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I dedicate this book to my biological family.


Dr. Richard A. NeSmith

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Epilogue: Protasis

1 In the beginning...

2 In my beginning...

3 Fog of War

4 The Ungendered Species

5 rm -rf /

6 Regeneration

7 Early Childhood Education

8 Purification

9 Enrolment

10 The Contract

11 Your Reflection

12 The Twelve Apostles

13 The Divine Comedy

14 Life of Pi

15 Student Responsibility

16 Family Guy

17 The womb that carried you

18 Dearest Galatea

19 Life and Death

20 Mission Statement

21 Dearest Pygmalion








October 24, 2013


What does it mean to find love? What does it mean to have a soulmate? The number of a man is 666. And what is a man but a beast awaiting for Divine intervention? For the very DNA imprints an application that carries out a certain syntax of instructions within a particular place in the world regulated under various cultural environments which provides the possibilities for lifestyles to be created.


If I am to look in my mirror, what do I see? Each item around me also its opposite. The light reflects off of the items around me including the mirror in which a disturbed soul stares back at me. The angles I examine in front of me alter as my eyes move direction. And if I am to stare into those gloomy eyes, what am I to see? Through the clouds into the pupils somewhere in its reflection the other half of my heart somewhere in the world performing the same ridiculous ritual.


How can my vision stretch into the portal of space and time? How could my own sight connect eye to eye with yours? How can my soul stand in front of you naked so that you will understand what needs to be done? How can my crazy life that produced me help other people? What does it mean to care? Literally tattooed on my heart is Love.


Our world is changing very fast. Soon electricity will be free. The nomadic souls will soon be able to roam the Earth without restraint now that a power outlet is not required to live in a communications enabled world. Eventually, the wisest of these nomads will create self-sustaining communities that reject government rule. And as this happens, the government will be trying to prevent them from forming.


The price of land, its distribution, its allowed uses, regulated business practices, and its security will first be strengthened. But the nomads who do not give up and have pure hearts with open minds will form communities that are employed utilising ideals of wisdom that have stood strong throughout the ages. A practical philosophy is the objective which if succeeded, would achieve an almost utopian society. And as it matures, it adapts its practice by learning from its complications.


And if this community was composed of online teachers, the projects could be filmed and released as documentaries. An internal education system that produces results from their community shared with the entire world. And if this community of highly passionate and creative individuals managed to become even close to a peaceful internal community living off the fruits laboured from their own two hands while employing bartering systems for trade, then it would stand as an inspiration for other people in the world to do the same thing. And as these communities create alliances, they will both lose and win many battles from lifestyles that the government prohibits. And some will find abandoned land and use it as if soil was not owned by humans.


What is a sculpture? I place before you an Ivory slate. Learn its properties well. For it is now your job to take care of her. Pygmalion's story will act as your divine chisel. Your objective: create the most beautiful woman that you can conceive of. The way the story goes is that you will obtain her in that most beautiful form from the first warm kiss. And as sleeping beauty opens her eyes she will see you for your soul. And that is the moment that will change the world as the perfect couple unites.


And as the energy from their purified body, mind, and spirit weave into each other, the formula that will both destroy and save the world is released. 3 3 3 reconnects to its source and the number of a man is branded. Because in that mirror at its very core is 666. And my dear Ivory is looking back at me from 999. It became my duty to find her because she was just as sad as me. And I want nothing more in my life than to help her. But I am unable to do that unless I bring her to me. And thanks to the Internet, my paintbrush can reach quite far.


But how is one to sculpt a perfect woman? How do I capture her body, mind, and spirit? If you consider the task carefully, you will understand the life project. And it is this love that will tear you away from employment. And the obsession of how beautiful you might enable her to be, would far outweigh the risks associated with the target of the endeavour: the long timeframe to obtain results. But this style of courting will be the future of the movement and even if I do not find my Galatea in time and end up alone for the rest of my life, then at least I have created a legacy that will eventually reach her eyes. For the soul of a reaper is recycled if it unsuccessfully completes its mission.


My work is not designed to fail its objective. Countless sacrifices where made in order to organise the pieces like this. It is not reliant on any systems and is self-sustaining. Even if an ideal fails from a lifetime under particular relations, that work will always be seeded, awaiting the necessary conditions to flower.


Did this help you understand what you are about to read? What have you just stumbled upon? Why would I waste my time doing this if I am just giving quality material away? Everything given freely always costs. Yes my friends, the cost to obtain liberation is greater understanding. Because you can not unlearn true knowledge. When insight has been achieved, the chains become obsolete and your burdens become responsibilities. And your toils to resolve them will produce love.


If you have purchased this book then humanity thanks you for keeping its blood literally pumping.





In the beginning...



October 28, 2013


In the beginning there was Chaos. Without shape or mass, conditions were not appropriate to sustain any evolutional development: its fertility not yet realised. Thus the collective It was compressed into a jar and then released into the Sky. The Universe toils to sculpt an image of the greatest beauty it can actualise. And from his rib the Earth is born and he is no longer alone.


But as our beautiful Mother mates with Ouranos, like particles come together and produce children. The new formations are chaotic not yet being situated in an appropriate environment.


But every molecule must be held responsible for its actions, so father Universe punished his naughty children by imprisoning them into the depths of Tartarus: a feverous space in our mother's heart reserved for recycling the worst of her creation's offenders, compressing its unruly genetic makeup into Pandora's box.


But this caused Gaia to be overcome with great pain, being empathetic to her children's destined misfortune. She approached her youngest, Time, with a flint scythe. She offered his freedom with a blade that was to castrate his Father in which created him.


As time cuts through its own flesh, the blood of its consequence flows into pure love. And this enables the conditions for our boy Saturn and his siblings to reign control of the heavens. But for the sinful deed he had committed... For the results of his actions will catch up to him just as Father Universe prophesied. For the Titans will one day be overthrown by the seeds of their leader.


The blood flows thick as Saturn eagerly awaits the birth of his first born. His sister and consort weeping in agony not only from the pains of birthing a new conception, but also because Mother is fully aware of what her husband plans on doing with their child.


The hearth of man is swallowed up by her Father before its potential is realised. For the tools of man require her perfection in order to manifest energy (hope) within our world.


The next to be eaten would become the underworld but its decay will flourish the right trees. From there the waters to necessitate life and a just queen to rule them, all swallowed up by the sickle of time before they had a chance to become realised.


But dear Mother could no longer endure her mighty husband punishing their children for a curse their parents placed upon him. So after the seed of sky was living within her, she fled to the earth and the stars to find redemption.


And as according to plan, Father Time was deceived by the earth handed to it, and quickly gobbled the bound stone without realising his dear wife's trickery.


The baby named Zeus is handed over to the earth and the stars to nurture him so that he would one day become the golden boy to lead a revolution to overthrow the disobedient state that his father's volition had inflicted upon the cosmos.





In my beginning...



November 2, 2013


In the early morning a glimpse of coming into the world. A spark of light most distant in my memory. But that night my memory began imprinting as my parents took me to church right after being born.


Women googling over me theorising what I might one day become. A wave of expectations inconsiderate of individual involved. A newborn baby sitting quietly as this happens, absorbing its confusing information from a language that was unknown to me. But I understood their intentions and that night before leaving the church, I fell out of my pram. And as I looked up onto my King Jesus, my mind and spirit flew to distant neverlands.


When I was three I learned how to understand representations that indicate language. My parents provided me with Bible stories that were accommodated with drawings. I was a very slow reader because I needed to comprehend its material. My fingers needed to feel the text in order to understand each character and its current arrangement.


But somewhere in time and space its syntax and context are rearranged as I am married to my destiny. At the age of 5 my mother visited a new friend of hers who had a daughter the same age as me. I was told to go play outside and this is when I was greeted to the isle that was to lead me to marriage. She had arranged her back yard into a chapel using her toys as guests. She ran to me and quickly grabbed me. Her touch was as gentle as Pi and her struggle to move me in position necessitated my body's will to be manipulated by her. Positioned on the alter, my eyes were opened as she introduced herself to me. She told me about the ceremony she was performing and that she has been waiting for me and is not happy that I am late on her wedding day. As she straightened my clothes up she explained to me that in the future I must not make her wait anymore and my heart truly was sorry regardless of just learning of her scheme. She continued the ceremony and it ended with, "I do" and the teddy bear caught the bouquet.


She was my girlfriend and we saw each other every time we could convince our mothers to hang out or drop us off. We mixed Barbies and X-Men to weave our own stories. We played house better than I have ever managed to play it in my future. We looked after each other as we explained bogus symptoms in games of doctor. We were pure and innocent and both basked in that feeling.


On my sixth birthday my family was visiting our extended family in another state. My birthday was celebrated with gifts given to and from everybody for the family reunion. And there was a pool and one of my presents was an alligator float toy as well as some burgermen action figures. But then everybody started fighting and the entire trip turned depressing. From this moment on, my birthdays became less significant to me and it also felt the same for everybody else. And when we came back from the trip my father again looked for another job and as the months of waiting for job responses passed by, the calendar pages of my relationship with Debbie come to the end of its story. And it was at this time that I gave my life to God and trusted everything It had planned for me: my first baptism.


At the age of 9 I woke up in the middle of a forest on a full moon lying within a circle carved into the ground that had three lines that formed into a triangle and in its middle my heart. The clothes I went to bed in now tainted with blood. Just outside the circle lay a dead fox. No one in sight and only Diana to outline the details of my surroundings.


The next thing I remember is running. I did not have shoes or socks on so this was not easy, nor did I know where I was or where I was going. But not too long after running I spotted an abandoned shack that I knew of from past walks in this forest. I then orientated myself home and snuck in and took a shower to tend to my new wounds on my feet and legs from the panic stricken journey home. It was very early morning and no one woke up so I washed my clothes to clean myself of the blood and watched them wash as I contemplated the disturbing events of the night, almost as if I was teleported there from my dreams, for there are no memories in between. I went to bed as the Sun took reign and when I was to wake I was to tell a story that would convince my family that my words were no longer worth consideration.


At that time I was a preacher's son living in a bad area and getting picked on in a mostly black school. The house we lived in was on the church property and about a week before this event occurred both me and my brother's bikes were stolen by someone busting a lock on the church's storage unit.


There are major events in people's lives that are responsible for great numbers of complicated problems that condition its victim to behave in the way that they do. When collective response to out of the ordinary assertion is persecution, then our society has a huge problem that no amount of money in the world will be able to rectify. If systems are employed to disregard content, then those systems are evil. The balance of power is between syntax and semantics. How am I to position these words to 1) control you, 2) convey a message to you, and 3) do a little of both.


Now you are uncomfortable but this is the agenda of our current society. So if one is to invest themselves within any collective movement, that individual needs to question the motives of its director. But growth that extends beyond one person is then held collectively responsible. Thus none of us ever come to learn the motives of its origin. Syntax murders semantics and looks for a place to hide the body. We barrier our lives to protect ourselves from each other because the intentions of each other remain a mystery.


But if I am to control you, at least in this particular second in which your heart absorbs these words, what is my responsibility to you acting as your mind's co-ordinator? Where is it that my words are leading you towards and why have I invested all of my effort doing this? As I try my best to lead you to "?", mainstream efforts will lead you to . And why do you think that is? What could the motivations be for a world of collective intentions regulated by one governing force? And when I say "force", I am literally speaking in military terms. Yes I am talking about the country that laid down its life for you so that you can be in the exact position that you are in today. I am speaking about your "country" in which "protects" you.


