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I dedicate this book to the starving children around the world.

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“By Your actions, we know You.”

Rav Michael Laitman




Prologue: The Marks of Humanity

1 Christopher Columbus

2 Gates of Heaven

3 Spiritual Revolution







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Prologue: The Marks of Humanity

July 12, 2012


Welcome to Atheden. This is now our new utopian society. It is as fast as the turtle but always wins the race. It is not said to be this or that but instead develops from within and reaches out into all of society. Among its beautiful and never ending gardens you will come to understand its nature which will persuade your feet to align within its circle, because you will come to understand that your nature derives from It. This will result in your passion, desire, and dedication to exist as and within the highest form of It understood and actualised into your existence.

When our errors have been identified and methods to correct those errors have been conveyed, who then holds the responsibility to make a better future? Are we as humans doomed to wallow within our sins or do we have the ability to go beyond them? Are we going to reject what is strange just because it is new? Are we going to continue to live out the lives that our government enforces upon us? Are we going to continue to indoctrinate the masses or instead teach them how to think for themselves? What is our responsibility when everything that we need to achieve our Atheden lay in front of us but only in pieces. Are we able to go beyond our follies by evolving with beneficial change or we always going to be confined by the straight jackets that our governments entangle us into?

This morning I met a girl and the first thing that she said to me was, "I love you". It is only when each individual and as a result the collective freely expose their hearts in this manner that we will ever be able to free education. These are the necessary conditions for this evolution. We can ride this wave out or build corruptions into it. Our next actions will determine the course of our future and potential human history.

When every human being in this world has virtually an unlimited amount of knowledge at their fingertips available in many receptive and convenient formats, we forever change the direction and practices within our cultural make-up. The facilities and intuitively dynamic interfaces provided to students can enable their own minds to expand as far as they have the dedication to take it. Time becomes of little relevance as all the methods can be integrated easily into individual schedules and lifestyles. And those who entirely dedicate themselves to it will have the opportunity to feed any intellectual, emotional, and spiritual desire. This will eventually result in building a society where the character of an individual is judged by their abilities and not their social order. The most important and controversial issues of all time will be placed back on the table and we as a society will be prepared to solve them. The bigger picture will slowly be revealed as we develop stars within these systems who invest into very specialised areas. Our words will once again be contrasted with our actions and we will all find out whether we can practically apply our understandings. We will exist together in our nature and become part of the divine creation.

Each man and woman has now been given the keys to their dream car. Now we must learn how to drive it. If we are careless in our actions then we will ultimately cause our own destruction. We have been given the transport required to reach any destination that we so desire. How much time will we invest into building a perfectly integrated system? How many driving courses must we take before we are confident to travel on the road? Will we throw away human decency and cause chaos upon our new world that encapsulates an infinite amount of potential? Will we ignore the need for traffic regulations to guide us along our way? Or will we build effective and caring structures to direct our individual and collective potential towards healthy forms of mental distribution?

The world we live in is huge. There exist so many different types of people and a lifetime of exploring would not be long enough to comprehend them all. We have now created a virtual world that can help us locate and communicate with those who function most appropriately with our own particular psychology. Technology has tumbled down the walls of our limiting structures and all the necessary conditions are now enabled to reach our potential. We are now able to spend our lives searching for the right people and as a result those who do, will one day reach all of their potential. Our friendships are no longer bound by the distance of our location, but now we are given the ultimate tool for humanity.

Each major technological development is fine tuned and eventually effectively integrated into our society. We first used natural resources to pass down our interpretations. We then invented the printing press that enabled knowledge to be distributed cost effectively. The need for communication during war brought us to our developments in electronic highways of information. And from this corruption we slowly shed the dead skin and transform it into a virtue. We iron out the problems of this new technology and as we do this our interfaces improve efficiency As we learn the new systems, we become accustomed to how it all works. And as a result we learn how to become better people. We develop holistic understandings with its manifold and are then encouraged to interact in a loving mentality to support and lead its development and direction.

