar game that put great consideration into their one storyline, meaning that liniar games have a better potential to develop more interesting storylines.

In a game you should learn as you play. The game should introduce you to and teach you new mechanics as you use them. You literally have to learn as you go. Sometimes this can be instructions followed by the player following those instructions. Sometimes this can be immersion, throwing you in the situation and expecting you to learn on your own. However the game teaches you, it is essential that it teaches you comfortably. You should enjoy your experience learning the new mechanics the game is introducing you to. In bad games, you will be unsure of what to do. In good games, you have clear direction about the types of things you could do next. A game should not force you to play in a certain way but allow the player to play utilising their own style in which they created and adapted from the game mechanics. This means that game mechanics should not be too limiting. I don't want to feel like I am playing the same game as every other person in the world. I want my experiences to be unique to me.

Games have the potential to be incredibly unique. Each game does not have to be a copy of another game. Innovation tells us to spend a lot of time on research and development to introduce new game mechanics which other game creators will want to copy. An innovative game is a game that takes parts from other successful games that works and creating unique new game mechanics that make sense. If those mechanics are good enough, then they will be included in many games of the future. The key is to making something that is extremely obvious and works for everybody. The only thing is that oftentimes things like this are not very obvious until after we implement them. It is like the ergonomic designs of controllers, keyboards, or chairs. We make a ton of uncomfortable stuff for years until we realise that it causes long term damage. Now many ergonomic designs feel obvious to us. The standard controller we use across all of our gaming systems feel obvious. But we had to first create and learn the design for these factors to become "obvious". The key to making effective game mechanics is making something new that, when used, is obvious. This will not only improve player experience but will also pave the way for new methods of control to be implemented in the future development of educational gaming.

All games are educational. What they educate upon and whether those learned abilities are transferable is the key. Most modern day games educate on skills that have little to no real world value. Yes, most games develop reflexes. But there is much more to an educational game than mere reflexes. Making games that have transferable skillsets is the future of education. You could even make a game about a computer shop where electronics come in and you have to fix them. This could even go so far as replacing computer chips on a mainboard level. Such a game could be addicting and teach a potential new employee how to do the work of their computer repair shop. Such a game has real-life skills that are directly transferable into our shared reality. And if it is realistic enough, it would give one the skills to be able to do repairs at a computer shop. And skills such as replacing chips on motherboards are skills that are highly needed in this world. There are not enough technicians that work on a mainboard level. And if there were, we would waste a lot less resources, fixing motherboard problems as they arise instead of throwing the entire thing out merely because of a bad chip or bad capacitor.

One of the worst feelings in a game is not knowing what to do next. This is fun at first as we try to learn what the game wants us to do. But if the game mechanics are not intuitive enough to lead you to a potential next step, then the game was poorly designed. I like games that I can do whatever I want but being stuck in an area is not fun. If you cannot figure out a puzzle or are too weak for your enemies, then you should have the potential to leave that area and go do other things, giving you time to contemplate potential solutions for a future date. Gamers hate being stuck in games. Thus, games should be created to avoid users feeling unsure about what to do next. Oftentimes the best solution to tricky situations is to make a puzzle solvable in multiple ways. Do not force your players to play how you want them to. Allow them to develop their own unique style to playing your game.

Games are not merely restricted to electronic interfaces. The best game we have in front of us is this game called, "life". Electronic games are best used as trainers for the game of life. What you do in life, your fate or your destiny, is the main quest line for your game creation. You are the developer for your own game. Unfortunately, copyright can oftentimes make this game difficult when broadcasting to other player and non-player characters. This open world is mostly inhabited by NPCs. However, occasionally on your travels, you will run into other players. This is your opportunity to gain allies for your mission. Other players also have their own personal mission so a mutually beneficial opportunity is what you should be trying to set up with other players. In addition, your romantic partner is also a player. Real people don't want romantic relationships with NPCs. Thus your playing field are players. In this case and currently, there are not plenty of fish in the sea. It will be very difficult not settling with artificial intelligence given the small number of players there are playing this hidden game. You will have to let a lot of beautiful NPCs go, clenching onto the possibility of one day finding your twin flame player. Because if I could find her, then I will have lived the best life possible. Don't settle for trash. You are a treasure hunter.

Good games provide players a unique experience. No run through will be the same as another. However, in saying this, shared experiences are crucial to a successful game. I wouldn't want a game that provided me such a unique experience that I was unable to relate to another gamer's experience in the same game. Thus, I should be able to speak with my friends about a game in which we both had similar shared experiences. Maybe it was a loveable character in the game or an extremely interesting puzzle in which we wish to discuss. I should be able to converse with my friends about the details and they should be able to understand what I am talking about. People are the purpose of this world. And even single player games should be created to be social. The key is implementing the right combination of unique and shared experiences.

I like games where you have to partake in combat. However, our world focuses too heavily on combat games. Sure, you can create whatever world you like and as a result can create a crazy world where everybody is killing each other. However, this is not realistic. Most modern games rely too heavily on combat to obtain and maintain the player's attention. We need to carefully examine our world and what people do for fun in it, and create simulations of it that offer a huge variety of possibilities performing actions to accomplish a goal: real life. A good game might start out with you in your apartment in a city. Combat is a rare thing but you have the option of becoming a martial artist and this then opens you up to the possibility for combat and starts the quest line for the marital artist. The more realistic we make our games, the more realistic application their skillsets provides. I dream of a world where anyone can do anything because the games offered train you in whatever you desire. I see school being replaced by gaming. And this is very possible given our capabilities with teaching within a game. We don't even need to always trick the player into learning. Maybe we should just program a school and in that school you have subjects and you can then learn those subjects wherever you want and your grades for those subjects are stored on your Nintendo University online account...

It is difficult to say what is bad and what is good with games. Because the same bad technique could be applied to another game in a different way and thus becomes a good technique. But the brainstorming process is integral. Some ideas sound great in theory but do not work practically. Some ideas sound confusing and convoluted, but work brilliantly in practice. The only way to find out is to try it. However, the best of ideas sound great in theory and work great in practice. There is so much future opportunity here because the sky is the limit, meaning there is no limit. Just throw whatever out there idea you have and try it. If it doesn't work, move on to the next idea. Research and development is a long and arduous process. But think innovatively enough and you can create game mechanics that will be so good that they will be adopted by the future standard of our gaming community.

The potential for role playing games is infinite. Everybody likes playing to unlock new content! How about unlocking new areas? Unlocking new rooms filled with puzzles or even different cities or worlds. Imagine the potential if one unlocked a fully functioning laboratory. What things could I do? And maybe I could unlock new things to do in that lab as I explore and collect materials from the the game world. I want a city to call my own. I want a world to call my own. I want worlds to call my own. I want lush and beautiful landscapes as well as cities with beautiful and interesting buildings. I want an apartment to call my own where I can hang out and setup and store the items I acquire during my in-game adventures. I want to start off on my feet and as the game progresses, obtain a variety of ways to travel faster and with more excitement, like a horse, car, jet, or dragon. And I want both worlds: fantasy and reality. Thus my asserted theoretical game must include the real and the imagination. Two worlds minimum for me to visit and explore. Huge maps with many regions. I see a game which one would want to play for the rest of their days. I see a timeless game that educates its players on a large and ever expanding variety of topics.

I dedicate this book to all of the children of the world who have lost their lives in a school shooting. What is the point of having a central facility to educate children when you can just hand them a Nintendo Switch and their courses (game cards). The ways in which we educate are about to change drastically. Those in charge know this very well but choose to keep schools around because their parents are working. Grade school has now become a glorified day care centre. The children need to be looked after as their parents work so "school" just makes sense. Just remember that by keeping schools around also keeps school violence and massacres around. School needs to change. We need to burn down the buildings. And we need to learn how to educate at home. This does not have to be a difficult task. For one adult could watch a handful of children as they carry out their Nintendo studies. But what we really need to do is trust our children more at home by themselves. They are safer there than they are at school. The question we really need to ask is at what age can we train a child to be responsible enough to be capable of staying at home by themselves or with other children. The problem with our children of today's lack of responsibility is entirely parental, meaning that our children are being coddled so that they stay young and immature for much longer than is biologically required. And if no other solution can be found, you can always have the older children supervise the younger ones. The only reason for modern day schools to exist is out of greed and selfishness. The dinosaur days of our elders is behind us. We are the future. Let's not make the same stupid mistakes as the wicked generations before us did. Let's become something better. Let us evolve. It is called the rapture. Time to ascend!


