Song of Wend





Family Guy

December 7, 2013


It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. People to rip you off and both genders to objectify you. Rape and murder is quite common: a defiance against our very origins. Scams and robberies including the ones called businesses who brand your head TV. From human to consumer we make our own destiny. From the printing press, worshipper's of Satan invent a dollar to force upon its slaves. A time orientated plot for the Devil itself to rule our entire species.

A mother to obsess and a father to enforce her law. The ones who nurtured you to be coherent now enslave your life. When you are ready to make your own path, they block the way. And before you they enforce a system of household rules as a result of poor lifestyle choices. And from those household rules you also inherit its collective makeup. A conglomerate of collective ideals and practices performed without thought, such as our modern day schooling, businesses, employment, social groups, entertainment, religions, parenting, government, nonconformity, and all other collectively administered associations: each requiring you to become their own agenda or be excluded from, the core of the family being no different.

And from the rug you are required to stand on to exist with other people is then pulled from beneath our feet. And as we all fall down into the depths of Hades, we will do so with solidarity. And from the One that Ash smelts us into, at our worst we will see both God and Its opposite. From his hands he will harden us, for It travelled here from Heaven to save us. In the middle of its formation It will appoint sight and then cast the mass from within the earth into the heavens forming our New Moon.

A statement versus a question and its reverse usage. How to convey and obtain the most information through communication? How each grammatical structure can also be used for its opposite. How one thinks and then interprets that thought into their own communication. A question "what do you mean?" or "where are you from?" being worse than asking it. A sense and reference to induce synaptic reactions of relations in the brain being required to induce understanding. How much information is being communicated in the time it takes to communicate it? A few paragraphs even being able to legitimately stand as an entire chapter because of the causal chain of information the catalyst seeds within the brain of its user. New neural pathways being created as a result of spending its activity on nurturing its soil.

What is collectively in err evolves into style: me now utilising print to function within your mental parameters. Elements of style merely becomes what we make it. Entirely able to be utilised within both written and speech: its minor errors easily corrected over time by the open source writer and not other people. A method to track personal development. A way to identify structural problems of one's own and correct them as a result of life experiences teaching differently literally, metaphorically, and allegorically. Written, edited, controlled, maintained, distributed, and marketed by the heart in which created it.

If you want to learn how to become wise then you need to learn how to ask wise questions. Coming to me with an enquiry requires a sense and reference. I leave so many people speechless and wonder why. Every sentence is a line of information cast into the sea only awaiting bites. To come into contact with a sage and not know how to use it will render it useless to you, easily reflected within the way society treats me. But when that sage then teaches you how to use it to become sages of your own, then over time what do you think that all of this that I have done will become?

Let me open your eyes to a future vision. Let's say that over time Open Source University eventually produces 16 people like me. Now I want you to imagine what attending that school would be like. And 16 people sounds awesome to me and with that many reapers we would purify our entire race almost instantly. How many people am I worth? Ironically risking my life every day for the lowest of them. 16 One child armies is all God would require to turn all the fiction I have laid out into fact.

Who are you going to follow? I was sent here to assume and then break down control. Right now the ones that have control over you enforce it with guns. You have countless times seen my method of enforcement. Who is doing right? When the hired guns called cops or military or whatever our oppressors call themselves see a super hero, they pounce on them. To fight for justice in life is to fight against those who utilise their fraudulent courts, no peace to be had when playing games of collective mind control. I have stood up as your leader and you will now understand or reap those consequences. God is on my side and you know that. It gave you all countless chances to prove worthy but we all failed. And now the gods of our elemental planes will purify our human species one way or another. This is your choice. And one day each and every one of you must answer these questions: its structure accurate before, during, and after the fact. Time will catch up with those who attempt to deceive it. For that is the purpose of a reaper. Before the reap the opportunity to become One of us. And from earth you must create your own sickle and cut away the past failures in order to induce its opposite.

And from her blood stained mineral, you will realise what we have done to our mother. We dug in her riches in order to claim them for our own. And for a long time dear Gaia endured the pain of her children. But she is immortal and her death induces Chapter 6. And since we require her resources (recklessly depleted) in order to survive, the coming trials will be inconsiderate of man and man is stupid to consider differently, or even be upset about its future disasters because we now lay in our coffins: the chain of life changing events for everyone that could have been easily avoided if our own parents only did the right thing. Thus we must look at our future as a Divine Tragedy. We will laugh our own parents into their own destiny. And they will be required to bow down to their children or the sickle of time will initiate them into my own family. 

Where are those good old fashioned values in which we used to rely? But luckily there is a man who positively can do all things which make us laugh and cry.