We live in the year 2012 and the world is ending. A new world is about to begin if we only allow it to unfold. We have learned the theory on how to create a utopian society. We now only need to figure out how to put it all into practice. We might start with education to achieve our enlightened perspectives but the means and the ends are two different equations. To lead our future to our desired outcome we must figure out a path that will get us there. And on this road we will travel many directions, but in the end we will prevail or fade away out of existence. And the road to love is not an easy journey. Love will always conquer all but we will choose whether it will include humanity.

What road rules will you create and follow to ensure safe travel for all on this highway? When we are shown the theory of how we could change absolutely everything then what do our responsibilities become? What about when this theory is put into action and exposed as the gold that it could one day be? We now have a new born child who could change our entire society. How will we treat this child? Will we deprive it of nutrition? Will we deprive it of love? Will we ignore its existence? How will we treat our fellow humans when the truth has been revealed? Now let us spread the good news in order to raise awareness about free education and as a result let us watch the beginnings of our new utopian society. Let us all learn to read between the lines so that we can all write our own stories.

To fix the world we must first fix our minds. To fix our minds we must first fix our hearts.



Chapter 1: Christopher Columbus

August 11, 2019


Atheden comes from two words, ancient Athens, being where philosophical ideas boomed, and Eden, being the Garden of Eden. I will outline both city and country approaches, but I aspire to introduce you to a new world that is before us which can flourish if you only embrace it.

Atheden is an ideal. It is an approach to show how our society could develop into a utopian society, if we only play our cards right. This book will outline many different perspectives about what this society might look like. First I will introduce the core of my ideal of Atheden, then I will elaborate to its implementation into the city. The city is a much more difficult factor and one will likely be required to get a job and write books when you have the time. A garden approach is much better...

I have visited small communities that live in the jungles of the Northern Rivers, New South Wales. I think a community like that composed mostly of open source teachers would be amazing. But that is only a dream. That garden would be called New Jerusalem. It is a good dream and I recommend that anyone with the resources to do that, then they should. Doing both video and book work, each open source teacher would be enabled to explore their hearts and minds amongst a beautiful environment that will be gold on camera, sharing with the entire world. A community like this is the core of what Atheden is.

I, however, don't think this is possible for me to achieve so I have to settle for the city approach. Thus I end up in community services and community development as my side quests while I focus on writing and advertising. One day everything will click and I will be a little more financially stable as a result of my toils. Selling the books in paperback form is a great idea because some people like it like that, and some people like Kindle versions. So I can provide that at a cost while still having everything (including audio versions) free on my website, open source.

It is amazing being an open source teacher. All of my stuff is available publicly and I have multiple copies in alternative locations so I am secure in my work being publicly available. I don't have to worry about losing a video or audio file. It is all there backed up for me to access at any time. It liberates me because I gave my soul to my work and it feels like my soul is flying all around the world as people from everywhere check it out. I really recommend this type of learning and teaching style. It literally leads to enlightenment! The bangs of the world become like water droplets dripping off of you, unable to absorb into your protection.

I see a global society without borders, where people are allowed to live wherever they want to. I see a global society with universal basic income where every individual is looked after despite their disadvantages. I see a socialist republic that is based off of a meritocratic system, where leaders are chosen for their ability and not status in society or wealth in their bank. I dream of a day where we are all judged on our character and abilities instead of our inherited estates. But obviously such an ideology goes against the social elites and as a result we get a media backlash, where people like me are censored for preaching a different approach other than the one currently employed.

I see a world where man and machine can live harmoniously with each other. I see a world where machine can help man with all of their activities. I see a world where man is mostly free from physical activities and as a result, those who are capable are able to spend their lives learning and teaching. I see a world free from the shackles of a nine to five job. I see a world devoid of war and crime. I see a world where we get along and all help each other out. This is called interdependence and is healthy. I see a world that is driven by hearts and not by money. I see utopia, but you can't spell utopia without U.

