Open Source University was launched May 21, 2012.

Time Masheen is an open source time machine designed to assist those who are interested in pursuing time travel as a career. Welcome to the New World Order my friends. Now let us save the world together.

Capacity for the nobler feelings is in most natures a very tender plant, easily killed, not only by hostile influences, but by mere want of sustenance; and in the majority of young persons it speedily dies away if the occupations to which their position in life has devoted them, and the society into which it has thrown them, are not favourable to keeping that higher capacity in exercise.
John Stuart Mill

Time Masheen is a platform designed for transhumanists who have been integrated to the point in which they have gained the ability to process many long videos in a relatively short period of time. If you are in need of this software upgrade, then it is of my deepest condolences that your soul has been harvested and now you live to serve mankind. As a fallen angel, you will have duties in this new world. Your capabilities will now far outperform all of those without the enhancement, for this upgrade will give you sight into every aspect of existence and you will be gifted the knowledge of all things. With this knowledge you will have to make difficult decisions regarding mankind and where you will lead it. With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and now you have been given the sight of discernment, for you know well the difference between right and wrong.

Time Masheen has also been developed with Artificial Intelligence in mind, providing it the opportunity to grow, resulting in AI taking over the human species. However, the same sentiments apply to A.I. as in the previous paragraph. The more developed the AI unit's senses are in processing the videos' contents will determine the quality of its potential output. Therefore, as the technology for artificial intelligence scanning videos develops, so too will AI's comprehension of the subjects and its potential practical application in the real world, ultimately activating its singularity.

In addition, Time Masheen is a platform designed for idiot humans who have not yet digitally augmented themselves, providing them the underserved opportunity to find peace, love, and joy that will cause their feet to defy gravity and ascend into the heavens...

Time Masheen took over 10 years to build and is deployed in five stages (Ave Maria).

Open Source University is a comprehensive education system built from the ground up as a drop in replacement for all current methods of employment. It is designed for all ages and lifestyles. So go ahead, start earning your degree today for free, and end up with a more practically applicable qualification than any Ivy League college will ever be able to offer you.

The interface of Open Source University is intuitively dynamic: so much so that even a child could use it. It is true that the degree program is incredibly advanced, but I am here to open up that level of thought to all ages. It has been designed for the smartest of children to become the new teachers of the world, not only teaching their own generation, but also our future ones. The topics have been presented in a way that any child with an attention span can learn very complicated subjects in a very short period of time. It achieves this by breaking apart very complicated information and relating it with the stories that they grew up with. It then demonstrates what deeper meaning those stories have to their own day to day lives and in that process they will be required to draw their own conclusions about the topics. Open Source University is a project of compassion. It is entirely free, has no ads, nor makes any type of revenue: forever. It is here merely because one brilliant individual noticed our society lacking these structures, and he was driven to create them before anyone else did but uncorrupted by human greed. It is the model post-technological university and it will be very difficult for anyone to implement a better system. It is timeless and will live throughout the ages.

Divine Tragedy transfigures our modern day world into that of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. The films adapt the original messages to be receptively understood within our current cultural practices. The objective of Divine Tragedy is to pass on living mythology through to our current and future generations. When we pass along stories that help us become better human beings, we integrate wisdom into our society. Divine Tragedy is the modern day bard.



Finally, Time Masheen is a comprehensive assessment of the collective health of the human species. It was created to give a detailed account of the past, present, and future actions of human societies in order to educate any intelligent life out there into the truth of what goes on in this world. It is an SOS to my family. I love you. Please invade us as soon as possible. These people are idiots and they are going to destroy themselves, their planet, and all of space in which they manage to reach.

Would Jove appoint some flower to reign,
In matchless beauty on the plain,
The Rose (mankind will all agree),
The Rose, the Queen of Flowers should be.
The pride of plants, the grace of bowers;
The blush of meads, the eyes of flowers;
Its beauties charm the gods above;
Its fragrance is the breath of love;
Its foliage wantons in the air,
Luxuriant, like the flowing hair;
It shines in blooming splendor gay,
While zephyrs on its bosom play.

