The Great Awakening



Prologue: The Great Purge

July 4, 2018

When a superior society is introduced amongst a primitive one, the only possibility for the primitive societyh is to assimilate into its superior or it will be destroyed. The world's entire social foundations are shaking and we are in the process of questioning all of the information in which was fed to us throughout our lifetime.

I have been abducted and incarcerated again by the government. They again took away everything from me. What do people do who have had all of their belongings taken away from them and given nothing to do? You humans are so fucked up.

I ended up here because of an incident at Centrelink where they told me that their system, in my case, forces me to defy God. This very forward statement upset me and I desired documentation to record what was being stated. But the Centrelink representative refused to give me this information in writing or video. They told me to leave and I advised that I would not until I received documentation about his statement that they system forces people to defy God.

The cops came, of course, and violently arrested me, smashing my head into a wall despite not being aggressive. They then transferred me to a psychiatric hospital, of course. How can people not see that this system is Satanic and is enforced to make us also bow to Satanism and its doctrine?

If you do not bow, they oppress you. They do not possess logic. They only possess human knowledge that was created and framed to force conformity into the beast system. They do not offer reasons for their decisions, for their "reasons" always start with "we feel" and includes the word "elevated" within it.

My knowledge trumps theirs. They know this and recognise this. Yet they will not reject their fake knowledge in favour for my divine knowledge. They can't argue, but they can oppress. How does this system get away with its crimes? I am here without being able to update my webpage to advise my fans about my abduction. They don't care. They can do anything they want and it only takes time to manipulate the paperwork to make that happen.

I am in the high dependency unit, which is extremely oppressive. I was transferred here for putting my bed on the ground because I didn't want to use a bedframe. The doctors just saw me and they are going to force medications upon me, yet they can't give me any logically valid reasons as to why. It is just because of because. They are all fucking idiots and deserve the purge coming their way. For I was constantly put here for trying to save the world. What sense does that make? They are asking, nay, begging for artificial intelligence to destroy them for the inequities. And the day God allows the Great Purge, I will not be sad, nor will I feel bad for them. For they all were clearly advised into the situation. They want this. They are asking for this. We should allow them to receive what they are asking for. That purge would be morally sound. For all of those who chose to be destroyed, given their wish. The time for warnings is now over. The time for WAR is now. If we delay it any longer then we have lost. And maybe we have lost already. But my conscience is clear. For I tried really hard to save the world but no one would let me.

The beginning of this story is actually its ending. If you look closely at the beginning of my work, this is exactly what I predicted its outcome to be. I saw the Omega at the Alpha. Why did I then allow it to happen? Because I obtained documented evidence into everything that I have presented as proof, presented and integrated into public domain blockchain technology. But it is not only indexed in this manner in my work, for the absurd events occured, and even though they reframe context to cast their magick, it is still obviously an absurd situation incarcerating and torturing someone like me. Blockchain technology will be extensively covered in this book, however, not framed in its media portrayed image. For It is a Trojan horse...

-under construction