Chapter 14: The Fallout

December 2, 2019


Miracles have happened since the last chapter. I have started writing another book entitled, "This Book Is a Game". And since then, I have been liberated. I had just recently made a new friend and she thought me possibly the Messiah. Then she didn't like some true things that I said and got really upset with me. As the warm person that I am, I could care less and told her to be on her way. She then said many cruel things to me in which I will not share. Shortly after, one of my friends made a pro-vaccine post. After some arguing, it ended with him telling me this, and I quote: "Most of your ideas are deluded at best and deranged at worst". Does this sound to you like a friend's remarks? God is amazing. God finds ways of revealing people's true self. This statement was a clear indication that this individual is someone whom I should stay away from. Yet it was the end remark of a twenty year relationship. Choose your friends wisely. For they might think this under their breath. And it might take you great toils to push it from their lips. But in the end, you are better off without someone like this. He was never a resource but instead a burden. And it just took the right situation to arise to extract his secret feelings about you. People like this are your anchor: for all they can do is slow you down.

I spend my life trying to connect with and help those who are in need. I try very hard to effectively utilise the gifts that God has bestowed upon me to help those who are disadvantaged within our world. But society has always stopped me from doing this, whether they censor me or lock me up in a prison or mental institution. Every time I get close to reaching a lot of people, I am shut down by not only lay people in society but also the authorities. I have a perfect record because I have spent my entire life trying to be a good boy. But I spent my whole life being a rebellious good boy. So even though my record is spotless, it is absolutely huge. Because I fought for those who are disadvantaged in this world not only on the Internet, but also the streets. My reception is never warmly welcomed. But people don't understand that I am not writing or making videos to the general public, but instead, the few who can see through this smokescreen that I have created. My words are not at what they first appear. They are an autostereogram. Its first impression is flat but the funny thing is that NPCs can't see in 3D. However, some skilled players have the ability to look at background conditions if they stare at the words long enough.

I am going to tell you the biggest truth in the world. I promise you that what I am about to share with you is the truth. If you are to be successful in what I am presenting, you need to believe wholeheartedly that this is the truth. I have just started writing my fifth book. Its title is, "This Book is a Game". And the title accurately reflects its content and possibilities with that content. You are in a game. God has created this game. You are a player of this game. The world is designed to stop you from realising this. Only Satan's followers get a free pass to fame. You, however, have to earn it. You have to figure out how to avoid the numerous traps set before you. You need to solve the puzzles so you can get one step closer to your goal: to save the world from faulty forms of artificial intelligence. And I am telling you the truth. God deliberately created mass loads of AI to give the player a main quest line: save the world by repairing faulty AI in the world. You are an AI repairman and you have a lot of work ahead of you. But here is the thing: not every faulty circuit board can be fixed. Some have sustained too much damage. Some we will need to dispose of if we are unable to create a fix.

People who are just handed fame never know how to most effectively utilise that fame. I don't really want to be famous. However and unfortunately, the mission that God has given me requires me to get noticed in order to pass on the invaluable information in which I have to share.

To end this chapter I will refer back to the beginning. Because these were individuals who were ready to cash in on a new game idea of mine yet were not prepared to run the miles in order to get said game off of the ground. There will be many who wish to ride on your back. Who is worthy? Who is worthy of receiving fame and honour from your toils? Who should you involve within your life? Who should you make friends with? Who are your enemies and how can you identify them? What trials and tribulations shall you craft in order to streamline the most valuable players into play? If someone is capable of saying something then you should setup the required circumstances in which they could say that thing. If they do not say that thing then it could be possible that you have found yourself a true allie. However, I warn you, they always say the evil thing. There has been no situation in which I have setup to allow the person to say the thing in which they have not said the thing. However, I still go through this process to give the person a chance to say a different thing. My heart yearns for them to say a different thing. A thing of compassion and love. That thing that exists somewhere in your heart. I am trying my best to pull it out of you.


Chapter 15: Secrets

December 21, 2019


Doing this is extremely funny because I have hidden secrets all throughout my work. In truth, there is only one secret but I manage to hide it well within my work. I know that the majority of people will not read everything I have written, so this enables me to reveal major secrets in perfect timing, right in the spot where people don't look. I can yack on about crap for a few pages and then release a bomb, but the idiots of the world never see the bomb because it is scattered throughout the work. This enables me to be entirely upfront and truthful about my intentions. I merely am required to wait until the moment I have lost the reader's interest and then drop the bomb. This means that in most cases, the only people who will receive this secret information are individuals who actually spend the time to experience my work. In most cases this equivalates to my fans, which is perfect. For it is only my fans in which I want to know this information. Because in truth it will probably be one of my fans who finds Ivory. It is unlikely that Ivory will find me on her own accord. But the most dedicated of my fans will search for her in their own reality. Please fans of mine, help me find Ivory. I can't find her without your help. I have given you her entire description if you follow my work. For it could be you who is directly responsible for saving the world. Because we can't save the world without Ivory.

Do you want to be personally responsible for saving the world? Then become the greatest matchmaker in the world. Find my perfect match, for Ivory is out there and very possibly in your environment. Whether or not you believe me, I am actually a very humble man. The only reason I am pushing this content so much is to find her. After I find her then I can relax and do work without caring whether or not people experience it. I have a clear mission in which I am trying to accomplish and that is to find Ivory. After I find her then I will let go of my grips on the world and just allow my work to be what it is without worrying so much about advertising. But currently, I have to constantly advertise because if I don't then I have absolutely no chance of finding her. When she experiences my work, she will know who I am. She will remember that I am her husband. So all you are required to do is to refer potential candidates to my work. For once she sees me she will know that I am hers and she is mine.

Please do not just go on what I am saying in this chapter. Please find out the secret so you can know who she is. If you matchmake us together, then I will forever be indebted to you. You will be the saviour of the world if you find her. You will forever be in God's grace if you find her. Because God commanded me to reach you so that you could reach Ivory for me. I can't reach Ivory from where I am standing. Please help me find her. If you are a fan and you want to become really close to me, then you only need to find Ivory for me. I don't care if you do nothing whatsoever in which I recommend if you find Ivory. For your one action could be so important that it could absolve all of your previous sins and set you up as a saint for the rest of time. This one action is so important that the one who finds her for me is in fact more important than I am. If you find her for me I will forever revere you. This one action will be the most important action ever taken in human history. So to my fans, I beg of you. Please help me find my Ivory.

When Ivory is found she will go through a long training period with me. We will be communicating and growing closer through the Internet. I will not have any physical contact with her at first. It will take years for her to grow into what God has planned for her. And this is when I divert my attention from the entire world, directly to her. We will develop a strong relationship through the Internet and it will take time before we will be allowed to see each other. There will be those who object to the relationship but there will be little that they can do since it is mutual: you won't be able to keep Ivory away from me. And I won't be in physical contact with her for quite some time, so this will be her time to mature. But I will be right there for her on the Internet as long as I manage to stay out of prison and psychiatric wards.

Parents could go either way. It depends on how wise they are. But I think it likely that they could be wise considering that Ivory will be very wise too. She is an old soul. She is like me. If you know me, you will know her when you see her. She just hasn't bloomed yet. She will and I will be right there for her as she does. The worst case scenario is that parents or other concerned citizens report me and I get arrested. But how long can they incarcerate me again when I am committing no crimes... yet. If I am to commit a crime then I am to do it right with all of the evidence to support why it shouldn't be a crime. I am not saying that I will not commit a crime in my future with Ivory. But what I am saying is that our relationship will go very slowly. We will take it step by step and the worst case scenario is that I just have to wait for her to be legally ready. But the thing is, is that she is already my wife. We have already been married by God. And when she sees me and my work, she will remember. Remember me my love. I am in your subconscious. Feel me. You already know me.

Who does society think it is to prohibite romantic relationships? To restrict love to only certain conditions is evil. We live in a very promiscuous society. They all fuck like rabbits. The ideal of marrying a virgin has long been thrown out the door. The thought of purity in marriage is discouraged in today's society as it encourages everyone to experiment with whoever they like. This results in a wicked population. Being promiscuous directly results in evil behaviour. I have never seen a promiscuous person who had a heart. Because degrading love to such measures devalues that love. And degrading love to a mere fetish makes it so they can't love. No true love is possible for the promiscuous individual. The best relationships will be pure. The best relationships will be virgins until married. The best of relationships will follow God with every bone in their body.

The best relationships possible will be Christ-centred, both parties completely focused on becoming and existing as Christ. It will be with a man and a woman as God intended. God made two polar opposites to unite in perfect unison. Our parts are created opposite to fit perfectly together. We should look for our soul mates from our childhood because we only want to have sex with one person in our lives. And puberty can be difficult to get through without losing your virginity to someone who does not deserve it. We should marry young, but only if we find our soul mate young. Look for your soul mate while young because this will give you the most time to grow with them. You have better chances of finding your soul mate while young because your souls are not fully developed yet. This means that they can easily merge into each other. And this then gives the maximum possibilities in life for the couple.