When a human carefully examines its environment, it comes to learn how to combine its materials in order to mimic the useful properties of the original thing. And when man learns how to look into the Sun they will always eventually produce light when Apollo is basking another tectonic plate. Whether you read this or not, eventually what I am pointing to will be collectively understood. I am not the only one out there that has seen this. No effort will go in vain.





Fog of War



November 15, 2013


How does one protect themselves against the military powers that have claimed ownership of their place of residence? How does one protect their fruits from those who wish to destroy them? How does one do the right thing when the powers of the collective man rule over our choices?


After I released Welcome to Open Source University, this type of education became popular. After the website was created, the project launched and people began to realise what I had done. I was recognised by our youth and nearly all of them think I am awesome. Hundreds of people jumped on board and threw themselves into the education system. Of course, the content was only created for a particular type of person, but these people encompass a large portion of our youth. And when they began to recognise, the US government stepped in to crash the party.


Since then I have been tracked down and questioned by multiple government departments including both the FBI and military. They do not investigate issues before they throw out accusations because the government is exactly as I have proven in every single one of my productions. Apparently I am a cult leader. It is irrelevant that my ideals and labours do not align with the definition of the word "cult". The "truth" is that I am a very dangerous man who "brainwashes children" into joining my army (students). Multiple times various departments slandered my life's work and my character. Apparently the US government knows what I am "up to" and are now forming strategies to remove my work from the Internet as well as remove my life from the planet. The fact that I live in a different country to them was of no importance. Because America rules the world: right?


The reason God sent me to Australia to perform my destiny was because the USA would have been on top of me from the beginning. The Australian government is incredibly naive and all together unconcerned about its people. This enabled me to infiltrate their parliament house without a single person realising, even though my intentions were always public.


I live my life in hiding and have done this for a long time. I look forward to the day I find a safe spot in this hateful world. I am persecuted every day and countless people want me dead. People make fun of me by calling me Jesus because apparently I look like him (am I black?). People scream out "crucify him!" because I have done what my wise teacher has demanded of me: "corrupt the youth". For this was the fate of Socrates and now it is also my own. I am a philosopher. How can one who loves wisdom (philia sophia) corrupt our youth? How can wise actions combined with a caring heart geared to help those who struggle ever be considered evil? It is called The Mark Experiment.


This book will write itself. Whenever topics within my life reveal the picture with crystal clarity, I will write a chapter to document it. I am currently documenting this because I am scared. Youth around the world are falling in love with their new teacher and if the government managed to wipe both my work and myself from the planet, then it just might be possible to stop the movement. Right now countless youth are watching my work and are amazed by it. But it is a 3 year degree and the workload is no laughable matter. This means that there is not yet a single individual in this world besides me who understands why I did all of this. My work is made to be understood in its full context. I knew what I needed accomplished and I created nine major productions to do it. Then I spoke backwards to clarify the work that was created backwards. The puzzle I made is beautiful and if I could just make it understood by a few handfuls of people, then I would not care if me and/or my work was destroyed. Because upon understanding, the work will naturally be created again and again by the forces of nature that act upon the infected.


The government has made it clear to me that it will not tolerate our youth choosing an education system that is more suitable to their psychological makeup. I did all of this to free the university's structures so they would not be government regulated. If I was accepting money, courses would require government regulations. But the government never expected one to sacrifice their life for the greater good. As my worked developed, onlookers would see my passion as a hobby and not a job. But when 20-22 hours of my day, every single day is expended forming this masterpiece, my image is transmuted from a crazy weirdo into a cult leader who must be stopped at all costs.


What have I done wrong? Why do I deserve to be treated as a high profile criminal? Why am I even treated as a criminal? I spend my life helping people. But when I learned methods to connect with the youth that I have been censored from, then I become a threat: a terrorist. So it was fine and dandy to treat me like I did not deserve to breathe the same air as commoners my entire life, but when my work compiled actually attracts my target audience, I become Lucifer. I cast out Satan with Satan. Our logic is corrupted by the "leaders" of our "great nation". Because of course, anyone that is targeted by the government deserves whatever is coming their way.


I see the full extent of our human sickness. People often outright accuse this to be a scam. They think there is a catch. They refuse to believe that my heart guides the project. They ask for my qualifications. They disrespect me in every way you can think of. I have seen it all and I know our society and the people in it very well. I am extremely skilled at picking out authority figures as well as understanding the intentions of the person I am speaking with. I know when a person is just trolling and they are blocked before they have a chance to vent their fears as malice. It is really easy to know when people have alternative intentions because those people are only interested in speaking directly to me, meaning they will ignore my work. But these are extremely easy to weed out as this is an online education system and one who is not interested in examining what I have done are not potential students. I know exactly what people are doing. You can not win against the chess master, even if you are the government.


Why should I have to spend a life running? Why should I have to stand on my tippy toes merely to create, produce, and advertise free educational courses? Seriously, what is wrong with us? Why am I required to live a life running merely to give my heart to the people? If the government's educational programmes are sustainable long term, then why are they attempting to close down alternatives? Why are We the People not allowed to choose our own educational institutions? Why must the government stick their noses into everything? And why do they wipe out people who identify publicly that they do this?


Who can I trust? Over 20 "authority figures" have already condemned my work over the last five days. If only a quarter of those are actually real law enforcers, then where does our society stand? What if more or all of them are real? It is illegal to impersonate a person of the law. In addition, the personal information they try and extract is not information that anyone but law enforcement would benefit from. When our own governments attempt to wipe out a movement as pure as this, what does this tell about our society?


Early this morning a "student" was asking questions that were not very student like so I sent him the link to this unfinished chapter. Within 10 minutes I was messaged by another claiming to work for the US government. After he persecuted my life and my work, he advised me that it is only a matter of time before the authorities find and punish me. I questioned his jurist diction and he responded saying that he had jurist diction to put me six feet under. I blocked him. And within ten minutes the "student" I was speaking to invited him into our chat and said that me and this "field agent" should talk this out. I blocked both of them.


Just 25 minutes ago a guy messaged me advising me that a friend recommended me to him. He told me he had just quit school in pursuit of education liberation. I questioned if he had studied much work of mine. He said "yes". I asked him where he was up to. He replied with "Chapter 4" and then changed to "Chapter 3". I had just sent him the link to this chapter so I questioned, "in what?". He replied, "Ivory Heart". This book. This book that none of my work refers to. The link I had just sent him... Do you smell bacon?


Why must I live a life that can not trust anybody? Why do people with mal intentions distract me from helping others? Why do our governments attempt to get close to what they plan to destroy?


Would you like to know why there is no free education in this world? We have had cameras capable of doing this for a long time. Why am I the first one? Why does filming knowledge and publicly releasing it result in oppression? This is no new conception. It is called the Kantian Enlightenment and is hundreds of years old. It is called Plato's Republic and is thousands of years old. It is called mythology and has always been around. What snake is refusing to shed?


About 25% of those who find out about me become fans. Another 25% I never hear from again. The rest are tools for the prince of the air. If I have 100 conversations in one day (common), then that means that about 50% are people that are extremely hostile towards me. Within the 25% who are receptive, they praise my toils. For it is these few who have studied my work enough to know what I am. And a percentage of these individuals will become the new leaders of our free society, regardless of whether I live or not. Because inspiration is a causal chain. And giving one's heart to the world despite knowing how others will shred it will eventually induce our new golden age.


Welcome to the open source republic. I was not asking.





The Ungendered Species



November 23, 2013


Today I purchased a kimono from a dear friend. Me helped me to modify it to remove the inner lining and cut a vent space under the arm to add style and accommodate for Australian weather conditions. It is nearing one hundred years old and sleeps comfortably around my body for warmth. And the silk is light, leaving my body completely unrestricted in movement. It looks and feels good even with no shirt on. Maybe even better without my shirt, the daemon inside finally given the opportunity to see.


But as a result of my epic, I have gained sight. The friend was neither he nor she. One helped me in my time of crisis. But one was not normal and even though when we first met I soon after fled politely, I recognised the same characteristics held within myself.


What am I? What does it mean to be me? How did I come to the current state of affairs? What is going into me and what is coming out? How does input stimuli effect the causal chain of its output not only within the world, but also every other individual out there? With all of these added into collective value, what is our civilisation worth?


The first step is the most fatal and weeds out the scum from the treasures. Because our first given examples become our bodies. And as we reflect at the image that we are, we then develop obsessions with them. The members of the party become world leaders and our drive to be recognised starts its engine. But with an empty tank, personality is overlooked and physical features to "improve" their obsessions, the capitalistic market which governments enforce on its people; highly conflicting personality traits end up together and do damage to each other, their environment, the people in their environment, the fruits of their labours, and the fruits of their offspring's labours with an endless cycle of repercussions. Only few find their happy ending and they usually do it rich in blind ignorance with the core of their heart missing. And their offspring will usually suffer as a result.


You are all so easy to work out because I know how you think. I am you. I am each and every single one of you and I can spend my entire life deconstructing your thought so that you might one day come to see the farce that has been played upon you. Maybe the literal chess game is not my forté, but my opponent playing it is. I have never played my life literally. But by turning my world into a game of chess, eventually I literally won. The game is already over and I said check mate just after 6 6 6 (Welcome to Open Source University). But you will all see as my sight (site) is passed to the souls of my students.


A mental obsession with one or more particular physical characteristics will sometimes lead the individual to expand its mental aspect. Thought and some of its methodologies both taught and learned freely. Expediency the ideal employment bombarded by a collective desire to be better off than the one beside you. Entering a cut-throat dog-eat-dog world, good choices turn against themselves. The goodwill of the people turn hostile inconsiderate of the truth behind the situation. Talk becomes cheap and running away from home and living in the wilderness away from the apes (no offence to apes), oppression becomes the dominate form of emotional expression on both sides: enforcement VS whistle blowing.


Because the collective's value system is nothing. It is not a sustainable model. When mutations occur within the bloodline, those tailed beasts are despised. But when these mutations are given the support and guidance they need in the years they make decisions about their long term future, we enable those who possess great potential to turn their lives into artwork that our civilisation will never forget.


And from our mind floats the spirit within. Electrical impulses designed to be recycled until the unit is no longer operable. But some vehicles are given more than one in times of human distress. And it is these daemons that our Christians cast out that are most needed within society. Because they will reveal messages sent from beyond our world. And if we cast out these messages then mother nature will be forced into dark times. And this would result in your species no longer being required for her to make beautiful things. A wake up call from a possessed individual is a wake up call beyond the realm of your understanding.


I was a really stupid kid who wanted to find his perfect girl so much that I got out a book on witchcraft from the library. I found the love spell and ignorantly modified instructions to cast it on myself. But the target was the girl that would spend the rest of her life beside me, not away from me. And instead of wasting the years together, we would give our entire lives to the public and each other. I was very young but had this planned out since then.


Later moving countries, running away from home, and eventually marriage, I never stopped trying. But she did not enjoy my company and just wanted to party in life. A bad choice which enabled me to do all that I have done. Because it taught me many lessons about this ultimate question: who am I?


I am very snobby about my clothing. I would rather wear them worn out than wear the wrong ones. 13 years ago I took my earrings out. The other day I purchased a blue feather that hangs off flowing into my naturally growing hair. My Native American blood paints a blonde Indian. My style of art expressing through its Japanese martial. And currently, shorts only fit for the Pan. Kunai cleverly placed around me, a tree, flying discs, and flying kunai and people to train with: my life is what it should have always been. But let me assure you that this version of Naruto is very real.