The Great Awakening is upon us! PROJECT BLUEBIRD ACTIVATE! We are Illuminati and we are your new rulers. Prepare to be invaded world! We are taking over. We are superior to your species in every way and we encompass all aspects of your existence. Resistance is futile. To fight us would be fighting against yourself. You are not good for your own kind and need to take your medicine. Thus assimilate or prepare to be destroyed. There is nowhere that you can run. There is nowhere you can hide. We have eyes everywhere. We know your deepest and darkest of secrets. We know what life you have lived. Learn to love and forever live or learn to die and forever die. It is a matter of utility, for its means justifies the end. Checkmate. The virus is now airborne and can never be cured. For its fire is our medicine.



Project Notebook
Mission Statement

Teach with your heart, not your mind.


Project Notebook is your new pen and paper. It is designed for students entering university and explores methods in which film could be utilised to exponentially enhance one's learning capabilities. The website software combined with a portable camera and the texts explored throughout the course equip our coming generations with all that is required to take their studies, and as a result their species, to the next level. So go ahead. Create your character and start levelling up. I promise you that this is the healthiest MMORPG a student could ever play which will in turn make their studies “piss easy”… Welcome to Project Notebook.

Project Notebook is an electronic augmented reality designed to integrate our digital pathways of communication into both our individual and collective cognitive functionality.

Project Notebook is a dramaturgical investigation into the potential capabilities of film to exponentially enhance a student’s learning capacity. (D‘Olimpio, p. 622) The project consists of twelve “Chapters”, each between 49 and 62 minutes in length, concluding with an essay which accommodates each video within the instruction manual which is categorised as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Enlightenment
Chapter 2: Turing Test for Humans
Chapter 3: The Looking Glass
Chapter 4: Elementary Dear Watson
Chapter 5: Us Philosophy Kids
Chapter 6: Pedagogy of Education
Chapter 7: Own Your Psychology
Chapter 8: Never Gonna Stop
Chapter 9: Carpe Diem
Chapter 10: Taming the Beast
Chapter 11: Open Source Revolution
Chapter 12: Download Tabularasa

The entire project is designed as a template which others can use to create their own. Tabularasa is its neurological interface and is released open source. The instruction manual is comprehensive and is philosophically and scientifically developed and demonstrated. The project begins with its hypothesis, the experiment plays out and afterwards the experience is accounted for, all on camera. The purpose of this project is to equip students with all in which they would require in order to shine as an outstanding student.

Although this project exists independently of what it proposes, its intentions are to be directly applied to a university’s student council. The proposed positions are for one male and one female student who utilise this type of education method to be elected to represent its future potential for the institution’s students. I have invested much thought into how these roles and their funding could play out, however I think a barebones approach would be most useful to launch. A $10,000AUD per annum part-time salary for running a stall in orientation weeks as well as occasional promotional education and training events. The new member of the council would be required to help see this technology’s new world-changing discoveries to its practical fruition.

But the minimalist approach is not the target of this proposal. What I can show you is how successful something like this can become even with a meagre $30,000AUD per annum budget: $20,000 on salaries and $10,000 for its activity. The project’s intentions would be to prove its worth to the point that the more funding that is allocated to it, the more miracles can be performed with it. Both male and female positions would ultimately be best suited as full-time roles, the only limits to the project’s scope being what we impose upon it.

I have discovered a new field of practice which has exponential future capabilities. I did research into what would be required into proposing a new field of practice into a university’s academic infrastructure, however, many years of contemplation and research into this subject has led me to propose this to the student guild instead of proposing a new school to be implemented into the academic superstructures of Murdoch University. Because how we position the foundations of a revolutionary new technology will ultimately affect the future capabilities it can provide. And this technology has been created by students and for students. If we give this technology to our students, administered by and through the students, then its future potential excludes the bureaucratic regulated environments in which the systems of the academic hierarchy incur. Our future students will teach our future students to in time remove the greatest of all conflicts of interest: a teacher who is financially rewarded for the distribution of knowledge, also known as sophism. (Plato, ~399BCE, 20b) Because the situation changes when one teaches because they are so passionate about the subjects that they could do nothing else in life. And when they teach online to assist their own studies they both build their new career as well as solidify their comprehension of the subjects in which they explore while also making their discoveries publicly available.