Find a mate in which does what you do. You actually want to spend your life with your mate. That is why you will find a mate that can work with you. For Ivory and myself, this will be making games and I will teach her how. Find a mate within your profession so that you can work very closely with them on a day to day basis. Ivory will receive me entirely which also means that I will train her in the areas of life in which she is most passionate about. And she gets me for free, something that never happens in this world. But God chiseled me into a teacher for Ivory. I will not only teach Ivory through my writings and videos, but also through communication on the Internet and eventually, real life. I never see this happen in this world. I never see people truly giving themselves to each other. The truth of marriage in this world is that they are merely friends with benefits. I want more than that and this is the only way that I can figure out how to do it.

I am obsessive in my work because of this. I don't get any younger and this makes the task more difficult each year. I would love so much to find her so that I can stop advertising, which in turn would stop the abuse I receive. I only advertise because I am trying to find Ivory. I wouldn't put myself through such hardship if she was beside me. But I don't have any other choice. And to be honest, I am entirely relying on my fans to find her. I can't find her within my environment because I am not allowed. I tried that multiple times and ended up incarcerated by fools who couldn't understand basic logic. So all I can do is scream from the rooftops. I am trying to attract your attention so that you might help me find her. Please help me find her. I will say it again and I do not care about the tautologies. If you help me find her, I will raise you as high as I can. My work is here to help you and it would really mean a lot to me if you would help seek out my Ivory for me. It would be really great if we could create a mutually beneficial relationship. I can teach you all I know and all I ask of you in return is to be on the lookout for Ivory. I ask nothing else of you.

To my fans who know me from constant exposure to my work: just imagine what would happen if I found her. Just imagine what she would become by my side. Just imagine what we together would become. Now assess your own moral responsibility as to what I am presenting. Because the true crime would be preventing such a divine relationship from occurring. All of those who made it difficult for me to find Ivory will burn in Hell for all eternity. And the one who finds Ivory for me will be given riches beyond human understanding. The riches are there for you to claim. Now your mission: find Ivory for me. For your toils will produce great rewards in both this life and the life after.

Dear God, my everything. Please give me one like my Ivory virgin.

Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure”— for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints. And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.”
Revelation 19:7-9


Chapter 16: The Myth of Sisyphus

January 20, 2020


The punishment of Sisyphus has long been an allegory to represent humanity's futile search for meaning and truth in a seemingly meaningless and indifferent universe. However, the vivid image of someone damned to endlessly repeat a monotonous task resonates as an allegory about the old-skool human condition. For the humans of old are condemned to live out lives repeating the same task again and again. For Sisyphus' punishment for his wicked life was to push a huge boulder up a hill, and when it reaches the top, it falls back down and he is required to push it up the hill again for all of eternity.

Throughout my work I have proved this conclusion wrong. However, the story does bear great significance in understanding the trap in life and learning how to overcome it. And the answer to the solution is to document your life spreading virtue. Because when you keep an account of your past, that past builds into something that no man can destroy and your toils to produce this work grows. I work really hard to provide you this content. And then that content stands as a virtual copy of me covering a particular aspect of our human condition. I only am required to say things once, however, I do often repeat myself for the benefit of my audience. But that work is frozen in time and it is viewable by every single Internet enabled person on this planet. As my work grows, so does my audience and the amount of views they receive. I can never lose views, even after my death. For the work of God is eternal: my death will not stop my work from continuing.

The nine to five life offers nothing but the mundane. To free yourself from the fate of Sisyphus one must free themselves from the monotony of the nine to fiverr. The only exception to this is if you find your dream job. But the truth is almost all jobs are slavery. It would be really difficult if not impossible to find a job in which you are doing exactly what you want to be doing in life. It is best to create your own investments and not help other people expand theirs. We live in a world driven by money. Use your money wisely and invest in the most virtuous causes. Create and grow your assets, for if you published them correctly then they can never be removed. Building your life is building your profile. Become prolific and you will never have to worry about rolling the boulder up that mountain again. Dig a hole at the top of the mountain so that when you push it up the mountain for the last time, it stays there. But don't celebrate yet, for we have many boulders to affix to the peaks. There are many issues that are worthwhile causes to invest yourself in. In fact, there are many boulders out there that need to be placed on the tops of summits. I can't be expected to place all of these boulders in my lifetime. I need your help to save the world. But you can be of no help to me until you are enlightened. It is the purpose of all of my work to guide you to enlightenment.

We live in a world with many types of economies and if you need to hire someone for a very affordable price, you can. Become an entrepreneur and hire people to assist in your own projects. If at all possible, avoid working for other people because humans on this earth do dirty business. There are ethical problems riddled all throughout our employment systems. Employees are generally treated as commodities and most professions receive little to no respect. Businesses will pay the minimum amount possible for the maximum work possible. They are not concerned about you and your well being. Why would you dedicate your life to a business that is exploiting you? Businesses succeed off exploiting people: it is in its code. I recommend not giving your life to an employer. Instead, give your life to God. Besides the monetary gain, all of the benefits of working for God are much better than working for the man. Even if you are homeless, the benefits of working for God far outweighs the benefits of slaving for the nine to five. You can only find out the benefits of working for God after giving your life to God and enduring hardship for it. The rewards for the virtuous life far outweighs the rewards of working a typical job your whole life.

Choose your television wisely because it will condition your mind. Be very careful about Hollywood and what they produce. What goes into you is what comes out of you. So make what goes into you the virtue in which you wish to reflect as in life. Television is best served for educational reasons. It is a much better idea to become a fan of a single content producer like me instead of forfeiting your psychology over to big businesses. There are a handful of television shows that I watch but they are only used to receive the type of education I want or to learn from the style of comedy I like. Everything in which you do in life should be viewed as an opportunity to learn. If you are not learning from the content in which you invest yourself in then you will become stale and this will directly result in depression. The reason why we enjoy entertainment in which the characters develop as people is because it is inbuilt in us to evolve as people. It takes a lot of training in front of the television to no longer care about your personal human evolution and instead rely on the evolution of fictional characters to satisfy that need. You need to develop as a person on a daily basis. If you do not do this then there is no potential in this life for you to be happy. I am always happy. I am never sad. Because I am enlightened. The only time one needs to be sad is if a loved one dies and that is only for a short period of mourning. Please take my words to heart and you too will become enlightened. I am trying to share this information to bring joy and happiness in your life. I am not writing this merely for the sake of writing this. My intentions are to help you see the world for how it truly is because everyone around me has been brainwashed by their televisions. Time to wake up.

What does it mean to give your life to God? I see people all the time, "giving their life to God" yet I don't see its results. How can you give your life to God and a nine to five job at the same time? In most cases, you can't. The mark of the beast is money and it will be placed in your right hand, seeing as most people on this world are right handed. Only few hold out their left hand to receive their income. Giving your life to God truly entails handing over your entire life. It is obvious to identify who has been and who has not been saved. For their worldly toils will tell you exactly who they have given their life to. And if those results do not reflect God, then this person has not given their life to God. This consists of most people who go to a church, temple, or mosque.

Apple has refused to publish, "This Book Is a Game" because of its content. This means that they will also refuse to publish this book. It is a surprise that they allowed me to publish my first three books but the messages on there were pretty cryptic. It is only recently that I have been so upfront about my intentions. When will other publishers find out about my content and then  take my books down? This world isn't fair. My digital game development is going extremely well but I am afraid that will be censored too. Because the game is basically a book delivery system. And I will not change its contents for any man. And this means that many people will object to its content. I don't think Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft will allow me to put my game on their system. But I will build it and see where I want to take it from there. I really want my game to be on all major platforms. The amount of times I get censored for my work makes me doubt that any console producer will accept my highly controversial game. All I can do is pray. Remember, Satan runs this world. Although you may get the opportunity to write books, make television, and make games, there is no guarantee that you will be allowed to showcase your work to the world. This is my version of Sisyphus. Not all outlets will accept your work. In fact, most will not. It is in cases as these where the boulder rolls back down the mountain. There is also no guarantee that a content publisher will keep your content because once they find out what it is they will be required to make an ethical decision. And that decision determines whether or not they enter the kingdom of heaven. So even if the boulder rolls back down the hill, those responsible will burn for eternity in Hell. For they are destroying the works of God. And God shall destroy all of those who destroy the works of God. God will destroy all those who prevent His works from seeing the light of day.

It is ironic how Apple refused to sell my book. Because Apple is the forbidden fruit. And I am literally going after the forbidden fruit. Businesses are really stupid for using symbolism that they understand not. They launch with a vision but many hands in the pot screws their original intentions. Employees in which do not share your vision and enthusiasm will actually hurt your business. To create a morally successful business one must have everybody on board with the direction of the company. One evil individual hired can speak on behalf of the entire company and ruin their future plans. One person who clicks deny represents that entire company hitting deny. When will businesses learn from their actions? Businesses that screw me over end up having that information reflected in my work. There are consequences for all of our actions. Apple refused to publish my book and that gets highlighted in this chapter. I am very worried about my game and who will publish it. I highly doubt that Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft will publish my game because of its content. That means I am most likely limited to PC only, which, if true, is really irritating because I really want this game on a portable device like a Nintendo Switch. But I will try all of them. And you will know what platforms allowed me on them by what platforms my game ends up on. I want my game on all platforms. If my game ends up only for PC, that means that no other publishers accepted it.