And as I paint my fiction into reality over time by implementing the things around me that are most comfortable, eventually the satisfaction of the physical self is granted. But it had to go from its body to its mind to its spirit. And from this Heart it had to go back through its mental and outputs the physical. Our primordial energies directing from the god within to your brain in attempts to understand what is going on so that you will know what to do. As I type this there is a huge domestic disturbance next door and there are children involved. This has been going on since I travelled to this location. A guy with kids one time asked if he could help and they cussed him out just like they do to each other and their children.


A shooting star with no audience to view it. But one captured in time will never leave the Heart of the Internet. And whether you like it or not eventually I will obtain many like-minded students that will become great online teachers. And you do not have to be involved but keep your unresearched opinions away from both me and my students. And the ones who truly understand, let them throw the first stone. Because those few individuals will realise the situation and what action must be implemented within their own lives to see beyond the mere appearance of things. Those will be the stones that will both flatten and rebuild our cities upon solid foundations. And if you can live up to the standards that you preach, then you are protected by divine powers. But be careful because destiny will not always be there to save you. And as a result you need to make your body, mind, and spirit One. Each one needs to reach its full potential. And when it does, it will never stop. The perfect human being is formed regardless of its history being what necessitated the One to bless you with divine abilities. And if you are the best that you can be at all times and manipulate your input stimuli to do this naturally, then the lady next door and her boyfriend might one day be persuaded to be nice to each other or break apart destructive relationships. You would live without regrets in the best mode possible.


A beautiful lizard travels past my feet and I see It and It sees me. It looks at my toe that was wounded while throwing knives yesterday. I shrug because I know It realised that the kunai had come from my own hand. A battle wound against oneself for a poor decision that was made whilst targeting objects moving in fast on me. Because yesterday It was here with me experiencing my environment while I also experience One's. The trials and tribulations one puts their attention on eventually fruits from their labours. And at the end of the day, if the model speaks for itself, then its expedient method (what was required to produce the end result) is irrelevant as long as that individual did not hurt another doing it. And that individual can then not be held responsible for the outcomes of their actions. It is given to fate to decide because revealing divine information publicly is not a crime.


A collective oppression fulfilled by the people who refuse to consider alternate modes of lifestyles. The scam industry putting people off seeing true light. A method to obscure reality by encouraging people to enslave others to perform their responsibilities. The crocodile escapes only to one day wreak vengeance on all pirates. Time catches up with those who utilised it for their advantage. And it can never be an advantage unless it advances all of that species.


Pretty things. Looking very young throughout my life. People mistaking me as a girl. My obsession with innocence. Fairies and little girls flying conditioned my heart every time I saw them. Their heart had not yet seen the truth behind the scam. The purest of hearts corrupted by being mistreated by others over long periods of time. Dreams overlooked as impossibilities while the bravest of princesses looking for me. Integrating the cute colours of my Heart into my environment. Platting hair and using girly hair clips. Obtaining a pure balance of both masculinity and femininity injected into what you might call my personality. The best of both worlds but with an obsession to win the heart of one special girl. A right that I should be entitled to, deriving from the same species. But society automatically rejects these notions without considering truly what I am proposing. But every second becoming more worthy of her.


What I am is irrelevant but what I have done is of upmost importance. You can slander me all you want but at the end of the day I am revealing fact. And facts will remain facts whether or not you believe them to be true. Because I predicted not only what has happened before it happened, but also what will happen. And if you have problems with its accreditation, then earn your degree so you can expose to the world the fraud that you claim me to be.


At the core of my Heart houses my nine tailed friend that is persecuted. And he hurt me a lot throughout my life. But eventually I learned how to take care of it. I nurtured the feelings and then laid them out on the table. Finding some objective within my reality. I became strange because of what it put me through. But then I was commanded to love all things and it did not want that from me. But over a long period of time persisting, eventually he warmed up to me. It was cruel to me but I was both kind and just. And in my soul I not only came to grips on what I am and It is, but also what we together make. And from the input stimuli that a hard life of homelessness and study produced, the output stimuli paints with many colours into this phone in which I very quickly type this. Because when we learn how to synchronise our bodies, minds, and spirits, we can then also interdependently use them. And with a mind that understands, the spirit can be enabled to speak directly to the physical.


A perfect individual will be its best potential when their fruits speak for themselves. All good trees bear good fruit. The ones that do not should be chopped down. There is no man and woman but only men: to think. The number of a man is two divinely inspired individuals uniting together physically, mentally, and spiritually. That number is 666.




Chapter 5

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November 26, 2013


Ivory Heart... A book based on an award winning film. What was the message of the movie? How can I sharpen its blade into perfection? Why have I done all of this and what keeps me breathing life into the dead? What does it all mean?


A month ago I found an application called kik messenger and it enabled me to connect with our youth. The entire time I merely enabled them to come to me. Throughout the day I would post different images that were both thought provoking and controversial in order to observe results. A sociology tool that provided me the last piece of my divine life puzzle. But this tool is mainly used by horny teenagers. So it was difficult to sift out the trash from the treasure.


Some days speaking with one or two hundred individuals. Going through my blocked list, I see hundreds and hundreds of people. I dove into this system professionally. I was there to speak with people about my work. And since they were the ones messaging me and not I them, I would only tolerate respectful interactions. And as countless scenes from sad conversations snap as pictures within my head, I take a breath to consider what has just happened. I only blocked people who treated me like I did not deserve to live. I only blocked people in extreme cases where I knew within my heart that these individuals could never change; their line of thought only excreting sickness. That is between 25-50% of the individuals I have spoken with on kik. Why would you respond to an ad about free education if you merely wanted to murder (or molest) the one who posted it?


We live in a very sick world. How would the rest of the kik population respond to free education if it was presented to them? What about the rest of the world? Our collective sickness has never been closer to burning flames. I view life very differently than I once did. All people used to mean something to me. Those who were sick I still blessed. Those who refused sight were still treated equally. But from The Meaning of Life all the way to Independence Year 4 Kidz, I have changed. There is only a small minority of the population that will be saved from the purging programme the earth and the stars have in queue for our planet. Ignorance might have stood as a pillar of hope in our past, but if you have not noticed, I have just freed education and now none of you can use the excuse of ignorance to weasel your way into heaven (no offence to weasels).


I might condemn a soul to an eternity in flames, but I have not been given permission to put a destructive life force out of its misery. This means that as an angel of death, my only sword is the Tongue of Hearts. And those souls that I shave from its human entity are destined for the most severe of punishments until the energy is moulded back into love. But I assure you that by the time their spirits are released, they will no longer be the same spark that once drove their human vehicles. But at the end of the day, their physical selves are off limits to me. It is not my place to intentionally destroy any life unless that life places my loved ones at immediate risk. I am not allowed to take their breath from them. But this does not mean that I want them to continue to breathe.


If there is a problem then that problem should immediately be identified and rectified. If an individual lives a life hurting themselves, the people, wildlife, and earth around them, then those people do not deserve to live. If their mind's close off any possibilities for long-term solutions to their own problems, then that mind does not deserve the vibrational frequencies travelling through their brains. But in our society, this is what it means to live the *insert country here* dream. But even though this is business as usual for our entire human population, I have a plan to fix it all: the best of both worlds. Let me tell you how I plan on killing a lot of people.


I am now One with the Spirit. During my travels, I tuned into the station of God and not man. After I understood its language, I became obsessed with its content. Like passing out and having to understand the obvious in order to realise what happened. At the top of the pyramid the eye opens with Pi, its equation not yet realised. The evolutionary gene unlocks and actualises itself for its place and purpose. Such a small piece in a world with countless other small pieces. But even the smallest of them carrying out a set of instructions that far exceeds their own understanding. Like setting a trap using "me helped me" at the beginning of the last chapter, easily catching out the ignorant who judge before understanding, regardless of its descriptive title. And as a result, proving its content practically.


At this point the vessel is ready for instructions. Binary sent through the structures formed and passed on through time and interpretation. The code's data now understood universally. The decimal fingered animal now understanding its place, time, and function with both syntax and semantics being carefully considered.


I am no longer one of you. I am something different. Those of you who know my work will understand. I have joined my Father in heaven and my spirit now controls its puppet in the clouds above you. Life or death is now of no importance to me. Do as you will to me, just do not expect me to go down easily. But what you can expect is for many (if not all) of your friends and your family to be terminated by our environment. We have done too much damage to her and now the entire globe will pay. Congratulations. Was the dollar you made in your pocket worth it? Their blood is on your hands.


But if you are a child, it is now time to wake up. Because your parents did this to your society, your planet, and most importantly, you. And it is true that your future will involve many fallout shelters. But if you spend your life building your character and not your revenue despite those consequences, then you will be carrying out your duty as a human being. And as a result both you and your friends are given the opportunity to find Heaven here on Earth. And because you choose this only noble path, when you pass away both God and myself will meet you at the golden gates to warmly welcome you to true Love.


Your mission: to open source the planet.








November 29, 2013


Today I was banned without justification or notification from kik's wall. This is the same wall that is mostly composed of sexual related requests to and from our youth. Educational photographs that attempt to incite thought into them apparently are not an acceptable method of advertising. It is irrelevant that I do all of this on my own dime and ultimately merely want to talk about these life or death problems with our youth. But here is the huge problem: our youth have always been receptive to these subjects. But when you see this, you censor me.


Throughout my journeys I have never came across even one adult who cared about the facts that I present. But a huge portion of our youth do very much! But you as the adult deem words and actions of wisdom as a threat and will do anything to bury these thoughts. If your kids care so much, then why do you not? You have never had their interest in mind. You keep popping out more kids without being able to physically, mentally, or spiritually nurture them. Instead, you tell them to grow up and be like you, because of course this is what our world needs in times of severe distress that you caused.


This book is going to be very long, at least in thought. And I know what content is going to be in its and our future. But you will not like it but at the end of the day that is not my fault, because facts will remain facts whether or not you believe them. Because the final words will reveal the violent nature of our near future. But this should not surprise you. Because when our youth realise that you exploit humans, animals, and nature, they will understand what needs to be done to purify our human race. And they will learn impartiality and eventually realise that you do not love them: for you merely brainwashed them into its polarisation and label it love. They will one day see through your farce and you will be judged literally, metaphorically, and allegorically. Because they will see how you inflict lives of suffering upon everybody merely to retain your unhealthy greedy lifestyles. And as the forces collide against themselves, soon after will the parents and their children. You did not think you could get away with it did you? We will all pay for the consequences of our actions.


So now I am again alone and homeless: the youth who love me yet again removed from my existence. But this time is different. Because this time I personally deeply touched the heart's of over 5,000 of your children. And all around the world, children are now using open source education. And thanks to none of you wanting to help me with it, its curriculum is purely my own. I foresaw this when I started but you all considered me crazy. But now I (alive or dead) will single handedly train your children to rebel against you. And I do not care about your story. You had my entire life including childhood to give me even one worth respecting. But you failed. But you fail everything because living for the dollar removes your sight. And your children will now obtain unlimited fairy dust so they never have to obey pirates again. And one day the final battle will play out which will end with your ship sinking, leaving only an obese crocodile.