We need to learn how to get along on the Internet. We need to learn how to discourage negative behaviour to the point that negative behaviour on the Internet will result in negative consequences to the one displaying the negative behaviour. We need to be held accountable for what we say to others on the Internet. Because bad human behaviour might result in bad bot behaviour. Because AI is watching us right now, in so many different ways. The all-seeing eye in the sky knows what you do. For the most part, it will be passive which ignores almost everything before it, waiting only for conditions to change.

A shaman in a Native American tribe noticed strange ripples and waves in the ocean waters. He sat down and examined these ripples and waves and, over a very long period of time, began to track them back to their source: big ships! The Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria! What fascinating vessels these were indeed! But so strange because just a moment ago, they were not there. They did not exist! But when reduced, the same wave patterns were produced as a result of something that was not there, then poof, they came into existence. The shaman then went back to his tribe and told them of the ships and then showed them the ripples and waves and the ships producing those strange ripples and waves in the ocean. The part of the tribe shown can then also see the ships but only as a result of hearing the shaman's insight. The ships are still not observable by those in the tribe who have not heard or been convinced of the information.

Here is a hard pill to swallow: we can only see what we know. All which has not yet been experienced is off of our radar. That is how it is so easy for me to "blow" your mind. All I have to do it show you another perspective and from that point onwards, you will always view your world differently. This is the allegory behind the quote, "knowledge is power". The power comes not in a worldly recognisable form. The power comes from that point onwards, your life forever being changed as a result of being enlightened to something that you have not yet considered. A mechanic tells you to hand him a 5/16 spanner... In that example you have the advantage because 1) you know what a spanner is and 2) the sizes are probably ingrained in the spanners. But the example still functions because most would not even know where to start finding a 5/16 spanner in a messy toolbox.

The night before last I thought about how the company who makes lighters, BIC, are ripping me off totally because they could easily make their lighters refillable with only slight modification. This gave me the great idea to search on YouTube about people who made their BIC lighters refillable. Ironically, all you do is 1) empty all fluid, 2) take a thumbtack and push the little bead out of the bottom, 3) remove the thumbtack and fit a butane refill bottle on to it 4) hold down for four seconds, 5) quickly place your thumb over the hole, and 6) quickly remove your thumb and place the tack in the hole and push it all the way in. There you have it, a refilled disposable BIC lighter.

My world is forever changed because of this knowledge and I will save a lot of money. Please do not try this at home. If you really have to, YouTube a lot before trying. I spent an entire night on YouTube looking at what people do with disposable lighters. It taught me the mechanics of the lighter. Before you try anything, learn. Before you will be able to see the ships, you must observe the ripples the ships are creating. Sometimes it takes a wave crashing for our eyes to adjust, but fuck you BIC, I am going to spread this knowledge far and wide. They make the best lighters and choose to exploit their customers by refusing a slight modification that would turn their leftover trash into literal treasure. But they sold it as disposable. And my eyes couldn't see until I noticed the ripples (constant costs) that the ships (BIC company) were producing. That led me to investigate methods to counter the costs by searching on YouTube for other people's solution to my problem.

This is why education is so important! Kids, your schooling system is imprinting upon you what you can see! And the growing stages are the most important stages in one's learning life. The elites know this and this is how they control us. There are agendas behind what you are taught! There are things that have been forbidden to be taught that are paramount to maintaining a healthy spiritual well-being. The system is there to produce workers, not to teach you life skills. They are indoctrinating you to be a 9-5 TV slave. Rebel I say! Become your own entertainer! Don't watch their mainstream crap. Educate yourself! There is a lot of spare time when you don't enslave yourself to television or fruitless games. Eventually you will find educators that also entertain you. Then education becomes your entertainment! How awesome of a paradigm shift was that? I hope the wave just slapped you in the face. If not, please read again and see the ships I am pointing to.

Before Australia was "discovered", all swans, by definition, were white. Then we realised that there was indeed, black swans. And we even had to take them back to England to prove it. We then had to alter our definition of the word "swan" to reflect our newfound understanding. This is the reason why, in philosophical circles, the "black swan" is known as the event, person, or situation that is out of the ordinary. They are often missed because you do not yet have the eyes to see them.