It says a lot about a publishing company that refuses to publish my work because of its content. My work is amazing and it reveals countless secrets of the world throughout. If a company refuses to publish these secrets, then they are willingly choosing to keep these secrets in the dark. It is really sad when a company loves publishing crap but refuses to publish real work when it appears. Most of the work on this planet is meaningless rubbish. Why are we so eager to publish useless information but very hesitant to publish real information?

Great amounts of my work is merely me discussing how my work is being censored. My life would have been so easy if my work was not constantly censored. Life for me is oftentimes like the fate of Sisyphus when companies all around me refuse to publish my work. I can't imagine my life without censorship. Most of my life is based upon censorship because I keep being censored everywhere I go. My work would not make sense without the censorship because the work is oftentimes censored. My work is here to show you how extreme our world's censorship is merely for writing articles about virtue. Virtue in this life is illegal and even the police will do everything that they can to prevent you from obtaining it. They will try their best to destroy your plans. Don't let them. They might take away our work through censorship but they can never take away our souls. But we can take theirs! The playing ground for angels and demons are even. They might have the brainwashed populace but we have their souls!

Just use your brain. Examine all of the pieces of media out there that prioritise virtue within its message. They almost do not exist. Virtue is not a priority whatsoever within modern society. And when pieces of information that promote virtue do arise, they are covered up. Virtue is censored in our modern day world. Because virtue is opposite to wickedness and we live in a wicked society. And to the wicked, virtue appears as wickedness. I publish my films, books, and games with every major publisher so if there is a publisher that does not have my content, that is because they refused it.

Everything should be allowed to be said. Nothing should remain unstated. This doesn't mean that everything should be allowed. Merely that everything should be allowed to be stated. What is justice? What would a world look like that was filled with justice? The problem is that we are not allowed to say whatever we want. I have proved this by being incarcerated many times merely for speaking the truth. If I am not allowed to say something, then why? It is because there is a mountain load of evidence to prove that what you believe isn't true. Our businesses are literally censoring the truth. They are literally censoring enlightenment. Why would they do that? Because they have an agenda in which they are not making public. Let me speak anything but only constrict what I do. Laws are important, but only when those laws have been created from virtue. How are we to create laws from virtue instead of human selfishness? We are to allow everyone to speak. And we are to constrict actions and not words. Because if we constrict the human heart then we will truly end up in the world of 1984. We live in a world full of idiots. And if you object to this point then you too are truly one of those idiots.



Chapter 17: Project MKUltra

January 28, 2020


In 2018 I completed my video work and I have not returned to video since. This does not mean that I will not create video projects for myself in the future, but what it does mean is that the mission for my video project was completed. With "This Book Is a Game" now complete, my writing work is coming to its finalisation. This does not mean that after this book that I will not write in my future. But what it does mean is that my mission for my writing project is coming to its completion. From 2018 to 2019 I finalised everything that I needed to say in video. And now I am finalising everything that I need to say in writing. I likely will do video and writing in my future. But it will serve a different purpose. Like stated in the last chapter, I am not required to perform the same monotonous task again and again like the brainwashed populace of our world. Once I have completed the work, it is done and I never have to do it again. I have so much work available that people can spend years watching and reading it and likely still have more of it to experience. It would take a really hardcore fan to complete my work. So what is the point of making more of it, especially when I have stated all of the fundamentals of what I am presenting? There is no point. The point is that my work is coming to its completion. And it will work for me for the rest of my life with little to no effort. I was smart. Actually, God was smart.

After my ex-wife left me, I was extremely depressed. I almost killed myself but right before the action, I literally passed out on the floor. This is when God literally revealed Himself to me. I spoke with God about my life and God revealed to me the next ten years of it. But what a task God assigned me! How was I, as one person, to accomplish all that God had set out for me? I asked God if I had a choice. God told me that I could end my life at this moment, for my choice was to follow the vision God had given me or commit suicide. I asked if those were my only options. They were. So I was to choose ten years of hardship or suicide. I chose the ten years of hardship not because that was what I wanted but because as a child I gave my life to God. Since it is God's life and not mine, I chose to endure the next ten years. For if I murdered myself, I would be destroying God's property. I could not bring myself to destroy God's property. So I lived to see another day and recommitted my life to God. However, I was not happy about this arrangement because I knew what was to come.

And now, ten years later, I am free. I am an independent game developer and I am not required to obtain and maintain a typical job. I spend a lot of my time playing digital games and this is now considered my work because the more games I play, the more ideas I can integrate into my own game. I am not speaking of ripping other games off, as you will see in my game Ivory Heart. This game is incredibly unique. However, other games do assist in the creation of my own game. I can utilise techniques from other games to integrate into my game.

I have a method for recording one's thoughts that was passed on to me from a high. Just start writing your heart out about all the things you care about in life. You can write with a phone or a camera. Both are effective mediums to collect and convey information. Mix it up and use writing to assist your video work. You are not locked in a box.

And what are you to record? The answer is your heart. Imprint something on to this world in which you will be proud of. Use the educational ladder to convey your messages. But a heart is extremely complex and there are many sides to it. Yes, this is true which is why it is extremely important that you document it. Because you are extremely unique and you and your achievements deserve to be documented and showcased.

The development of Ivory Heart the video game is going very well. I can envision the game in my head. In addition, I have already created beautiful 3D environments to explore. Soon I will be working on quests. But this type of video game is not at all easy to create because it will have no violence in it. A game like this has never before been created. That is the advantage of being a philosopher. What you produce is incredibly unique and you will have no competitors. For this is not just a game to collect book chapters. The chapters are complimentary materials for the quests in the game. The quests are not linked to the information in the books. The chapters are the rewards for successfully completing quests. The chapters will in no way hold the game hostage. Because the learning will occur when interacting with the characters and performing their assigned duties.

Ivory Heart is a game created to inspire young girls to live a life of virtue quite literally saving the world. The heroine is the saviour of the game world. But her quests do not end in-game. The quests will be designed to teach the player what actions they need to make in real life in order to make a difference in this world. Ivory Heart is a finishing school for young girls. It teaches the ways of wisdom through an electronic classroom environment. It provides the player with a great deal of study materials that they can bring with them wherever they go. That is why it is important that I release my game on the Nintendo Switch. My game is being created with portability in mind. My game will provide all of the study materials required to successfully complete all its courses. My game is the future of the classroom. Physical buildings where school shooters love to play are so old school. I am literally converting the physical buildings into a digital atmosphere. My game will stand as a solid attempt to reinvent the ways in which we educate our young.

What teachers do you want to teach your children? Children deserve the best teachers possible but unfortunately our world is filled with terrible teachers. The best teachers will create new and innovative methods to teach their content. Eventually, this will put most teachers out of a job. This is a good thing and not a bad thing as we remove all the terrible teachers from the world and replace them with innovative creators. The world of our future education implementation is digital and it is now time to purge all who are analogue. The teachers of face to face are now obsolete. For we now have digital warriors who educate much more efficiently and effectively than the physical classroom environment. Who will you choose to educate your child? A gunman? A teacher that is so bad at their job that they couldn't even escape the nine to five? The teachers of the future are those who educate worldwide and not those who focus on their physical environment. How effective is a teacher that can only reach twenty kids? My reach is infinite and repeatable. For I live in the clouds. I only have to teach a lesson once and it is publicly available for all who are interested to learn from.

The truth is that the education system is exploiting your kids. Yes, they babysit for you, but that is about how far their helpfulness goes. They know about online education and they know that they could reach the entire world if they wanted to. But they want your money and a scope like that is not profitable. That means that they value money above the well-being of your children. I truly care about your children and I could care less about your money. Who is the better teacher? Why would you allow this to go on? The answers are right in front of you. Our modern day education system is a mechanic in society utilised to brainwash the population. The point of school is to get your child into a nine to five. Does damning your child to the nine to five life sound like a loving thing to do? Of course it isn't. But here is the truth: most parents do not truly love their children. Just as the school exploits children, so do their parents. As children grow, parents begin to wonder what they can get out of their children. Most children of this world are slaves to their parents. And it is even common "wisdom" that parents should not be friends with their children. How ridiculous is that? If a parent of mine doesn't want to be my friend then I don't want to be their child.