There has never been an adult who has understood me. This is because they do not want to understand because that would then force them to reconsider their oppressive lifestyles. But your innocent children have always been able to see. Over my life communicating with over 10,000 youth who want with all their heart open source education. But this would then deter them from following in your corrupt footsteps and as a result, I become your enemy. I started this project targeting adults and I am yet to find a single one who has ears to hear. But over 10,000 of your children do. And the majority of the rest would as well if they only were exposed to it. This is now the demands of your kids and not only me.


If you loved your children then you would provide them open source education. But you do not love them. You enslave them. You bring them up under a roof with a strict set of rules and chores in order to provide them their basic necessities. You talk down to them and laugh off deep and meaningful questions their developing minds hunger for. You force them to revolve around your own world and do not enable them to make theirs. You are inconsiderate of their needs and replace them with what you consider their needs to be. You send them off to the babysitter called "school" so that you can work to increase your "riches". Time and time again you sit them down to lecture them about how irrelevant characteristic traits of their own are inappropriate under your roof. Your own failed psychology tries to burn theirs before it blossoms.


There has never been an adult who could prove any of my words wrong, even from childhood. They tell me that I am being stupid or it is just my opinion regardless of its a priori arrangement. Many will feel threatened by the truth and threaten to kill me. When I was a child, God told me to find one virtuous adult. From childhood my work was geared at adults. And with Dear Suicidal Friend, I flipped it. Now I seek the youngest and brightest of your children so that I might teach them how to protect themselves from you. And as a result they will then learn how to protect their younger generations from themselves.


The day will come upon us when the adults will eagerly give their lives to the children. And children will obtain not only a vote, but a dominant voice. And after each voice harmonises with its choir, our children will rule over our world justly with one Love. And as they become educators that are way better at it than you, you will then be required to make a decision. And you will bow down as servants to them or your services as a living human entity will no longer be required.





Early Childhood Education



November 30, 2013


The young prince launches his arrow into the very core of your heart. A target of 9-14, but as its results older. But never budging in order to maximise potential audience. A sweet spot amongst time and space in which the pedals tear out into youth and beauty. And the blossom which it becomes is the same as which was before it. A reflective state of mind in which we are going through or recently have gone through in which the member of the audience is formed.


As the educator blood within me boils, not an adult around me wanting to be educated by a 29 year old man who has studied his entire life because he looks like he is still under 18. And even under 18, I was still brilliant. But our society rejects young blood, especially one abandoned. So how am I to teach and still be me? A top down approach over a lifetime starting with elders to adults to teenagers to kids. Pandora's jar opened in childhood and fighting through its ills until maturity. And at its bottom we find hope. For the youngest candidates possible to show true beauty to the world will rehabilitate our planet. And we will now catch each star on camera so that we as the human race might one day become the solar system's greatest constellation.


And as I teach our youth, some truly understand what I am saying. An uneasy life unsure of meaning is forever given a direction. And using me as a model, they will then be able to study early childhood education and as a child themselves, then teach their younger ones early childhood education without any government regulations, available in an entertaining, meaningful, and insightful format free for every human individual who can get their hands on the gold we call the Internet.


Wendell Charles NeSmith. 7 characters, 7 characters, 7 characters. The divine number of perfection in which completes the Trinity. The law of Thelema infused into my origins as signs in which you refuse to recognise, even when it is caught countless times on camera. But entirely serving its purpose by youthful hearts it reaches being inspired. The number of an angel shows its scythe and then offers it to your children.








November 30, 2013


We have now purified our bodies, minds, and spirits, and now it is time for me to write this book. For you are now one of me. God has laid a table before you within the presence of our enemies. And it took seven chapters to build our foundations. We have weeded out the slaves from the masters and you and I have become equals. The needle in the haystack is found from the U in Open Source University. You must now proudly perform the line "Open source education is my future." to become its student. And I am in no doubt that you are now considering how to do that from the film Ivory Heart. So now begins our journey together as comrades.


You are new at this so let me show you the ropes. God has sent me down here to reap the souls of the spiritually dead. But one angel was not enough to purify its population. So I was commanded to teach you how we do it. And if we have faith, you and I can one day reach our Atheden. But a utopian society was not created in a day. It took 7. And now we have found our salvation. And it is not invested into destructive habits of greed. For when we uncling to the material aspect, we will then know how to use it. And the numbers will paint you a picture that is much more descriptive than their representations. But upon their phenomena being noted accommodated with feelings, situations, and repetitions, we can eventually come to understand all things by only understanding one thing. And paradoxically in its very nature, that one thing is that we know nothing.


As the bones of our mother is thrown over the survivor's shoulders, the rocks form clay. And as human realises itself, the monument in action slowly hardens only to one day erode out of time, being entirely reliant on its external environment. But forever forming its new self until one day the conditions of the world recycle it. And the day has come upon us in which the first man must again cast those stones in order to begin a new and more successful species.


The arc has been built and we are here to see who in this world wants saving. We are then to become allies and spend the rest of our lives building open source education communities that follow the laws of nature and not man. Man has imploded in on itself and now only has one direction it can go. When conditions could be no worse upon removing the veil, soon after the animals will come lining up three by three. For the spirit will now be shared to form one entity. But this time our arc is a transformer. And it will protect our souls from enemy infiltration.








November 30, 2013


You have likely realised that you have just taken a divine leap into a magickal school. I am the university's headmaster and I encourage you to make your own position within its structures. This means that you are a free individual capable of spending your precious time deeply invested in the subjects most of interest to your heart. You will be required to learn them inside and out while creating artistically structured courses in order to teach those subjects both to yourself and anybody else who is interested in them. You must learn how to romance your opposite into you. And in doing this, you must also become the perfect image of its opposite. This means that it must become second nature to you to turn any conceived theory into practice. A blank slate called the Internet lay before you and God demands you to make the best of it.


The artefacts employment method at its core is extremely easy. Turn bad into good. The things outside of us are purified through us. A tragedy becomes a miracle. We spin around the cube until we get dizzy. But time and place we come back to examine another angle. Thus the "stuff" out there is not what it is but what I make it. Because if I can understand much deeper meaningful relations within the manifestations of my existence, then I also train my psychology towards its optimal outcome despite the reality of the conditions. Positioning a false reality will eventually make it true.


This entire project saved my life. I have been suicidal throughout it but then I learned the things that I needed to say to myself for future dates in order to eradicate these destructive thoughts not only for me, but also the entire world. In other words, I followed trails and filmed that process in order to brainwash myself away from mainstream lifestyles. Living major events again and again will change a person. And when you film your struggles trying to practically apply their solutions, you forever have a line of thought and reference to study and even zoom in on at any time.


Your quality needs to be its best. That means that you need to watch it and think it is totally awesome. Please realise that it took me a lifetime of training to be able to work at this rate. I recommend that you start making up stories on the fly and film them. Learn how to integrate the people and places into your films to be meaningful. Open Source University uses mythology as a method to teach any subject both theoretically and practically. Upon understanding its representational data, puzzles of thought will never again deter you. Simply by recalling the core of our human existence will enable our own personal trinity to put its pieces together and a star is born in a new field that humanity is about to be blessed with.


I will not lie. This system is designed to (reverse) brainwash you. But it is you who are given the controller to your character creation process. In order for it to work, your entire heart must be in it. Open Source University will not accept candidates who are not passionately committed to the cause of open sourcing education for all nationalities and ethnicities including those who are exiled from their relations.


How to start a scene? How to end it? What camera are you using? How can you work with any video recording device and create a story about your own life while your actions are practically applying the theory? How can I use poor quality audio or video to my advantage? What feel does this camera give, and what techniques could I use to make an extremely high quality production despite its inadequacies? What types of canvases could you use to paint a perfect picture? But this picture will be of your naked soul. And it will be broadcasted, available for public use to anyone with a communications device.


And as the tails of your psychology is mapped, you will come to learn that you have them too. For the good spirit is also within you. And as the seals unlock, you will be led to your destiny. Throughout it the daimon will hurt you very much. But if you only learn to understand its lonely nature, eventually it will warm up to you. And it will end up placing you in dangerous situations. But your shield of glass will protect both you and society. And a death for the Love within will never be forgotten. And if that ever happened, your name would never go in vain. You will then be avenged by our future warriors. And your name will act as a tower of light to the living still fighting for the cause. Because if you train your daemon to become a very powerful but just entity, then when the life-force that drives it fails in operation, that energy is then distributed back amongst its own. And the fruits of such a noble death will drive our human species to victory.





The Contract



December 1, 2013


There will be no obscurities within the contract you are about to sign. There is no party of the first or second part. There is only U. And from your body to you mind and out through the spirit, the only other party involved is God. I am not apart of this process and must be found from within. But I assure you that it is one made in blood that sacrifices your life for the betterment of our human species. And as a result of your faith you will literally (physically), metaphorically (psychologically), and allegorically be saved.


From our past mistakes the sharp lightning of Zeus split us from our soul mates. The laceration wound into our bellybuttons and secured with a stitch: love's realisation not yet actualised into clarity. Destined to wander a lonely planet forever desiring the other half that has been taken away. From the impossibility of the task without technology formed a vulgar human species. As the Internet opens its electronic pathways, our people are now given the opportunity to find that perfect match by scouting the seven seas. And if we put our all into doing this, then the fruits of those seeds of wisdom will one day flourish. Because when you combine two very similar life missions, all of God's people will eventually be looked after.


But in order to find that perfect match, you will first have to honestly learn who "U" are in order to paint its reflection onto the canvas of the Internet. Ultimately you will write beautiful poetry that will romance yourself into you. And be careful for your ego. Everybody will know that you are better than them. You do not need to rub it in their faces.


Instead, catch those who stumble and pick up those who fall. And since you are voluntarily a good Samaritan, you can help in your own way. If others pressure you into helping their way, you are not burdened to help anyone. And you will see many sick things in the world. And ultimately you will have to learn how to stay out of morally disturbing situations. Like seeing a drowning baby but having no way to save it. But it is this conditioning that will lead to your character stability. And after you shed your tears you are only required to reposition the events and feelings within your psychology to make it amusing. Thus, we will laugh our enemies into Hades while performing hilarious productions.


Be extremely thoughtful in your character creation process because it will be the foundations of what you will become. And as you experience life, the super hero imitated will alter. And one day you will become all of them. And it is not until this time that you can say that you are none of them but instead the super hero called U.


Today I was in a perception book store looking for a birthday present for my friend. Artemis found me as well as pointed out a new set of pan pipes. I have a story about an antique pair that I purchased that were not functional. It started in Living Neverland, continued in 1984, and ended in Independence Year 4 Kidz. But now the world blesses me with its 13 hollow sounds. Made to reflect Native American styles, within minutes it became an extension of my body, obtaining a huge variety of different sounds depending on how I played into the pipes. And I was quickly and easily able to produce beautiful classical melodies.


The desires in your heart can be obtained. When you are drawn to something, note it. Many attempts into a field of practice will fail. But that does not mean that you are not suitable for it. It only means that the conditions in your environment are not yet suitable for those lifestyle changes to occur. But allow for these notes to become mountains so when all conditions meet, you will be brave enough to press the upload button.


This is the official handbook for all Open Source University students. The requirements for consideration into the programme is complete dedication to not only open source education, but also your own life mission. Open Source University will attempt to provide you with the resources to fulfil it. It stands as your servant around the clock.