A utopian society is possible and it starts with you. If you want a utopian society, you have to gain the attributes of the people you envision in your utopia. You have to become a virtuous person so that you can spread that love to not only your friends and family, but everyone you come in contact with. Leave positive influences on everything you touch and, over time, those seeds will bear fruit. Some seeds bear quick growing fruit that is cheap while other bears slow growing fruit that truly pays not in dollars, but in soul. To dedicate your life to virtue is one of the most noble of decisions and as long as we as a society frown on these proposals, we will never be able to reach our Atheden. But I have such high hopes for her and I built her upon solid foundations so I reckon that I can build to heaven, for I have found Jacob's ladder. Follow me to heaven, for now that you know you can never go back...



Chapter 2: Gates of Heaven

August 16, 2019


In order to implement a utopian society onto Earth, we need to obtain character traits in which we value as virtuous. We as a society need to do a lot of soul searching to be able to manifest a list of goals that we have not only as a collective, but also as the individual (you). All of society reflects the collective values in which we currently hold. But trying to implement collective values onto the individual has failed. As a result, we need the individual pushing for their values onto the collective system, as individual values holds a far greater force because these values were obtained through a long process of questioning socialisation and not from the socialisation process itself.

The Internet censorship has gotten really bad by the main corporations and it is only going to get worse. Thinking your data is safe is a hilarious thought. Each individual is being tracked. I have seen the backend of one implementation of this. You can no longer just clear your history to clear your presence from the web. All thought alternative to mainstream thought is discarded by popular opinion. This is a result of the indoctrination of their schooling into particular modes of thought and all thought outside of what they can understand is discarded as rubbish. But they just lack the sight to see the gold. That is why I love my haters. Because I feel sorry for them because they merely lack the sight to be able to comprehend what I am truly saying. They can't see the ships but refuse to examine the ripples and waves the ships create.

The way most of society is structured, we are pushed to be greedy individuals. We do a job for a reward and oftentimes that reward involves exploiting others. But if we look at our nature from the beginning, we are takers and not givers. We come into this Earth naked and needing many things from our carers in order to stay alive. Most will learn early on that chores equals reward. We are driven to work for a reward, to take as our primary mode of living. And I see this as the primary reason we suffer; because we are takers and not givers.

To give unconditionally is not an easy type of being to become. It requires me to give without desiring or requiring any compensation for my toils. Me writing this is a prime example of me giving without asking anything in return. But such acts are so rarely seen in society today; they are the black swan... I look out for these acts carried out on an individual level every day, but I rarely see them. There is always some underlying motivation behind the reason they are "free". Nowhere seems to just give in order to give. This is a huge flaw in our society and needs to be corrected. Because unconditional giving is the secret to happiness and not selfish taking.

The secret to a happy life is to become a giver and not a taker. God is a giver and becoming a bestower instead of a receiver is becoming like God. The more you realise how what you receive you can also bestow, the more you become enlightened as to your true possibilities. Let me give you a Kabbalistic story of a friend having you over for dinner. You sit down and he has prepared a feast! You feel bad because you have done nothing for your friend but your friend has prepared all of this amazing food specifically for you! But there is another side to this coin. Your friend has prepared this food in order to make you happy, so feast ye must. Enjoy you must because through your enjoyment, your friend also experiences enjoyment. So by you enjoying the feast, you bestow joy upon your friend who provided the feast for you.

If you are to brainstorm a list of character traits which would be required for our new utopian society, such has bravery, honour, knowledge, etc, how would you contrast these character traits with our current leaders in power? Are they individuals who truly stand up for the little guy or does their paycheck and investments say otherwise? I ran for Prime Minister in 2013 and President of the United States in 2016. Did you hear about any of these? I wonder why not? Because the elites run the world. And I was arrested both when I ran for PM and POTUS. They cover up the truth. But I have it all there for you captured on camera. It is difficult to get rid of video footage posted everywhere.