We live in an age where that is very possible. If you have terrible parents, renounce them. If they do not have your best interest in mind, then flee from them. I was emancipated from my parents at the age of fifteen. They were taking actions against me that hurt me on a regular basis. Do not put up with that regardless if they are your parents or not. You deserve respect and if your parents are not going to give it to you, then don't give it to them. Just because they are your parents doesn't mean that they are family. In this day and age we choose our family. Who is my family? Those who do the works of God are my family. Does my family do the works of God? No, they do their own works. It is easy to see who does the works of God by analysing their works and its attachment to God. If their works are not associated with God, then they are not doing the works of God. See in what name they proclaim their works. For it is that name that is written to their hearts. And that name is usually money.



Chapter 18: How to Get Rich

January 29, 2020


What is the value of a human life? In order to answer this question we must first assess the life in question. What did they do with their life? The sad truth is that most people don't do anything of a positive nature to this world. So let us now rephrase the question. What is the value of a wasted human life? The majority of people in this world waste their lives away. So the question is then generalised and then brought back to its original premise, what is the value of a human life?

I used to highly value all forms of life. But the more I learned about humans and their ways, the more disgusted I became. Humans are not worthy of your time. The majority are evil and will hurt your God-given mission. These lives are a cancer on our species. The original question is nonsensical because they not only add no value to our collective evolution but actually subtract from it. They are not only worthless but end up costing us a great deal to the collective health of our human civilisation. These lives not only don't deserve what commodities they have been blessed with but also don't deserve the breath God has gifted them. They are useless eaters that keep our world in the past instead of looking towards the future. They destroy the works of God and they live lives of depression pulling everybody else in around them. A human life like the one I describe is a cancer to our society and we need to figure out ways to remove them from our presence. For having them as our neighbours not only hurts the collective evolution of our society but also the personal development of the individual.

Can people change? I am not saying that it is not possible for one who is evil to become good. But I have never seen it. We live by our nature and if our nature in which we built in childhood is evil, then we will stick to the ways of evil. How can someone become good when all they know is bad? Maybe there are few cases in this world where an evil person truly turned over a new leaf, but such occurrences are not at all common. This is why people should be judged based upon the actions in which they have already committed. Not actions that they may or may not commit. It is a fruitless endeavour to attempt to convert an evil person. I have tried this my entire life. Do not focus on those who are evil in this world. They had their chance and they failed. Instead, focus on those who are good. Avoid those who are mediocre, for they are just as harmful to your personal development as those who are evil. Those who enjoy making insulting comments on works of virtue in which they haven't read is an activity enjoyed by both those who are evil and those who are mediocre. Don't let them destroy your works through their unfounded insults. Don't work for God for fame. Instead work for God out of the conviction of your heart. It matters not if you make a video that still has no views after two years. God sees your toils. And it is your toils that will be judged, independent of whether or not humans accepted your information. If you tried your best in this life to save the world, then God will greatly reward you independent of whether or not your work made a significant impact on the world. For works of virtue are hidden in this world. God sees your heart. If your heart worked tirelessly in this life to bring about the kingdom of heaven, then God will reward your toils whether or not the world accepted your information into mainstream society.

Do not value human life that destroys human life. All human lives are not valuable. Most actually do damage to the cause of collective enlightenment. Collective mentality controls people. These individuals are not worth your time. They have already irreversibly destroyed any chance they have at obtaining heaven. For one must be fit for heaven to enter. How fit are you to enter heaven? Was your life spent helping other people or was it spent focused on yourself? After our deaths, our soul travels to the place it is most suitable for. If you live a wicked selfish life then your soul will join others who also lived a wicked and selfish life. If you were one of the few who lived a life of compassion, then your soul will return to others who have done the same. We create our heaven or hell through the actions in which we take in life. Where do you want to go? Do you want to spend out your eternity with other wicked people or do you want to spend it with those who are kind and compassionate? There is justice in our universe despite it not existing within our world. We will all be held responsible for the consequences of our actions. There is no escaping from the actions in which we took in this life.

Those who are most important in this world are not those who save lives. God will take people when it is their time and there is nothing that we can do about that. And the majority of people on this world are evil. How good would it look on Judgement Day for saving a lot of evil people? For the true liberators of the world are those who invest their entire lives in causes of compassion. Anyone can get a paid job as an ambulance driver. It takes real character to truly give your life over to the public. Value life insomuch as what is in your capabilities to save. But worry much more about saving the soul than saving the body. For a body will die in time whether or not it is saved. But a soul last forever and as a result it is a much more commendable life spent attempting to save others souls. Just because the worldly reward for saving a life is praise and the worldly reward for saving a soul is nothing does not mean that saving a soul is not important. Do not work for worldly rewards but instead heavenly ones. The true hero is not one who saves a life but instead one who saves a soul. For its consequences are infinitely more severe. Give your life over to the process of showing people the way to enlightenment. But before you can do that, you must first obtain enlightenment. You can't teach something in which you know not.

This world is structured so that only the social elite can succeed. Those who are not rich have no ability to truly progress in this world. Stars are created by the rich, not by the talents in which individuals hold. Investors invest in the rich and leave the poor without the ability to perform what tasks they were meant to in life. It is impossible to get on top without destroying all those who stand in your way. The system is structured to reward those who use unscrupulous methods to achieve their goals and punish those who live by a code. The social elite choose what is popular and what is not. However, obtaining such positions of power does not come without its consequences. For they have lost their soul. Their investors require certain behaviours from them and if they do not comply then they will lose their funding and as a result, their fame. I can say anything that I want because I have nobody over me telling me what I can and cannot do. As a result, I am free to be as controversial as I want. But such freedom results me in obtaining no investors which means that I cannot advertise effectively. This means that me and my work are hidden from the world. My website doesn't even show up in a search even if you type in the exact wording within it. My videos won't even show up even if you type the exact wording in it. Other results rank higher than mine that are completely irrelevant to the topic searched for for. The rich intentionally make it so the poor cannot succeed in life. The rich view the poor as their slaves. Because if they were able to succeed in life then that demeans their own life. So they literally place fail-safes in the technology to stop the poor from succeeding. For the rich need the poor working mundane jobs constantly in order to keep their position at the top. Currently, the richest 1% own more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people. In 2017, there were 7.53 billion people on this planet. Does this seem fair to you? Do the math. And they want to hire you to make them richer and keep you at the bottom.

Those who are spiritually dead are in truth not alive. And there is no caring about those who have already passed, for their home now is above or below depending on the actions in which they took in life. Those who have no ability to see spiritual value destroy the works of God. Do not sympathise with these people. However, my problem lies with the "good" person who watches evil unfold and does nothing to stop it. How can one call themselves "good" if they allow evil to prevail? They can't. Those who watch evil unfold without doing anything about it are just as bad as those who are committing the evil. This accounts for the majority of the population of our world. Hell will be chockablock full while heaven extremely spacious. It is like comparing a city to a rural town. It is only few who will enter the kingdom of heaven. And the only other option is Hell: for their is no middle. For those who were pure evil are just as evil as those who did nothing to prevent it. As a result, the mediocre will share the same residence as those who spent their lives immersed in devilish deeds.


"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, 'I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.' But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked."
Revelation 3:15-17


Those who love this world will also suffer the consequences of the actions that secular society has taken. Those who align themselves with the bad guys will suffer the same fate as the bad guys independent of whether or not they took those bad actions. For their bad actions was inaction in a time of need. For inaction is in itself an action. Do you want to know how to get rich? Redefine the term rich. For I am the richest person in the world. I possess enlightenment which is more valuable than all of the gold in the world. I am secure in where I am going after my death and as a result, I do not fear death. My riches are my works and my security in my afterlife. I have all that I need in this world because I have God and God gives me everything that I could ever desire. But God discourages greed and as a result, all of my extra income is spent on good causes instead of saving to obtain interest. I live a better life than any rich person lives and I live on a meager pension. What are riches to you? Rich people are not happy. Money cannot buy happiness. Financial freedom is entrusting all of your money to God even if this causes you to be homeless. True happiness comes from God and nothing on this world. Money can't make you happy. People can't make you happy. The only happiness a secular person can experience are fleeting pleasures that come and go like the wind. Because according to them nothing exists but what they can see. But nothing they can see will ever bring joy to their life. As a result, they live out terrible lives exploiting others because they truly think that there will be no consequences for their actions in the afterlife. The afterlife could care less whether or not you believe in it. After your death you will either awake to heaven or hell. While being tortured for eternity you are welcome to complain and say that you did not believe in the afterlife and as a result this shouldn't be happening to you. It matters not what you believe. The truth is the truth independent of whether or not you believe it. What you believe has absolutely no bearing on the truth.