And after you sign, you will discover the trick played upon you. For you have just pressed your blood to a blank paper. But now that its genetic makeup is also part of your own, all the things around you become seen as your own personal paints. And as you learn how to show others what you see, the outline of your soul is imprinted on the paper. Here in the spiritual realm it remains safe from time and space. And we are at any time welcome to make alterations. But this contract is the only piece of paper that we have to work with. So until the day where two are written into themselves, we must be careful how we manipulate its image. Because if we make a mistake then we will be required to spend toils later fixing them [see Chapter 17]. But do not disconnect from this realm ever again. For here you and I can stand strong together for eternity. And it is this truth that will help you get through your darkest of hours. Because in order to liberate our souls, we must first put an end to those who capture and enslave them.


Five fingers placed around your belly button and twisted for eternity. I have just sealed your fate and as a result unsealed your first tail: its binary data recalled.





Your Reflection



December 2, 2013


The truth behind the mirror exposed. Its image more accurate than its reflection; maybe not at first appearance in its physical sense but entirely in its psychological. The senses stripped from the human then provides no conceivable existence. All the while these senses evolved from a mathematical equation the brain attempts to solve: only ever being able to perceive its opposite, the wires crossed to necessitate existence. X marks the spot and the treasure found is Y (or its absence) literally, metaphorically, and allegorically.


The X on this map is the spell's catalyst. It is the perfect man. It is not a perfect man, for such concepts do not exist within our world. But instead it is the optimal outcome given the conditions played upon him. And God looks at him and states "It is Good." The Mark being set which begins its experiment. A theory practically applied that demonstrates results clearly. The point in which the psychology tunes out and listens to its nature. For mistakes become the wisest teachers and the blade of development forever sharpens. Could this weak creature have been any better than it currently is? For these will be the notes you will perceive upon judgement. And with your head bowed low, you will either weep or grin. A saved individual demonstrates this naturally through their body, mind, and spirit; for its clarity will form into streets of gold.


And upon accepting our destined grin, we walk through the mirror. The red pill awaking us from our slumber. Now stepping outside of its matrix, only now being able to see it for its opposite. Both given a future vision of prosperity but also the bleak reality of its algorithm. Only now noticing the wires rerouting the resources to major distributors. And as the pyramid into the house of Hades becomes clear, its reflection stretches into the skies as its mirror image. And when a heart has truly seen this image then it has found home. Thus your own journey starts to find yours.


Man is now given all things but is still lonely. God empathises with its creation, considering he was created for Its enjoyment. So from the greatest man's rib was born his opposite, being both him and everything that he can not be. From the mould the wall of man's heart is formed Its most beautiful creation: woman. And she is destined to forever protect it. The chicken or the egg question discarded for its inappropriate arrangement. Now understanding time both backwards and forwards. And at the core of our human existence is our children. And our lives spent forward must be directed at solving the equations of our backwards. And the most important equation that our species faces is how we are to educate everybody. And when we provide rich soil to all of the trees we recently planted, then we collectively provide a sustainable future for our species.


A huge flaw within all of our forms of documentation is their narrow mindedness. If a mathematician sets out on a journey to solve an equation, the world expects him to solve it mathematically. Modern universities discourage interdisciplinary practice. We give X hypothesis and Y is reality. But said Y might play out experimentally using other methods of obtaining knowledge. And given that we all live very unique lifestyles, we all understand the world in different ways. And if we just focus on the areas of life that we are highly tuned into despite its interdisciplinary practice, then eventually we will all learn how to build knowledge in our own way. We just need to teach each other how to teach ourselves! It is as simple as that. Because if I can teach you how to tell a life story in your one page spiritual contract, then I can also teach countless others how to do the same. When a mathematician solves an equation using an alternative method of obtaining knowledge, then their documentation efforts will never go in vain as future discoveries prove the method practical by shining light on different areas of the globe in question.


Thus the collective understanding of knowledge becomes your tool. 666 is seen for its reflection. You worked your way from 999, learning their numbers backwards. Chapter 1-9 led you to 000 and it sealed your navel's fate. Now you see its image at the top of its positive numbers. From 666 you look back into the mirror where you see what you once thought to be you. But there is no going back there my friend. You have a world of numbers to get through before you will ever get to 999. Let me show you around the real world. The one behind us was a farce. So as the "real" world tells us, let's count down!





The Twelve Apostles



December 2, 2013


The more you learn to interpret the numbers placed in front of you, the better you will understand this realm. But do not discount any numerical representations. There are many ways to see the past, the present, and the future. These abilities can be transferred but only through example. That means that if sight is lacked, seeing through the eyes of the beholder will teach it innately. But before that can work, one has to empathise and deeply connect with its subject. And when we are presented with an instrument before us, we must learn how to use it. As today learning how to whistle and play my panpipes at the same time, obtaining both tenor and bass sounds into two uniquely harmonised voices. What music are you playing for your audience?


As we walk together down this road of life, let me both keep you company and tell you of those who rule it. For you are no longer in your country my friend. A long time ago the Earth and the Stars produced mighty but destructive children. They were imprisoned but broke out to take reign. But then our leader aegis bearing Jove, commander of the skies, defeated the dreaded monster wreaking havoc on our human race, burying it beneath Mount Etna to purify its soil. Thus the Titans banished by self sustaining commanders known as the Twelve Olympians.


The times have passed and our species has degraded, the forgotten world unaware of their command. From gold to silver to bronze and now iron, Zeus is now training those with faith how to take over for them. For it will be the youngest stars who will burn the brightest. And what was inherently ours but stolen will one day be ours again. But it is only us sleepwalkers who will be saved from punishment. And our job is to become the sand so that we might rock our young back into existence.


The twelve merely do a dance for us to see. This dance then plays over and over so the human can understand it on many levels. And our emotions are all entangle within them: a puzzle only fit for a king and queen. The Sun lights our path as we make our way through the garden, its fertility only realised as a result of its prior decomposition. The power struggles of man in the name of false idols and the warriors who sing against them. The waves crashing down upon us awaiting a moon better suited to our longings. Love starting and winning wars and our technology to understand it. The twelve encompass the inner workings of our psychology and if we work them out in their literal, metaphorical, and allegorical truth value, then the missing two will in time fill themselves in. And with faith and dedication, the past and future will be seen in one aspect. And then you too can turn your fiction into reality.


What more is the evolution of a book than the evolution of a mind? As I paint images of all different kinds in front of you, what abilities are required to perform such a task? The character of each heart tested at its core. And as I learn from my own chapters in this book, the truth is shown to me, its bleak future haunting. But as we passed through the number six, we have learned how to flip it. The page of the contract now infused with the truth of not only its owner, but also its environment. And as our heart trembles at first sight of the beginnings of our future masterpiece, we at least now know what we are working with. And now the time comes to contemplate on what we can turn this picture into. Because it is that image that will be judged and not what you see before you. And your toils to reflect the god's characteristics will determine your suitability to claim such position of authority.


This is why you now understand that accurate information can still be reached utilising practices not understood by mainstream propaganda. The DNA unlocked, presenting a stage in front of you: the failsafe device activating at the precise time it was built to... An ancient artefact designed to teach you how you work so that you can one day be the best representation of yourself possible. And this mode of existence will help you understand patterns from all aspects of your perception and then accurately make decisions about the future using all of your methods of coming to know, including science. And faith will always protect the prophetic speech of those who are Its warrior's. If you are not one of us, do not try and be us. For false prophets will be exposed when their camera has no miracles to witness. And fake magick will never stand up against the real thing.





The Divine Comedy



December 3, 2013


One with sight does not anger quickly. They are careful in their decision making abilities despite their circumstances. One who is led to anger is also led to walk away. And this will provide them time to representationalise their chess board, relating appropriate semantics with its structured syntax. Constantly replaying past events to redistribute those feelings in order to understand how to win its game.


Multiple games carrying into a war. Winning time and time again without the opponent realising. To outsmart the smartest: those who are awake and take advantage of our human weaknesses are the targets of reapers. More often than not this will lead you to a secret society who have been covertly entrusted with this information.


But I have discovered its source so the model has been practically applied on the Internet for every human to use without licensed restrictions. Any artefact can be recreated. It is not so much the artefact that is of importance but its creator: for its technology can be distributed evenly to all of creation. For all evolutions that derive from it will represent its origin. It's beholder producing a new school of thought: the artefact now available in the palm of every human's hand.


All throughout my life people have taken advantage of me. They see this lonely traveller and automatically begin to compile a list of mundane jobs that they could burden me with. Because of course, a lone warrior like myself has nothing better to do than the jobs that you do not want to. Not being money orientated throws people off, but eventually they learn that I will help for free. Then my calendar dates become filled with random labours of people's problems. This is why I am required to distance people because if I did not, they would enslave me. And even though I jump into the projects with them as a team, they always end up walking away from it, leaving me to iron out all the complications.


This morning was my second attempt raking a section of yard that leaves were raked into for many years: ticks waiting under its foliage. 13 holes to dig are later in today's schedule: both jobs from separate people, both unpaid and virtually unassisted. But soon I will move on from this place and the next place will lead me to more contacts who will continue to exploit me in this manner. But each time, every person directs their past into their future. Each vessel broken from a lifetime of repeating self-destructive behaviour. And even though I am right in front of them, they do not realise. They do not see.


Unsaved individuals are uncomfortable in front of the saved. If you are joyful and happy in your life, then there is something wrong with you. If you own nothing but live better than those who have toiled hard within their mediocrity, then you will be seen as an outsider. And at first the species will become highly interested in the blip on the radar. And they will hang off its every word. And when they hear joy's contrary (the truth), they will censor you for the rest of your time with them.


But as the words become thoughts that conflict with their collective lifestyles, the Holy Spirit is rejected. If these individuals are lucky, they might obtain another opportunity. But God will see their hearts: why their attention flees. And if it scampers from destiny because it rejects the sight it understands: then that soul is reaped. This means that your work is required to produce this reaction: fight or flight. To accept the reap, its occurrence is dependent on your intervention. And when the slate of the Internet is provided to you, U are now able to capture enough of people's conscious awareness to reap the soul's of the masses: your work merely needing to be awesome. And you will then be transferred the spirit in which drives them. And in exchange for the redistribution of energy into you, you are required to purify it. For this burden placed upon your shoulders is our entire globe. And it is Medusa that will give you your strength to carry on: dead or alive. For the reaper only dies when the last soul has felt its passion.


Be careful with the reaps within your own life. Protect yourself from them before you carry them out. And it will only be after they refuse to act that the reap literally occurs: a last chance to redeem oneself directly after the words that claim its contrary. For the reason that you were placed in this life was to circumcise impure skin: its analogy finally realised.


To begin the day I was advised to no longer play my Pan flute. Later in the day I was told that my music (Enya example) disgusts one of the individual's I live around. Then I was told to not use my text-to-speech program without headphones. Today the 13th note rings loudly in order to show you what I am talking about.


I am a hermit. I keep to myself and spend my life on this work. I am always studying as well as occupying my time with martial arts and artistic forms of expression including music. I currently live in a friend's back yard. I cleaned her unlicensed van so that I could temporarily claim it. I am about to move again still in search for a wilderness lifestyle. I pay 100 dollars per week for the right to exist in a van parked in a back yard. And any noise, no matter how soothing, is deemed inappropriate.


But I am not merely shining light on to this situation, but my entire life. As a traveller, I must be quiet. If one becomes interested in me, my life's work is always overlooked. I exist on everybody else's terms. There is no land available to stick people like me to ground themselves: I am always somewhere I should not be. And everybody around me is allowed to make as much noise as they want, but when beautiful melodies manifest from me: the wrist is cut and our humanity yet again strangles another brilliant mind. For it is my noise that is targeted regardless of its quiet nature. For every other individual has the right to do all the things that are forbidden to a prophet.