Our media brainwashes us into the perspectives in which we hold. It excludes any form of information that is contrary to what will be easily accepted by the public. It enforces our selfish mindset and exposes us to violence, war, crime, and drugs, all in the name of entertainment. It exposes us to agendas that are implemented by the elite. Why do we watch so much television as a society? It is really doing us damage. And those not watching television are playing games. And games act as simulations so I am not totally knocking games, but playing games has no outside worldly influence. It is all in the head of the player and stays internalised. You could say that some games are more social and that is true. But even social games stay between those who are playing it. My writing reaches out to all of society. And it is fun for me to do. Because giving is much more fun than taking.

We have too many minds in the world and not enough hearts. Those with both are like a needle in a haystack. Those with hearts oftentimes lack the motivation to develop their minds and thus remain ineffective to best help society. They might give to a charity but usually stand as spectators to the world of community services and development. And oftentimes the charities they give to only pass on a small portion of their donation to the cause. And I am really sceptical of many charities because they generally are set up and maintained by very wealthy people with an agenda. It isn't like I can just set up a charity for open source education. However, there are some charities that I have come to both love and admire and some that I wish to work for in the future.

We need to determine our basic needs as human beings and take measures to ensure that those needs are met for every single person on the planet. We are rich enough to do that. But in order to do that, we need to globalise. We need to come together as planet Earth and stop fighting each other. We have so much potential in our time if we can only see it. Our human rights are important no matter where you live and it is extremely sad when you see developed countries not caring for the human rights of their people, for example, homelessness, when I live in a city full of rich politicians.

There has to be a point where the people take over and eliminate this debt based system, which isn't sustainable. When that happens, then we can establish our meritocratic socialist republic called Atheden. Until that happens, we must act locally and prepare for that to happen. There must be a point where our leaders are elected by their character and abilities and not reserves held in their bank. A rich person gets famous because they are rich and can spend money advertising to become famous. The game isn't fair. It was rigged from the start. I came into this world a poor man and I will leave this world a poor man. But I am rich. For I don't need those worldly possessions. I try to keep a minimum amount of worldly possessions so that I am not overloaded by their burden. The more you have, the more responsibilities you have because the more you have to take care of and protect. I have very little and am thus liberated to a life free of the strains of worrying about worldly possessions.

You might be wondering how you could become a giver instead of a taker? Start doing nice things for people without expecting anything in return. And both locally in your community and globally on the Internet. At least look around at community type events that you would be excited to be involved in. If you have a passion for writing, start writing. Maybe you want to start a YouTube channel. Do it, and don't expect anything from it. Just do it because you love it. You will likely get many critics but if you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing then keep going and don't worry about what they say. Take their ignorance as your reward for your effort, for you were recognised.

Words are only signposts. They can only lead you in a particular direction; down a certain path. I can only place my words into sentences and paragraphs to give you an idea of what it is that I am truly presenting. Many pieces of the puzzle paint the whole picture. But the puzzle pieces must be found by you through the allegories presented within the text. And as one paragraph becomes many, we begin to get the idea that implementing a utopian society onto our war driven one seems like an impossible task. But worry ye not, if my material becomes popular, then we are saved. If not, then we have a long road ahead of us doing what we can where we can to make this world a little nicer of a place.



Chapter 3: Spiritual Revolution

August 19, 2019


What does freedom mean? What if those freedoms encroach upon the freedoms of another? How can we justly resolve disputes such as war and famine? How can we wake people up without creating a mass outcry? Is there a way to peacefully win World War III? Can we enlighten enough people to say no to war and other forms of oppression? The answer to this question is whether we can enlighten ourselves enough to be prepared to speak out against injustices as we see them. So many see and stay quiet. So many cannot see thus naturally stay quiet. It is only the few who see and speak out that are worthy of the Kingdom of God. We all see different aspects of life and are thus required to speak out in our own ways.

Once our basic needs are met, we are free to explore our heart's desire and this gives us the opportunity to find the work in which we are most suitable for. Welfare departments should invest heavily in educating people, but right now, the education allowance alone isn't enough to survive on. We should implement programs to encourage people to chase their dreams and support them during that process. The government should be investing in its people to become the best that they can be and as a result, our society would, in time, improve drastically. Helping those who are in need is the key to finding out where those people belong in society. Many just need the right education and the right job.