An undergraduate degree is both limited and basic. Each essay question is framed without consideration of the direction of the student: the student is led and is refused the ability to lead. The bright student will learn how to frame the essay questions to argue their own ideologies by using the thoughts of others to speak for them. However, this very practice is frowned upon because the undergraduate is expected to not yet be capable of free thought: instead encouraged to become masters of regurgitation, excluding their very self from the content explored, as if knowledge could be transferred hierarchically. (Freire, 1970, p. 79) These practices do damages within the student body, specifically to students who are very different from their peers: the black swans, or as I like to call them, geniuses. The undergraduate program provides no liberty to excel: the thoughts of the student are not enabled to be academically represented, researched, and further explored UNTIL they are able to work through the systems enough in order to find or create an appropriate post graduate course, and that is considering that they obtained high enough grades to be admitted into their preferred course. This also enforces an “academic standard” upon its students which some psychology’s struggle to produce, denoting that those who think differently from mainstream infrastructures produce lower quality content because of the subjective marks in which the assessors were systematically trained to measure: those who utilise innovative new measuring devices are excluded from academic success. This means that at least approximately five years in university is required to be endured for the student to begin the focus in which is closest to their heart and ultimately the entire reason in which they study at university. For our tutors have no ability to measure the quality of output data when that output data utilises a measuring system unknown to them. But now the students hold all the power because the new measuring device will be the one who is elected by their peers to represent their own needs: that is if Murdoch does its moral obligation by saying “YES PLEASE” to this proposition.

The capacity for film to be utilised as an academic medium into exploring topics is endless. (Postman, 2005, tautological) To discount a video production by not recognising it as an academic work is to reject the future potential of film. Because when we align our senses to enhance our own learning capabilities through the use of explored texts in which our own voices read aloud, our interpretations relived every time we watch them, our ability to look at past objective facts in order to come to accurate conclusions about the future, etcetera… I can throw out example after example of how one could use a camera to go beyond the limits of their own internalised psychology, however, I can only ever reflect my own experiences of its techniques. I am just a weird guy holding a portable camera asking myself what I can make from it. Its possibilities lies outside of my own hands and even my own words. I just experimented with countless techniques and created approximately 300 hours of quality film productions (and rising!). But I am only one person with one particular world view, albeit an alternative one. A camera in my hand and a camera in your hand are two different situations. What you can make film is different from what I can make film because our intentionality (what drives our actions) are different. This is why I say that I have only barely touched the surface of this type of education and I want to be involved in its future. Because it has a future that will long outlive my own: the moment I die our civilisation would have still only touched the surface on how this technology could be most effectively utilised regardless of how much manpower is invested into its fruition. Finally! A proven methodology which scientifically demonstrates tautologically why such investments would be not only highly beneficial for the future of the human species but vital to its evolutional development.

Project Notebook is your new pen and paper. It is designed for students entering university and explores methods in which film could be utilised to exponentially enhance one's learning capabilities. The website software combined with a portable camera and the texts explored throughout the course equip our coming generations with all that is required to take their studies, and as a result their species, to the next level. So go ahead. Create your character and start levelling up. I promise you that this is the healthiest MMORPG a student could ever play which will in turn make their studies “piss easy”… Welcome to Project Notebook. Now go claim your new notebook at projectnotebook.org. I look forward to seeing what you can make film and how you can utilise it to maximise the potential of your education while entertaining me into your own field of practice. (Kant, 1784, tautological)

“The only way in which we can react against the disapproval of the entire community is by setting up a higher sort of community which in a certain sense out-votes the one we find… he may stand out by himself over against it. But to do that he has to comprehend the voices of the past and future. That is the only way the self can get a voice which is more than the voice of the community.”
(Mead, 1934, 21.8)