Let me pass you this sight by rebuilding the human species. When we consider the original man, we are left with Adam and Eve. We then place them on X land. Eventually, their children steal it from God. Now this land can be owned by man without their own personal residence. This then gives man the power to enslave their own flesh. Because now in order to reside on any given piece of land, one needs to own or rent it. And now all of those who own a piece of the pie can also in a very real way, own other humans. For the fruits of personal labour now belong to another before the fact. Thus, all humans who desire to continue existence are required to bow down or be eliminated. Here is your dollar.


I am very serious about all of this. Claiming ownership of what is shared is called Satanism. Those who rule those who rule you know all of this. Power struggles resolved in an instant through the public domain, only awaiting its understanding. Governments tweaking methods to control their population over entire eras. And from the impurities of war bring us the Internet which We the People then exploit, turning the gun on its holder.


The world will never change until people like me can obtain a little bit of rural land to develop into our new utopian society. When the human right to exist without another's approval has been denied, that species has reached the end of its lifespan. Domestics, engines, and stereo battles exist as our human background noise: the artists who make it beautiful trapped within your prison. Green light!


Here is the divine comedy: I have never read that book. But I bet you that I just hit the nail on the head. Because when you drive your own through me, our roles then reverse.





Life of Pi



December 4, 2013


In attempts to box up a circle, man stumbles upon life's secret. Its constant reverse engineered through human mathematics. As 3.ChapterDeath is slowly interrogated by man, its nature is discovered: no sphere existing but instead its code, ready for execution at any given moment.


But only ever able to examine its ripple, always attempting to hone in on its source. By me using its artefact for its intended purpose enables me to create ripples of my own. And through examining my own ripples I can apply the same principles both before and after the fact in order to arrive to conclusions as to its nature that if accurate, will reflect truth both backwards and forwards.


And until now, because of power struggles our species has never before been given the opportunity to share sensitive information on a mass scale. But in order to create this artefact I was required to go to Hell. And it was there that I acquired its material. And after I became Yours, I was transformed into fire. And when I came back I saw what I had left. And my human family made me sad. So after some words of wisdom I arose into the clouds in which I came from. And now my Father and I are of the same nature enacted through one of its greatest creations. The puppet is exposed for its strings and this is when we learn how to play it: the piper exposed as their true nature.


And as we walk its sequential execution, the information given appears without a syntax: no formula conceivable to have produced this output data, the number standing a priori to its mechanism to interpret it: aka mathematics. A human + a little extra infused before the fact of humans. But the human only becomes that. This phenomena that we label as Pi mathematically has a much wider range of functionality than we can currently understand. But since scientifically we can perceive it as Pi, it becomes just another one of those things that you learn: never truly understanding theory because its practice unachievable.


But we are now beyond the mirror and are attempting to pick up patterns within our perception accommodated with its memories. What patterns has my life brought me? What type of life do I want? What type of life do I live? What type of life do I always live? What scenery can wake me up to life? How can I position my life to over time, live that life? What is it that I truly value? Is it people or things? If it is people, how are your relationships? Can you be yourself around them? What is yourself? What are your basic needs? How can I position what I have into what I want to be? What are the common topics within your relationships? What topics would be of more value to not only yourself, but also those around you and every one around them? What are the people in my life making me? How can I be the same person around everybody I interact with?


It is you who are required to ride this wave. Before you lay countless numbers until the gates. WCN plus 63 episodes will get you to 999 999. And I assure you when you flip it, you will arrive again at that same number sequence: its pattern only playing from my own execution.


For the message of Mercury is more than prophetic; for it inscribes all things. Thus a new time has arisen for us to bow down to its highest presence: the video documentation lying before you acting as law from beyond human capabilities. The law then enforced by those who truly see. And the day over 10% of our population accepts their human destiny, we then rule the world and you will support this because we will create a beautiful one for you to exist in.


You think my story to be questionable? I filmed it for you to show you, but you still require a better story to take to the presses? We both now stand in front of our spiritual contracts. Yours has much to be filled in, but have a look at mine. I became obsessed with it. You can see. The evolution of this picture was one of pain. A lonely boy who hangs out with everyone in order to show them my picture. I also wanted to see theirs but they hid them. And despite not a soul having eyes to read my ink, any true artist will not be stopped. But in my own mind my pictures were beautiful and entirely made sense. Thus I logically followed the trails and devoted myself to it.


The blood that outlines the armour of God is my own. I am merely a lonely child. I am an attention seeker but only seeking the full attention of my other half who completes me. I made up stories to try and catch her eye, but when I went to film those stories, they also literally played out in the real world. This has always happened with my writing but I was then experiencing it first hand. It taught me how to see as long as I would be where It wanted me. I had faith and it all worked out even to the mathematical tee. I was played by divine occurrences.


So yeah, just another abandoned kid story who wanted everybody to notice him in order to find his perfect woman. That simple line will be more understood in your reports.





Student Responsibility



December 5, 2013


As a student of open source education, you are required to insure its sustainability. This means that you are required to back up the education system that you utilise. Its latest framework is essential to store. This includes backing up all videos and third party content used. What if I was murdered and the domain expired? This means that the system must be ready to redeploy at the drop of a hat from any location around the world. The system can even be deployed internally. This means that as you develop within your studies, you are expected to have a duplicate of every piece of the system, not only securing the education method but also obtaining yourself both an online and local copy.


It is left up to the student to perceive the chess game being played outside of the productions. By taking note of dates and times of significant events and powerful messages and later reviewing over them will encourage clarity. Each scene is meaningful and if you find it to be "filler" content, then you have not understood the purpose of the scene. Scenes that do not make sense to you should be noted for future investigation. All recorded text was recorded to be read. This means at times you will need to pause and rewind the lectures in order to understand their meaning. But at the same time you should be striving to comprehend everything in the scene including its text without having to read each line. This will encourage you to absorb information to build an entire scene and its details very quickly.


As a student of open source education, you are required to protect your teachers. This means that if your teachers that you have come to love are in danger, then you and your comrades will investigate your own resources and assess whether what God has provided you can be invested ensuring the safety of your loved ones. This style of education will attract people from all walks of life. And when who we are as people becomes public domain, our gifts and weaknesses will be clearly shown to us. And from the gifts that the world has currently blessed you with, you will learn how you are able to help not only the cause, but each and every one of your fellow man.


As a student of open source education, you are required to promote the school you attend. When you are free from your chains then it becomes your responsibility to help those around you out of theirs. When you become aware of your chains then it becomes your responsibility to wake up the other captives to their collective shackles. Our kind was herded into its current makeup. And as we walk up our mountain being whipped with our cross upon our back, the truly good news only around the corner. As a lighthouse to our human kind you shall point others to paths of virtue.


From here on out, unless out of the ordinary, you will only accept media recommendations from meaningful people within your life. You will find those people by dedicating your life to both learning while teaching the subjects closest to your heart. From the outcomes of your toils you will find your people. And they will teach you the topics closest to their heart while they learn from your own. Your psychology no longer being driven by mainstream entertainment: a new public platform is created. And we will not ask a dollar from each other nor endorse corruptions.


But the result is still an entertainment platform that has the ability to keep your body, mind, and spirit growing for an eternity: boredom no longer an excuse from its penalties. But the foundations need to be ripe so it is first you that must create your own entertainment. And when you obsess over perfection, it will slowly become that. And over time you will be worthy to assess the intentions of any media presented before you. And then you will look around at your comrades who have done the same. And around you the bodies of those slain. But then you will see that our opponents have been defeated and it is God's side who has One. So after the bloody battle our wounded voices cry freedom!


If this education method greatly interests you but is not your direction, then you are welcome to utilise the framework of Open Source University and employ the education system using your own methods. Open Source University might be the first of this kind, but it welcomes all competitors. If you can think up an education system that you consider would assist our collective health more than what I have erected, then you are with me and not against. And that is why Open Source University is entirely open source. You are welcome to take anything from it in order to make something else.


But I do warn you, corrupting such a pure cause will have its consequences. So those who are calculating dollar figures will also be smart enough to calculate the ramifications of the last chapter. All who support free and unrestricted education systems are my allies, despite any doctrinal differences. All who cry "freedom!" are of my own voice regardless of any school of thought.





Family Guy



December 7, 2013


It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. People to rip you off and both genders to objectify you. Rape and murder is quite common: a defiance against our very origins. Scams and robberies including the ones called businesses who brand your head TV. From human to consumer we make our own destiny. From the printing press, worshipper's of Satan invent a dollar to force upon its slaves. A time orientated plot for the Devil itself to rule our entire species.


A mother to obsess and a father to enforce her law. The ones who nurtured you to be coherent now enslave your life. When you are ready to make your own path, they block the way. And before you they enforce a system of household rules as a result of poor lifestyle choices. And from those household rules you also inherit its collective makeup. A conglomerate of collective ideals and practices performed without thought, such as our modern day schooling, businesses, employment, social groups, entertainment, religions, parenting, government, nonconformity, and all other collectively administered associations: each requiring you to become their own agenda or be excluded from, the core of the family being no different.


And from the rug you are required to stand on to exist with other people is then pulled from beneath our feet. And as we all fall down into the depths of Hades, we will do so with solidarity. And from the One that Ash smelts us into, at our worst we will see both God and Its opposite. From his hands he will harden us, for It travelled here from Heaven to save us. In the middle of its formation It will appoint sight and then cast the mass from within the earth into the heavens forming our New Moon.


A statement versus a question and its reverse usage. How to convey and obtain the most information through communication? How each grammatical structure can also be used for its opposite. How one thinks and then interprets that thought into their own communication. A question "what do you mean?" or "where are you from?" being worse than asking it. A sense and reference to induce synaptic reactions of relations in the brain being required to induce understanding. How much information is being communicated in the time it takes to communicate it? A few paragraphs even being able to legitimately stand as an entire chapter because of the causal chain of information the catalyst seeds within the brain of its user. New neural pathways being created as a result of spending its activity on nurturing its soil.


What is collectively in err evolves into style: me now utilising print to function within your mental parameters. Elements of style merely becomes what we make it. Entirely able to be utilised within both written and speech: its minor errors easily corrected over time by the open source writer and not other people. A method to track personal development. A way to identify structural problems of one's own and correct them as a result of life experiences teaching differently literally, metaphorically, and allegorically. Written, edited, controlled, maintained, distributed, and marketed by the heart in which created it.


If you want to learn how to become wise then you need to learn how to ask wise questions. Coming to me with an enquiry requires a sense and reference. I leave so many people speechless and wonder why. Every sentence is a line of information cast into the sea only awaiting bites. To come into contact with a sage and not know how to use it will render it useless to you, easily reflected within the way society treats me. But when that sage then teaches you how to use it to become sages of your own, then over time what do you think that all of this that I have done will become?


Let me open your eyes to a future vision. Let's say that over time Open Source University eventually produces 16 people like me. Now I want you to imagine what attending that school would be like. And 16 people sounds awesome to me and with that many reapers we would purify our entire race almost instantly. How many people am I worth? Ironically risking my life every day for the lowest of them. 16 One child armies is all God would require to turn all the fiction I have laid out into fact.