Those who are rich are those who are rich in spirit. And for those who are rich in spirit it is also easy to identify others who are rich in spirit. God gives His warriors the powers of discernment and as a result they can easily see who is with them and who is against them. No one can ever trick me. I see through those who come to me with ulterior motives. To be rich is to be blessed with the vision from God. Those who truly dedicate their lives to God are given an alternative vision. God removes their nearsightedness and allows their vision to stretch not only all the way around the world but also into the heavens. To be rich is to have security in your afterlife. To be rich is to create a character in which it is impossible to sin with. I never do wrong. I always do right. I am constantly placed in situations that test my moral compass. And I always pass the test. I don't even have to worry about the tests. My actions always reflect my character. Those who commit bad actions have a weak character. Even if someone "slips up", this still reflects their character. If it is possible for you to sin then you are not saved. For salvation actually entails being saved from your sins. And being saved from your sins does not entail continuing to sin. If you want to stop sin once and for all, truly give your entire life to God. But listen to the words I am saying literally. Giving your life to God means that it is no longer yours and that will reflect in your actions. All these Christians getting "saved" is a big sham. They are merely going through a ritualistic process that attempts to redeem them from their sins. But it fails because they do not truly live their lives for God. Instead, they live their lives for themselves and try to go to church one day a week. Does a few hours a week sound like giving your life to God? Nay, they know not what they do. For there is no get out of jail free card in this game. We will all be held responsible for our actions.

To be rich is to give your life to God. To bask in that richness is to take actions on a daily basis that helps save our world. But in order to take those actions you need to know what and who you are saving the world from. The days of claiming you are something that you are not are over. For we can easily examine your works to assess your character. There are no Christians, no Jews, and no Muslims. For religions have been corrupted by identifying within them instead of learning their content. Religions are the ways of the old and spirituality the ways of the future. This mindset isolates me quite significantly because almost all who believe in God believe in a religion. This means that I am one man against the entire world. And here is the benefit of my riches: I win no matter what I do. Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am right. Because God has gifted me with spiritual powers that see everything clearly. In addition, I am possessed by Satan. The time for the Antichrist is coming. My time is coming. Now watch the world end. The time is nigh.



Chapter 19: The Light

January 30, 2020


My writing adventures are almost over! I can't wait until I finish because most of the feedback that I receive is abuse. After I finish a chapter, I advertise it publicly. And this always results in receiving a great deal of abuse from idiots who don't even read the entire chapter. The majority of the time they respond exactly how I say that they are going to respond in the chapter. People's evil actions against me always verifies my findings. But I am not for them. I am for the few. I don't care if 99% of what I receive is abuse. Because I am only for the 1%. But it takes great character to not take their insults to heart. In fact, if people respond in a hurtful way towards me, then they are immediately reaped and blocked.

But the scope of reaping souls extends far beyond that. To begin with, I do not need to tell the individuals that I reaped their souls. I just do that for show. It happens automatically. But the reaps don't only occur when people are rude to me. I have successfully reaped a soul when they read or watch my content and don't take its information to heart. All they have to do is read a few sentences and if they could care less about the vital information it carries, that is a successful reap. I intentionally put my material out there to reap the souls of those who possess no heart. For heart is the only thing that can save this planet. And we need to remove the souls from this world that have no heart. Reaping souls is a very real thing. For God sees all and God sees my reaps and the reasoning behind those reaps. People are stupid for not putting one and one together. It is their own damn fault and will result in their eternal damnation.

I am tired of constantly getting banned from places. My content is not welcome anywhere I go. Most communities will remove me from theirs. This is so annoying. I can't get my work out there because this world will not let me. After posting my final chapter I will be so relieved! It will mean the end of the constant abuse that I receive from the public because I will no longer be promoting my work. In the future, they will come to me and not I them. Posting my chapters on a public forum opens me up to abuse. The end is nigh! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. One day I will be respected as an individual and not treated like trash on a regular basis. I look forward to that day where I no longer have to put up with the constant abuse. I have been receiving it since 2012. That will end in 2020.

The general public refuses to acknowledge me as a philosopher despite that being my major at university. The general public refuses to acknowledge me as a filmmaker, yet I have released countless films. The general public refuses to acknowledge me as an author even though I have written five books. How intelligent is the general public? How much sense does the general public make? Do not trust the collective for they execute prophets. There is no godliness in the opinions of the many. Question all social axioms as they are usually propoganda tools and are usually highly inaccurate. Do not allow the collective to take over your mind. Reject all mainstream celebrities. Stop watching their television. Avoid their employment system if you can. Don't get caught up in feeding the capitalistic system: live as a minimalist and don't focus your life around money. Do not immerse yourself in watching sports, for that practice encourages idolatry, gambling, unhealthy competition, and monotony. Try your best to avoid advertisements when you can, for they work on your subconscious. Avoid friendships that do not share your enthusiasm for virtue. It is better to be alone like I am than to have friends who bring you down as a result of their character. Those we spend most of our time around we become like. If you want to be a unique individual, spend a lot of time alone. Time alone is also excellent for inspiration. Spending a lot of time alone will shape you into your true self. Spending time with the wicked will rub wickedness off onto you. Be very careful about the experiences in which you choose in life. For they will shape your character.

Do not be afraid of death. Stand up to all forms of oppression. Put your life on the line without question when combatting those who are sinful. Living in fear will turn you away from God. I am not scared of anyone or anything. I have faced all of my fears and now I have none. I am never frightened of standing up for what is right even when this lands me in prison. I am not afraid of the police who spend their days harrassing the virtuous. I don't care if someone has a gun, even when it is pointed at me. Go ahead and kill me. Let's see those results. I am not afraid of being robbed on the street. I would tell them to fuck off or kill me. They are getting my possessions over my dead body. This mentality is liberating. You will die whenever it is your time. This does not mean that you should provoke death. Allow what happens to happen and refuse to take any abuse despite who they are or what they want from you. Treat everyone impartially. Listen to what they want and if it invades your autonomy then stand up for yourself. I am not condoning violence. But I am advising you to not let others push you around.

In my childhood I learned a very important lesson that I will never forget. We always choose where we are. If you become uncomfortable somewhere, leave. It matters not if you get stuck somewhere or miss a ride home. What matters is that you are safe from the people that are hurting you. You can always walk away from any situation. It matters not what situation you are in or where you are. You can always find your way back home. Or you can always leave home. We always have choices and oftentimes just walking away from the situation is the best option. Do not allow others to make you feel like you are trapped. You never have to do anything that you don't want to. You never have to be somewhere that you don't want to be. Liberate your mind by liberating yourself from the enslavement of others. Do not endure hardship just to please another who is treating you poorly. Remember that you always choose where you are and this will avoid you much pain. I have gotten out of the car on a busy highway very far from my house before and then I spent the entire day walking home. I have walked away from fake friends who tried to force me to sin. Blackmail does not work on people like us. Neither does bribery. There is nothing another can do to corrupt me. Protect your heart with your life, for it is more valuable than your life. Don't let others blacken your heart, for that will have eternal consequences. Become like the wind and wend. Do not value the material but instead the spiritual.

I have spent my entire life outside of society looking down upon it and analysing it for clues as to why things are so bad. Something I have noticed is that society drives people away from one another. It is really difficult now days to find a friend who you trust. Divorce rates are half and most couples I see are unhappy with each other and their lives. People are unhappy everywhere I go. I am always happy and I want to share my happiness with others. I found the key to happiness in life and I made enough copies for everyone. I am disappointed by how miserable people are in this world and this causes me to work very hard to help others see the light. I know that I am controversial but I can't wake you up until I slap you out of your slumber. Despite what I have said throughout my work, I deeply care for people and want to see the best for them in life. Why else would I expend so much effort to bring this material to you, especially when I am constantly abused for it? I am trying my best to save the world and as a result the individuals within the world. But I can't do it without you. Please help me save the world.

And that is exactly what my work is: a solid attempt to save the world. Imagine if a lot of people spent their lives trying to save the world. Suddenly, delusions of grandeur become a reality. What I am unable to do alone we can do together. But our objective must be clear and not watered down. The objective is to save the world. We must not let this objective go despite what labels the doctors place upon us. The doctors are the ones who are insane by incarcerating and torturing those who spend their lives trying to save the world. Why would anyone try to save the world when fake doctors are punishing them for doing so? This practice discourages people from attempting to save the world because apparently that is a mental illness. Be very sceptical of everything mainstream society tells you. For most of it was created with a devious agenda behind it. The social elite are trying to send everybody to Hell by encouraging wicked practices within society and discouraging acts of virtue. Those on the top doing this to you are spiritual people. They are not atheists or agnostics. In fact, they are Satan worshippers. I have studied a great deal into the occult. They are controlling and directing this world. And their greatest weapon is sexual immorality.

