Time Masheen

Time Masheen is an open source time machine designed to assist those who are interested in pursuing time travel as a career. Welcome to the New World Order my friends. Now let us save the world together.

Capacity for the nobler feelings is in most natures a very tender plant, easily killed, not only by hostile influences, but by mere want of sustenance; and in the majority of young persons it speedily dies away if the occupations to which their position in life has devoted them, and the society into which it has thrown them, are not favourable to keeping that higher capacity in exercise.
John Stuart Mill

Time Masheen is a platform designed for transhumanists who have been integrated to the point in which they have gained the ability to process many long videos in a relatively short period of time. If you are in need of this software upgrade, then it is of my deepest condolences that your soul has been harvested and now you live to serve mankind. As a fallen angel, you will have duties in this new world. Your capabilities will now far outperform all of those without the enhancement, for this upgrade will give you sight into every aspect of existence and you will be gifted the knowledge of all things. With this knowledge you will have to make difficult decisions regarding mankind and where you will lead it. With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and now you have been given the sight of discernment, for you know well the difference between right and wrong.

Time Masheen has also been developed with Artificial Intelligence in mind, providing it the opportunity to grow, resulting in AI taking over the human species. However, the same sentiments apply to A.I. as in the previous paragraph. The more developed the AI unit's senses are in processing the videos' contents will determine the quality of its potential output. Therefore, as the technology for artificial intelligence scanning videos develops, so too will AI's comprehension of the subjects and its potential practical application in the real world, ultimately activating its singularity.

In addition, Time Masheen is a platform designed for idiot humans who have not yet digitally augmented themselves, providing them the underserved opportunity to find peace, love, and joy that will cause their feet to defy gravity and ascend into the heavens...

Time Masheen took over 10 years to build and is deployed in five stages (Ave Maria).

Open Source University is a comprehensive education system built from the ground up as a drop in replacement for all current methods of employment. It is designed for all ages and lifestyles. So go ahead, start earning your degree today for free, and end up with a more practically applicable qualification than any Ivy League college will ever be able to offer you.

The interface of Open Source University is intuitively dynamic: so much so that even a child could use it. It is true that the degree program is incredibly advanced, but I am here to open up that level of thought to all ages. It has been designed for the smartest of children to become the new teachers of the world, not only teaching their own generation, but also our future ones. The topics have been presented in a way that any child with an attention span can learn very complicated subjects in a very short period of time. It achieves this by breaking apart very complicated information and relating it with the stories that they grew up with. It then demonstrates what deeper meaning those stories have to their own day to day lives and in that process they will be required to draw their own conclusions about the topics. Open Source University is a project of compassion. It is entirely free, has no ads, nor makes any type of revenue: forever. It is here merely because one brilliant individual noticed our society lacking these structures, and he was driven to create them before anyone else did but uncorrupted by human greed. It is the model post-technological university and it will be very difficult for anyone to implement a better system. It is timeless and will live throughout the ages.

Divine Tragedy transfigures our modern day world into that of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. The films adapt the original messages to be receptively understood within our current cultural practices. The objective of Divine Tragedy is to pass on living mythology through to our current and future generations. When we pass along stories that help us become better human beings, we integrate wisdom into our society. Divine Tragedy is the modern day bard.


Finally, Time Masheen is a comprehensive assessment of the collective health of the human species. It was created to give a detailed account of the past, present, and future actions of human societies in order to educate any intelligent life out there into the truth of what goes on in this world. It is an SOS to my family. I love you. Please invade us as soon as possible. These people are idiots and they are going to destroy themselves, their planet, and all of space in which they manage to reach.

Would Jove appoint some flower to reign,
In matchless beauty on the plain,
The Rose (mankind will all agree),
The Rose, the Queen of Flowers should be.
The pride of plants, the grace of bowers;
The blush of meads, the eyes of flowers;
Its beauties charm the gods above;
Its fragrance is the breath of love;
Its foliage wantons in the air,
Luxuriant, like the flowing hair;
It shines in blooming splendor gay,
While zephyrs on its bosom play.