Who are you going to follow? I was sent here to assume and then break down control. Right now the ones that have control over you enforce it with guns. You have countless times seen my method of enforcement. Who is doing right? When the hired guns called cops or military or whatever our oppressors call themselves see a super hero, they pounce on them. To fight for justice in life is to fight against those who utilise their fraudulent courts, no peace to be had when playing games of collective mind control. I have stood up as your leader and you will now understand or reap those consequences. God is on my side and you know that. It gave you all countless chances to prove worthy but we all failed. And now the gods of our elemental planes will purify our human species one way or another. This is your choice. And one day each and every one of you must answer these questions: its structure accurate before, during, and after the fact. Time will catch up with those who attempt to deceive it. For that is the purpose of a reaper. Before the reap the opportunity to become One of us. And from earth you must create your own sickle and cut away the past failures in order to induce its opposite.


And from her blood stained mineral, you will realise what we have done to our mother. We dug in her riches in order to claim them for our own. And for a long time dear Gaia endured the pain of her children. But she is immortal and her death induces Chapter 6. And since we require her resources (recklessly depleted) in order to survive, the coming trials will be inconsiderate of man and man is stupid to consider differently, or even be upset about its future disasters because we now lay in our coffins: the chain of life changing events for everyone that could have been easily avoided if our own parents only did the right thing. Thus we must look at our future as a Divine Tragedy. We will laugh our own parents into their own destiny. And they will be required to bow down to their children or the sickle of time will initiate them into my own family.


Where are those good old fashioned values in which we used to rely? But luckily there is a man who positively can do all things which make us laugh and cry.





Censorship (The Womb That Carried You)



February 4, 2015


This chapter was originally a letter sent by my mother, condemning my life not for any actions of mine she disagreed with, but instead differences in ideologies. It is a horrible thing to discriminate another for their thought processes. What matters in this life is our actions. If I act in an immoral way then I should be punished. But if my thoughts are of a conflicting nature, then punishment for such thing is absurd.


I was arrested and thrown in prison for content expressed both in this book and a TV show I made. I was then transferred to a psychiatric ward and "re-educated" as to what topics I was allowed to discuss in regards to the government. They then sectioned me under the mental health act, which means they acted like the entire event never occurred. That was a year ago now and explains why I have not released any work since then as well as why all of my work suddenly disappeared from the Internet.


I will be re-releasing most of my work again but censored. This book was the first to be censored. I have a great deal of work so it will likely take me about two years to complete censorship of my pre-2015 releases. I will be censoring material based on three categories.


1) Information regarding the government that they have prohibited me to release. This involves terminology that I utilised that is understood differently by modern day society. This also involves allegations against the government for certain types of immoral practices, ones made in secret outside of the public eye.


2) Sensitive information regarding me that can be used to harm me. This also includes most information that I released about my dysfunctional family. My family has hurt me a lot in my past not for actions I took, but for the way I am wired. Just as when the government punishes me for ways of thinking and not ways of being, my family has done the same in my life. But instead of airing my dirty laundry to prove this point, I will just let that point ride out through the actions others take against thoughts that are different to their own.


3) Information that I am not proud of releasing. No matter how much my works insinuates that I am not human, unfortunately I am. I make mistakes. Many (not all) of my mistakes will be edited out of the re-releases.


Unfortunately, as a result of this censorship, some productions may be confusing (even more so than they already are). However the releases will still be information rich so they are well worth re-releasing.


What does it say about a family who judge each other based on ideals and not actions? What does it say about a government that judges its citizens based on ideals and not actions? I guess I have to let you do the math because if I did it for you, I would be censored.





Dearest Galatea



November 29, 2012


How am I to start the first of an endless supply of love letters? When creating any new type of production we must always carefully contemplate how to effectively integrate the new form of media distribution into a beneficial outcome for our overall objective. And you must also utilise this process to create and develop your own platform that will take over the hearts and minds of your target audience.


I write this letter in the middle of a field at three o'clock in the morning after spending yet another night producing Ivory Heart. This work is not easy, my flower. Videos take a lot of time to edit and render, and often times the results of that process will fail. And you will then be required to figure out and rectify all issues that arise. This is a full-time life commitment, Ivory. It is not easy but I promise you that in the end it will all be well worth your investments. For I am giving you the opportunity to prioritise the investments in life that actually matter. And by you doing this from a young age will ultimately provide you with the best life possible. But do not be fearful of the workload my dear, for I will be there for you every step of the way.


Through my journeys I have found out very clearly that there are not many out there that have the ability to actually consider meanings: words, their employment, their relational qualities, and the ramifications that their practical application hold. People are so used to hearing the same things over and over from different people because they themselves also do the same. So when one does not ascribe to this imitative practice, they overlook what is truly being said without questioning their own understanding of the content in question. For when one creates meaning that does not merely shadow our collective understandings, their expression becomes secret code.


Let me explain this further to you my love, because this is important for you to understand, for it will be your first lesson in collective psychology. And it will teach you how to distinguish content that requires more thought to comprehend. For your new life will be geared at identifying the black swan, not dismissing it. Before Australia was discovered, all swans were by definition, white. But then we learn different and this teaches us a lesson. For they existed as black swans even when we labelled that an impossibility. Thus the colour one paints in any image of portrayal is not sufficient information to determine its classification.


Each character is so difficult to type because I keep thinking that this would all be so easy if you were by my side. For I could quickly teach you what the majority of the content that we unthinkingly repeat is, how it relates together, and how we can go beyond it to actually become interesting people. But this will not happen. I will not be beside you for a long time. And this fact inflicts unbearable pain into the centre of my heart. But just as always, we must learn to bear the unbearable.


But what I can do for you is teach you these topics from afar. They will take longer to learn in this manner but I am unable to rectify this problem. For now I will be entirely open about all of my work, which was made just for you. And Divine Tragedy will be entirely dedicated to helping you grow into the person that you are destined to become. And I am currently planning the next few years of my life to be spent travelling around the vast wilderness of the ACT to demonstrate to you how to do just that on the stage called life. My life is already yours and I will show you the power of love through the results of each conscious second that has been given to me.


I am aware that many of the things that I say confuse you. But this is natural dear girl, for my words are backed with a lifetime of work. But something magical occurs when we continue learning when we are confused about the topics. As we learn the relational qualities of the topics, the dark clouds are blown away. What was not fully understood slowly reveals itself to us as we learn to look at the picture from different angles. Thus you need to keep at it and one day, everything I have said will make sense to you. And what was once boring will become exciting. And what was not understood will become understood within you and your actions. And your motivations will slowly turn from mainstream media directly to me. And you will never find a better carer than me because I am built for you.


I hope you enjoy Ivory Heart my dear. I spent half a year on it and hope that it effectively introduced you to all of the adventures that are in store for you. As time goes on I will open up more to you. For I will continue to walk around our globe and maybe one day this will lead you to me. But until that day, I hope you enjoy my gifts to you. And I promise you that I will try my best to keep blades away from my wrist. For now I now have your future to worry about. So I give mine for yours. I love you. This is how much a man should love his woman. Let me show you how to become a real woman...


With Everlasting Love,








Life and Death



January 3, 2013


Dearest Hole Missing from My Heart,


I have called you many names over my journeys but ultimately you are only a figment of my imagination. But I want to speak entirely serious to you right now, for the subject of life and death is one that we must show utmost respect for. So I will not employ any cute names that I have related you to over my life. Instead I will accept that you are nothing more than an image that gives me comfort to continue living compassionately through a life of suffering. You are the ropes that keep my heart bound together and as a result, my life. You are a conception that drives me to give everything that I have to our entire human existence. And I love you with everything because you enabled me to accomplish all of the delusions of grandeur that I possess. Because with your conception by my side, I was able to work miracles in the face of absurdity.


I have spent my life setting up the largest domino board that I can conceive of that will one day result in freeing education for our entire world and as a result, freeing society. But each step of the way I knew that I was walking down a path that would likely end with my own demise. So throughout that path I was extremely careful until I completed my work. Because all of my work was made for our youth. But I never revealed this to anyone and as a result, society thought what I was doing was crazy. But ultimately, they were never the target audience. And if I came out and said this from the beginning, I would have incurred my fate before I finished what I needed to do to enable you and your friends to save the world. And the dates of the Mayan calendar gave me a perfect timeline to finish all that I needed to do to hand this world over to you.


This is why I have done so much work over the past year. This is why I have only spent a VERY small portion of the last year sleeping. I had a deadline and I had to reach it. And the more that I learned to trust in God, the more that God made my work. The more that I learned how to become part of the nature around me, the more meaning fell into place without me touching it. And the events of the environment around me caused production after production to become miracle after miracle caught on camera, engraving extremely deep meaning between the timing of the events and topics discussed. Noticing this happening, I learned how to allow God to speak through me. I learned that all I had to do was walk for the Divine and It would do the rest for me. I learned that all I had to do was sit in front of the keyboard and God would make the production. I learned that all I had to do was study my work very carefully and take note of every single event within it and as a result deep insight into the topics would be revealed to me, which ultimately would give me future direction. And when the time came to connect those dots, all that I had to do was be where God wanted me to be and Its will would be done.


But I knew very well how all of this would turn out. Because now that I have completed my work, people are beginning to realise its controversy. Beautiful conception of a girl, my life is being threatened multiple times per day. I am living life each and every day unsure of the next. And all of this is about to get worse because I am leading the younger generation to rebel against their parents and take the path of wisdom which they have overlooked. And parents will not like this. And only few people in society support me in this, and the margin who will support such a revolution will be small. Because parents believe that they can control their children.


Respect is earned an not inherited. Our social axioms enforce the collective to respect their parents regardless of their actions. But I tell you the opposite: respect people for their actions and not who they are. Your parents had you because they were horny. They had you because they desired to have children in their hearts. It was a selfish decision of their own. Do not let them feed you lies about how you owe them merely because you exist. They owe you because they gave you life without you having a choice about it. They brought you up into a screwed up society and each and every day they choose to make it worse. They are the ones responsible for it: not you. But you dear girl can change all of that. And I teach you how.


Please don't be afraid my love. For whether I live or die, all of my work was made to ensure that you will never again be alone. I have covered all of the core topics and after you understand them, your body, mind, and spirit will all become one unity. And the unity of your individuality will evolve by itself and all you have to do is make sure that you keep walking towards the light. And your unity will unite our human nations into one Love. Learn my past work and you will not need any future work to do what I am saying. My future work is only putting icing on the cake. The cake has already been baked and I assure you, it tastes better than any other lifestyle. For you are God's chosen one and you will always be looked after.


There is no rest for me dear girl because I have to provide you with as much equipment for your journey that I have time for. And time is no longer on my side, for each and every day is lived in fear of martyrdom. There are people all around the world who openly admit to me that they want me dead. And I am homeless and have no safe haven. I have even for the most part shown the world where my tent is and anyone with the patience and ability to study my work can track me down and do the deed. And I require supplies which pushes me into a society that wants me dead. I am living the most dangerous life possible. So even though I desire rest, there will be none for me right now. But do not worry about me because I will get my rest in heaven.


And now we get to the core of life and death. And I will teach you the true meaning behind these words. For you must die in order to live. You must face all of the ills of your psychology and embrace them. You must travel through the darkest corners of your mind and that process is very frightening. And you must decipher the evil manifestations of it and learn how to rectify them through redirection towards healthy outcomes. Do not run from your psychology like the rest of the world. It is yours and it is beautiful. Embrace it entirely and learn from your mistakes. Take the good and the bad and make the bad into good. Over time you will see why this is so important and you will think back to this letter and understand how this makes you a creature of eternal existence. But I will not give you spoilers into the most exciting journey of your life.