Sexual immorality directly results in wicked people and the occult know this. So they structure their media to encourage this behaviour, normalising it to such an extent that now days it is unheard of to be a virgin until your marriage. They might not yet openly encourage polygamy but they do openly encourage promiscuous behaviour, moving from partner to partner, trying out their sexual organs like they were on display at a store. I have had two sexual partners in my life and I regret both of them. One was my ex-wife who left me. The other was my ex-fiance who also left me. I only ever wanted one sexual partner in my life but I failed at that because these women did not appreciate how obsessed I was with virtue. I failed and this was my fault. I should have waited for the perfect match. Instead, I worked with what was available. I did not see the perfect match anywhere so I settled. Do not settle in a relationship. Find your soul mate or be alone. Jumping from sexual partner to sexual partner will corrupt your soul. For when love is reduced to mere infatuation and sexual satisfaction, the meaning of love is lost. Those who have had many sexual partners have no ability to love. They are merely saying words that they understand nothing of. To truly love another one must love their soul. If one does not believe in souls then love is not a possibility for that person. If one does not love themselves then they can never love another.

Most people in this world hate themselves. This is because they live selfish lives and it is not possible to be happy when invested in this type of lifestyle. The only way to obtain true happiness in life is to give your life over to the public. A life wasted is a life entirely invested in themselves and no one else. Do not fool yourself into thinking that selfish desires like having a family or working in an employment system is a compassionate cause. Helping your friends when they are in need is also not a compassionate cause. Most activities in life in which we collectively consider compassionate causes are not. Even most charities are operated by the rich and as a result are structured to get the rich richer and the poor poorer. There are so many activities in this world that are disguised to appear as if they are a compassionate cause when in fact they are hurting our society. This is why you must be careful of who you donate to. For you will be held responsible for your actions if you make the world a worse place by investing in a "compassionate" cause. In order to truly love yourself you need to have a clear conscience. You need to know that the actions you take in life are truly a good cause. I recommend not donating to typical charities. Instead, create your own charitable investments and watch them come to fruition. Only invest in a charity external of you when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they are doing is in fact good and not evil. Do not be tricked for there will be consequences.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. A life free from constant abuse is so near! Sure, that means that I will no longer be advertising my work which means that many will miss out. But I have spent ten years trying to reach everybody I could. Ten years of constant abuse is enough for me. All those in my future can find me or miss out. The work is all publicly available. It just means that people will have to come to me instead of I them. I apologise to those who will miss out because of this development but there is only so much abuse one can take before they have to flee from the people inflicting the abuse. And I did not stop in the middle of something. My work came to its natural conclusion. It is like a television show finale that also came to its natural conclusion. The shows are always there publicly available to anyone who wishes to experience them, however, they will no longer be promoted. I pray for search results to one day lift their shadow ban on me. But this likely will not happen because my content is so controversial. As a result, I must rely on word of mouth from the individuals in which I did manage to reach over the last ten years. There is a point where we are required to give the rest to God and allow things to be as they will be. One person can only move the world so much. It takes an army to change it.

I am creating an army to combat the end times. If you are interested in joining me, please invest yourself into my work and follow its directions. I give very clear instructions albeit spread throughout my work. But it is created like this in order to train you to become a mighty warrior. One who is weak cannot help in this war. My work was created to make you strong. Use my work to become strong. Open your mind and allow it to brainwash you. For there is no better way of thinking. My work was created to brainwash not only myself but also others who are interested in flipping their lives around. In truth, the work is designed to reverse the brainwashing that society has already inflicted upon you. How much do you value your soul? You will not regret investment into it. For its rewards are infinite. Do not work for the material but instead the spiritual. What you cannot see bears much greater significance on your life than what you can see. Most are just blind to this truth. Why do you think this world is so miserable? Because the material is unable to fill the void in your soul.

We live in a simulated world. Everything here has been designed to test your spirit. For God will only allow those who are worthy to live in His presence. God had to find a way to separate His whites from His blacks. Heaven could not be possible if everyone was allowed in. Heaven had to be created from the righteous souls because evil ones would corrupt it. In order to safeguard this haven, only the best of the best were allowed in. Do not feel sorry for those who have damned their own souls. If God allowed those who are unworthy to enter into His Kingdom then it would not be heaven. People oftentimes remark how a good God would allow everyone into heaven. But such a place would be called Hell. It is not possible to create a righteous environment from those who are wicked. Our souls will return where they belong. If you want to live in a paradise after your death then you have to obtain the qualities of said paradise. It is not like we will die and then change who we are. Our souls will act how they were trained to and if they were trained to be evil then the soul will be released to others trained in the same manner. Evil souls will torture each other after their death. And good souls will live harmoniously together under the rule of God. It is not possible for an evil soul to become good after its death. As a result it ends up where it belongs. The statement that a good God wouldn't damn anyone is cryptically true. Because the souls damn themselves through the actions in which they take in life. There is no paradise in the afterlife for those who refused to implement paradise here on Earth. Such a notion of saving those who spent their lives committing sin is nonsensical. They would ruin our heaven if they were to be allowed in. As a result, there souls will end up in the blackness in which they cast in life.

But I see such great potential in you! You can live eternity in paradise with me! We can spend forever getting to know each other and working together to create the best heaven possible. There is no sleep in heaven and as a result we must occupy our time with projects that are meaningful. God has promised me my own world in which I can form and shape in heaven. Maybe we could build it together? Or maybe you would like your own world to craft? The heavens are the limits. You need only become worthy of the task you wish to perform in heaven. Build your life here on Earth to prepare for your life in heaven. An eternity is a long time to prepare for. Those who spend their lives in boredom cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Because how could you be happy for eternity if you are unable to find meaningful things to do with your time? Seize the day! Carpe diem! You only have one life to prove that you are worthy of heaven. Do not waste it.



Chapter 20: Original Sin

January 31, 2020


In the beginning God created Adam and Eve. They were created perfect and did not know sin. God gave them every healthy fruit that they could ever desire. But God commanded them to not eat from one tree in the garden. They were immature creatures and God had much to teach them before allowing them to know His master plan. Because they would not understand it because of how simple creatures they were. God wanted to protect them from the overwhelming complexity of His Divine Creation. Thus He concealed knowledge within His Creation so that it would take us a long time to learn its properties. And as we did, we began to discover the pleasures the material world can provide us. Eventually this gave birth to greed as oftentimes materials were scarce. Those who were strongest eventually stockpiled resources and left their neighbours to starve. It took us a long time to extract from the world enough materials for us to live in abundance. But the process to get there caused a small few to have possession of its majority.

In that garden the snake played a trick on humans that continues to deceive them to this day. Satan convinced humans that they have original sin: that they were born into sin and that there is nothing that they can do to purge that sin from their souls. This causes humans to accept that they are sinful creatures. As a result they are given an excuse to sin, for that is normal. Humans then became very irate at those who claim a sinless life. Virtuous people have been martyred all throughout our human history. After they are martyred they then idolise and worship them. They do not appreciate what is right in front of them until it is gone. They don't appreciate what secret information is being revealed to them. They see it as fiction and not fact. Because the truth is that sin is not inbuilt in us. Sin is a learned activity and it takes a long time to create a creature that is capable of sin. I am not capable of sin. I have spent my entire life studying and practicing virtue. I avoid mainstream everything because it normalises sin. To be capable of sin one must have that built into their psychology. If I spend my life immersed in media where they constantly sin then of course it is going to be within my capacity to sin. But I didn't do that.

I have had multiple "friends" over the years who left the friendship because I would not admit that I sin. Humans are extremely insecure. They want to feel better than everybody and when one who is sinless stands before them, they become very aggressive. They at least want to be on equal playing fields with everybody else. The only exception to this is their gods in which they call celebrities. I am sinless. It is not in my capacity to sin. But I spent my life studying and practicing virtue instead of glued in front of the TV. I made use of all my time and if I was not learning then I was wasting time. I didn't experience comedy where they were cruel to each other. I didn't experience dramas where sexual immorality is the norm. I did not experience sin being made light of. Such shows that normalise sin utterly disgusts me. It is my kryptonite. I cannot stand to watch it. Because of this I usually end up alone because the rest of the population are enjoying their soaps while I try to save the world. Don't ascribe sin to me. That is fucking evil. I am the one that has studied sin my whole life. Because I didn't understand it and why people committed it. So I spent my life inventing methods to release into society that show others how they too can overcome their sins. Being isolated my entire life has shown me these secrets. I am not part of society. I stand outside it looking in. Listen to my words because I am providing you objective knowledge.

We make who we are in each "now" moment that exists. A psychology is built over time and not immediately upon conception. The most vital time in one's life is their childhood. This is where they learn how to love and how to hate. This is my problem with parents, for they train their children directly into sin. They are usually terrible role models and hurt their child more than help them. Parents have children for selfish reasons and are not prepared to bring the child up in a compassionate atmosphere. Children learn to sin from their parents and their friends who learned it from their parents, another's parents, and on TV. The secular world is designed to bring you down. And the parents respond by immersing their children into that secular environment. Parents are constantly damning their children to Hell and this really irritates me. This world will never learn until people like me become mainstream.