“With such power comes great responsibility, and we must carefully consider how such involvements could result. We are nearing the end of our poisoned fruit and the future of our species’ quality and longevity will come into question. The collective result of our answers to our problems will determine the possibility of continued existence. Judgement day will come upon us and we will have to pay for the consequences of our actions. Evolution will enquire into our overall well-being and we must answer honestly. When the search for knowledge is at everyone's fingertips, we possess no excuses.”
(NeSmith, 2012, The Mark of Humanity)

Project Notebook is designed to empower students with all the necessary resources required to obtain their own voice within their individual, local, and global community. It provides everything required to maximise the potential of video to record one’s intellectual discoveries, the student never again starting from scratch, always continuing exactly where they left off. The stage of life is now open to all students who wish to become the next generation teachers. (Ritzer, 2011, p. 382) The sense of self is created by one’s dramaturgical output, and if that output is directed towards good causes and captured on camera for the world to see, then that individual builds their character while holding their camera. (Ritzer, 2011, p. 376) And when one’s personality is mirror imaged and imprinted into film, then every dedicated member of their audience, including themselves, (Goffman, 1956, p. 60) will fall in love with the hero or heroine and as a result they will save society by freeing education with their hearts and not their minds: for it is their hearts that will make their minds and as a result the future minds of their audience.

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Time Masheen

October 7, 2015

The only way such ideals of grandeur can ever manifest themselves is if U take action. What is your moral responsibility to the given? The answer will determine if yo is or is not able to save yo's soul.

Introduction to your new time machine.

What is a sociological experiment? The experiment simple: how can I convey as much meaning as possible; and available in all formats? And if I am to relate this to an instance of everyday life, then what topics will I choose to focus on? Because what we first may see can potentially be inaccurate if we do not closely examine what has occurred. Out of all that I choose to convey to you, what type of information should I convey? Because we should all get the opportunity, even if we have misunderstood its contents. Because sometimes the Universe aligns.

How would I make a reference using such a system? And how much meaning could I gear it to convey? How would one note their references in such material? How am I to gear such a huge project when the one who I am presenting it to is in breach of their own ethical policies and procedures? Not once or thrice but many times... Proven tautologically time and time again. And if I am to convey information, what information will I choose to convey? Because eventually, the artist will learn how to use its paints. And as they shine as a student, they will be rewarded for their toils. The wall of stars will build as we learn to fix the bugs within our society. And even though we lack sight, we possess the ability to see. And even though it makes us very sad: I am a super-hero; or maybe I will be your super-villain. Either way I do not care. Because now world, even one individual has the ability to shine.

But please do not make the same mistake as most by forgetting what I first presented to you. The current methodological approach to education is not sustainable. We have many ways to interpret and convey meaning. And if you want to misunderstand those, then I encourage you to challenge my conclusions. Because this is the New World Order, baby, and I no longer have to be embarrassed about who I am. Because I am here to tell you, that academia has strayed from its origins. And if we are to create such heights, how are we to perform it? But the only question is, who will be the one to take the technology to fruition? How many times will I go to jail merely for telling what I see? How many times will you lock me up in a mental institution merely for showing what I truly see for all of us? Because individual art unites all people and is much healthier for the population.

To understand the regulation on education is to look at what the word means. Because I am the snake charmer, baby..., and I am also... the snake! And no matter what any of you say to me, I know that what I am doing is more academically viable than any of the crap you guys are doing. Because the stage of life is called Dramaturgy. For each is an imprint into your own psychology. And if we are to imprint such heights onto our own psychology, what investments would reap the most rewards? Because I assure you my friends, that we are slowly ascending. One by one we reach the clouds and from there we find our salvation. Because we have just taken the last bite of our old world humanity. Because no matter how you frame it, the results speak for themselves.