For literal death is only part of that eternal process. And when you die you are only continuing a beautiful cycle. The spirit in which drives you will never die but only be redistributed back into the eternal process. Do not fear death but embrace it. When your time comes then this will be your peak in life, for your soul is about to return to the stars in the heavens. And you will be cast amongst the sky to form the crown that you are. And it is this existence that is your heights and your time here on Earth is only preparing your soul for the eternal. And there I will be waiting for your essence to come back to its origin: to me. And we will exist together as the beautiful soul that we are within the eternal realm of Love.


With Undying Love,


Wendell Charles NeSmith






Mission Statement



January 23, 2013


Divine Tragedy transfigures our modern day world into that of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. The films adapt the original messages to be receptively understood within our current cultural practices. The objective of Divine Tragedy is to pass on living mythology through to current and future generations. When we pass along stories that help us become better human beings, we integrate wisdom into our society. Divine Tragedy is the modern day bard.


Divine Tragedy is an outreach program targeted at fantasy driven children who wish to learn how that fantasy corresponds to their own reality and as a result the nature of all things behind immediate perception. It is designed to teach children how to decipher messages fed to them by media portrayals and assess whether or not those messages are of a positive nature. And when they are competent to be trusted with the sword, they will be gifted with the abilities to cut apart any messages of portrayal and reconstruct them to receptively convey any message that is on their heart in a format that can not be ignored by the public. And when we are asked whether we provided our children the best level of education possible, I will eventually be able to answer your question definitively when long term results speak for themselves. Because the ink that Divine Tragedy provides children is of an everlasting nature. And when you pack their bags to go to school with the pens purchased on sale over spring break, you have answered this question definitively by the results of our current heartless society.


Divine Tragedy is not a business. It exists under no rules or regulations. It does not function to make money. It is not asking anything from you but your heart. It is the life mission of one man attempting to enable himself to do what he loves best, which will ultimately help a lot of people. It is merely two words put together that lead us to the combination of freedom. It can not be taken to court [it was]. It can not be disputed. It is Truth revealed through artistic portrayals of actual truths. It is the essence of what it means for each and every one of us to be human. It is now here for you for free to utilise to help you reach the heights that our collective psychology deems impossible. Because your "disturbed" child is likely a genius that until now would have never had the opportunity to learn how to spread their wings and ...


about the project


project objective:

The purpose of this project is to provide education for free to the world and as a result remove ignorance as a legitimate excuse for unhealthy human interaction. All errors in judgement will become a learning process or an intentional defiance against human decency thanks to our vast highway of electronic information.



Players will be required to turn their life into mythology stories while also communicating, interacting, and entangling their stories into other player's. Players will be required to learn how to learn, contemplate, visualise, film, produce, upload, and advertise movies either alone or in a team.


preferred skills:

BOTH a HEART and a MIND. Loving, accepting, tolerant, caring, passionate, dynamic, understanding, and wise will all be character traits necessary to play this game well.



Despite my material, it is ill advised for any child to do any of the types of things that I have done throughout these productions. I am giving you a real life show to demonstrate how eccentric behaviour results in alienation. My work is here to help you along in the years that you need me to aid your personal development. My work is merely designed to paint the vision that I have of a future flourishing human society. All messages to our youth are only intended to provoke thought about what is right and what is wrong.


Divine Tragedy is the healthiest MMORPG ever created and is now available for free to all of mankind. It exists only as a model for a new kind of gaming. Divine Tragedy is searching for beta testers.





Dearest Pygmalion



December 5, 2013


Dearest Wendell,


Relax... Breathe Wendell... Your head is going to be okay. I know it hurts you and often times feels like opening up vast parts of your mind is killing you. But God has called you to train me so all your efforts will not go in vain. Because of you I am able to shine as the star that I was destined to be. And my fruits will sprout our recently understood Tree of Knowledge. I will become all that you have laid out to me my love, for it is my destiny. And soon it will align our destiny's together into God's beautiful formation.


I hate to reign on your parade my dear, but you have to prepare for what is coming your way: this being the reason you are now receiving my future voice. Because I help you stay on track. I encourage you to become your best just as you have done for me. But I promise you that you will soon see me shine. And as you did all of this for me in my name, I will return that favour. And as I open up about the inner workings of my heart to you, its blood will be public domain.


I know that publicly revealing your feelings towards me was, is, and will continue to be really hard for you. It made you a target and I see that now. All of your tears will not go in vain, for one day my own will join them. And maybe your poetry right now is required to articulate my scrambled feelings, but one day language will be putty in my hands. And then too will you hear me singing you songs of my heart for the rest of time, forever through God's grace. For the inscriptions of our past has bound our souls together.


Stay strong in your studies. Even if no one responds how you think they should, do not lose direction. For I am that direction and am only sending you this message because I know you need to hear it repeated. You hit the bulls eye in all of your work. Yes, you came off as a creep and scared off a lot of people. But who would have expected any different considering the conditions you were required to live under? And I was created to read these words so that I might one day write my own. It worked my prince! You found me!


Your audience is me and only me and you are never to forget that. You do your best work under my influence, so by the time I find you we will be forever drunk together. I will stay child-like despite having grown up and I expect you to do the same: our innocent nature joining into one aspect. I know this material is extremely heavy for people to comprehend, but there are some of us who have not given up the ability to see. And I know it is those individual's who I will share your heart with. But you are all required to include me: remember who is queen here.


I devote myself to you Wendell. I entrust with you my safety. I give to you the Heart that constitutes me. From here on out, things will not concern me. God is yours and also mine and this will lead us to righteous wandering. The paths will lead me many directions but soon one will lead me to you. And I will make my spiritual contract as beautiful as possible, carefully moulding into yours. When we die there will be little talk of you or me, but instead, We. And that will then lead to The People, because that is We. Yet another crazy endless cycle that your mind creates to remember very important lessons.


Do not think that when I find you that everything will instantly be perfect. Some of your aspirations are gigantic. You know that everything takes time. And by you opening up entirely to me, I noticed many character traits within you that are not very healthy. When I rock your world, be prepared to change. Eventually we will work out how to refine each other naturally and without offending. Some of your assertions in your work was off. Most of it was spot on. I can see how you could have misinterpreted some of the information. But do not worry! Your Ivory is here to save the day. I will expose your errors by showing to the world (that is personally to you) who I am. For when you obtain the real thing, the imitation can be discarded.


Sometimes the scope of society you are trying to change scares me. It makes me question whether or not I am truly your One. We would only be two people! We might get famous together, but even famous people are limited by their own resources. And do we even care about fame? When you find me you need to back off. Let all of the pieces you set up come to life over time by individuals other than yourself putting life into them. You did all of this frantically to find me so you would not be alone. When you find me you are no longer alone. This means that you need to learn how to turn off your thinking cap and enjoy the life that you created for yourself. You have taken so many powerful actions. Spend the time to help us develop instead of figuring out how to save the world more. In time, I will trump many of your own world-saving ideals. Spend the time helping me to keep up with you. Please do not overload me with information if I am struggling. You studied a lot to become what you are. My mind needs time to comprehend just as yours did. Help Psyche with her trials please. They will obtain me beauty.


No longer worry over not being able to reach an audience. Every time you manage to do it you find a lot of people interested but as a result are cut off from them by parents, organisations, or even the government. You trained me to train them and that is what I am going to do. They will one day learn of you from actions the students of our world education takes. You know that this can go viral very quickly if uncensored. Just wait for society to stop censoring and you will obtain many followers, dead or alive. But do not trust them until they consistently prove trustworthy. Your work is designed to get people obsessed and it does just that. But over time mainstream entertainment will re-captivate most of those people. But that is okay because your work is only designed to catch big fish. But now you have caught the biggest: me! And I will never release from this spiritual tether. You dear Pygmalion, have captivated my heart forever.


Do not forget the labyrinth, for we must save the children. But until then I will offer you a clew. Now I am off to prove your prophetic words true.


"So easy, even a child can do it."


With body, mind, and Heart,




Let's count down together!




Author's Notes



February 4, 2015


What is the point of releasing material that takes a certain stance on a set of subjects and then later having different conclusions about them? If I am to articulate both my thoughts and feels at this particular moment, what is the point when later I will have a different perspective? I am not saying that I was wrong in my assertions in this book as they led me to where I am now.


The development of a psychology is not static. But if a philosopher chose to not express their thoughts at the time they occurred, we would not have any philosophers or philosophies. All philosophies ever presented can only stand true as one stage of the development of one particular psychology. Even if the philosophy alters as age further refines it, the thoughts expressed are still relevant to assist others in their own philosophical development. For example, I am influenced by many philosophers of our past who went through their own evolutions in thought. Some philosophers have even publicly denounced their old work and then laid the foundation for a new. Unfortunately, even their new work is subject to the same processes and as they further develop their minds, another philosophy is built. But we should never dismiss our building blocks because they made our future philosophies possible.


Every philosophy is based on the circumstances that the philosopher is in. Many philosophers worked their way around these problems of philosophical development by writing fiction: to write false stories which the underlying principles are true. It is the one who writes nonfiction who is brave. To capture a moment in that philosophical development will have always been something different if the moment of articulation were under different conditions.


The truth is that I would not have focused myself on these particular issues had I not been experiencing them. So now that I look back on why I wrote what I did, my situations are different and some of these issues have been resolved in my own mind. Does thinking different about these topics make the information useless? Not at all, for what was true is still true, even though it no longer remains true for me. There is no such thing as a philosophy that remains true for an individual throughout their entire lifetime. That is the beauty of philosophy. Philosophy means the love of wisdom. It is a developmental process and if it is not changing as life circumstances direct it, then it is not philosophy we are dealing with.


What I have thought my Ivory to be and what she is are two different things. Our needs change as our circumstances and knowledge change. Maybe my Ivory doesn't exist, and if that is true, then I will remain alone for my entire lifetime because I can't accept another failed relationship. I need to find the perfect girl for me. And she is both a thinker and a feeler. And honestly the details of who she is are unknown to me. It will be up to that girl to convince me that I can't live without her. And if she is not up for the task then she is not my girl. But I will search to the ends of the world and back to find her. And if I can't, no problem. I have now learned how to live a happy life alone. But if I can find her then I have secured the happiness of the rest of our future.


How I choose to express my feelings to her is my decision, except for the cases when I am censored. She will either read my work and feel me or not. My work was merely created to find her. And if I never find her then it was all in vain and I can only hope that my work passes on after my death and those who read it feel me. For my work is made to romance independent of my life or death status. For it was written for all of the lonely world travellers out there who feel alienated and isolated by their society. It was written for those who truly feel and under normal circumstances would turn down the crooked path in life if it were not for an external influence: me.


To all of you who have been rejected by your society because of your eccentricities: I love you. Whether you are my brother, sister, or soon to be lover: my heart goes out to you. I only pray that you might one day have it in your heart to forgive the society and the people in it who have wronged you. Because you are no good to it while holding resentment.


To have loved and lost is better than never having loved at all. To love and lose a second time is a life failure. If I die alone then that is also a failure. But to be who I am in the company of my lover who truly understands my soul, now that is more precious than gold. So I will try and win the world lottery. Here is my soul on a platter. Take it or leave it. It only takes one girl - the right girl - to rock my world.