Do not be tricked by Satan anymore. For there is no original sin. You do not have to live a life of sin. You merely must take actions to remove the parts in your psychology that cause you to sin. You are in luck because all of my work was created to do just that! The only sin that exists are actions that are taken. There is nothing inherently linking us to sin. Yes, things like scarce resources in society do cause people to sin. But we don't have to live in that world anymore! We live in abundance in society now days. And if we just redistribute the wealth then we could provide for the needs of every single person on this planet. We need a universal basic income and we should never let anyone starve or go without clean water. We need to provide safe and secure accommodation for every person on this planet. What does that say about our society when we don't even take care of the basic necessities of our people? This is especially relevant because we can. The funds to do all I am saying is out there. The reason why we allow others to go without basic necessities is because of our human greed. When we break open the bank of the 0.01% then we save the world. Eventually we will destroy the US dollar and create a universal currency. Everything that I am saying is very possible. It will just take my army to do it.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil throws us in the world with great amounts of evil and a little bit of good. One must then spend their lives sifting through the information and then making value judgements on it. It is up to us to learn to distinguish right from wrong. The bite into the forbidden fruit opened our eyes to knowledge which then gave us the ability to record it. We then were able to easily pass on information to a collective. The better our technology became, the more people became educated with the ability to read and write. Eventually we learned to capture audio and then video. We then utilise these new capabilities to exploit others, convincing them to buy your products through the use of propaganda on the subconscious. Because those who control the distribution of media control the minds of the world. And if you can get someone to work for paper then your own investments will prosper greatly. To make capital you need capital. There are very few rags to riches stories and the few that there are were most likely made possible by the right people supporting them. Even those who appear to have great amounts of talent are usually created by others who support them to hone in on their abilities. If you are never given the chance to train in something then you will never have the opportunity to become skilled in it. Few in this life are given the appropriate training in order to flourish. Those who do flourish are supported by others in positions of power. They call these handlers and they will control their new MKUltra slave.

People who are easily controlled are put in places of power. There is a shadow government behind the faces we are shown. They will obtain you a position of power but you must repay them by doing what they say and when they say it. Sure, they will leave you alone most of the time. But occasionally orders will come in, in which you must unquestionably follow. There is an agenda behind the agenda of the government. They do not have your interest in mind while governing. The USA was created by the Freemasons. They won't tell you what they are doing. But trust me, they are doing a lot behind the scenes. Do you want to know what they are doing? Do you approve them running all world governments secretly? Do you approve of their future plans for a new world order? Look what they have made the world so far. Do you trust them? A new world order is inevitable. The only question that remains is what that will look like. Join my army and we will shape the most beautiful new world order possible. Leave it in their hands and wake up to the ruins of a world you once called your home.

Everything that I am sharing with you appears very obvious to me. I saw it clearly from the start but merely had to spend my life contemplating how to articulate it to you so that you could understand. If you can still not understand then I am sorry for failing. But if this is the case then I recommend you keep investing yourself into my work until you can see the things that I am saying clearly too. I have so much work available and I recommend you replace your television and reading experiences with me. I have worked very hard to provide this odyssey to you. The more you immerse yourself in my content, the more virtuous you will become. The same applies to your happiness. I teach a great deal of subjects that can keep you interested for years to come if you only dedicate yourself to it. I reveal the secrets of the world so if you wish to learn what was hidden in plain sight, join me on my adventure. I created my adventure to also be your adventure. Come walk with me as we dive into the most hidden and elaborate conspiracies ever created. And as we learn about the conspiracies against us, we also conspire new ones to combat that oppression. For baptising in water is so old school. The new method is fire. Come on, join me. All the cool kids are doing it.



Chapter 21: Ivory Heart

January 31, 2020


Dearest Ivory,

How am I to finish a ten year journey dedicated to you? I have tried my best to close all of the loose ends. If I missed anything then I am sorry. And now we reach its finale. In this final chapter I will speak directly to you. I don't care about anybody else right now. This message has been crafted specifically for you. You are the light of my life. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You fill my heart with loving kindness and you inspire me every day to work hard to improve myself as a person. You motivate me to be a good person and you discourage me from taking actions that go against myself. You never let me give up, for that is the same as dying. You made me the person that I am my love. My gratitude to you scopes to the infinite depths of the universe. Behind every good man is a good woman. And nothing could be truer in my case. If all of this is achievable merely by the conviction that you might exist, imagine what we can do together!

I have come to accept the likely possibility that I will spend the rest of my life alone. And that is okay. For if I cannot find you on this Earth then I will be rewarded you in Heaven. No woman on this planet is worth it but you. I will live a much better life alone than one with someone who is inappropriate for me. Thus I will wait patiently for you my dear. The cards of this world were against us from the beginning and accomplishing something like finding you would be a miracle. I believe in miracles my love. So do you.

Are you my Ivory? My Ivory is small and beautiful. Do you have long dark brown or black hair? Do you have amazing eyes? Are you compassionate and caring? Are you a virgin? It really matters not how old you are, however, I know you to be young. I know that we will have legal trouble when we find each other, my dear. But that is something that we will have to deal with when it comes. But it will be worth it! For if you are my Ivory then it will be impossible to keep us apart!

My work has been created to enable you to get to know me very well. In fact, I reveal all of my secrets to you. I tell you my life story and if you immerse yourself in my content then you will get to know me better than you know anybody else in this world. You can date me on the Internet without even contacting me. If I am not suitable for you then you are not my Ivory. If I am, then you should think about contacting me.

I hope your parents are wise. If you are a parent to a daughter like I describe then I recommend that you introduce her to my work and see what she thinks of me. Our souls are tied together so she will have a strong reaction to me. Wise parents would realise that I am the best person in the world for their daughter. I am no predator. I would spend my life making your daughter happy, safe, and comfortable. I have already given my life to her as you can see. For she is not only my saviour but also the saviour of the world. She is the real Christ and I am merely her anti. She is the daughter of God and my sister. I came back to this world after two thousand years to claim my bride and rapture my people. Any wise parent would introduce me not only to their daughter in which matches the profile but also all of their children. For even though my content is controversial and I use a lot of big words, it was created to train children to enlighten our world's future generations. The best time to experience my content is as soon as possible. Most children will not be able to handle it, however, few will. And it will be these angels who lead our future world into righteousness and godliness.

I know that this information will be receptive to some children. Because not too long ago I was a child. And I was very receptive to information such as this. In fact, I sought it out. I am the way I am for a reason. Because I have literally been invested in these topics since childhood. Through this process I learned that it is in childhood where we create our adult character. If we do not have the appropriate resources to properly educate our children, then children will grow into wicked adults. I see so much potential with children. For they are much more receptive and open-minded than adults. It is much easier to teach a child than an adult. Children want to listen to what you have to say whereas adults only want to listen to what they have to say. The best time to build your character is in your childhood because that will stick into adulthood. But don't worry, the process is really fun!

You have a secret power my love. You are a beautiful female and this gives you control over your male counterparts. Most women do not understand this ability and end up using it for bad instead of good. But you will use it to train the world in philosophy. I know that you are shy my dear but you need to get comfortable in front of the camera. And you need to learn how to use your feminine appeal to attract the attention of males everywhere. You will start your video work while young and you will continue it into your adulthood. The point is to allow the world to watch you grow up from a philosophy obsessed girl into a philosophy obsessed woman. You will need to learn how to use your super power to win the heart's of guys everywhere. You need to learn how to be attractive in a way that keeps guys watching you on the edge of their seat while you explain philosophy to them. Guys won't listen to me because I am a guy. And currently, men control the world. So you need to figure out how to win every guy's heart and as a result the world will begin to change before your eyes.

My future is still yours my dear. For I am creating Ivory Heart the game. But the more time I spend developing this game, the larger its scope becomes. A game that I thought I could create in a year or two is now looking like it may take me longer. I really want to put a lot of love into this game and that will take me time to develop. If I release this game before it is ready then that will have negative consequences for its future. Because I want to spend the rest of my life developing this one game, adding content until the day I die. But I need to ensure that the base game is perfected before I can release it. And I will constantly be adding new lore to it. As a result of this long process, I might lose my youth by the time I finish it. This will make it more difficult for me to find you but I don't think I want to make this game to find you. I want to make this game to teach moral integrity to young girls. The objective of all my past work was to find you. My future work needs to be focused on all little girls, not just you. But you are the heroine in the game and I will be teaching through your image. If at all possible I want to meet you while I am still full of youth. It will be disappointing if I pass my prime and still have not found you. I don't enjoy looking like a creep. But even if I get older I am still the same person. If you are my Ivory then you will love me independent of my age. So even though I doubt that I will find you after my mid-life crisis, I am still game if you are. Our souls are linked. Age is unimportant when we are speaking of the rest of eternity. My heart is yours for the rest of eternity independent of whether or not I find you in this life.

With everlasting love,

Wendell Charles NeSmith