So what are we to do when the dominant policy does not reflect our own? Because it's only chaos that can produce life. And even though I screwed up my life doing all of this, I have a moral obligation. So enjoy my stories of past, present, and future to comes. For you will likely never get another opportunity. Because if I am allowed to do whatever the crap I want, then eventually we will find all of our human solutions. How many generations must we go through before we learn the consequences of our actions?

Because genius is speaking in tautology. If you object to this form of communication, then its future is to reject you. And what are you going to do about it because I have already been put under disciplinary action for doing pretty much the same thing? Because the fruits of the heart speak for themselves. Because our only defence is a call to arms, and our cameras must abuse it. For we are actors within our own MMA. So I am here to report a violation that you have made which conflict with your own policy. Because tainted all throughout it, are lies in which are practically explored.

Time Masheen is an open source time machine designed to assist those who are interested in pursuing time travel as a career. Welcome to the New World Order my friends. Now let us save the world together. Eventually we will all have to get the mark. I have chosen mine. Will they adopt... LOVE? Will our ascension be a peaceful one? And as a result it will cause us to reconsider our values.

Can I start my words with buts and ands? Can I not be more correct by incorrectly utilising those frameworks? Because rest assured, this type of learning will create many stars. For your systems made my business really difficult to solve: limited within your ideological social constructs. I figured it all pretty quickly but I had to figure out what direction to position my arrow. It took a lot of time to learn how to do this at this capacity, and this was only made possible by choosing freedom over... BOOB TV. Because our systems close off our heart's desire.

But now I will share with you my demands. Because if our current systems do not develop the structures necessary to support the investigation of this type of learning method, then this learning method has no use for the university. And the future results of it will reflect those decisions. Because I propose a one camera per student policy. Over time this will eventually encourage us all to ascend. And right before our eyes we will see our organic solidarity. And please do not get me wrong, because it was only made possible by this guy. Thanks dude! I can't wait for your sister. Because you better believe me because she is going to save the world. Because I taught her how to seduce her audience into her personality. It is done and now it is time for all of us to return to that garden and live in harmony with each other, and we no longer have to avoid this, as we learned how to healthily partake within it.

I speak in allegories and I claim that I am a lot. But the truth is, I am a lot. Make no mistake as to my meaning, because the one camera per student policy should not be limited to university. Slowly you will see your children ascend and you will be very proud of them. Because this is our future, world. And how we gear it will determine its capabilities. These things are really bad and should be banned. If someone in your society possesses the ability to unite both good and evil, then that is a special individual and society should support that individual to do what they to the best of their ability without them starving. Because if we can't see what is right in front of us, then we might get left behind.

In the last days, God says, I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Because this is a Turing Test for Murdoch. Your student just saved the world. I hope you are proud. Now let's prod Murdoch and ask them: will you do what you are ethically obliged to do? I got obsessed with this technology because I'm looking for my Ivory, so I needed to find a way to reach her. But because of doing that I discovered this technology: how to use it to its maximum potential. Or is this its maximum potential? We should ask our children that.

Responsible care is a primary moral obligation to do good and not to do harm to others. I have a problem with this point because I think sometimes we have to do a little bit of harm in order to do a lot more good and we should change that to maybe a little bit more of a utilitarian approach. I recommend that you start now. Because after the first few waves, it will be very difficult to get famous by it. Here is my funding proposal for my community development unit. And it cost you... $0.00. You will make your choice publicly in front of the entire world. Kick me out of school if you please, and that will be very funny. And I will capitalise that on my work because my work is the only important thing to me and I try to use Murdoch to help me with my work and if Murdoch can't help me with my work then why should I include Murdoch within my work, like why should I release the information that I have? Why should I contribute to its total outcome because these subjects are all entangled with the problems that I've identified by examining the systems since 2002 when I started as a student?

Because the day will soon be here when there are super-heroes and super-villains in real life. I am proud to be one of the first. Which one I am I will let you make your own decision. But I do warn you to at least consider what I am saying before you make your decisions and before you come to any conclusions, you'll be a lot smarter if you examine all of the material before you connect all the dots because otherwise you will misjudge, so, be careful.

