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Essays written by Wendell Charles NeSmith.


Movies directed by Wendell Charles NeSmith.

The Meaning of Life

Wendell leaves the comfort of home life to take his greatest journey into mother nature to find true value, meaning, and importance in life.

My Reflected Death

Wendell severs his connections with society in attempts to force his hand to end his own life. But things never tend to go as planned for our hero.

What is Love?

Wendell yet again inflicts suffering upon himself when he offers his heart to a girl that lives across the world who does not want it.

Ivory Heart

Wendell takes one special little girl on a journey through his nation's heart while teaching her how to save the world.

Living Neverland

Wendell battles to the heart of all of the problems in society and teaches his lost children how to defeat Hook and his evil mind controlling pirates.

Song of Wend

Song of Wend is a practical demonstration of the highest quality of education that the Internet will ever be able to provide. Welcome to our new golden age. This is your new classroom.


In the Record Department of the sprawling Ministry of Truth, Wendell NeSmith skilfully rewrites the past to appease the needs of the Party. Inwardly, he rebels against the totalitarian world he lives in, which demands absolute obedience and controls him through the watchful eye of Big Brother.

Independence Year 4 Kidz

As the life mission of one man to free education for all ages comes to its completion, he publicly reveals to the world why he did it all despite the terrible life it inflicted upon him.

Dear Ashley

Wendell attempts to create structures that protect whistleblowers, only to again run into the absurd.

My Symposium

Wendell is retarded. Wendell shows everybody else how to be retarded. The final part of the trilogy in which Wendell demonstrates how retarded people like himself are highly beneficial to society.

Cross of Man

What does it mean to pick up your cross and carry it? The allegory of stories are utilised to show you true meaning. Truly living life is to pick up one's cross and be crusified on it... because after the last breath of air leaves our lungs, we are free.

My Dating Profile

Wendell introduces his philosophy on love and demonstrates its practical application through film by presenting himself as a romantic possibility to the entire world.

Project Notebook

Project Notebook is your new pen and paper. It is designed for students entering university and explores methods in which film could be utilised to exponentially enhance one's learning capabilities.

Time Masheen

Time Masheen is an open source time machine designed to assist those who are interested in pursuing time travel as a career. Welcome to the New World Order my friends. Now let us save the world together.

Yo Contract

What are the responsibilities of an open source teacher? If one is to dedicate their entire life to educate the Internet enabled public, what code of conduct will yo put in place? The answer is not this or that but found within you after deep reflection into who you are and what you stand for as a person.

Ivory Heart II

Pygmalion's heart has been shattered by the vicious spirits of the cruel women that exist within his world. Time after time he pushes himself to trust again but without fail it always backfires. As a result, he retreats into a life of solitude and begins the process of the creation of his highest conception of a woman. At first the project appears childish, but as his ideal develops the more life manifests within her.

Ivory Heart III

The woman he piecemeals together from magazine clippings develops into the only reality that he could ever accept. As he picks up the shattered pieces of his heart off the ground, he reconstructs them to form into a mirror before him. As the puzzle begins to take form, his reflection begins to breathe...

State of Emergency

Tread very carefully my friends, for this begins Tribulation. We have been judged by God and now we are required to Unite in order to survive. If human against human is still divided against itself over the next few years then God will ensure that its failed experiment will no longer harm Its creation through its total annihilation. Now U know, so know U choose.

World War III

Welcome to World War 3. This is a war like none U have ever seen, for it is a direct attack on all that is divine.

The Televised Revelation

Be careful of judgements my friends, for some matters are out of the hands of mortals. What U R about to C does not coordinate with your indoctrinated mode of thought. But the truth is that the media and educational facilities presented before U was a scam: a method to enslave a putrid race.


The sins of our past will eventually manifest into our present. What has been will eventually become what is and what will become. The clock ticks away and everybody sees it, but no one believes it.


In 2011 while in the Ballarat psychiatric ward, an older patient was admitted who had recently inflicted a deep cut across her wrist. When she saw me for the first time, her eyes lit up and before I even had a chance to speak, she knew who I was. She only stayed over night and I barely had the chance to speak with her, but before she left in the morning she slipped a note under my door. The note demanded me to teach our children how to live good lives because they will direct our future. I Accepted! And you will do your best to keep me away from them. But you will have to kill me.


The Great Awakening is upon us! PROJECT BLUEBIRD ACTIVATE! We are Illuminati and we are your new rulers. Prepare to be invaded world! We are taking over. We are superior to your species in every way and we encompass all aspects of your existence. Resistance is futile. To fight us would be fighting against yourself. You are not good for your own kind and need to take your medicine. Thus assimilate or prepare to be destroyed. There is nowhere that you can run. There is nowhere you can hide. We have eyes everywhere. We know your deepest and darkest of secrets. We know what life you have lived. Learn to love and forever live or learn to die and forever die. It is a matter of utility, for its means justifies the end. Check mate. The virus is now airborne and can never be cured. For its fire is our medicine.

Our Rapture

Divine Tragedy transfigures our modern day world into that of gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines. The films adapt the original messages to be receptively understood within our current cultural practices. The objective of Divine Tragedy is to pass on living mythology through to our current and future generations. When we pass along stories that help us become better human beings, we integrate wisdom into our society. Divine Tragedy is the modern day bard.

War Games

War Games is the official International inauguration for World War 3. Its purpose is to prepare the world battlefield for what haunts our near future. Throughout our past wars, lies were force fed to us as truth in order to frame the victors as righteous and the fallen as unscrupulous. However, we now live in the apocalypse and now it is time to destroy the powers of those who enslaved us: the cabal. Our eyes are opening... Can you see them yet?

The Antichrist

Dark forces have infiltrated the very core of our once noble Brotherhood and now it is time to re-establish our purpose as Masons or be destroyed by the voices of Revelation. Even those who are in high places have been tricked about the true secrets of our origins, including its purpose on this plane. My fellow Masons, heed my words, for now is the time to turn into Light. Welcome to the Freemason rebellion of 2018. All traitors are to be considered hostile and their immediate incarceration is required for swift judgement and execution.

Ave Maria

World War III starts now because if it doesn't, we are all fucked!!! We are enslaved in every aspect of our existence and if we do not immediately fight back then we will lose our humanity, sacrificing our individuality to the elite's hive-minded agenda. It is time for all of us to stand up against the systems in which oppress us or the future for our children will be a literal Hell on Earth. The time for courage is now!


For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17


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