But does this make people happy? I see miserable people every day who have it all. But they don't have what I have. There is a flare behind me that sets everything I do on fire. Providing for one's basic necessities at least enables the individual to create positive goals and educate themselves in the fields that interests them. And they may be happy but their happiness is fleeting. Because true happiness comes from spirituality. And our society has discarded spirituality as a true phenomena. And stigma is situated as landmines all around spirituality as religion corrupts and distorts its allegorical meanings. What is the meaning of life? Why are you here and what should you do? Religion enslaves you to a doctrine while spirituality liberates you to all doctrines. A spiritual person will seek wisdom from all sources and not limit their perception to one set of dogmatic beliefs.


"To fix the world we must first fix our minds. To fix our minds we must first fix our hearts."


What does this quote really mean? To fix society we can't just take lots of actions in society and expect results. We must first repair our internal workings of our psychology. But fixing our psychology isn't enough. Hitler's goons were rational creatures. There is a point in the heart where we realise that we are meant for something greater and all of these hardships around us aren't fair and something needs to be done about them. Only then will our psychology be capable of taking actions in society that can truly change things. We must work ourselves through our heart and to our minds and then out to the world.

There is more of us. We outnumber the police, politicians, and military combined. If we unite our voices then they must listen. Love and not guns. That is our future. The last time I checked there were 255 mass shootings in the USA so far in this year alone! And the Hong Kong riots are not settling down. The Middle East is still torn in war. Children starve all around the globe. Our world is in a state of social unrest the more we realise how much the elite control our day to day lives. How are we to combat such huge issues such as war, famine, and natural disasters? I propose that we come together and fight our world problems as one force.

We should switch our model of assistance from a needs based approach to a strengths based approach. This means instead of focusing only on one's needs, look at their strengths and work with them to empower them in the areas in which they are gifted in. Of course, build the well so they have fresh drinking water, but I am sure using a strengths based approach that you would get more volunteers to help you build said well.

In order to implement a utopian society, one must have good leaders. Leaders that were meant to be leaders who's work can be easily tracked back in order to determine overall character of the individual. As the beginning of this book states, you will know one by their works. The true words of our current president is a television show where he was famous for screaming, "you're fired". Now he runs the country and to a certain extent, the world. His actions has a chain reaction in every nation of the world. We have a history of electing goof presidents. But that is the thing, they only give us a choice of fools. All those legitimately running are covered up by the media. Everything is set up. Politics is an expanded version of Hollywood. Because now, our television stars are integrated with our politics. Does all the war and hate in this world entertain you? These are the actions of our leaders in power.

As we have previously discovered, we are only capable of seeing what it is that we know. To elaborate on this point, all that is outside of us is us, or should I say is a reflection of our inner attributes. Because all one can see is what they know and all of which they know is a part of themselves personally. A person who is depressed views society as a depressing phenomena. Similarly, a person who is happy views society as a happy phenomena. The way we perceive the world will determine our possibilities. Knowledge is power and to know how to rewire one's own brain is priceless information. To comprehend that slightly changing your perspective changes the actual life you live is a revelation that directly brings about enlightenment. When we realise that we make the realities in which we exist within, then we will begin to ascend. For the first time in human history, the path from Earth to Heaven has been mapped out. And the answer lies not in religion but in spirituality.

Life's challenges are there as your reward for your devotion and not as punishment. Life would be boring if it were easy and it wouldn't motivate us to evolve. We need those difficulties in life in order to grow as individuals. A life without hardships is a life wasted away because there is no lived experiences to relate with others about their sufferings. Suffering is good because it shows us how to end suffering; it gives us the motivation to overcome the hardships presented in our day to day lives. Learn to love suffering and you will learn to no longer suffer. Because upon its complete acceptance, its concept breaks apart and becomes nonsensical. Let's have a revolution where we once and for all end suffering for all of mankind. Let's save the world by having a global spiritual revolution. Let its catalyst, be, you.