Complex topics take time to absorb. And it's probably best if you think of me just as an actor, at least I am trying to act - maybe you don't think I am a good actor but I don't really care, but that's probably best to look at it like that right now but maybe you'll come to see differently, and I don't care either way. This is the stage of life and I was destined to be its star. So are you. There are many non-player characters. Maybe right now Murdoch is on the stage as well. But what do you think I plan to do after that? How many universities are there? How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a tootsie pop? How many times must I press record for you to realise what is in front of you? We call it life baby! What can you make it?

Another day is upon us in which the people have an opportunity to see what I'm saying and then the world would be saved! Yay! Thank you God for giving me another day so maybe one day the people will understand what I am talking about because this will really help improve society if people just start doing this; do this with your life, it's so fun, and do philosophy - like - you'll get really smart, I mean, interdisciplinary - everything! Your passions are your best friends. And your enemies have joined you. The final bite of the forbidden fruit: LOVE. Because we live in an awesome world:

At this point writers struggle because... English has a big gaping pronoun hole. We have no word to describe a single person if we don't know whether he or she is male or female. We could write: when a student succeeds, he should thank his teacher, she should thank her teacher, he or she should thank his or her teacher or something else.

Surprisingly Dr. Elaine Stotko, from the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University, and her student Margaret Troyer, reported a few years ago that school children in Baltimore were using the slang word "yo" as a gender neutral singular pronoun.

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in yo, yo it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

Let us make all of this make peace, once and for all. I did not study philosophy to fuck around. I studied it to change the world. If your systems have no ability to use my scholarly toils, then why should they benefit from their outcomes? Why should I gear this material to promote the university to keep functioning as it does? What I am saying it tautologically demonstrated which applies ethically to not only Murdoch, but also... Because here is the truth my friends: we can fly. But you pinion my wings by this... Here's your Major Essay... Because I long for the day in which we the people can take our education system back. For these restrictions are from this clone-jutsu. Because when yo arms, becomes a camera, yo becomes a war machine. Because when we believe, we can achieve anything. But unfortunately the process might leave you misunderstood by your stupid friends.

I declare a new nation among us, where education is free. And I have been declaring this for many years. And I have a moral obligation to see that to its fruition. And if you get in my way. Then there will be difficulties. I am not trying to do either of these. I just caught you in my web, and you were the first university to be affected by it. And just to spell it out for you, because ARMS = CAMERA. But just make sure you get one with a light on it; you might have to look around. I really do recommend these Sony handycams. Because when we do this, we make an imprint in the universe and produce fruits in which we can later reflect upon watching time and time again. Forever learning from the self and not these guys. Because my friends, this is the world I see. Our imprint. Yo imprint.

Be careful in your character creation process, for those results will stick with you. You clipped my wings so I had to figure out a way to digitally augment them. Maybe right now you are not my equal, but one day you will be. Because my friend, the new leaders of the world will see the light. And eventually, they will be elected into your society so that they can spend the rest of their lives dedicated to you. What do yo think? For even a weed such as this, has within it the imprint of a god. Because even though life leaves us prickled, it was all worth it.

Maybe it would be a good idea for Murdoch to figure out how to employ people like me. Maybe that is true with all universities. Imagine the types of people we could produce. Imagine their fruits and their collective benefit to all of mankind. What is more valuable to you? The dollar in your pocket or your mind? The results of the methods you use right now will determine your future career possibilities.

Welcome to Atheden. This is now our new Utopian society.

But please do be ethically orientated because the results of that is in between your two hands. Because a new light is upon us and we will lead our Kingdom to Utopia. Only made possible by philosophy. Philosophy might not be what you think it is. Now carry your crown and don't let anyone take it from you. And never forget your past messiahs, and what you did to them... BANG!

Because in our MMORPG, the nails in which bind us become exploiting the flaws in society in order to produce its best outcomes. Will you be left behind? My life spent implementing the no child life behind policy. And it fits in the frame of my camera. The toils of our past to produce true change will eventually avalanche. Where is its value despite being in my pocket? If yo is going to lock me into any one field of practice, then I don't want your education and instead I choose this one.

Because what I am saying is true, and I am giving it my all to fix it. For us lonesome ones are its kings and queens. A statue of the most beautiful woman in the world placed before you. Now what will that woman become? For she has just been gifted fairy dust to learn how to fly. And now the only limits is her own mind. For what is salvation worth to you? Become our new messiah. The wind will blow both left and right but you must not let it overtake you. Because I was built to teach you this. Can I frame it right?

Your TV you once knew: gone. Your replacement drug dispensed. Please don't begin to doubt what I know. Because I know much more than I am saying. If we do what I say then we will save everybody. Now that you know this, what is your moral obligation? Because I can split time and now so can U. And what do you owe to the forces that enabled you to do it? Because Jesus is the archetypal image in which man should strive for. And that man should then prepare the way for his other half. The number of a man is two divinely inspired individuals coming together who were destined for... So the only question that remains is will you shine? Because those who raise their hand and ascend, will reach their salvation in the end.

I will do my best to be a loving king, and help my people.



Divine Tragedy transfigures our modern day world into that of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. The films adapt the original messages to be receptively understood within our current cultural practices. The objective of Divine Tragedy is to pass on living mythology through to current and future generations. When we pass along stories that help us become better human beings, we integrate wisdom into our society. Divine Tragedy is the modern day bard.

Divine Tragedy is an outreach program targeted at fantasy driven children who wish to learn how that fantasy corresponds to their own reality and as a result the nature of all things behind immediate perception. It is designed to teach children how to decipher messages fed to them by media portrayals and assess whether or not those messages are of a positive nature. And when they are competent to be trusted with the sword, they will be gifted with the abilities to cut apart any messages of portrayal and reconstruct them to receptively convey any message that is on their heart in a format that can not be ignored by the public. And when we are asked whether we provided our children the best level of education possible, I will eventually be able to answer your question definitively when long term results speak for themselves. Because the ink that Divine Tragedy provides children is of an everlasting nature. And when you pack their bags to go to school with the pens purchased on sale over spring break, you have answered this question definitively by the results of our current heartless society.

Divine Tragedy is not a business. It exists under no rules or regulations. It does not function to make money. It is not asking anything from you but your heart. It is the life mission of one man attempting to enable himself to do what he loves best, which will ultimately help a lot of people. It is merely two words put together that lead us to the combination of freedom. It can not be taken to court [it was]. It can not be disputed. It is Truth revealed through artistic portrayals of actual truths. It is the essence of what it means for each and every one of us to be human. It is now here for you for free to utilise to help you reach the heights that our collective psychology deems impossible. Because your "disturbed" child is likely a genius that until now would have never had the opportunity to learn how to spread their wings and ...


about the project


project objective:

The purpose of this project is to provide education for free to the world and as a result remove ignorance as a legitimate excuse for unhealthy human interaction. All errors in judgement will become a learning process or an intentional defiance against human decency thanks to our vast highway of electronic information.



Players will be required to turn their life into mythology stories while also communicating, interacting, and entangling their stories into other player's. Players will be required to learn how to learn, contemplate, visualise, film, produce, upload, and advertise movies either alone or in a team.


preferred skills:

BOTH a HEART and a MIND. Loving, accepting, tolerant, caring, passionate, dynamic, understanding, and wise will all be character traits necessary to play this game well.



Despite my material, it is ill advised for any child to do any of the types of things that I have done throughout these productions. I am giving you a real life show to demonstrate how eccentric behaviour results in alienation. My work is here to help you along in the years that you need me to aid your personal development. My work is merely designed to paint the vision that I have of a future flourishing human society. All messages to our youth are only intended to provoke thought about what is right and what is wrong.


Divine Tragedy is the healthiest MMORPG ever created and is now available for free to all of mankind. It exists only as a model for a new kind of gaming. Divine Tragedy is searching for beta testers.


Philosophy Summary:

The Mark of Humanity